January 29, 2013

Army warns unrest pushing Egypt to the brink

CAIRO, Egypt, Jan 29 (Reuters) - Egypt's army chief said political unrest was pushing the state to the brink of collapse - a stark warning from the institution that ran the country until last year as Cairo's first freely elected leader struggles to curb bloody street violence.

Abdel Fattah al-Sisi, a U.S.-trained general appointed by President Mohamed Mursi last year to head the armed forces,..  Read more.

Aswat Masriya

Army says political tussle taking Egypt to brink - Aswat Masriya
Kafr al-Sheikh scuffles leave more than 100 injured - Aswat Masriya

Morsy reconsiders state of emergency declaration - Egypt Independent
Morsi affirms right to protest peacefully at security meeting - Ahram

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