September 30, 2012

Turkey's PM says era of military coups over

Recep Erdogan addresses thousands of party members, trumpeting his country's credentials as a rising democratic power.

Turkey's prime minister has said that the era of military coups in his country is over, a week after a court sentenced more than 300 military officers for attempting to overthrow the government. Read more.

Al Jazeera

Turkey and Egypt denounce Syria regime, pledge support for Palestinian cause

Turkish PM and Egypt's new president call on Russia, China, and Iran to stop backing Assad regime; Erdogan says Turkey determined to speak out against Israel's 'state terrorism.'

Turkey and Egypt sought to boost their alliance in a turbulent region on Sunday, unleashing harsh criticism of the Syrian regime and pledging joint support for the Palestinian cause. Read more.


Egypt not mulling Arab intervention in Syria: Morsi spokesman - Ahram
Morsi pledges continued support for Syrian rebels - AA

Mursi, Erdogan sign $1 billion Turkish loan to Egypt - Finance Minister - Aswat Masriya
Conditions to improve relations with Israel, Armenia remain the same: Erdoğan - Hürriyet

Non-violent demonstration held Saturday in Beit Ummar; army declares 'closed military zone'

A group of Palestinian, Israeli and international activists gathered to demonstrate peacefully in front of the Israeli settlement colony called 'Karmei Tsur' on Saturday, September 29.

When they entered the field in front of the settlement a large group of Israeli soldiers were blocking the roads and the agricultural fields,.. Read more.


Thousands march in Paris against 'austerity'

Chanting "resistance", demonstrators took to the streets of Paris on Sunday to protest against austerity policies and Europe’s new budget treaty, in the first major demonstration since President François Hollande took power four months ago.

Tens of thousands of people marched through the sunny streets of Paris on Sunday to protest against an EU fiscal treaty requiring governments to commit to stricter economic practices, in the latest in a string of anti-austerity rallies across Europe. Read more.


Steinbrück attacks Merkel's euro-crisis management

Chancellor Angela Merkel's election rival, Peer Steinbrück, has attacked the government's handling of the eurozone debt crisis. Steinbrück said Germany needed to give Greece more time to implement economic reforms.

Steinbrück told German Sunday newspaper Welt am Sonntag that Merkel must be prepared to come clean over the need for Germany to remain committed to supporting crisis-stricken Greece. Read more.

Cut & Bleeding: Austerity-bitten Spain stands up in fury

Protests against biting spending cuts continue throughout Europe, as people vent their anger over bailout sponsored austerity.

Mass demonstrations in Madrid turned to violence earlier this week, as police were forced to fire rubber bullets to calm the fury of the public. There've been dozens of injuries and arrests. RT's Jacob Greaves has been following developments.


Israeli premier thanks Canada for severing ties with Iran

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has thanked his Canadian counterpart Stephen Harper for closing Ottawa’s embassy in Tehran.

Netanyahu praised the Canadian government’s decision to sever ties with Iran during his meeting with Harper on the side lines of the United Nations General Assembly in New York on Friday. Read more.


Conrad Black: The British Commonwealth will rise again

John Baird and his British analogue, William Hague, should be congratulated on their innovative arrangement to share embassy facilities.

Some opposition members of Parliament’s first utterances about the plan evinced their fear that Canada would be assumed to be retreating back into colonial subservience to Great Britain — but that’s just evidence of their congenital sense of inferiority. Read more.

National Post

Quebec student leaders want to spark national anti-Harper movement

The face of the Quebec student protests, Gabriel Nadeau-Dubois, has embarked on a Canada-wide tour to inspire Canadians to fight against austerity measures as well as Prime Minister Stephen Harper.

The seven-day speaking tour began Saturday in London, Ont., and ends Oct. 5 in Vancouver. Read more.

Toronto Sun

CNN Exposed! Caught Producing "State Sponsored News" in Bahrain

The Amber Lyon story is just the latest in a series of articles that expose the total Joseph Goebbels like censorship rampant in mainstream media today. 

The first one I posted several weeks ago exposed how the NY Times basically just regurgitates whatever government officials tell them, while the other showcased how an NPR reporter covering D.C. had to leave and do her own thing out of frustration. 

This is precisely why alternative media sites are taking off. They provide the only outlets left for genuine journalism.


How G4S helps Israel break the Geneva convention

Lisa Nandy calls for the government to take action over G4S' participation in illegal imprisonment.

Since 1967, more than 730,000 Palestinian men, women and children are estimated to have been imprisoned by Israeli military courts. Read more.


Prime Minister of Curacao says attempt to boot him out of office before elections is unconstitutional

The prime minister of Curacao says the attempt by the island’s governor to kick him out of office 21 days before new elections is “unconstitutional” and a coup.

"There is no democratic answer," Gerrit Schotte told The Miami Herald by telephone at 11 p.m. Saturday from within the walls of his office compound on the Dutch-speaking Caribbean island. Read more.

Miami Herald

'Ik denk dat de geheime hand van Nederland hier achter zit' - NOS
- Situatie Curaçao blijft onduidelijk (video) - NOS

Spies: Schotte reglementair afgezet - NOS
Schotte: Nederland zit achter staatsgreep - BNR

Ex-premier Curaçao verlaat Fort Amsterdam - NU

Saudi forces open fire on protesters in Qatif

Saudi forces have opened fire on a group of pro-democracy demonstrators in the country's Eastern Province as protests against the Al Saud regime intensify in the oil-rich Persian Gulf kingdom, Press TV reports.

Witnesses say regime forces attacked demonstrators in the eastern city of Qatif,.. Read more.


Shia boy dies of wounds after Saudi police raid: Family - Ahram

Tens of thousands hit Tbilisi streets in 'largest-ever' rally on eve of election

Around 200,000 people have reportedly come out in support of opposition party Georgian Dream in what may become the biggest ever rally to hit Tbilisi. Georgia is set to cast votes in a parliamentary poll Monday.

­The Georgian capital was strewn with blue colors Saturday as the South Caucasian country's parliamentary campaign comes to a climax. Read more + video.


Georgia accused of fostering terrorism as prison abuse affair not fading (video) - RT

September 29, 2012

Slowdown galvanizes Polish opposition protesters

(Reuters) - Tens of thousands of protesters marched through the Polish capital on Saturday, the start of an opposition drive to capitalize on the spluttering economy and try to loosen Prime Minister Donald Tusk's grip on power.

Poland's economy, the biggest in central Europe, has grown robustly even while its neighbors slipped into recession, handing Tusk high levels of support and leaving his opponents struggling to win credibility with voters. Read more.


Polish opposition draws thousands for anti-government rally - RNW

Bahraini forces use shotguns, stun grenades to disperse protesters

Bahrain's Saudi-backed security forces have opened fire on anti-regime protesters, using shotguns and stun grenades to disperse demonstrators.

On Saturday, several people were injured after police fired tear gas and rubber bullets at mourners, who gathered in Sadad village to bury 17-year-old Ali Hossein Ne’ema. Read more.


German opposition urges government to stop Saudi tank deal

Germany’s largest opposition party, the Social Democratic Party (SPD) has urged the government to cancel the planned sale of advance weaponry to Saudi Arabia, because of human rights violations in the kingdom.

SPD foreign policy spokesman, Rolf Muetzenich warned against the planned sale of hundreds German-made combat tanks to Saudi Arabia,.. Read more.


Spain, Portugal hit with anti-austerity protests

MADRID (AP) — Tens of thousands of Spaniards and Portuguese rallied in the streets of their countries' capitals Saturday to protest enduring deep economic pain from austerity cuts.

In Madrid, demonstrators approached parliament for the third time this week to vent their anger against tax hikes, government spending cuts and the highest unemployment rate among the 17 nations that use the euro currency. Read more.


Anti-austerity rallies hit Spain and Portugal (video) - Al Jazeera

Thousands around Germany demand wealth tax

Thousands of protesters gathered in German cities to demonstrate in favour of a tax on wealth and financial transactions.

The demonstrations are part of a nationwide movement against wealth inequality. Approximately 40,000 people hit the streets in 40 cities nationwide on Saturday to call for a more equal society under the motto "Umfairteilen" - a German pun on the words "unfair" and "to redistribute." Read more.


Judges to Review Constitutionality of NDAA Military Detention Legislation

Chris Hedges: We filed our lawsuit because this legislation threatens basic democratic rights allowing for indefinite military detention to repress domestic protest


Rat reality show: Russian scientists to broadcast GMO experiment

After a French study suggested that rats fed on Monsanto GMO corn suffered tumors, Russian researches plan their own, this time public, experiment. 

The unique reality show with rats is expected to prove or deny GMO’s health-threatening influence. ­Read more.


US, Pakistan called off military talks due to protests: US

WASHINGTON: A planned meeting between US and Pakistani military chiefs was postponed this week due to a wave of violent anti-American protests, the top-ranking US officer, General Martin Dempsey, said on Thursday.

Dempsey revealed at a news conference that he had scheduled a discreet trip to Pakistan to meet chief of the army staff, General Ashfaq Kayani, but the two agreed to call off the talks amid unrest on the streets of Pakistani cities. Read more.

Bank of America to pay $2.43B to settle shareholder suit related to Merrill Lynch acquisition

WASHINGTON — Bank of America says it has agreed to pay $2.43 billion to settle a class-action lawsuit related to its acquisition of Merrill Lynch at the height of the financial crisis.

In the lawsuit, shareholders alleged that Bank of America and some of its officers made false or misleading statements about both companies’ financial health. Read more.

The Washington Post

Oops! They Rigged It Again


NATO worried by Libya armed groups, offers security help

(Reuters) - The head of NATO expressed concern on Thursday about armed groups operating outside government control in Libya and said he was encouraging Tripoli to accept an offer of help to reform its security sector.

NATO Secretary-General Anders Fogh Rasmussen made the offer to Libyan leader Mohammed Magarief after this month's attack on the U.S. consulate in the eastern Libyan city of Benghazi, which killed the U.S. ambassador and three other Americans. Read more.


Terrorists killed U.S. ambassador to Libya - Panetta - Reuters
Libyans asked to call off anti-militia rally - Al Jazeera

"Why NATO matters for you" (video) - NATO
Libya War was Preplanned - Dennis Kucinich, NATO War on Libya (video) - TRNN

Libya War was Preplanned - Dennis Kucinich, NATO War on Libya

- Full interview: Kucinich: Obama Libya War Violates Constitution and UN Resolution (video) - TRNN
Gen Clark On Preplanned Wars For Libya, Syria, Iraq, Lebanon, Somalia, Sudan, Iran (video) - Democracy Now

Syria rebel chiefs back, forth to Turkey’s soil

The leaders of Syrian armed rebels, Free Syrian Army, have not returned to Syria unlike they claimed so earlier, but travel back and forth to Syria from Turkey, according to Syrian National Council members

Different members of the Syrian opposition, who spoke on condition of anonymity, have claimed leaders of the rebel Free Syrian Army (FSA) have not returned to Syria as was claimed by the FSA leadership, but travel back and forth to Syria from Turkey. Read more.


FSA dismisses CHP's claims over relocation of leadership - Today's Zaman
Syrian army kills insurgent leaders in Aleppo - PressTV

'All-out war' rages in Syria's Aleppo (video) - Al Jazeera
Terrorists Suffer Heavy Losses in Several Areas... Terrorists Fire RPGs on Two Mosques in Damascus Countryside - SANA

Turkey blasts UN Security Council over Syria inaction - Today's Zaman
Rebel support ‘pushes Syria deeper into the abyss of bloody sectarianism’ – Lavrov - RT

Clinton: Iran will stop at nothing to protect Syria - JPost
Lavrov, Salehi Underline Need for Finding Political Solution to Syrian Crisis and Ending Violence - SANA

"Gospel of Jesus' wife" fragment is a fake, Vatican says

(Reuters) - An ancient papyrus fragment which a Harvard scholar says contains the first recorded mention that Jesus may have had a wife is a fake, the Vatican said on Friday.

"Substantial reasons would lead one to conclude that the papyrus is indeed a clumsy forgery," the Vatican's newspaper, L'Osservatore Romano, said in an editorial by its editor, Gian Maria Vian. "In any case, it's a fake." Read more.


September 28, 2012

Spanish banks need over 50 billion euros to clean up balance sheets

The independent audit carried out by consultant Oliver Wyman estimates the Spanish banking sector needs additional capital of 53.745 billion euros to shore up balance sheets because of its exposure to the ailing real estate sector if the consolidation currently taking place among lenders is taken into account, the Bank of Spain said Friday.

The central bank says that without taking into account merger and acquisition processes that are under way and deferred taxes,.. Read more.

El País

Eurozone inflation soars

Increasing inflation remains a headache for most governments across the eurozone. Figures for September have gone up again mainly due to a marked increase in energy prices, putting more pressure on the ECB.

Inflation in the 17-member eurozone went up again in September, the European Union's statistics office, Eurostat, announced on Friday. Read more.


Energy fuels euro inflation but ECB rate cut still on - Reuters

German Chancellor challenged on nuclear policy

A parliamentary investigative committee has questioned German Chancellor Angela Merkel about her role in planning the Gorleben storage facility for nuclear waste.

German Chancellor Angela Merkel was taken to task by a parliamentary investigative committee on Thursday. She was asked to define her role in the selection of a long-term nuclear waste dump site in the German town of Gorleben. Read more.

White House: Obama, Netanyahu 'in full agreement' on Iran's nuclear program

White House did not say whether Obama gave any ground on giving a 'red line' to Iran during his phone call with Netanyahu, one day after his UN speech; Romney also calls the PM.

President Barack Obama and Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu on Friday expressed solidarity on the goal of preventing Iran from acquiring a nuclear weapon, the White House said, amid signs of easing tensions over their differences on how to confront Tehran. Read more.


Vampire Netanyahu seeks an excuse to wage brutal war against Iran: Analyst (video) - PressTV

'Abbas speech proves he has no plans for peace'

Vice PM Ya'alon says Palestinian president has "never prepared his people for peace"; Dani Dayan decries "hatred" in speech.

Vice Premier Moshe Ya'alon on Friday came out with harsh criticism of Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas's speech at the UN, describing it as proof that Abbas has no intention of making peace with Israel. Read more.


Netanyahu, Lieberman furious over Abbas' UN speech - Haaretz
'Palestine must have non-member UN status': Abbas full speech at UN 2012 (video) - RT

PCHR Weekly Report: 2 killed, 2 wounded by Israeli forces this week

In its Weekly Report On Israeli Human Rights Violations in the Occupied Palestinian Territories for the week of 13- 19 Sep. 2012, the Palestinian Center for Human Rights found that the Israeli military extra-judicially executed two members of the Palestinian resistance and wounded a third one in the southern Gaza Strip town of Rafah.

In addition, Israeli forces used force to disperse peaceful protest organized by Palestinian civilians in the West Bank. Read more.


Report: “More Than 75.000 Arrests Made By Army Since Sep. 2000” - IMEMC

Europe Protests vs OWS Coverage | Weapons of Mass Distraction

Abby Martin talks about the American corporate media's unfair coverage of domestic issues pointing out the comparison between protests in Spain and Greece alongside the Occupy Wall Street demonstrations in the US.

25 jaar na de dood van José Afonso (1929-1987), zanger van de Anjerrevolutie

De Portugese universiteitsstad Coimbra herdenkt van 27 tot 29 september zanger José Afonso, beter bekend als Zeca, met een heus festival. Afonso werd vooral bekend als zanger van de Anjerrevolutie. Die maakte in april 1974 een einde aan de gehate dictatuur van Salazar en zijn opvolger Caetano.

Ook vandaag nog, 25 jaar na zijn dood, zijn Zeca's liederen een inspiratiebron voor kunstenaars en voor de groeiende verzetsbeweging tegen het bezuinigingsbeleid. Lees meer.

De Wereld Morgen

José Afonso - Os Vampiros (video) - Muziek

Spanish transport workers strike over wage cuts

Spanish public transport workers went on strike on Friday to voice their anger at plans to slash wages and reduce services.

They argue next year’s restructuring will eventually lead to job losses. Read more + video.


Budget leads to layoffs in public sector - El Confidencial

'Stop hitting the weakest': Italian workers kickoff anti-austerity general strike

Hundreds of Italians gathered for a general strike staged by two of the nation’s largest labor unions, protesting recent harsh austerity measures. 

The walkout came days after thousands hit the streets of Athens and Madrid for similar protests. ­Read more.


Mear One - NWO:The Enemy of Humanity

Mear One

Bouterse benadrukt soevereiniteit Suriname

PARAMARIBO - President Desi Bouterse ziet het als zijn plicht om de soevereiniteit van Suriname te beschermen tegen aanvallen vanuit het buitenland.

Dat zei hij tijdens zijn jaarrede die hij donderdag uitsprak bij de opening van het nieuwe parlementaire jaar in Suriname. Lees meer.


Bouterse: Suriname is soeverein - BNR

Artificial intelligence cracks history of art

Art experts could soon be replaced by computers as scientists of Lawrence Technological University in Detroit have developed software that can identify, evaluate and attribute works of art.

Computer scientists Lior Shamir and Jane Tarakhovsky created the software that focuses on 4,000 numerical image descriptors and analyzes form, texture, and visual content of the paintings without any human guidance. Read more.


Wages: Government continues public sector pay squeeze

Under the new proposal the government sent to public sector unions, all net salaries over €1,500 a month are to be reduced, as are bonuses and subsidies, while no public sector employee is to get a pay rise thanks to promotion or appointment to a position.

Portugal’s government has sent public sector unions a proposal for the annual pay round that foresees further cuts in the total wage bill of 2.5% to 10% next year, and a ban on any kind of pay rise. Read more.

Portugal Daily View

Gov't drops social security and fires back with income tax hikes - The Portugal News

Unemployment in France surpasses three million

The number of unemployed people in mainland France surpassed three million for the first time since 1999, new labour ministry data showed Wednesday, as French President François Hollande prepares to unveil his 2013 budget this week.

French unemployment topped three million for the first time in over a decade,.. Read more + video.


France public debt exceeds 90% of GDP - PressTV

Stournaras: agreement in principle on austerity package

The three coalition party leaders have reached "basic agreement" on the new austerity package, which will be presented to the troika for approval on Monday, the finance minister has said.

Yannis Stournaras was speaking to reporters at 1.20pm as he left the Maximos Mansion, the prime minister's official office, after a meeting with coalition leaders. Read more.

Athens News

Altered austerity package gets first green light - Ekathimerini
Greek coalition reaches basic savings agreement - DW

September 27, 2012

German president's signature gives green light to ESM

The German president has signed legislation approving the country's participation in the eurozone's permanent financial bailout fund. He had delayed signing the bill due to legal challenges to the legislation.

President Joachim Gauck signed into law the German parliament's ratification of the European Stability Mechanism on Thursday. Read more.


Euro zone economic outlook darkens with fall in confidence

(Reuters) - The outlook for Europe's economy darkened on Thursday with euro zone business confidence falling to a three-year low and a range of economic indicators across the continent pointing towards recession.

Shrinking lending and rising unemployment in Germany, until now a mainstay for growth in the euro zone, added to the gloom, with economists saying there was now no hope of growth for the region in the third quarter of the year. Read more.


U.S. Economy Expanded Less Than Forecast in Second Quarter

The economy in the U.S. grew less than previously forecast in the second quarter, reflecting slower gains in consumer spending and farm inventories.

The world’s largest economy expanded at a 1.3 percent pace from April through June after growing at a 2 percent rate in the first quarter. Read more.


U.S. QE3 signals deepening credit crisis: Dagong - Xinhua
Downbeat US economic data looks slightly better on closer inspection - The Washington Post

Kiss My QE (video) - RT
Het falende beleid van helikopter Ben - RTL

Dwaallichtjes (audio) - BNR
Obama koerst af op de afgrond - BNR

How did the Quebect student movement win?

For over 4 months, students and their allies, took over the streets of Montreal every day, to protest a tuition hike imposed by the liberal party in Quebec.

On September 21st, the newly elected Premier of Quebec scrapped the tuition hike and repealed a controversial law, that effectively banned public demonstrations. Read more.

Thousands of People Demand Free Education in Chile

Santiago de Chile, Sep 27 (Prensa Latina) Thousands of students and representatives of other sectors marched through capital streets to demand Chilean education to be saved, in a protest that was dispersed by police with cannons -water and tear gas at various.

The repression was unleashed when youths removed the barriers placed by the authorities to prevent their passage through a part of the Alameda Avenue, which was not included in the route of the demonstration. Read more.

Prensa Latina

Chilean student protest repressed by police (video) - teleSUR
Mass arrests in Chile after police teargas student protest - RT

Piñera signs reform bill but students insist with free and better higher education - MercoPress

Paraguay: Teachers Begin General Strike and Street Protests

Asuncion, Sep 27 (Prensa Latina) Thousands of Paraguayan teachers began this Thursday an indefinitely general strike across the country to demand better wages due to the failure of negotiations with the government.

The strike is complied, according to spokesmen from Labor Union Leadership, by 14 of the 15 unions of educators with the participation of more than 55,000 teachers and workers, with activities on the street and the obstruction of routes. Read more.

Prensa Latina

UK's Poorest Families hit Hardest by Recession and Austerity

A leading British charity warns that 3.5 million children in the United Kingdom are growing up below the poverty line, while the divide between rich and poor continues to accelerate faster than anywhere else in the developed world.


Spain's new budget aims at spending cuts not tax rises

(Reuters) - Spain announced a detailed timetable for economic reforms and a tough 2013 budget based mostly on spending cuts on Thursday in what many see as an effort to pre-empt the likely conditions of an international bailout.

Government ministries saw their budgets slashed by 8.9 percent for next year, as Prime Minister Mariano Rajoy's battle to reduce one of the euro zone's biggest deficits was made harder by weak tax revenues in a prolonged recession. Read more.


Lavrov: Real solution to crisis in Syria can only be achieved through dialogue

NEW YORK – Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov on Wednesday stressed that the countries which instigate the opposition to reject dialogue and ceasefire shoulders a considerable part of the responsibility for the continuing violence in Syria, adding this is not just unrealistic, but also overlooks the terrorist methods the armed opposition employs repeatedly.

During a Security Council session to discuss the situation in the Middle East,.. Read more.


Putin: Western powers create chaos in Syria - Al Bawaba
Putin blames West for global chaos - RT

UN, Arab League to work more closely over Syria - DW
Mursi says Egypt opposes foreign intervention in Syria - Ma'an

BRICS countries stress importance of peaceful solution to settle situation in Syria - Champress
Syrian rebels defect to government forces - RT

Dozens of Terrorists Killed in Aleppo, Hideouts Stormed in Several Areas, Oil Transfer Pipeline Detonated in Hasaka - SANA
UN: 700,000 Syrian refugees expected to flee war-torn country by end of year - Haaretz

Abbas set to address UN

BETHLEHEM (Ma'an) -- President Mahmoud Abbas will address the UN General Assembly on Thursday in a speech detailing recent efforts to upgrade Palestine's status in the world body.

PLO negotiator Saeb Erekat, who was accompanying Abbas in New York, said the president would ask the UN to include Palestine as a non-member state. Read more.


Abbas meets Clinton, Ashton ahead of UN speech - Ma'an
Abbas vows sensitivity to Jewish claims to Israel - JPost

Abbas condemns Israel's catastrophic settlement expansions - PressTV
'Palestine must have non-member UN status': Abbas full speech at UN 2012 (video) - RT

Netanyahu aides: PM to set Iran 'red lines' in UN speech, avoid Obama clash

Prime minister touches down in New York ahead of planned UNGA address; Lieberman: Israel must present its position clearly, even if U.S. disagrees.

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu's plane landed in New York on Thursday, ahead of his planned address before the United Nations General Assembly later in the day. Read more.


Netanyahu draws 'red line' over Iran, Abbas seeks more independence (video) - RT

The Road to World War 3

We are on a road that leads straight to the World War 3, but in order to see that and to fully understand what is at stake you have to look at the big picture and connect the dots. 

This video examines the history of the dollar, its relation to oil, and the real motives behind the wars of the past two decades.

Evo Morales criticizes Obama's "double moral standard"

Bolivian President Evo Morales called as "contradictory" the statements of President Barack Obama before the UN General assembly.

President Obama "speaks about peace and human rights, he has no moral right to speak about peace and human rights," Morales said.


Evo Morales Brings Latin American Agenda to U.N. - Prensa Latina

Gut Bacteria Could Could Play Key Role in Development of Type 2 Diabetes

ScienceDaily (Sep. 26, 2012) — The number of people suffering from type 2 diabetes world-wide has risen rapidly in recent years, and scientists estimate that just as many people could be suffering from the illness without realising it.

New research now indicates that your gut bacteria can reveal whether you suffer from the disease. Read more.


EU wind capacity hits 100 gigawatt mark - industry

(Reuters) - Installed EU wind capacity has reached the 100 gigawatt mark - the equivalent of power generated from 39 nuclear plants or a train of coal stretching from Buenos Aires to Brussels - but financial risk threatens growth, industry body EWEA said.

"We have just in the past couple of weeks passed 100 gigawatts of total installed capacity in Europe," Christian Kjaer, CEO of the European Wind Energy Association, told a small group of reporters. Read more.


OWS Week

In this episode ; S17 Occupy Chicago's solidarity action for OWS NYC, S23 Occupy Chicago's first anniversary.

S17 Occupy Portland's solidarity action for OWS NYC and new anti-GM march in solidarity with the GM Colombia workers who are still on hunger strikes.

And also DC S22 Occupy DC counterprotest at white supremacist (KKK) rally.

- More OWS Week (video) - PressTV

Ahmadinejad set to meet Occupy Wall Street members in New York

Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad is set to meet with members of the Occupy Wall Street (OWS) movement during his current New York City visit for the UN General Assembly gathering.

The president also plans to meet American university students, artists, intellectuals and elites. Read more.


American Peace Activists Meet with Iranian President in New York - Fars
When I had dinner with Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, President of Iran - Stop the War Coalition

‘NO’! Thousands flood Madrid in second day of anti-cuts demos

Following a violent police crackdown on Tuesday, thousands of Spaniards returned to Madrid’s Plaza de Neptune to continue protests against a new round of highly contentious austerity measures.

For the second day running, thousands of demonstrators led by the so-called ‘indignados,’ or outraged, descended on the square – some 100 meters from Spain’s parliament building. Read more + photos.


Spain: Protests against police repression to be held today (video) - teleSUR

Assange to UN: 'It is time for the US to cease its persecution of WikiLeaks'

WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange has called on the United States to move from words to actions, and put an end to its persecution of WikiLeaks, its people and its sources. He made the statement during an address to a panel of UN delegates.

Addressing the representatives of the United Nations' member countries, the WikiLeaks founder spoke of the difference between words and actions, praising US President Barack Obama for his words. Read more.


Assange embarrasses Cameron at UN meeting - PressTV
UK seeks extradition of Julian Assange (video) - teleSUR

Tehran urges P5+1 response to Moscow proposals

Undersecretary of Iran's Supreme National Security Council (SNSC) Ali Baqeri has called on the six major world powers (the P5+1) to respond to proposals put forth by Tehran during the Moscow negotiations.

Secretary of SNSC Saeed Jalili and EU foreign policy chief, Catherine Ashton, who represents the P5+1 - comprising Britain, China, France, Russia, the US and Germany - met in Moscow in June. Read more.


US repeats nuclear bomb allegations against Iran - PressTV
Iran accuses West of nuclear 'intimidation' - Al Jazeera

Russia slams unilateral sanctions on Iran - PressTV
Iran to give up 20 pct uranium enrichment if West sanctions lifted: envoy - Xinhua

September 26, 2012

China, DPRK hold investment meeting in Beijing

China and the DPRK want to attract more companies to two special economic zones in the DPRK. Leaders from the two countries held a joint meeting in Beijing on Wednesday to address the issue.

As Chang Dili reports, the word is the development plan has entered into what’s beind described as "substantial" phase. Read more.


Argentina hits back at Lagarde: “this is not a football match and we are a sovereign nation”

Argentina's President Cristina Fernandez hit back at the IMF on Tuesday for warning her country about bad stats data, saying her nation is sovereign and would not be subjected to threats of any kind.

IMF Managing Director Christine Lagarde warned Monday that Argentina faces a “red card” if it does not produce acceptable data on growth and inflation by December. Read more.


IMF warns Argentina on stats: next time (December 17) it’s a red card - MercoPress

Argentina calls on UK for talks on ‘global issue’ Malvinas and ‘demilitarization’ of South Atlantic

President Cristina Fernández once again claimed Argentina’s sovereignty over the Falklands/Malvinas islands and urged the United Kingdom to accept talks and abide by the United Nations resolutions on the matter which has become a “global issue”.

The Argentine leader also asked for the demilitarization of the South Atlantic. Read more.


Iran pres. slams unilateralism, double standards in world politics

Iran President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad has slammed the current global politics as discriminatory, based on inequality, and characterized by unilateralism and double-standards.

“Unilateralism, application of double-standards, and imposition of wars, instability and occupation to ensure economic interests and expand dominance over sensitive centers of the world have turned to be the order of the day,” Ahmadinejad said during his speech at the 67th session of the United Nations General Assembly in New York on Wednesday. Read more.


Ahmadinejad talks peace & justice as US boycotts address (video) - RT
US boycotts Ahmadinejad’s speech, Canadians walk out - The Times of Israel

UN: Leaders Oppose Unilateral Measures - Cubadebate
Putin Condemns Attempts to Bypass UN as Road to Chaos - Fars

Iran Calls for New World Order and Reform - Prensa Latina

NAM ready to help reform UN structure: Ahmadinejad - Mehr
UN beyond repair; Let NAM take over - PressTV

Rechtbank: huisarts mag RIVM betichten van belangenverstrengeling

De rechtbank in Middelburg ziet geen reden om huisarts Hans van der Linde op de vingers te tikken over zijn uitlating dat het RIVM en RIVM-topman Roel Coutinho zich schuldig maken aan belangenverstrengeling. 

De rechtbank in Middelburg deed woensdag uitspraak. Lees meer.


RIVM verliest zaak om griepprik - NOS

Europees belastinggeld naar wapenfabrikanten

Gisteren was het een bijzondere dag: de Nederlandse MSM bracht eindelijk weer eens iets wat op een nieuwswaardig feit leek. Het enige jammere hieraan was dat de nieuwswaarde hiervan al net zo verdampt was als alle hoop op vrede in Palestina. 

Het ging over de crisis in Griekenland en het feit dat in de draconische bezuinigingen die door De Trojka (de Europese Unie, de Europese Centrale bank en het IMF) opgelegd waren, de astronomische defensie-uitgaven van dat land niet meegenomen waren. Lees meer.

'De macht van de 'new great dictators' in Brussel groeit'

COLUMN | Brussel lijkt anti-EU-sentiment steeds minder te dulden. 'En ze krijgen een steeds grotere mond waar steeds dreigender taal uit komt,' aldus columnist Jan Bennink. 'Hoe lang is Nederland nog baas over haar eigen burgers?'

Zover ik me kan herinneren ben ik nooit bang geweest voor de overheid. Lees meer.


Government thanks police for calmness under protestors’ “attack”

Police fired rubber bullets and beat people with nightsticks on Tuesday night as an organized demonstration outside the gates of Congress turned violent, with clashes between protestors and riot police spilling out onto the nearby Neptune Square.

At least 64 people were injured in the skirmishes, including 27 officers, Samur emergency medical services reported. Read more.

El País

Madrid police fire rubber bullets outside parliament - DW

Rajoy will seek second bailout if borrowing costs soar once more

Spain’s risk premium headed north again on Wednesday, a development Prime Minister Mariano Rajoy acknowledged could led him to ask for a second bailout from the Europe if the situation persists.

Asked in an interview in New York with The Wall Street Journal published on Wednesday if he planned to ask one of the two European rescue funds for help, Rajoy said his government would need to ascertain first if the conditions attached to a bailout are “reasonable.” Read more.

El País

Merkel highlights mistakes made with Spanish banks - El Pais
Central government public deficit hits 4.7 percent of GDP - El País

About 900,000 industry jobs lost - El Confidencial

Catalonia’s premier calls early elections

The premier of Catalonia, Artur Mas, announced on Tuesday that early elections will be held in the region on November 25, as a response to the “exceptional” rejection by Spain’s government of a suggested fiscal pact that would allow the region more control over tax collections.

Mas made the announcement to the consellers, the ministers of the Catalan regional government, to whom he suggested that early elections should be held on November 25 or December 2. Read more.

El Confidencial

Catalan leader fixes date for early election showdown - El País
Catalonia calls early elections in bid for greater independence - RT

Andalusia to ask regional liquidity fund for close to five billion euros - El País
The ‘brand of Spain’ is losing credibility - El Confidencial

Gov't drops social security and fires back with income tax hikes

Portuguese Prime Minister Pedro Passos Coelho has said the government was preparing a tax rise, including personal income tax, to compensate a partial devolution of Christmas and holiday bonuses that were taken away from the state-sector workers and pensioners.

Speaking to reporters after a meeting with management representatives and union leaders, the prime minister said “Personal income tax would be used to make up most of the difference” but added that 2capital and property taxes" would also help. Read more.

The Portugal News

- Three-quarters of bailout cash already received - The Portugal News
Armed forces call for Prime Minister’s resignation - Algarve Daily News

José Afonso - Os Vampiros

Lyric (translated)

'US unleash hell in Syria, new violence levels reached'

Iran's Press TV Channel says its correspondent Maya Nasser has been shot dead by a sniper while reporting on air about today's twin blasts in Damascus.

Patrick Henningsen - geopolitical analyst for the current affairs website "UK Column" - believes the Iranian journalist's death was unlikely to be an accident.

Press TV correspondent killed in Syrian capital

Insurgents in the Syrian capital Damascus have attacked Press TV staff, killing the Iranian English-language news network’s correspondent Maya Naser, and injuring its Damascus Bureau Chief Hosein Mortada.

Naser came under attack while reporting on air just hours ago. Read more + video.


Press TV, Al-Alam Damascus bureau chief injured in Damascus - PressTV
Iranian TV reporter killed on air by Syrian rebel sniper in Damascus (video) - RT

Russia halts imports of Monsanto corn over cancer fears

Russian authorities temporary suspended the import and sale of Monsanto’s genetically-modified corn after a French study suggested it may be linked to cancer.

The Russia’s consumer-rights regulator Rospotrebnadzor asked scientists at the country’s Institute of Nutrition to review the study. Read more.


Riot rage: Athens protesters throw firebombs, police shoot tear gas

A rally in the Greek capital turned violent when protesters in Syntagma Square lobbed Molotov cocktails at police, who retaliated by firing tear gas at the demonstrators.

Security forces also reportedly used flashbang grenades and pepper spray to push protesters back from the parliament building. Read more.


California facing devastating cuts to education

Hundreds of teachers are protesting in Los Angeles against what they say is the latest attack on education in California.

California once lead the nation in education, but now ranks near the bottom when it comes to per-student spending. Read more.

Abbas says talks with Israel possible if settlement freeze

AFP - Palestinian president Mahmud Abbas is ready to resume peace talks with Israel if the Jewish state agrees to freeze settlements, Palestinian negotiator Saeb Erakat said on Tuesday.

During a meeting in New York with representatives of the Jewish-American community, Abbas said he is "ready to resume negotiations if settlement construction is stopped during these negotiations," Erakat told AFP. Read more.

Qatar pledges millions in aid for Gaza rebuilding

GAZA CITY (Ma'an) -- Qatar is planning to provide half a billion dollars in assistance to the Gaza Strip over the coming three years to rebuild infrastructure destroyed in Israeli attacks.

In a visit to the enclave Tuesday, Qatari ambassador Muhammad al-Imadi said the Gulf country's emir created a special committee to distribute some $450 million for infrastructure, development and education projects. Read more.


Qatar calls for Arab military intervention in Syria

Qatar called on Arab countries to intervene militarily in Syria because the UN Security Council is incapable of formulating a common position on the settlement of the Syrian crisis.

"The Security Council has no defined and effective position and thus Arab countries must act alone on the basis of their national humanitarian, political and military commitments," said Tuesday the Qatari Emir Hamad Bin Khalifa Al-Thani during his speech before the 67th General Assembly of the United Nations. Read more.

Al Bawaba

Diplomacy Backfire: 'Regime change calls as only solution for Syria burst crisis' (video) - RT

September 25, 2012

Cannabinoid May Treat Brain Cancer

ScienceDaily (Sep. 25, 2012) — Researchers at University of California, San Diego Moores Cancer Center are evaluating the safety and tolerability of a synthetic cannabinoid called dexanabinol (ETS2101).

Delivered as a weekly intravenous infusion, the drug is being tested in patients with all forms of brain cancer, both primary and metastatic. Read more.


Quartz glass can hold data for 300 million years

Researchers from Kyoto University and Hitachi Ltd. announced Sept. 24 they have developed technology using quartz glass that is capable of storing data for more than 300 million years.

The medium, which is also highly resistant to heat and water, could be used to store images of cultural treasures and official documents of high historical value for long periods, the scientists said. Read more.

The Asahi Shimbun

Paraguay: Anti-Militarist Week Calls for Coup Disobedience

Asuncion, Sep 25 (Prensa Latina) Organized by the Paraguay Peace and Justice Service, an Anti-Militarist Week has started in this capital, calling for disobedience against authoritarianism and the coupsters who dismissed President Fernando Lugo.

The organizers, also supported by other groups, will hold a panel-discussion today about the danger of societal militarization, the presence of multinationals in the country, and the sale by the government of natural resources, according to the agenda released. Read more.

Prensa Latina

Paraguay will expose its dispute with Mercosur before the UN General Assembly - MercoPress

Chilean Students to March Again for Public Education

Santiago de Chile, Sep 25 (Prensa Latina) Chilean students will hit the streets on Thursday to demand again a public, free and high-quality education system, at all levels of education, announced today leaders of various organizations.

At a press conference, representatives of the Chilean Students Confederation (CONFECH), the Coordinator of Secondary Students (CONES) and the Coordinating Assembly of Secondary Students also made a call for citizens to to join the protest. Read more.

Prensa Latina

Chilean president signs controversial tax reform law - The Santiago Times

Students Take Over 21 Schools in Buenos Aires

The students of 21 high schools in the city of Buenos Aires are continuing with the take over their establishments in protest at education reform proposed by the city government. The student movement behind the protest, Corriente Estudantil de Base (CEB), is also organising a march for Thursday.

The protests started last week in technical high schools around the city in response to proposed changes to the curriculum. On Monday 17thSeptember the city minister of education, Esteban Bullrich, hosted a meeting where he presented measures that would bring about significant content changes in technical schools. Read more.

The Argentina Independent

IMF warns Argentina on stats: next time (December 17) it’s a red card

IMF Managing Director Christine Lagarde warned Argentina on Monday that the multilateral lender is willing to show it a red card if by December the government of Cristina Fernández does not meet its promises of providing reliable inflation and GDP statistics, during a conference at the Peterson Institute in Washington DC.

A week after the IMF gave Argentina a last dead line (December 17) to change the way inflation rate and GDP is calculated and adapt it to international standards, Lagarde came on stage to say “This is the last yellow card we show them, next time we'll get them a serious sanction.” Read more.


Brazil calls for Cuba embargo to be lifted

The Brazilian President Dilma Rousseff has called for the economic embargo against Cuba to be lifted.


UN to debate on the Syrian conflict

The Syrian conflict is among the most important issues to be discussed during the new period of debates at the General Assembly of the United Nations to begin on Tuesday.

The international mediator, Lakhdar Brahimi, still don't have a plan to solve the crisis in this country.


Ibrahimi: No Quick End to Syria Crisis, Foreign Militants Engaged in Fight - Al Manar
More than 5,000 Mercenaries Entered Syria - Prensa Latina

Lebanese Army Deals Blow at Syrian Armed Groups - Prensa Latina
Qatar calls for Arab military intervention in Syria - Al Bawaba

Veto-holding Western countries use and abuse UN :Analyst

Iran's President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad has renewed the Islamic Republic’s call for reforms in the structure of the United Nations to provide for “a democratic and fair framework.”

“Effective steps must be taken toward reforming the structure of the UN in order to establish a democratic and fair framework in this organization,” Ahmadinejad said in a meeting with UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon on the sidelines of the 67th session of the United Nations General Assembly in New York. Read more.

UN beyond repair; Let NAM take over

It is refreshing to hear President Ahmadinejad of Iran pointing out the weaknesses of the United Nations. Amongst the UN’s pontificators, poseurs and hypocritical thugs, he stands out as a voice of reason, straightforwardness and honesty.

For decades ordinary people have placed their hopes for peace and justice in the United Nations. And for just as many decades, they have been cruelly disappointed. Read more.


Ahmadinejad calls for immediate overhaul of UNSC (video) - teleSUR
Veto-holding Western countries use and abuse UN :Analyst (video) - PressTV