August 19, 2017

Lebanon discovers US-made arms left by Nusra terrorists

A Lebanese security source says the army has discovered US-made weapons in an arms cache seized from Nusra Front terrorists.

The weapons cache reportedly included TOW anti-tank missiles made by the U-S as well as surface-to-air missiles. The weapons were recovered during an operation in northern Lebanon, where the army is pushing back terrorists along the Syrian border.

It comes after Syria accused the U-S and the U-K of supplying chemical weapons to terrorists in the country. Syria’s Deputy Foreign Minister Faisal Mekdad said the toxic agents found in the cities of Aleppo and Damascus were produced by British and American companies.


Lebanese resistance movement taking part in anti-Daesh opt (video) - PressTV
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Seven million in Yemen face threat of famine

The UN Security Council has been told that seven million people in Yemen are facing the threat of famine.

The body's humanitarian chief, Stephen O'Brien, says the crisis is entirely caused by the civil war. The UN is once again calling for Sanaa airport to be reopened to allow in aid and let Yemenis seek medical help.

Al Jazeera’s Rosiland Jordan reports from the UN headquarters in New York.

Al Jazeera

Who is to blame for cholera deaths in Yemen? (video) - PressTV
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Reasons behind Saudi crackdown on Awammiyah

Why has Saudi Arabia launched a crackdown campaign against its own people in the city of Awamiyah?


August 18, 2017

We Accept The Reality With Which We Are Presented

“Why do you think that Truman has never come close to discovering the true nature of his world until now?”

Truthstream Media

Scuffles in Barcelona between far-right & counter-protesters following terrorist attack

Police were forced to intervene as scuffles broke out between far-right anti-Islam protesters and participants of a counter demonstration in Barcelona, following Thursday’s terrorist attack in the city.

Anti-fascist and far-right groups organized simultaneous protests in Barcelona just one day after a terrorist attack claimed the lives of 14 people and injured 100 more. Read more + video.


Violence erupts as protesters clash near scene of Barcelona terror attack - Daily Star
Extreemrechts protest zet kwaad bloed in Barcelona - Knack

Alt-Right and Ultra-Zionist Alliance against National Security Advisor McMaster

Pro-Israeli groups are pushing the White House to transition from neoconservativism to Alt-Right, says Shir Hever


August 17, 2017

China's and Russia's VPN crackdown - The Listening Post

Russia and China have both recently taken action against the use of VPNs, virtual private networks. VPNs enable internet users in one country to surf the web as if they are in another.

Up until now, China has taken a selective approach to prohibiting VPN use - usually choosing to look away when people tunnelled through the "great firewall" that Beijing has put in place to regulate access to the internet. Their new approach requires the support of companies like Apple, which has obeyed an order from Beijing to remove VPN apps from its Chinese App store.

Russia has a more open internet than China, but it's just passed a new law banning VPNs and other proxy servers.

Beijing's approach is more subtle, but in both countries, the pattern is unmistakable: the powers that be are out to limit - and, in effect, decide - what you can or cannot see and do online.

Al Jazeera

'State of Surveillance' with Edward Snowden and Shane Smith

When NSA whistleblower Edward Snowden leaked details of massive government surveillance programs in 2013, he ignited a raging debate over digital privacy and security. 

That debate came to a head this year, when Apple refused an FBI court order to access the iPhone of alleged San Bernardino Terrorist Syed Farook. Meanwhile, journalists and activists are under increasing attack from foreign agents.

To find out the government's real capabilities, and whether any of us can truly protect our sensitive information, VICE founder Shane Smith heads to Moscow to meet the man who started the conversation, Edward Snowden.


It's Official: This Is Straight out of Orwell's 1984...

You can't get a more literal interpretation. It's 1984. Is anyone going to say anything? And if they do, will anyone hear us?

Truhtstream Media

RT interviews Andre Damon: Google becoming “censorship engine” (video) - WSWS

Shikantaza (Just Sitting)

Shunya Yoga

Basic Meditation Technique (video)
- Wei Wu Wei - Wikipedia

China tells ‘imperfect’ US to mind its own business over religious freedom criticism

China has blasted “wanton” criticism from the US over religious freedom, saying that Washington confuses the facts and is itself far from perfect. The statement comes following a US State Department report on religious freedom worldwide.

On Tuesday, US Secretary of State Rex Tillerson commented on the 2016 International Religious Freedom Report released by the State Department. While Tillerson did not speak about China in particular, the document itself lists China among “countries of particular concern.” Read more.


Tillerson calls out Turkey, Bahrain, Saudi Arabia & Iran over religious freedom - RT

August 15, 2017

August 11, 2017

'We're living in 1984' - Roger Waters

RT America’s Anya Parampil sat down for an exclusive interview with Roger Waters discussing fake news, US-Russia relations, war and Palestine.


The Art of Documenting the Undocumented

Bart Plantenga - It’s December 2007, and the young Dutch artist Domenique Himmelsbach de Vries has called together some adventurous, non-acrophobic squatter volunteers. He wants them to help him climb a gigantic billboard along the A28 highway outside the city of Zwolle and unfurl an 1,100-square-foot banner across the billboard. In 5-foot-high letters, the banner declares simply: “I FEEL FOR YOUR MISERY” (“IK BEN BEGAAN VAN JULLIE ELLENDE”).

“The question is: What can an artist do to alleviate some of the misery in this world?” Himmelsbach says as we sit in his ramshackle studio. Lees meer.


August 10, 2017

Poison Papers: Monsanto Knew PCBs Were Toxic for Years But Sold Them Anyway

Washington could have an ace up its sleeve in its major lawsuit against Monsanto over PCB (polychlorinated biphenyls) contamination throughout the state.

Before switching operations to agriculture, Monsanto was the primary manufacturer of PCBs, which was used for paints, electrical equipment and other products, from 1935 until 1977. The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) banned PCBs in 1979 due to its link to birth defects and cancer in laboratory animals. Read more.


Monsanto continued selling PCBs for years despite knowing health risks, archives reveal - Guardian
Monsanto knew of grave health risks from toxic PCB chemicals it sold for years before ban, docs say - RT

August 9, 2017

Blackwater massacre trial: US court overturns sentences for mercenaries

The accusation of a massacre in Iraq in 2017 is heading back to the U.S. courts.

Judges overturned sentences for murder against three operatives from the private U.S. security contractor formerly known as Blackwater. A fourth now faces a retrial.

RT’s Jacqueline Vouga explains.


In Blackwater Case, Court Rejects a Murder Conviction and Voids 3 Sentences - NY Times
‘Where are human rights?’ Victims of Blackwater guards in Iraq slam overturning of murder conviction - RT

Man Of No Ego - Blinkers Removed

A New Generation of Paramilitary Groups is Killing Social Activists in Colombia

part 2/2

Colombia is one of the most dangerous countries in the world for social activists. We speak to Bladimir Sanchez Espitia, a TRNN collaborator who documents cases of human rights violations and has received a "death letter" himself

Oscar Leon: Colombia is the most dangerous country in the world for social activists. After 52 years of war, peace was declared, when guerrilla commander Timoleón Jiménez and President Juan Manuel Santos both ordered their respective parties to cease all hostilities starting Monday August 29, 2016, almost a year ago. Read more.


Assassination of 41 Activists in Colombia Threatens Peace Process (video) - TRNN

August 6, 2017

Democrats Help Trump Sabotage Iran Nuclear Deal

US isolation will only deepen if Trump and Congress continue to undermine the Iran nuclear deal, says Mohammad Marandi of the University of Tehran