June 26, 2012

‘If West stops military aid to opposition, Syria will be at negotiation table the very next day’

Tensions are running high around Syria as Turkey vows "proportionate” retaliation for its downed jet, be it new sanctions or a “political option”. Damascus insists Western military aid to opposition the only obstacle to peaceful conflict resolution.

­Syria's Deputy Foreign Minister Faisal Al-Mikdad explained to RT the government's stance on a solution to the ongoing crisis, and his reaction to international efforts to mediate, or in his view, to fuel the conflict. Read more.


- Turkish PM vows to help 'liberate Syria from dictatorship' - RT
- NATO chief condemns Syria over jet's downing - Al Jazeera

- Turkey: No intention of war, but Syria's downing of jet won't go unpunished - Todays Zaman
- Makdessi: Turkish Military Aircraft Violated Syria's Sovereignty, Syrian Response Was Defensive Act - SANAA

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