May 19, 2018

U.S. Scraps Military Exercise to Appease North Korea

North Korea has been seeking a one-on-one meeting between its supreme leader and the U.S. president for more than two decades. And it isn’t difficult to understand why: For the leader of the world’s most powerful country to sit down with his North Korean counterpart would be to bestow an aura of legitimacy and international importance on the rogue state’s regime.

For this very reason, Donald Trump’s immediate predecessors declined to honor North Korea’s request, absent sweeping concessions that Pyongyang proved unwilling to make. Read more.

NY Mag

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Shia cleric Moqtada Sadr bloc wins Iraq elections

An alliance headed by the former Shia militia chief Moqtada Sadr has won the parliamentary elections in Iraq.

Final results released by the electoral commission give his Saeroun bloc 54 seats, with current Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi in third place with 42. Read more.


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‘There Is No Opposition in Israel’ as Netanyahu Massacres Gazans, Israeli Journalist Says

Renowned Israeli journalist Gideon Levy says "the victims of Gaza hardly touch anybody in Israel," as the IDF mows down protesters.

Hardline right-wing Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has a stranglehold on politics and the left barely exists.


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May 18, 2018

Syrian Army detains 60 French forces

Damascus, May 17, IRNA – Syrian Army has detained 60 French military forces in Hasaka Province in the north of the country, Syrian media said on Thursday.

The detained forces crossed the Syrian border from Iraq in a convoy comprised of 20 Toyota vehicles. Read more.


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May 17, 2018

Haifa the forgotten Palestinian city

This Palestinian family produced an abundance of goods from Haifa, until their homes and factories were destroyed by Israeli settlers.

Lost Cities of Palestine shows rarely seen archival footage of forgotten Palestinian cities before the creation of Israel.

Al Jazeera

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3 strikes in 24 hours: Israel Attacks Hamas Posts in Gaza Overnight

IDF responds to earlier gunfire, says 'We are determined to ensure security for the residents of Israel'

The Israeli army attacked Hamas military compounds in the northern Gaza Strip overnight on Wednesday, according to the IDF spokesperson's unit. Read more.


Liberman: Israel, U.S. must leave UNHRC over its Gaza support

The UN body is set to discuss the deadly protests in Gaza and the opening of the US embassy in Jerusalem Friday.

Israel and the US must immediately withdraw from the United Nations Human Rights Council to protest its decision to hold an emergency session Friday against Israeli actions on the Gaza border, Defense Minister Avigdor Liberman wrote on Twitter Thursday morning. Read more.


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West's knowledge of Novichok came from sample secured in 1990s: report

BERLIN (Reuters) - The West’s knowledge of the secret Russian nerve agent that Britain says was used to poison an ex-spy and his daughter came from a sample obtained by Germany in the 1990s, German media reported on Wednesday.

In a joint report, German newspaper Sueddeutsche Zeitung, the weekly Die Zeit and broadcasters NDR and WDR said Germany’s BND spy agency had secured the sample of the Novichok nerve agent from a Russian scientist. Read more.


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Why Chile is giving citizenship to Palestinian refugees

It may sound surprising, but Chile is home to the largest Palestinian community outside of the Middle East.

It is also one of the few countries that in recent years has given citizenship to Palestinians from Middle Eastern refugee camps. Al Jazeera's Lucia Newman explains why.

Al Jazeera

Russian government mulls law to register and identify cryptocurrency users - report

The Russian government plans to fight money laundering by only allowing members of the state-run “register of crypto-investors” to mine for and use digital currencies, a popular daily reported.

Mass circulation daily Izvestia quoted its unnamed sources “close to the Russian Central Bank and Finance Ministry” as saying that the bill regulating all cryptocurrency operations is already in the works and it could receive an assessment from the State Duma Committee for Legislative Work as soon as this week. Read more.


May 16, 2018

EU to Switch From Dollar to Euro in Payments for Iranian Oil Supplies – Source

MOSCOW (Sputnik) - The European Union is planning to switch from US dollars to euros when paying for the oil supplies from Iran, a diplomatic source told Sputnik.

On Tuesday, EU foreign policy chief Federica Mogherini said that after talks with the foreign ministers of the United Kingdom, France, Germany, and Iran in Brussels that the sides had agreed to work out practical solutions... Read more.


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Russian bank helps Venezuela defy US sanctions on cryptocurrency

The world’s first state-backed digital currency ‘el petro’ launched by Venezuela this year to circumvent US sanctions is reportedly getting help from a Russian bank.

According to Associated Press, Russia’s Evrofinance Mosnarbank has become the first international financial institution so far willing to back the petro after US authorities warned potential investors over related risks. Read more.


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May 15, 2018

Argentinians Protest Against Negotiations Between Government And IMF

In Argentina, the negotiations between Mauricio Macri's government and the International Monetary Fund (IMF) are moving forward. IMF officials said the two sides are looking to reach an agreement quickly.


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Trump overdose? Concerns POTUS-bashing displaces vital issues in US media coverage

An obsession in the U.S. media is making it difficult to find variety to your daily news 

RT's Caleb Maupin now, looks at how Donald Trump has been keeping the mainstream media satisfied.


The Rothschild Syria Connection - Major Revelations

Latest Blackstone Intel from inside Iraq/Syria. Plus... stunning details about the Rothschild connections to the White House. Crowd funding makes my investigations possible!

Blackstone Intelligence Network

Trump's new cabinet pick Wilbur Ross reportedly served as head of a secret Wall Street frat - Business Insider
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Ex-FBI agent caught teaching police Islamophobic ideas

Al Jazeera's Investigative Unit has found that members of an anti-Muslim network have been providing counterterrorism training to US law enforcement.

Islamophobia Incorporated is made up of organisations that work to demonise Muslims and portray them as a threat. Al Jazeera traced the groups that make up the multi-million dollar network.

Simon Boazman reports.

Al Jazeera

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