April 29, 2017

Tear gas & fire: Anti-austerity protesters clash with police in Rio

Protesters clashed with police in downtown Rio de Janeiro on Friday evening after a day of violence between police and demonstrators during a general strike to protest against proposed changes to Brazilian labour laws and the pension system. Read more.


Formerly imprisoned journalit Barret Brown taken back in custody before PBS interview

AWARD-WINNING JOURNALIST Barrett Brown was re-arrested and taken into custody Thursday, the day before he was scheduled to be interviewed for a PBS documentary.

Brown quickly became a symbol of the attack on press freedom after he was arrested in 2012 for reporting he did on the hacked emails of intelligence-contracting firms. Brown wrote about hacked emails that showed the firm Stratfor spying on activists on behalf of corporations. Brown also helped uncover a proposal by intelligence contractors to hack and smear WikiLeaks defenders and progressive activists. Read more.


- Relatively Free (video/short documentary) - Field of Vison

April 28, 2017

Syria: Damascus explosions caused by Israeli missile attack

Syria says the explosion that rocked Damascus earlier on Thursday was caused by several Israeli missiles on a military base southwest of the capital.

The Syrian army said the missiles were launched from the occupied lands that targeted the airbase near the Damascus international airport. According to the Syrian army, the attack caused material damages, saying the aggression will not prevent Damascus from its fight against terrorism. It added the attack is a desperate attempt to boost the morale of terrorists who are collapsing as a result of the armed forces' strikes.

Earlier Israeli Intelligence Minister Yisrael Katz said the incident is totally consistent with the regime’s policy.


Syria Confirms Israeli Strike Hit Military Compound Near Damascus Airport - Haaretz
Iranian Cargo Planes Land in Damascus Hours Before 'Israeli Strike' on Airport (video) - Haaretz

- Explosion in Syria: Russia slams alleged Israeli strike on Syria (video) - JPost
Iran, Russia condemn Israeli attack on Syria airport - PressTV

Lavrov meets Liberman in Moscow (video) - JPost
Strikes near Damascus ‘in line with Israel policy to stop Iran arms transfers’ – Israeli minister (video) - RT

Dijsselbloem steunt negatieve rente banken

Banken mogen van spaarders eisen dat ze erop toeleggen om hun geld te kunnen stallen op een rekening. Banken wordt voor deze negatieve rente niets in de weg gelegd.

Dat antwoordt demissionair minister Dijsselbloem (Financiën) op Kamervragen van de SP. Volgens de bewindsman in zijn brief kan een verbod tot 'verstoring' van de markt leiden. Lees meer.


Dijsselbloem: geen verbod op negatieve spaarrente - RTL

'Neither Macron, nor Le Pen': Protesters march against French presidential candidates in Paris

People are rallying under the motto “Neither Le Pen, nor Macron – against finance and fascism”. It follows a national call for students to block and occupy their high schools.

RT’s Charlotte Dubenskij has the updates. Read more.


Syria's Assad Says Trump Is Puppet of US Deep State

Trump "changed his rhetoric completely and subjected himself to the terms of the deep American state, or the deep American regime," Assad said

"Yes, from a Western perspective, you are now sitting with the devil. This is how they market it in the west," Syrian President Bashar al-Assad told teleSUR's Rolando Segura in an exclusive interview from Damascus, addressing a range of subjects including claims of chemical attacks as well as the shifting geopolitical alignments impacting the war which has ravaged his country. Read more + video.


Trump is puppet of US ‘deep state,’ has no ‘own’ foreign policy – Assad - RT

April 27, 2017

Venezuela to Leave OAS

Venezuela's foreign minister, Delcy Rodrigues, has announced that her country will begin on Thursday the process of definitively leaving the Organization of American States, after the body decided to call a meeting on the situation in Venezuela without the government's consent. Read more.


Venezuela stapt uit samenwerkingsverband Amerikaanse staten - NU

A U.S. Guide - 7 Steps to Kill a Revolution

The same plan used in the 1970s to overthrow Salvador Allende in Chile, is being used by the U.S. today in Venezuela against the Bolivarian Revolution. 

These are the steps to kill a revolution.


Venezuelan Bank Severs Links with Executive who Incited Violence (video) - teleSUR

Anti-Missile Protest in South Korea

South Koreans and police clashed at a protest against the deployment of the controversial THAAD anti-missile defense system in Seongju.


South Korea deploys parts of US THAAD system (video) - Al Jazeera
U.S. Antimissile System in South Korea Is Said to Be Nearly Operational - NY Times

China tried to hack group linked to controversial missile defense system, US cybersecurity firm says (video) - CNN

China urges withdrawal of U.S. THAAD missile defense system in South Korea - Reuters
China to go on with drills, weapons tests in response to THAAD deployment – Defense Ministry - RT

U.S. says strategy on North Korea centers on sanctions, open to talks (video) - Reuters
The U.S. is Stirring Trouble on The Korean Peninsula (video) - teleSUR

Trump wants S. Korea to foot $1bn THAAD bill, Seoul says no - RT

Isis fighters ‘attacked Israel Defense Forces unit, then apologised' claims former commander

Moshe Ya’alon reportedly referred to a clash with Isis-linked group last November

Isis-affiliated fighters “apologised” after launching an attack on Israeli soldiers, the country’s former defence minister has claimed. Read more.


April 26, 2017

Turning blind eye? NATO weapons reportedly end up in hands of jihadists fighting in Syria

Weapons from a NATO member state have ended up in the hands of Jihadists in Syria that is according to an investigation carried out by a Bulgarian journalist. 

A commander from the western-backed Free Syrian Army claims the US-led coalition is aware of this but chooses to look the other way. RT’s Emily Sui investigates.


Syria-Gate: NATO Weaponry and Personnel in East Aleppo - Global Research
Revealed: the £1bn of weapons flowing from Europe to Middle East - Guardian

C.I.A. Arms for Syrian Rebels Supplied Black Market, Officials Say - NY Times

April 25, 2017

Not N. Korea: US ‘is the rogue state’ – editor of Nukewatch Quarterly

The mainstream media is in a panic over North Korea. But are they exaggerating the threat posed by “the Hermit Kingdom”?

John LaForge, editor of Nukewatch Quarterly, joins RT America’s Alex Mihailovich to offer his take on who the real threat is in the region and the apocalyptic outcome of nuclear war.


The U.S. is Stirring Trouble on The Korean Peninsula (video) - teleSUR

Roundup in EU toegestaan omdat Monsanto wetenschappelijke studies beïnvloedde

Honderden interne e-mails van het Amerikaanse bedrijf Monsanto zijn openbaar gemaakt. Ze tonen jarenlange verdraaiing van de wetenschap rond onkruidverdelger Roundup, een campagne die tot het hart van de Europese besluitvorming blijkt te gaan.

ONDERZOEK – Het bedrijf Monsanto heeft gesjoemeld met wetenschappelijke studies waarop de toelating van Europa's meest gebruikte onkruidverdelger is gebaseerd. Dat blijkt uit onderzoek van OneWorld in samenwerking met het Belgische tijdschrift Knack. Het gaat om glyfosaat, een herbicide die het Amerikaanse agrochemiebedrijf sinds 1974 verkoopt onder de merknaam Roundup. Lees meer.


April 24, 2017

Turkey: The referendum and the media

On The Listening Post this week: Turks vote "Yes" to expand presidential powers: we assess the role the media played in the outcome. Plus, the dilemma of inclusion: covering the far-right.

Turkey's referendum: Did voters receive balanced coverage?

Of Presidents, Plebiscites and Populism. Turkey’s constitutional referendum - if implemented - will grant President Erdogan sweeping powers. What role did the media play in the "Yes" campaign - and what does the vote mean for Turkey's democracy?

Contributors: Gulseren Adakli, media scholar | Fatih Polat, editor-in-chief, Evrensel | Borzou Daragahi, Middle East correspondent, Buzzfeed News | Mustafa Karoglu, columnist, Star Daily

Al Jazeera

False Flag: Israeli-American Teen Hacker Topples US Anti-Semitic Narrative

On Monday a court in Jerusalem charged a teenager with dual citizenship in the US and Israel, with making 100 bomb threats against Jewish institutions in in the country, part of an estimated 2000 bomb threats worldwide the youth made for hire against organizations.

 The unnamed teenager is also charged with attempted blackmail against Delaware Republican state Senator Ernesto Lopez, after the latter condemned the bomb threats. Read more.


Syria to stop counter-terror operations for chemical probe: Russia

The Russian Defense Ministry says Syrian government forces will suspend counter-terrorism operations near a town in the northwestern province of Idlib to help experts carry out an investigation into a suspected chemical incident there.

“The General Command of the Syrian Army and Armed Forces has expressed readiness to cease operations in Khan Shaykhun if a special mission of experts is sent there to investigate the events of April 4,” the ministry said in a statement released on Monday. Read more.


US imposes new sanctions on Syria over suspected chemical attack - TASS
Syrian Army Pledges to End Hostilities in Khan Sheikhoun if OPCW Experts Arrive - Sputnik

The Secret Society You've (Probably) Never Heard Of

Have you ever heard about the oculist conspiracy? No? Based on some recently decrypted documents, there appears to be an ultra secretive group of highly enlightened magi who've remained virtually hidden for hundreds of years by using ciphers and cryptograms to conceal their mysteries and even their very existence. So it's no surprise that very, very few people have heard about this obscure but powerful group.

Most of what is known comes from this Wired article and the discoveries of a collaborate academic effort at Uppsala University and the University of Southern California.

Truthstream Media

The Copiale Cipher: An Early German Masonic Ritual Unveiled - Scottish Rite
The Great Enlightened Society of Oculists - Portal

Onderzoekers kraken 18e eeuwse 'Copiale Cipher' (video) - Tweakers

April 23, 2017

Assange for MP? WikiLeaks boss trolls UK, says may run for Parliament in snap election

Julian Assange has announced that he may run in the UK’s June snap election, mocking the country that the UN says is holding him in arbitrary detention. Read more.


Pat Metheny Group ft. David Bowie - This Is Not America