March 31, 2011

Coldplay - Don't Panic

Queen of the Sun: What Are the Bees Telling Us? - Trailer

What Are the Bees Telling Us? is a profound, alternative look at the global bee crisis from Taggart Siegel, director of "The Real Dirt On Farmer John".

Taking us on a journey through the catastrophic disappearance of bees and the mysterious world of the beehive, this engaging and ultimately uplifting film weaves an unusual and dramatic story of the heartfelt struggles of beekeepers, scientists and philosophers from around the world including Michael Pollan, Gunther Hauk and Vandana Shiva. Together they reveal both the problems and the solutions in renewing a culture in balance with nature.


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Zembla: de moord op de honingbij - Holland Doc

Heeft onze Geert een hersentumor?

Nederland heeft er een leuke dokter bij! Naast Dokter Frank kunnen we voortaan terecht bij dokter Geert! En zijn eerste patiënt is de profeet Mohammed. Reeds lang dood, inderdaad, maar Geerts medische kennis staat voor niets.

Volgens dokter Geert had Mohammed namelijk last van een tumor in zijn brein. Daardoor zag hij God, en hoorde hij stemmen, en daarom schreef hij de Koran. Lees hier verder.

De Pers

We must stop the nationalist and racist Lieberman

In the last elections Lieberman crossed a line. A person who for years was the bad boy of Israeli politics, but nothing more than a joke with a goatee, became a nationalist and a racist.

Every one who fell for the "either Tzipi or Bibi" canard during the last elections had best not forget where those two, Benjamin (Bibi ) Netanyahu who is now Prime Minister and Tzipi Livni, who is now opposition leader, spent the night between Tuesday and Wednesday last week when the Israeli Knesset passed two controversial laws. Read more.


Max Blumenthal; Author of "Republican Gomorrah"

Part 2


Russia increases energy production

Due to the conflicts in the Middle East and the nuclear crisis in Japan, oil prices have increased dramatically. Russia, as a major oil and gas producer, seems set to win a larger share of the market both in Europe and the far east.

Russia is already one of the world's major oil and gas producers and now it looks set to cash in on the crisis in the Middle East and Japan. Read more + video.


Greek protesters clash with police

Greek demonstrators, protesting government policies toward the medical community in the capital Athens, have clashed with riot police that used teargas to disperse them.

Doctors were accompanied by university professors, teachers, students and other people in the mass demonstration in an effort to voice discontent with the government's plan to cut spending for education and health care, IRNA reported on Thursday. Read more.


Colombia: We will not recognize Palestinian state

Israel wins rare victory in Latin America with Colombian President Calderon announcement at World Jewish Congress meeting in Bogota.

NATO probes reports of Libyan civilian deaths

Reports say at least 40 Libyan civilians killed by NATO

NATO has launched a probe to determine whether the alliance was involved in any air raid that may have killed civilians, the general in charge of the operations said Thursday.

Lieutenant General Charles Bouchard said he was "aware" of news reports citing a Tripoli-based Italian Catholic bishop who said that 40 civilians died when a building collapsed during a bombing in the Buslim district of Tripoli. Read more.

Al Arabiya

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CIA Agents in Libya: Obama's secret order


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March 30, 2011

US Congressmen: Libya attack illegal

Two US Republican congressmen have submitted a draft bill that seeks to put an end to the US military intervention in Libya before the operations receive authorization by the Congress.

On Tuesday, Representatives Timothy Johnson of Illinois and Justin Amash of Michigan introduced the draft legislation that aims to suspend all fundings to measures involving US President Barack Obama's decision to intervene in Libya, Xinhua reported. Read more.


Ian Brown ft. Sinead O'Connor - Illegal Attacks

Ouattara forces enter Cote d'Ivoire's capital

Forces loyal to internationally recognised winner of presidential election are parading through streets of the capital.

Witnesses say fighters supporting Cote d'Ivoire's internationally recognised leader are parading through the streets of the capital after a dramatic advance on the city. Read more.

Al Jazeera

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Bahrain Shia leader says Saudi force must go

Ali Salman says he does not want Bahrain to "turn into a conflict zone" between Saudi Arabia and Iran.

Bahrain's Shia opposition leader has demanded that the Saudi-led force that was invited into the country to help quell anti-government protests should leave the country.

Ali Salman said on Wednesday that foreign troops must leave because the opposition rejects "any military intervening for any party" in Bahrain. Read more.

Al Jazeera

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Japan to scrap stricken nuclear reactors

Japan is to decommission four stricken reactors at the quake-hit Fukushima nuclear plant, the operator says.
Tokyo Electric Power (Tepco) made the announcement three weeks after failing to bring reactors 1 - 4 under control. Locals would be consulted on reactors 5 and 6, which were shut down safely. Read more + video.


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Lawyer reveals US plots for Mideast, S America


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Chavez: US, allies want Libyan oil - PressTV

Chavez receives Argentina press award

Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez has received a press award from Argentina's University of La Plata for promoting “popular communication.”

The University of La Plata said it awarded Chavez “Rodolfo Walsh Prize” on Tuesday "for his unquestionable and authentic commitment" to giving people without a voice access to the airwaves and newspapers, a Press TV correspondent reported. Read more.


Schools in Israel's Arab towns close for Land Day marches

Arab MKs and the leaders of the Higher Arab Monitoring Committee are scheduled to participate in a large Land Day rally Wednesday; Police will be on alert but do not anticipate difficulties.

Schools in the country's Arab towns will be closed today for Land Day Wednesday, commemorating 35 years since the Israeli government announced a plan to seize thousands of dunams of land in the Galilee. Read more.


UN chief: Israel's occupation is 'morally, politically unsustainable'

Ban Ki-moon calls on Israel and the Palestinian Authority to take advantage of this 'crucial time' to move peace talks forward and realize the two-state solution.

United Nations Secretary General Ban Ki-moon called on Israel Wednesday to halt settlement building in the West Bank and put a stop to all forms of violence and incitement, the UN News Center reported. Read more.


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NAVO: geen wapens voor verzet Libië

Lees hier verder.


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March 29, 2011

Bhutan People: The Land of the Thunder Dragon

Tribute to Cuban Documentary Maker Santiago Alvarez

Buenos Aires, Mar 29(Prensa Latina) The First International Festival of Political Cinema in Argentina will honor Cuban documentary maker Santiago Alvarez before announcing the official competition winners.

Now (1965), Hasta la Victoria siempre (1967), El nuevo tango (1973); and El tigre salto y mato (1973) are the documentaries of Santiago Alvarez that will be shown at the Hotel Bauen, one of the festival venues. Read more.

Prensa Latina

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Hamas official: Abbas visit will end division

BETHLEHEM (Ma'an) -- Hamas head of the Palestinian legislature Aziz Dweik said Tuesday that the party would respond positively to President Mahmoud Abbas' initiative to visit Gaza and end the national division.

Dweik told Ma'an Radio that Abbas' proposed visit would be a practical step towards resolving the split between the Hamas-run government in the Gaza Strip and the Fatah-led Palestinian Authority in the West Bank. Read more.

Ma'an News

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Uranium bombs in Libya? US, UK 'habit of deploying radioactive arms'


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Fidel Castro´s Reflections: NATO´s Fascist War

Havana, Mar 29 (Prensa Latina) "NATO´s Fascist War" is the title of the most recent reflection by the leader of the Cuban Revolution, Fidel Castro.

You didn´t have to be clairvoyant to foresee what I wrote with great detail in three Reflection Articles I published on the CubaDebate website between February 21 and March 3: "The NATO Plan Is to Occupy Libya," "The Cynical Danse Macabre," and "NATO´s Inevitable War."

Not even the fascist leaders of Germany and Italy were so blatantly shameless regarding the Spanish Civil War unleashed in 1936, an event that maybe a lot of people have been recalling over these past days. Read more.

Prensa Latina

Owning Up: Obama measures US interests in Libya


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Keiser Armed: Pirates of Digital Age


Parlementair unicum: Senaat torpedeert Patiëntendossier

De Eerste Kamer wijst invoering van het landelijke Elektronisch Patiëntendossier (EPD) af. Het wetsvoorstel dat het EPD mogelijk moest maken, sneuvelt op afwijzing van vrijwel alle fracties in de Eerste Kamer.

De fracties steunen een motie die het EPD afwijst en pleit voor uitbouw van regionale gegevens uitwisseling tussen zorgverleners. Alleen het CDA maakt nog een voorbehoud bij deze motie. Lees hier verder.


American Dream - US workers under attack?

Part 2

Londen denkt aan verbanning Kadhafi

In Londen voeren regeringsleiders en organisaties uit meer dan veertig landen overleg over de militaire campagne in Libië. In de top wordt vooruitgekeken naar het Libië na Kadhafi.

Twee weken geleden rukten eenheden van Kadhafi op naar Benghazi, het hoofdkwartier van de Libische opstandelingen. Lees hier verder.


Main Street America is rising up

Drawing their inspiration from Egypt and Wisconsin, nearly 10,000 union supporters clogged the streets of Los Angeles to let it be known they will not stand for what they call an attack on the middle class.

Tom Morello, lead guitarist of band, Rage Against the Machine, took his rage to the stage in Los Angeles for political change. Read more.


March 28, 2011

'Opmars rebellen Libië is broos'

WASHINGTON - De terreinwinst die de Libische rebellen de afgelopen dagen hebben geboekt op de troepen van dictator Muammar Kaddafi, is broos. Dat zei de Amerikaanse viceadmiraal Bill Gortney maandag.

De hoge officier waarschuwde voor te veel optimisme, nu de opstandelingen het ene succes na het andere boeken. Lees hier verder.


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Xingu A Personal Voyage

Xingu A Personal Voyage from Michael Engel on Vimeo.

Eskmo - We Got More

Hormoz Island


'No-Fly Plus': Should civilians run from Gaddafi, rebels or NATO?

There are conflicting reports about just how far west rebels have advanced towards the Libyan capital Tripoli.

The opposition claims it controls Gaddafi's home town, but reporters say the city is still in government hands. Meanwhile Libyan state TV claims more civilians were killed overnight in coalition strikes in the south of the country. RT's Paula Slier reports from Tripoli. Read more.


Ivory Coast: Gbagbo and Ouattara fight for Duekoue

Pro-Ouattara forces have taken control of some parts of the main city, Abidjan

Forces loyal to Ivory Coast's two rival leaders are engaged in fierce fighting for the strategic town of Duekoue in the western cocoa-growing region.

Fighters backing Alassane Ouattara, widely recognised as the winner of last year's election, say they have taken the town. Read more.


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Carter heads to Cuba to dicuss held US prisoner, economy

Cuban President Fidel Castro (L) speaks with former US President Jimmy Carter at the Jose Marti Airport in Havana, Cuba, 17 May 2002 (AFP Photo / Adalberto Roque)

Former US President Jimmy Carter is to meet with Cuban leaders at the invitation of the Cuban government. Officially, the topic at hand is new economic policies. However, discussion on a held US contractor is inevitable.

While visiting the communist island nation, it is anticipated Carter will intercede on behalf of an US State Department contractor recently sentenced to 15 years in a Cuban prison for brining contraband into the country. Read more.


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Movement calls for end of public subsidy to state media

Morocco’s youth movement slams official media

RABAT (Adel al-Zubairi) - Members of Morocco’s February 20 reformist movement lashed out at official media for their perceived bias in covering the pro-democracy rallies that took place on March 20 throughout the country.

The February 20 movement has reported plans to sue Morocco’s channel two for its perceived reporting of false information on the March 20 protests that demanded an end to corruption and expressed discontent King Muhammed VI’s reform pledges. Read more.

Al Arabiya

INfocus: Israeli settlements

Part 2


'Libya - grave mistake, endgame not democracy'

To discuss the situation in Libya RT talks to Afshin Rattansi, author and journalist,from London.


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Turkije vergroot rol in Benghazi

Opstandelingen Libië claimen Sirte

De opstandelingen in Libië claimen dat ze de stad Sirte hebben veroverd. Een woordvoerder van de oppositie in Benghazi zegt dat hij positief verrast was door het gebrek aan tegenstand in het Kadhafi-bolwerk.

Een verslaggever van het persbureau Reuters zegt dat hij nog geen tekenen heeft gezien dat de opstandelingen Sirte hebben ingenomen. Lees hier verder.


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NAVO: plan Kunduz onacceptabel

De NAVO gaat niet akkoord met de Nederlandse uitbreiding en verlenging van de politietrainingsmissie in Kunduz.

De NAVO ziet niets in het Nederlandse plan om de politietrainingsmissie in Kunduz uit te breiden en te verzwaren. Het is voor het eerst dat de NAVO expliciet meldt dat ze de beloftes van het kabinet-Rutte aan de Tweede Kamer niet accepteert. Lees hier verder.

De Pers

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GroenLinks wil referendum over nieuwe kerncentrales

DEN HAAG - Tweede Kamerlid Liesbeth van Tongeren (GroenLinks) vindt dat er een referendum moet worden gehouden over de vergunningverlening voor nieuwe kerncentrales.

'Als we nu nieuwe kerncentrales bouwen, zitten we er nog heel lang aan vast. Dan moet er op z'n minst breed draagvlak voor zijn', vindt Van Tongeren. En een referendum is volgens haar hèt middel om te kijken hoe het daar mee zit bij een 'zo'n ingrijpend en omstreden besluit'. Lees hier verder.


Japan gaat uit van meltdown

TOKIO - In de Japanse kerncentrale Fukushima I zijn splijtstofstaven waarschijnlijk gedeeltelijk gesmolten.

De meltdown zou in reactor 2 van de geplaagde nucleaire installatie zijn geweest. Dat heeft regeringswoordvoerder Yukio Edano maandag bekendgemaakt, aldus het Japanse persbureau Kyodo.


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How the 2011 Japan tsunami happened

On Friday 11 March 2011, an earthquake measuring 9.0 on the Richter scale triggered a tsunami that devastated parts of coastal Japan. 

Japan's Tsunami: How It Happened investigates the science behind the earthquake and tsunami. The programme follows Professor of Geological Sciences Roger Bilham - who arrived in Japan days after the earthquake ...


March 27, 2011

Turkish Prime Minister Erdoğan talks with Syria's Assad

Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdoğan had a telephone conversation with Syrian President Bashar al-Assad on Friday to express his support for the leader of Turkey’s neighbor and warn him of the image of security officials using force against the Syrian people.

The Syrian president reassured Erdoğan of his decision to make reforms; however, he complained that there were circles whose aim was to stir up trouble rather than protest for reforms, Prime Ministry officials told Hürriyet Daily News and Economic Review on Sunday. Read more.


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Marcel Khalife's - "Breeze" مرسيل خليفة يا نسيم الريح

Tons of cement awaits entry to Gaza

Palestinians arrive in the Gaza Strip from Egypt after passing through the Rafah border terminal.

A number of prominent Egyptian civil activists have pledged to deliver ten tons of cement to the besieged Gaza strip through the Rafah border crossing.

A group called 'Egyptian-International Coalition for lifting the siege and rebuilding Gaza' says trucks carrying cement from Egypt are parked close to the border, a Press TV correspondent reported on Sunday. Read more.


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Israel deploys Iron Dome missile defense system for first time

System placed on desert terrain, expected to begin operating by Sunday afternoon; IDF has described the step as 'experiment', adding that the system alone won't be sufficient defense.

The Israel Defense Forces on Sunday deployed the Iron Dome anti-rocket system for the first time ever on Sunday in southern Israel. Read more.


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'US drops uranium bombs on Libya'

US B-2 bomber

The Stop the War Coalition says the bombs and missiles that the US-led military alliance has dropped on several Libyan cities contain depleted uranium (DU).

The report recently published on the Coalition's website said that in the first 24 hours of the war on Libya, dozens of bombs and cruise missiles were launched by US, British, and French forces -- all with depleted uranium warheads. Read more.


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Libische rebellen beginnen olie-export

BENGHAZI - De Libische rebellen beginnen vanaf volgende week de export van olie. Een woordvoerder van de rebellen meldde zondag een handelsovereenkomst met Qatar te hebben gesloten.

De rebellen verwachten dat ze tussen de 100.000 en 130.000 vaten per dag kunnen produceren en dit eventueel kunnen verhogen naar 300.000 vaten per dag. Lees hier verder.


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'Nederland is naïef over Rusland'

De Russische filmmaker Andrej Nekrasov onderzocht met zijn inmiddels overleden partner Olga Konskaya de Russisch-Georgische oorlog van 2008. In de documentaire Russian Lessons werpen ze een nieuw licht op het conflict en bekritiseren ze de werkwijze van de ‘firma Rusland’, die ook zijn weerslag heeft op Nederland als grootste investeerder in Rusland. Hij is Nederland, waar zijn film te zien is tijdens het Movies that Matter Festival in Den Haag.

Wat wilt u met de documentaire laten zien?

,,Wie de oorlog is begonnen, is niet zo belangrijk, het waarom wel. Lees hier verder.

De Pers

Paus roept op tot wapenstilstand Libië

VATICAANSTAD - Paus Benedictus XVI heeft zondag opgeroepen tot een onmiddellijk staakt-het-vuren in Libië

''Ik roep de internationale organisaties en degenen met politieke en militaire verantwoordelijkheden op direct een dialoog te beginnen om een einde te maken aan het gebruik van wapens'', zei de kerkvorst. Lees hier verder.


Zeer hoge straling in reactor Fukushima

In kerncentrale Fukushima I in Japan zijn alle mensen uit het gebouw van kernreactor 2 weggehaald. In water in de turbinekamer is de radioactiviteit zo hoog dat het onverantwoord is om mensen in het gebouw te laten.

Het koelwater dat was gestort met helikopters staat tientallen centimeters hoog in het reactorgebouw. Lees hier verder.


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Tattoo-koning: 'dagje werken voor Japan'

De bekende tattoo-koning is zaterdag begonnen met het bellen van collega's om op 26 maart geld in te zamelen voor de slachtoffers in het getroffen gebied. Lees hier verder.


'UK protesters won't give up'

Tens of thousands of demonstrators have staged one of the biggest protests in the UK against the coalition government's austerity measures.

Press TV interviews Professor Paul Sheldon Foote from California State University to discuss the March for the Alternative and its possible consequences. Read more + video.


Muse - Feeling Good

By Nina Simone

March 26, 2011

Audio Bullys - The Future Belongs To Us

'Afghans can provide country's security'

Iran's President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad (R) and Afghanistan's President Hamid Karzai (L) March 26, 2011

Iran's President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad says the Afghan government is capable of providing the security of the country without the interference of foreign forces.

“The Afghan nation and government are able to provide their country's security and welfare without the meddling and presence of foreigners,” Ahmadinejad said in a meeting with Afghanistan's President Hamid Karzai on Saturday. Read more.


Russia concerned over Mideast uprisings

Russian President Dmitry Medvedev (R) welcomes Saudi Arabia's Foreign Minister, Prince Saud Al Faisal, during their meeting in the Moscow Kremlin, on March 25, 2011. AFP Photo

Russian President Dmitry Medvedev has expressed concern regarding the recent political unrest in the Middle East and North Africa region.

“The Russian side expressed concern over the sharp jump in tensions in the region," a statement read published on the Kremlin's website after Medvedev met with Saudi Foreign Minister Prince Saud Al Faisal. Read more.


Libyan operation continues as hundreds die and thousands flee

Coalition forces leave Colonel Gaddafi's air defense in tatters, but on the ground tensions remain high; according to reports, at least 114 people have been killed in the first four days of the operation while 300,000 have already fled the country.

Saturday was marked by the rebels gaining control over Ajdabiya – a key gateway to the oil reserves in the country’s east. Read more.


Bulgarians hold large anti-govt. rally

Bulgarian motorists block a road in protest at the rise in fuel prices, March 13, 2011.

Thousands of Bulgarians have held an anti-government protest in the capital, Sofia, to demand the resignation of the right-wing government.

The protest was called for by the social-democratic Bulgarian Socialist Party (BSP) and held in Sofia's Alexander Batenberg square, Bulgarian Focus News Agency reported. Read more.


U2's Amazing Concert in Chile

Santiago de Chile, Mar 26 (Prensa Latina) Nearly 80,000 Chileans enjoyed the spectacular U2 "360º" concert that opened the Latin American tour of the Irish rock group.

The National Stadium in Santiago de Chile was packed with fans of the group, which will visit other cities in Chile and then will travel to Brazil, Argentina and Mexico. Read more

Prensa Latina

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- Victor Jara - Manifiesto

Victor Jara inspireerde U2 en anderen als Cornelis Vreeswijk. Zie zijn songtekst van Manifest.

U2 - One Tree Hill

Duitsers betogen massaal tegen kernenergie

BERLIJN - Grote aantallen Duitsers hebben zaterdag in vier steden gedemonstreerd tegen kernenergie. Alleen in de hoofdstad Berlijn deden er volgens de politie al meer dan 100.000 mensen mee aan het protest.

Tienduizenden betogers kwamen opdagen in Keulen, Hamburg en München.

De demonstraties hadden plaats op een speciaal moment, een dag voor belangrijke verkiezingen in de uitgestrekte zuidwestelijke deelstaat Baden-Württemberg. Lees hier verder.


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‘Press': When journalists become fallen angels

In his debut feature, director and writer Sedat Yılmaz follows a group of journalists in Diyarbakır during the early 1990s, when Turkey topped the list of countries with the greatest number of journalists killed. ‘Press’ is at once very real and heartbreaking.

Hrant Dink, Abdi İpekçi, Ahmet Taner Kışlalı and Uğur Mumcu are a few of the names who have given journalism a whole new meaning in Turkey since the late 1970s. They all were killed pursuing truth, human rights and the right to information. Read more.


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Progressieve Israëllobby J Street op het matje geroepen

De pro-Israël, pro-peace lobby J Street is niet alleen omstreden in Amerika, zoals VN enkele weken geleden beschreef, ook in Israël zelf staat de lobby van progressieve Joodse Amerikanen ter discussie. 

Vandaag houdt een commissie van de Knesset een hoogst ongebruikelijke hoorzitting. Loyaliteit is het thema. Knesset-lid Otniel Schneller (Kadima) wil weten of J Street misleidt als het zich pro-Israël noemt. 'Als ze niet van Israël houden en Israël niet steunen, dan hebben ze het recht niet om zich pro-Israël te noemen,' zei Schneller tegen The Jerusalem Post. Lees hier verder.


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Out in Force: 300,000 to march in London anti-cuts protest

100 to 300 thousand people are expected to take part in what's set to be the UK's biggest political demonstration for a decade. 

Mass protests are planned across the British capital to oppose the government's 80 billion pound spending cuts. The austerity measures are part of a treasury initiative to eliminate the country's huge budget deficit in just four years.


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Jiddu Krishnamurti - You are everything

Altijd zomertijd in Rusland

In een deel van de wereld gaat vanavond de klok een uur vooruit. Voor de Russen is dat permanent een uurtje minder, want zij krijgen voor altijd de zomertijd.

Volgens de Russische overheid zal het einde aan zomer- en wintertijd ervoor zorgen dat zowel mens als dier rustiger wordt. "Russen zijn de veranderingen zat, omdat ze ziekten en stress veroorzaken en hun bioritme verstoren", aldus president Dmitry Medvedev. Lees hier verder.


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Japan: Fukushima facility not under control, crisis escalates

In Japan, two weeks after a powerful earthquake and tsunami triggered a crisis at the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear power plant, the facility is still not under control.

The Japanese government WARNED on Friday of a suspected breach at Unit 3 reactor. The development suggests radioactive contamination may be worse than first thought, with tainted groundwater the most likely consequence. Read more.


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2012:Just Changes, Not Collapse, the Mayas Predict

Mexico, Mar 26 (Prensa Latina) Certain inaccuracies in the interpretation of the Mayan predictions seem to have given rise to the wrong assertion that the world will be over in 2012, as the film bearing that title shows.

The sixth and latest trail of the Mayan Culture calendar, found recently in Tortuguero Mountain, in Tabasco, explains how this prehispanic civilization predicted the change to a new era of humanity from December 21, 2012. Read more.

Prensa Latina

Zeitgeist: Moving beyond money

In his latest film, Zeitgeist: Moving Forward, director Peter Joseph presents a case for a transition out of the current socioeconomic monetary paradigm which runs modern global society to a new sustainable resource based economy.

A resource based economy explicitly wants to remove the actual mechanics of exchange and the market system itself,” Joseph explained. Read more.


See the full documentary: Zeitgeist, Moving Forward

Huichol Shamanism, Virarica

Paraguay: Guarani Debate Free Movement within MERCOSUR

Amambay, Paraguay, mar 25 (Prensa Latina) The 2nd Meeting of the Guarani nation will continue here on Friday with a panel on free movement of the Guarani people within the Southern Common Market.

  The meeting, which started on Thursday, is attended by over 2,200 Guarani indigenous people from Argentina, Brazil, Bolivia, Uruguay and Paraguay and will conclude on Saturday afternoon. Read more.

Prensa Latina

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March 25, 2011

Cyber War Over Libya: Serbian Hackers Support Gaddafi

More than 50,000 Internet users from Serbia are actively supporting Libyan President Gaddafi through a cyber war with his opponents, a Libyan opposition group called the Libyan Youth Movement (LYM) says.

Activists from Serbia have launched pro-Gaddafi movements on Facebook, Twitter, My Space and other social networks, and Serbian hackers are trying to bring down the opposition’s websites, the LYM stated. Read more.


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Human League - The Lebanon


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Fatah official urges Hamas to accept unity deal

RAMALLAH (Ma’an) -- Senior Fatah official At-Tayyeb Abdul Rahim on Friday urged Hamas to respond urgently to President Mahmoud Abbas' initiative for reconciliation between the rival West Bank and Gaza governments.

Speaking at the third National Congress of the Palestinian Democratic Union, Abdul Rahim said the division must end in order to end Israel's occupation. Read more.


Syria: Protests in Deraa, Damascus, Hama and Homs

Protests have been staged in towns and cities across Syria, including the capital Damascus, a day after the government announced limited changes.

Unconfirmed reports said a number of people had been killed in at least three separate protests. Read more + video.


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'Libië wil met oppositie praten'

AMSTERDAM - De Libische regering is bereid te praten met de oppositie. Dat heeft een delegatie bij monde van de voormalige Libische premier Abdul-Ati al-Obeidi gezegd na overleg met de Afrikaanse Unie (AU).

Ook zou Libië bereid zijn politieke hervormingen en mogelijk verkiezingen te accepteren. Lees hier verder.


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Nigel Farage: 'Bombings, bailouts - what on earth are we doing?'


China hardens stance against Libyan air strikes

The Chinese government is stepping up its demands that the Western coalition halt air strikes on Libya. Beijing called for an immediate ceasefire on Thursday and warned an even larger humanitarian crisis is in the making.

The Chinese government stepped up its criticism on Thursday of US and European air strikes on Libya. "We believe that the objective of enforcing the U.N. Security Council resolution is to protect humanitarian (objectives) and not to create an even bigger humanitarian disaster," foreign ministry spokeswoman Jiang Yu said at a regular news briefing in Beijing. Read more + audio.


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It's official: Bob Dylan to perform in Israel on June 20

The booking follows lengthy negotiations between agents of the celebrated singer-songwriter and some of Israel's top international concert promoters.

Bob Dylan will hold a single concert in Israel on June 20 at the Ramat Gan stadium, where Leonard Cohen and Elton John recently performed, it was confirmed yesterday. Read more.


Bob Dylan - Masters Of War

Rode Kruis: oorlogsrecht geschonden

Vluchtelingen in een kamp in Tunesië, net over de grens met Libië

Het Rode Kruis vindt dat de internationale gemeenschap zich aan de regels voor humanitair oorlogsrecht moet houden. Op dit moment zouden de regels te vaak worden geschonden.

Ook wil de hulporganisatie meer toegang tot de gewonden in Libië. Lees hier verder.


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They shoot randomly': US deserter faces death row if Germany rejects asylum


Drugs, inequality and a US-backed dirty war

US President Barack Obama arrived in El Salvador to talk about drug violence, but he also tried to make peace with history, visiting the tomb of Oscar Romero, a popular Archbishop gunned down by a US-linked death squad in 1980.

Despite cutting his visit short to deal with the situation in Libya, Obama still made time to visit the tomb, showcasing its symbolic importance.

"Obama is sending a message, taking a moderate approach to the region, and getting big points for going to Romero's grave," says Carlos Velazquez, a Salvadorian political researcher at York University in Canada. "It is an emotional thing for Salvadorians." Read more.

Al Jazeera

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March 24, 2011

Israel's dissidents are saving the country

The dissidents do not need to apologize for anything. Their country owes them a great deal.

Imagine a different Israel in the eyes of the world. There is no B'Tselem, no Breaking the Silence, no Anarchists Against the Fence, no Gush Shalom. There is no New Israel Fund and no small band of radical and dissenting intellectuals and journalists. Imagine a different Israel, which silences and crushes every such voice. Imagine how it would look to the world. Read more.


Rumi - Only Breath

Bleker: strengere regels wapenexport

Staatssecretaris Bleker van Economische Zaken gaat de regels voor de wapenexport aanscherpen. Het lijkt geregeld voor te komen dat bij de bestrijding van de onlusten in Arabische landen wapens worden ingezet met Nederlandse onderdelen. Burgers die zich tegen hun regeringen verzetten worden dus ook met Nederlandse technologie bestreden.

Bleker wil dat bij het afgeven van een exportvergunning meer wordt gekeken naar de risico's dat een land de wapens tegen de eigen bevolking gebruikt. Lees hier verder + video.


Israeli Prime Minister in Moscow to talk Middle East

The situation in the Middle East is not heading in a positive direction - so said Dmitry Medvedev after meeting Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu in Moscow. Read more.


Israeli cyber attacks target Press TV

Cyber attacks launched against Iran-based English-language news site Press TV from Israeli sources have failed to take down the website.

Over the past 10 days, Press TV news website has been hit by Distributed Denial-of-Service Attack (DDOS) from Israeli sources. Read more.


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American Jews should not be so quick to condemn film 'Miral'

It makes perfect sense that a film told from the Palestinian perspective would rouse cries of condemnation, but this demands and deserves more than one perspective.

The fact that the film ‘Miral,’ a portrait of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict seen through the eyes of an orphaned Palestinian girl is earning the early ire of mainstream Jewish groups is not at all surprising. Read more.


'Miral' - Official Trailer

Miral (2010) - IMDB

Meneer de malloot

Landgenoten. Wat begon als een prachtige dag, is geëindigd in een vreselijk drama dat ons allen diep heeft geschokt. Mensen die er dichtbij hebben gestaan, die het hebben zien gebeuren, allen die het meebeleefd hebben, zullen met verbijstering en ongeloof gekeken hebben. Een 625 gram wegende waxinelichthouder, pardoes geworpen tegen het rechterportier van mijn Gouden Koets.

Nu, zes maanden na dato, kamp ikzelf, en met mij mijn gehele familie, nog steeds met de naweeën van deze zeer ingrijpende gebeurtenis. Godzijdank is de Gouden Koets gepantserd,... Lees hier verder.

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Social media reinvigorates independent media

The web is increasingly becoming the top source for news and information with about 41 percent of Americans citing the Internet as the main location they seek out national and international news – a 17 percent rise since December 2010.

What affect do social media, multiple news websites and alternative sources have on coverage and available information? Read more.


Neglecting public opinion is privilege of the West

London is bracing itself for a wave of public anger this weekend as protesters are planning to take to the streets to demonstrate against the West’s military intervention in Libya.

­What many of those who will march seem to particularly object to is Western governments’ habit of lashing out at other countries for not listening to their people, while blithely ignoring public opinion on their own doorsteps. Read more.


De kracht van de massa

Get Microsoft Silverlight Bekijk de video in andere formaten.

Labyrint gaat op in de massa. Een grote menigte kan angstaanjagend zijn of juist hartverwarmend. Maar kan een massa ook slim zijn? En hoe kunnen we daar gebruik van maken?

Groepsgedrag hoort ook bij een menigte. Hoe sterk is groepsdruk en in hoeverre laten we ons hierdoor beïnvloeden? Dit en meer, te zien in Labyrint.

Labyrint - VPRO

Rekenkamer ziet JSF als risico

De betrokkenheid van Nederland bij de Joint Strike Fighter neemt toe, zonder dat besloten is of de JSF de F16 gaat vervangen, hoeveel de vervanging mag kosten en hoeveel toestellen moeten worden gekocht.

Dat schrijft de Algemene Rekenkamer, die de gang van zaken omschrijft als een risico. Lees hier verder.


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Anger in Syria over crackdown

About 20,000 people chanting freedom slogans march at funerals in Daraa for protesters killed by security forces.

Around 20,000 Syrians chanting freedom slogans marched on Thursday at the funerals of nine protesters killed by security forces in the southern city of Daraa, witnesses said.

"The blood of martyrs is not spilt in waste!" they chanted in Daraa's southern cemetery.

The nine were among at least 25 people shot dead by security forces on Wednesday, residents said. Read more + video.

Al Jazeera

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Fears of full meltdown as more smoke rising from Fukushima rectors

Three workers have been exposed to harmful radioactive elements while working at the Fukushima nuclear power plant in Japan.

Two of them have been hospitalised. There have been reports of a rise in temperature and new plumes of smoke rising from the facility's most troubled reactor. Engineers are attempting to restore the cooling system of the facility, damaged by the devastating earthquake.


'Geen burgerslachtoffers door luchtaanvallen'

De luchtaanvallen op Libië zijn een succes en gaan daarom door. Er worden geen burgers het slachtoffer van. Dit beklemtoonde donderdag de Franse minister van Buitenlandse Zaken, Alain Juppé.

Juppé zei voor de radio dat de aanvallen uitsluitend zijn gericht op militaire doelen en burgers beschermen tegen aanvallen van troepen loyaal aan de Libische dictator Muammar Kaddafi. Lees hier verder.

De Pers

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370.000 Nederlanders onder armoedegrens

Ondanks het hebben van betaald werk, was bij 370.000 werkenden het huishoudensinkomen zo laag in 2009 dat ze onder de armoedegrens leefden. 

Meestal komt dit door een laag bedrag aan loon of geringe of negatieve inkomsten uit eigen bedrijf. In 2009 leefden in Nederland bijna 700.000 personen van 18 tot 65 jaar in een huishouden met een inkomen onder de lage-inkomensgrens.
 Lees hier verder