May 31, 2013

British taxpayers to pay 'millions' towards secretive Bilderberg meeting security

Taxpayers are likely to have to pay millions towards the cost of policing the secretive Bilderberg meeting of the global elite due to gather in Hertfordshire next week.

The clandestine meeting of royalty, prime ministers and business chiefs is taking place in Britain for the first time since 1998, sparking fears of "violence and disturbance" by protesters. Read more.

The Telegraph

Weekly US jobless aid applications rise to 354,000, a level consistent with modest job gains

WASHINGTON — The number of Americans seeking unemployment benefits rose 10,000 last week to a seasonally adjusted 354,000.

Still, the level of applications is consistent with steady hiring and remains near a five-year low. Read more.

The Washington Post

- Actual US Poverty Twice Official Figure (video) - TRNN

Japan deflation persists; industrial output falls

TOKYO — Japan’s core consumer price index fell 0.4% in April from a year earlier, while industrial production also weakened, the government reported Friday.

The data offer scant evidence of a rebound, though officials say the economy is on the cusp of a recovery and should show stronger gains by midyear. Read more.

Japan Today

- IMF says BOJ's 2% inflation target could be achieved - Kyodo News
Nikkei plunges 5.15% by close - Japan Today

Panasonic to cut 5,000 jobs over three years - Japan Today
- Japan's April job availability best since July 2008 - Kyodo News

Japanese concerned over the economy (video) - Al Jazeera

TEPCO told to freeze soil around reactor buildings to block groundwater

Tokyo Electric Power Co. will implement a "difficult" proposal to use walls of frozen soil to reduce the amount of groundwater flowing into reactor buildings at its crippled Fukushima No. 1 nuclear power plant.

A government committee working on measures to deal with water contaminated with radioactive materials submitted the proposal to industry minister Toshimitsu Motegi on May 30. Read more.

The Asahi Shimbun

Abe to intensify efforts to restart nuclear power plants

Score a victory for Japan's powerful business lobby.

Despite deep-rooted public distrust of nuclear power generation in the aftermath of the Fukushima disaster in 2011, the Abe administration is set to push restarts of idled nuclear reactors as an integral engine of policy to spur economic growth. Read more.

Eurozone unemployment hits record 12.2% in April

AFP - The eurozone unemployment rate hit a fresh record of 12.2 percent in April, with 19.2 million people on the dole as recession continued to sap the economy.

The Eurostat data agency said that in the 12 months to April a total 1.6 million people lost their jobs in the 17-nation eurozone,.. Read more.


Risk of Bank Failures Is Rising in Europe, E.C.B. Warns

FRANKFURT — The European Central Bank warned on Wednesday that the euro zone’s slumping economy and a surge in problem loans were raising the risk of a renewed banking crisis, even as overall stress in the region’s financial markets had receded.

In a sober assessment of the state of the zone’s financial system, the E.C.B. said that a prolonged recession had made it harder for many borrowers to repay their loans,.. Read more.

NY Times

Anti-Capitalist Protest: 'Blockupy' Surrounds ECB in Frankfurt

Thousands of "Blockupy" protesters gathered in Frankfurt on Friday, surrounding the European Central Bank to air their concerns about euro-crisis policies.

Both the banks and police were reportedly well-prepared for the anti-capitalist demonstration. Read more.


Thousands blockade European Central Bank in Frankfurt (video) - RT

Monsanto signals partial withdrawal from EU

Brussels – Monsanto will no longer actively push their products within the EU, except in countries where there is political support, according to a story from Danish media service Investigative Reporting Denmark.

The news comes after over two million people worldwide came out onto the streets over the weekend to protest against political interference and environmental damage by one of the world’s biggest biotech companies. Read more.

America facing wheat export crisis as Europe and Japan lead the way in rejecting genetically modified crops

Unapproved genetically modified wheat has been discovered growing in the United States.

The revelation is threatening the outlook for U.S. exports of the world's biggest traded food commodity, with importers keenly aware of consumer sensitivity to gene-altered food. Read more.

Daily Mail

Japan halts some U.S. imports after modified wheat found - Japan Today
- Japan and South Korea Bar Imports of U.S. Wheat (video) - NY Times

Erekat: New settler homes 'destroying' Kerry's efforts

RAMALLAH (AFP) -- Israel's decision to build 1,100 new settler homes in occupied East Jerusalem is "destroying" efforts by Washington's top diplomat to revive the peace process, the chief PLO negotiator said Thursday.

"We consider the recent decision of the Israeli government.. Read more.


Israel To Build 1000 Units For Settlers In East Jerusalem - IMEMC
Israeli police launch arrest raids across East Jerusalem - Ma'an

Israeli officials: Palestinian leaders inventing excuses to avoid resuming peace talks - Haaretz

Israel To Build 1000 Units For Settlers In East Jerusalem

Israeli NGO, Terrestrial Jerusalem, has reported that Israel is planning to build more than 1000 units for Jewish settlers in occupied East Jerusalem.

It stated the move “could significantly hinder the efforts conducted by Washington to resume peace talks between Israel and the Palestinians.” Read more.


5 Bedouins injured as Israeli police demolish houses in Negev - Ma'an

‘Revolution fails’ if Tunis fails in battle on poverty

Tunisia’s president warns about poverty in his country, noting that a failure to ameliorate the lives of the poor could ‘end the revolution’

The Tunisian revolution will fail if the country, which is now ensconced in efforts to construct a stable political system, does not succeed in offering higher living standards to its 2 million impoverished citizens, President Moncef Marzouki has told the Hürriyet Daily News. Read more.


Tension at the Syria border

Turkish General Staff said fire was opened from Syrian side on a patrolling unit of Turkish troops

Ankara - Turkish General Staff stated on Thursday that fire was opened from the Syrian side of the border on a Turkish patrolling unit along the Asi River in southern Hatay province. Read more.


Turkish army fires back after shots fired from Syria - Today's Zaman

Turkey finds sarin gas in homes of suspected Syrian Islamists – reports

Turkish security forces found a 2kg cylinder with sarin gas after searching the homes of Syrian militants from the Al-Qaeda linked Al-Nusra Front who were previously detained, Turkish media reports. 

The gas was reportedly going to be used in a bomb. Read more + video.


- Turkey Seizes Sarin from Al-Qaeda Suspects - LiveLeak
Turkish Police find Chemical Weapons in the Possession of Al Nusra Terrorists heading for Syria - Global Research

Turkije pakt terreurverdachten op - NOS

U.K.: We have informed UN chief of more chemical attacks in Syria - Haaretz
UN rights chief urges global powers: Don't send arms to Syria rebels - Haaretz

Syria gets first batch of Russian S-300 missiles - reports

Syria has received its first batch of Russian anti-aircraft missiles - that's what President Assad reportedly told a Hezbollah television network.

The statement's adding fuel to the tensions over the S-300 air defence system, with the U.S. slamming Russia's actions and Israel signaling it would prevent it from becoming operational. RT's Paula Slier is following international escalation over Syria


Syria already in possession of Russia's S-300 system: President Assad - PressTV
Assad dodges questions about delivery of Russian-made S-300 missiles to Syria - Haaretz

- Israel doubts Assad possesses S-300 system, but has good reason to worry - Haaretz

Al-Assad says 'pressure' to open Israel Golan front

Syrian President Bashar al-Assad said on May 30 there was "popular pressure" to open a military front against Israel on the Golan Heights, which the Jewish state has occupied since 1967

"There is clear popular pressure to open a new front of resistance in the Golan," al-Assad said in an interview with al-Manar, the television channel of his ally, Lebanon's Shiite Hezbollah movement. Read more.


Assad: Syria will respond to any future Israeli strike - Haaretz
Syria will ‘strategically’ respond to new Israeli strikes – Assad - RT

Slovenia Getting Last Chance to Put Things Straight

The European Commission has accepted Slovenian commitments for fixing its troubled banks and consolidating public finances, giving the country more time to get its house in order, but also warning that time was of the essence

The Commission announced on Wednesday it would not institute proceedings for excessive economic imbalances against Slovenia for the time being. Read more.

Slovenia Times

- IMF: Government Fiscal Package Goes Too Far? - Slovenia Times

May 30, 2013

Economic contraction to exceed 8.7 per cent

The economy will contract by more than 8.7 per cent this year, according to the finance ministry, with growth expected from 2015.

The final rate depends on tackling the challenges in the banking sector effectively, the recovery of the international economy, and full implementation of the structural measures.. Read more.

Cyprus Mail

Budget: EC recomments an extra year to cut deficit

The new targets proposed by the European Union executive for Portugal are 5.5% for this year, 4% for next year and 2.5% for 2015.

The European Commission on Wednesday formally recommended that Portugal be given an extra year to bring its public sector budget deficit below the limit for euro-zone member states, of 3% of gross domestic product. Read more.

Portugal Daily View

Brussels eases Spain’s deficit target for this year to 6.5 percent of GDP

In return, European Commission demands timely implementation of structural reforms

The European Commission on Wednesday confirmed that Spain will be given more time to reach its deficit-reduction targets as a result of the weak state of the economy. Read more.

El País

Socialist leader augurs “broad” anti-austerity pact with government - El País

Dijsselbloem arrives as military cuts approved

A day after Greece decided to pare down its armed forces, Eurogroup head Jeroen Dijsselbloem is due in Athens on Friday to review the progress of the fiscal adjustment program.

After talks with Finance Minister Yannis Stournaras, Dijsselbloem,.. Read more.


France and Germany agree on 'full-time' Eurogroup chief

France and Germany have agreed upon appointing a full-time president to oversee Eurogroup, French President François Hollande announced at a joint press conference with Angela Merkel in Paris on Thursday.

France and Germany have agreed to jointly push for a full-time chief to oversee economic policy in the eurozone, President Francois Hollande said on Thursday. Read more.


France and Germany agree on 'full time' eurozone boss - DW

'Abyss of Autocracy': A Protest Movement Simmers in Kuwait

Why should the citizens of one of the richest countries in the world take to the streets? Fed up with the paternalizing, incompetent leadership of the ruling family, a citizen's movement is waking in Kuwait, much to the fear of its neighbors in the Gulf.

In the beginning was the word. More specifically, in the beginning was a speech. Read more + photos.


Point-Blank Shot Killed Friend of Alleged Boston Bomber – Father

MOSCOW, May 30 (Alexey Eremenko, RIA Novosti) – The father of Ibragim Todashev, who was shot to death last week by US authorities while being questioned about the Boston Marathon bombing suspects, said Thursday that his son was killed with a point-blank shot to the head, raising even more questions about an already murky case.

“He was questioned for eight hours,” Abdulbaki Todashev told reporters in Moscow. Read more.

RIA Novosti

- Fake-Down: Friend of Boston bombing suspect unarmed when killed by FBI (video) - RT

Syrian opposition to boycott Geneva talks

Syrian National Coalition says it will not take part in planned summit until siege of Qusayr ends.

Syria's opposition will not participate in proposed international peace talks in Geneva next month, its leader has said. Read more.

Al Jazeera

Syrian opposition says no peace talks until Hezbollah, Iran halt fighting - Hürriyet
Russia Says Syrian Opposition Obstructing Peace Process - Ria Novosti

Rising health risks at Jordanian refugee camp

Syrian refugees at Jordan's Al-Zaatari camp are increasingly susceptible to health risks, with the onset on summer and amid overcrowding and unhygienic practises.

Home to about 170,000 refugees from Syria, poor sanitation increases the ease of contracting certain illnesses. Doctors say among the top health issues are diarrhoea, constipation, hepatitis and malnutrition. Al Jazeera's Nisreen El-Shamayleh reports from the Al-Zaatari camp.

Al Jazeera

Aleppo: From Resistance to Victory

The present documentary portrays the events of the siege of Aleppo in 2012 from the viewpoint of its residents.


Nikkei plunges 5.15% by close

TOKYO — Tokyo stocks plunged more than five percent on Thursday as jittery investors dumped shares following an overnight fall on Wall Street on the back of concerns over global growth.

The benchmark Nikkei 225 index lost 5.15%, or 737.43 points, to 13,589.03,.. Read more.

Japan Today

Food banks now a lifeline for half a million people in Britain

Oxfam and Church Action Poverty call for parliamentary inquiry saying cuts and Jobcentre errors are causing destitution

Massive cuts to social safety nets have led to "destitution, hardship and hunger on a large scale" in Britain,.. Read more.

The Guardian

Call for inquiry after UK sees rise in emergency food aid - FT

De Staat – Wait For Evolution


'Israel has more moral authority to strike Iran'

US, Israeli defense experts examine aspects of potential attack.

The Iranian nuclear program poses an existential threat to Israel but not to the US, and Jerusalem therefore has greater moral authority to strike nuclear sites in Iran, two senior Israeli and American defense analysts said this week. Read more.


Israel and U.S. generals draw up theoretical scenario for attack on Iran - Haaretz
De waanzin van oorlog tegen Iran - Uitpers

Prosecutor: Iran set up terrorist networks in Latin America

Alberto Nisman accuses Iran of establishing networks dating back to 1980s as he publishes 502-page indictment detailing Tehran’s ‘aggressive’ presence on the continent; Iranian defense minister among officials sought.

BUENOS AIRES - An Argentine prosecutor accused Iran on Wednesday.. Read more.


Canada bans almost all exports to and imports from Iran

Canada ratcheted up sanctions against Iran on Wednesday, adding 30 individuals and 82 entities to an economic blacklist and banning almost all exports to and imports from the country.

But in a unique move, certain communication tools won’t be covered by the ban,.. Read more.

The Globe and Mail

Canadians react to judge's election fraud ruling

“Democracy” and election fraud would appear to be strange bedfellows, but not in Stephen Harper’s Canada. 

Judge Mosley of the Federal Court of Canada confirmed in a recently released judicial ruling that election fraud did indeed arise in the 2011 federal election. Read more + video.


The AP Spying Story: What You Aren’t Being Told

In recent weeks we have been told to focus on a series of scandals which, we are told, are rocking the Obama Administration. Has the media finally found outrage over the Obama regime’s use of drone strikes to kill scores of innocent women and children in countries that are not even at war with the United States?

Or the DOJ’s recent admission that the strikes had indeed killed American citizens? Or John Kerry’s recent attempts to once again lead the American public into supporting military intervention in the Middle East based on provably false claims of WMD? Read more.

Corbett Report

May 29, 2013

The National - Conversation 16

Russia blasts US double standards over Syrian peace progress

The US-Russian initiative for a comprehensive peace conference to resolve the Syrian crisis needs honest effort of those involved. 

But some nations apparently try to undermine the effort to call the meeting, says the Russia’s foreign minister. Read more.


Russia criticizes US-backed anti-Syria draft resolution - PressTV
Analysis: The road to Syria peace talks - Al Jazeera

Syrian opposition sets conditions for talks - Al Jazeera

Terrorism in Syria has claimed the lives of 23 journalists

Journalism has become the most dangerous profession in Syria, the terrorism hitting the country since 26 months ago has claimed the life of 23 journalists until now, the most recent victim was the Syrian journalist Yara Abbas, who was killed on Monday.


Parents of missing American journalist in Syria hopeful (video) - PressTV

UN rights chief urges powers not to send arms into Syria

Navi Pillay tells forum after EU Syria arms embargo expires.

GENEVA - The top UN human rights official urged global powers on Wednesday not to supply Syria with weapons and to press both sides in its civil war to find a political solution to prevent more massacres and threats to regional stability. Read more.


Israel says will act to prevent S-300 missile systems from becoming operational

Netanyahu tells European foreign ministers that if the Russian missile systems get into Syria, Israel's 'entire airspace will become a no-fly zone' and therefore it 'cannot stand idly by.'

Israel's National Security Adviser Yaakov Amidror sketched out what Jerusalem's "red line" is vis-à-vis the S-300 missile systems Russia intends to send to Syria before the 27 European Union ambassadors in Israel. Read more.


Syria will retaliate any Israeli aggression: FM - PressTV
Syria promises 'immediate retaliation' if Israel strikes again - Haaretz

New website reveals extent of secret CIA flight network

A team of academics have launched the world’s largest interactive database detailing suspected CIA rendition flights, many of which may have transported detainees to Guantanamo Bay.

Scotland is the only country so far which has raised any questions on the alleged rendition activity on home soil. Read more.


- The Rendition Project
- Online data exposes Scots torture flights - Morning Star

UK confirms extended detentions of up to 90 Afghans

British forces are detaining 80 to 90 Afghan nationals in a holding facility at Camp Bastion, Defence Secretary Philip Hammond has confirmed.

UK lawyers acting for eight of the men said they had been held for up to 14 months without charge in what could amount to unlawful detention. Read more + video.


- Gitmo-UK? British 'secret prison' holds up to 90 Afghans without charges (video) - RT

US drone strike kills TTP number two Waliur Rehman, six others

PESHAWAR: Tehrik-i-Taliban Pakistan’s deputy chief and commander of the Mehsud area, Waliur Rehman Mehsud, was killed in US drone strike on a compound in the Chashma area of Miramshah in the North Waziristan tribal region along with close aide Fahkr-i-Alam and five others, including Uzbek militants, official and intelligence sources told

 Intelligence as well as tribal sources confirmed that.. Read more.

Taliban commander reported dead in U.S. drone strike in Pakistan (video) - The Washington Post
Was Wali ur-Rehman an ‘Imminent' Threat? (video) - NY Times

Students march repressed in Santiago de Chile

In Chile, a demonstration held by high school students, which has received the support of many social sectors in that country, is being repressed by the police which is using water cannons despite the cold and rainy weather.


Students march in Chilean capital under pouring rain - The Santigo Times

Venezuela and Bolivia Commit to “Higher Level” of Cooperation

Mérida, 27th May 2013 ( – Venezuela and Bolivia have agreed to raise cooperation to a “higher level” following Venezuelan president Nicolas Maduro’s visit to Bolivia last weekend.

During bilateral meetings held in the city of Cochabamba, Maduro and Bolivian president Evo Morales signed key accords in food production, industrial development and communications. Read more.


President Maduro pledges to multiply food supply in Venezuela

Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro continues with his "Street Government", this time he visited the southern state Bolivar, where he made important announcements on matters of feeding and supplying.


Sweatshop Heat: Cambodia workers battle brands amid string of tragedies

Police in Cambodia have used stun batons on garment workers protesting for better wages at least 23 were wounded. Around 3-thousand staff, mostly women, blocked a road outside the factory, which makes clothes for sportswear giant Nike.

For more analysis on the story Richard Wolff, economist and author of "Democracy at Work: A Cure for Capitalism", joins RT studio.


Liefst zo weinig mogelijk bloed aan mijn kleren, aub - De Wereld Morgen

GOP Austerity Enriches Billionaires at Workers' Expense

Jeff Faux: Consumers are between 65 and 70 percent of the economy and they are most affected by the recession. Business is not spending, because consumers aren't spending - cuts to government budgets won't change this basic fact


German Unemployment Increased Four Times Forecast in May

German unemployment rose more than four times as much as economists estimated in May as the euro area’s sovereign debt crisis and a long winter took their toll on Europe’s largest economy.

The number of people out of work climbed a seasonally adjusted 21,000 to 2.96 million, the Nuremberg-based Federal Labor Agency said today. Read more.


German unemployment falls below three-million mark again - DW
- Germany’s jobless rises by 21,000 in May - PressTV

Germany fears revolution if Europe scraps welfare model - Reuters

Bleak Future? UK youth lost to austerity fears never finding jobs

Skyrocketing youth unemployment is becoming the greatest concern for the UK, as well as other European nations.

The EU leaders are sounding the alert over the entire generation which they fear will never find jobs. Over 7.5 million young people in Europe are out of work, studying or in training. RT's Polly Boiko's met some of those on a desperate hunt for jobs.


OECD sees jobless rate in Spain rising to 28 percent this year

Unemployment in Spain is expected to rise to more than 28 percent this year before stabilizing, while the fiscal deficit is expected to slightly drop in by the end of the year and remain at those levels the following year, according to the latest economic forecasts released on Wednesday by the Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development.

The OECD figures are in contrast to many projections made by the government of Prime Minister Mariano Rajoy,.. Read more.

El País

Confidential report lists U.S. weapons system designs compromised by Chinese cyberspies

Designs for many of the nation’s most sensitive advanced weapons systems have been compromised by Chinese hackers, according to a report prepared for the Pentagon and to officials from government and the defense industry.

Among more than two dozen major weapons systems.. Read more.

The Washington Post

Pentagon: The Chinese stole our newest weapons - RT
China 'hacked' new Australian spy HQ - DW

Anonymous hacker Jeremy Hammond pleads guilty to Stratfor breach

Hacker and activist Jeremy Hammond pleaded guilty Tuesday morning in a New York courtroom to violating the Computer Fraud and Abuse Act as a member of the Internet collective known as Anonymous.

Hammond, 28, was arrested last March and charged with hacking into the computers of Strategic Forecasting Inc., or Stratfor, a global intelligence company based out of Austin, Texas. Read more.


EC is not Expected to Launch a Procedure Against Slovenia

The European Commission is not expected to launch a procedure against Slovenia over excessive macroeconomic imbalances.

However, Brussels may launch the procedure any time if the member state fails to implement the planned measures and follow recommendations from the Commission. Read more.

Slovenia Times

Will Slovenia´s Reform and Stability Programme Satisfy European Commission? - Slovenia Times

Eurogroup: Portugal's partners willing to discuss easing bailout targets

Eurogroup President Jeroen Dijsselbloem said that only if and when the programme targets were met would the possibility of discussing further easing of the deficit targets be discussed.

Portugal’s European partners are willing to discuss easing the country’s bailout targets, Eurogroup President Jeroen Dijsselbloem said on Monday. Read more.

Portugal Daily View

May 28, 2013

New Bankia shares tumble, wiping out family savings in Spain

Nationalised giant has now lost 99% of its stock exchange value since it was listed 22 months ago

Spain's banking crisis wiped out billions of euros of family savings on Tuesday as small investors who bought shares in the nationalised giant Bankia were finally able to trade them – but at only a fifth of their original price. Read more.

The Guardian

Public deficit threatening to get out of hand - El País
Rajoy and party barons fail to agree on deficit - El País

Public deficit threatening to get out of hand

Despite spending cuts and tax hikes, the Spanish government is still struggling to rein in the public deficit.

The shortfall in the central government’s books widened in the four months to April as a result of increased spending on unemployment payments and interest on debt, while tax revenues fell due to the downturn in the economy, the Finance Ministry said Tuesday. Read more.

El País

Rajoy and party barons fail to agree on deficit - El País

Iran-Venezuela ties deep-seated: Iran FM

Iranian Foreign Minister Ali Akbar Salehi has hailed the country’s deep-seated relations with Venezuela, expressing hope that the allies will strengthen their ties in all fields.

“Tehran-Caracas bilateral relations are deep-rooted and I hope that under the presidency of Mr. [Nicolas] Maduro we will be able to open a new chapter in these relations,” Salehi said at a meeting with Venezuelan Deputy Foreign Minister David Velasquez in Tehran on Tuesday. Read more.


EU imposes duties on Argentine biodiesel

The European Union is imposing punitive duties on imports of biodiesel from Argentina and Indonesia, charging them with selling the product into the bloc at unfairly low prices.

The European Commission said it had set provisional tariffs ranging from 6.8 to 10.6 percent for imports from Argentina and between zero and 9.6 percent for those from Indonesia. Read more.

Buenos Aires Herald

Biodiesel row: Gov't blasts European 'protectionism' - Buenos Aires Herald

Paraguay has received no invitation for the Mercosur June summit

Paraguayan Foreign minister Jose Fernandez Estigarribia said on Monday that so far Asuncion has not received any invitation from Mercosur to attend the coming summit at the end of June, and there haven’t been any talks about the issue.

Last week the Argentine ambassador in Uruguay Dante Dovena had anticipated that Paraguay would be attending the Mercosur summit. Read more.


Congress must prioritize investigating Uribe’s ‘paramilitary links’: Lawmaker

Colombia’s Congress should ratify and prioritize the investigation against former President Alvaro Uribe over his support of his then-head of security, who was subsequently convicted of ties with paramilitary forces in 2012.

Congressman Ivan Cepeda, a political enemy of the former president, said Monday.. Read more.

Foundation threatens international action to force slavery apology

PARAMARIBO–With just over a month to go before Suriname (and other former Dutch colonies) marks the 150th anniversary of the abolition of slavery, an Afro-Surinamese foundation has refueled the calls for an apology from the Netherlands.

Rudi Bottse, chairman of the Broki (Bridge) Collective said that if the Dutch don’t apologize in 2013, he will lodge a complaint at international organizations against the former colonizer. Read more.

"Suriname mag gerust USD 600 miljoen lenen"

PARAMARIBO - De USD 600 miljoen die Suriname hoopt binnen te halen op de internationale kapitaalmarkt ten behoeve van participatie in de goudsector, zal geen negatieve effecten hebben op de economie.

Dit stelt het internationale ratinginstituut Fitch in haar laatste publicatie over de kredietwaardigheid van Suriname. Lees meer.


“Elitegroepen leggen beslag op goudvelden” - NoSpang

Presumably Oil And Gas In Curacao Territorial Waters

WILLEMSTAD – According to outgoing Prime Minister Daniel Hodge there is most likely oil and gas in the Curaçao territorial waters.

Hodge said this during the public meeting this morning in Parliament. The Prime Minister suggested a criminal investigation be carried out into the disappearance of oil documents. Read more.

Curaçao Chronicle

- ‘Vermoedelijk olie en gas in Curaçaose wateren’ - Versgeperst
- Ingezonden: Olie en gas bij Curaçao - Versgeperst

UNASUR Conference on Natural Ressources opens in Caracas

The twelve member countries of the Union of South American Nations are meeting to discuss strategies for a rational use of natural resources and to overcome the polarisation and poverty in the South American continent.


PM: Prepared to compromise for peace, but not reciprocated

At Global Forum for Combating Antisemitism, Netanyahu says anti-Semitism has "come back in fashion" in the form of criticism against Israel; says peace is Israel's most "fervent hope."

"We are prepared to compromise for genuine peace, but it's not reciprocated," Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu said on Monday. Read more + video.


Liefst zo weinig mogelijk bloed aan mijn kleren, aub

Meer dan duizend mensen moesten het leven laten om iedereen uit een diepe winterslaap wakker te schudden. De ramp in Rana Plaza, Bangladesh was de zoveelste schijnwerper op de barbaarse omstandigheden waarin onze dagdagelijkse kleding gefabriceerd wordt. 

Maar wat nu? Wat kunnen wij als diep verontwaardigde consumenten tegen dit hebzuchtige systeem beginnen? Geen nood! Ik zocht het voor u uit. Lees meer.

De Wereld Morgen

Turkey plans to operate 3rd nuclear power plant

Turkey aims to build a third nuclear plant using mostly national resources. Energy Minister Taner Yıldız says the plans depend on the performance of the country's first two nuclear plants

Turkey has announced plans to operate its third nuclear plant,.. Read more.


UAE begins construction of second nuclear reactor

The oil-rich UAE began construction on Tuesday of a second nuclear power plant, one of four reactors aimed at cutting carbon dioxide emissions by some 12 million tonnes a year in 2020

Emirates Nuclear Energy Corp (ENEC) said it poured the first part of safety concrete for Unit 2, in a ceremony attended by visiting Korean Trade, Industry and Energy Sang-jick Yoon. Read more.


Japan pledges to tighten nuclear safety measures

TOKYO — Japan pledged better safety practices in its troubled nuclear industry Tuesday after an accident at a government research facility that exposed 33 people to minor excess radiation and wasn’t immediately disclosed.

Science Minister Hakubun Shimomura, whose agency oversees such research, said Tuesday the government will tighten oversight of such research. Read more.

Japan Today

Sweeping review needed of JAEA's nuclear security system - The Asahi Shimbun

Post-Fukushima collective thyroid dose about 3.3% the dose from Chernobyl - The Asahi Shimbun
Rezoning offers little hope for Fukushima evacuees - The Asahi Shimbun

S. Korea suspends operation of four nuclear reactors due to fake parts

SEOUL, May 28 (Yonhap) -- South Korea halted the operation of two nuclear reactors Tuesday, while also delaying the scheduled operation of two other reactors for substandard parts used in the reactors.

Neither the shutdown of the reactors nor the substandard parts used in them posed immediate threats to public safety, according to the Nuclear Safety and Security Commission. Read more.


- N. Korea says no plans to give up nuclear capabilities - Yonhap
- Halted reactors threaten summer shortages - Korea Herald

Miryang power-line towers a headache

The controversy over work on high-voltage transmission towers in Miryang, South Gyeongsang Province, continues with potential solutions running into further problems.

Last week, Vice Minister of Trade, Industry and Energy Han Jin-hyun said that the government and the ruling Saenuri Party will ensure that compensation promised by the Korea Electric Power Corporation is paid. Read more.

Korea Herald

Russia slams end of EU arms embargo, calls S-300s ‘stabilizing factor’ in Syria

The failure of the European Union to agree on a new arms embargo for Syria is undermining the peace process, Moscow says. But the delivery of S-300 surface-to-air missiles may help restrain warmongers. 

The comments come from Deputy Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Ryabkov, referring to the results of Monday’s meeting in Brussels. Read more.


- Russia to send air-defence system to Syria - Al Jazeera
Russia slams EU's lifting of arms ban on Syria militants - PressTV

- Embargo End: EU lifts Syria arms ban to spur peace process? (video) - RT
E.U. to allow arms embargo for Syrian rebels to lapse - The Washington Post

Diplomat: Russia to arm Syria regime with anti-aircraft missiles to prevent foreign intervention - Haaretz
Gantz: IDF wants to 'cool down' the Syrian border - JPost

- Russia Betting on Success at Syrian Conference - Prensa Latina

Moskou dreigt: raketten naar Syrië (video) - NOS
Timmermans hekelt reactie Rusland op embargo Syrië - NU

DigiD's 'spookburgers' ingetrokken

Minister Plasterk wil de DigiD's van ongeveer 100.000 zogeheten spookburgers intrekken. Dat schrijft hij aan de Tweede Kamer.

Het gaat om mensen die in de Gemeentelijke Basisadministratie (GBA) te boek staan als VOW (Vertrokken Onbekend Waarheen). Lees meer.


- Plasterk: 'Volledig digitale overheid in 2017' - Volkskrant

Activists protest plan to ‘expel’ Beduin from Negev

Israeli-Arab party Balad calls on foreign countries to intervene and stop the demolition of Beduin homes.

Israeli Arabs and supporters of the Beduin community protested in front of the Knesset on Monday in opposition to the Prawer-Begin plan, which was scheduled to be presented for its first reading. Read more.


Haniyeh slams Abbas, Peres meeting as 'normalization'

GAZA CITY (Ma'an) -- Gaza Prime Minister Ismail Haniyeh on Monday said President Abbas' recent meeting with Israeli president Shimon Peres at the World Economic Forum was "normalization."

"We do not count much on such meetings which are aspects of normalization and attempt to bring into life a dead body called negotiations," Haniyeh said while hosting a Moroccan delegation in Gaza City. Read more.


Hamas: Peres, Abbas meeting won't revive talks - JPost
Kerry holds surprise meetings with Abbas, Livni in Amman - JPost

Abbas adviser rules out concessions for economic gain - Ma'an
Abbas talks tough in face of foreign pressure to renew peace talks with Israel - Haaretz

Turkey express its dissapointment about EU negotiations

Turkey expressed its big dissapointment about the EU negotiations. 

Ankara - Turkey expressed its big dissapointment about the EU negotiations. At the 51st Partnership Council Meeting of Turkey and the EU,.. Read more.


EU needs new vision on relations with Turkey, Turkish FM urges - Today's Zaman

''One swallow does not make a summer" in Turkey - AA
Turkey likely to move ahead on EU path in June - Reuters

Turkey rebuffs Cyprus link to new EU chapters - Hürriyet
- Turkish Warship Passed Eight Greek Islands - Greek Reporter

EU ready to assist Turkey in peace process: EU envoy - Hürriyet

May 27, 2013

The Real Numbers: Half of America in Poverty -- and It's Creeping toward 75%

The Census Bureau has reported that one out of six Americans lives in poverty. A shocking figure. But it's actually much, much worse.

May 26, 2013 | The Census Bureau has reported that one out of six Americans lives in poverty. A shocking figure. But it's actually much worse. Inequality is spreading like a shadowy disease through our country, infecting more and more households, and leaving a shrinking number of financially secure families to maintain the charade of prosperity. Read more.


'MI5 demonizes Muslims like Nazis demonized Jews'

British police have arrested two men suspected of setting fire to a mosque in eastern England. It's the latest in a series of hate crimes across the country - sparked by the brutal killing of a British soldier in London by self-proclaimed defenders of Muslims. The surge of Islamophobia has some concerned that society is about to split.

Investigative journalist Tony Gosling, who thinks the attackers have not been monitored closely enough.


Breeding the Nutrition Out of Our Food

WE like the idea that food can be the answer to our ills, that if we eat nutritious foods we won’t need medicine or supplements. We have valued this notion for a long, long time. The Greek physician Hippocrates proclaimed nearly 2,500 years ago: “Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food.”

Today, medical experts concur. If we heap our plates with fresh fruits and vegetables, they tell us, we will come closer to optimum health. Read more.

NY Times

Rise Up or Die

By Chris Hedges | Joe Sacco and I spent two years reporting from the poorest pockets of the United States for our book “Days of Destruction, Days of Revolt.”

We went into our nation’s impoverished “sacrifice zones”—the first areas forced to kneel before the dictates of the marketplace—to show what happens when unfettered corporate capitalism and ceaseless economic expansion no longer have external impediments. Read more.


ECB wants more ambitious mortgage code from Spain to protect homeowners

The European Central Bank has asked the Spanish government to come up with more ambitious measures to protect homeowners from foreclosures. 

In a three-page opinion dated May 22, ECB President Mario Draghi said that “foreclosures should be regarded as the last resort.” Read more.

El País

Rechter: bank moet coulant zijn bij hypotheekschuld - Volkskrant

Letta says end of EU procedure won't bring immediate benefit

No effect on budget until 2014, says premier

(ANSA) - Rome, May 27 - Premier Enrico Letta said Monday that he was satisfied the European Commission (EC) is set to end the excessive-deficit procedure against Italy but warned that the benefits would not be immediate. Read more.

Troika: "We see no reason to ease the country's deficit targets"

The troika of international lenders do not discard the possibility of making Portugal’s targets more flexible if economic and budget-related risks materialise, but see no reason to do so now.

The troika of international lenders - European Commission, European Central Bank and International Monetary Fund – claims.. Read more.

Portugal Daily View

Germany prepares development bank aid for Portugal, Spain

The German government is preparing a special credit programme aimed at Small and Medium-sized Enterprises (SME) in Portugal, Spain and possibly Greece, according to the next edition of German magazine Der Spiegel.

Last week German Finance Minster Wolfgang Schäuble said the German state development bank KfW.. Read more.

The Portugal News

Austerity About-Face: German Government to Gamble on Stimulus

With the euro crisis refusing to relent, the German government is backing away from its austerity mandates and planning to spend billions to stimulate ailing economies in Southern European.

But can the program succeed? Read more.


Germany's DZ Bank ends food speculation trading

Banking | Yet another German lender has announced it will end any speculative food trading after noting that such banking activities had proved controversial.

The government in Berlin welcomed the move. Read more.


Hezbollah pledges to back Assad against rebels & Israel

Fears of an all-out sectarian spillover are increasing in Lebanon. The country's military says a rocket was fired towards Israel from its territory - after two shells blasted Hezbollah strongholds in Beirut on Sunday.

RT's Paula Slier is monitoring the situation.


Turkish deputy PM steps up criticism of Hezbollah for its role in Syria - Today's Zaman
Bahrain Bans Contact with Hizbullah - Naharnet

Hezbollah Intervention in Syria Redraws Political Map - Al Akhbar

Too Many Cooks: EU divided over arming Syrian rebels

The EU remains divided on whether to ease sanctions against Syria, allowing weapon shipments to rebel fighters. France and the UK are pushing hard for arms supplies, however some EU members oppose ending the embargo which expires on Friday.

This, as Russia's Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov and the US Secretary of State John Kerry are to meet in Paris to prepare a peace conference on Syria.


'Passed from War to War': Germany's Small Arms Exports Double

German machine guns and other small arms are more popular than they have been for years, with exports spiking dramatically despite "strict" trading standards, a media report said on Monday.

German weapons manufacturers are making more money than perhaps ever before when it comes to exporting small arms,.. Read more.


Colombian government and FARC reach deal on agrarian reform

Negotiators of Colombia’s government and the country’s largest rebel group FARC on Sunday signed an agreement on agrarian reform, the first and allegedly the hardest of three issues that must be tackled before signing a deal to end almost 50 years of guerrilla violence.

In a joint press conference, the two negotiating teams said they had reached full agreement.. Read more + video.

Colombia Reports

Political Participation Next Point in Peace Negotiations - Prensa Latina

May 26, 2013

'The time for peace is now,' Peres says in Jordan

Chief Palestinian negotiator Saeb Erekat tells Haaretz that the Israeli government, not any other official, must say it accepts 1967 borders.

Israeli President Shimon Peres Sunday called for reviving the long-stalled peace process, warning of a "great disappointment" should Israelis and Palestinians fail to return to the negotiating table. Read more.


Israeli-Palestinian peace 'real possibility' - Ma'an
Steinitz: Peres doesn't speak for government - JPost

Kerry unveils $4 billion Palestinian economic plan - JPost

The last of the Semites

It is Israel's claims that it represents and speaks for all Jews that are the most anti-Semitic claims of all.

Jewish opponents of Zionism understood the movement since its early age as one that shared the precepts of anti-Semitism in its diagnosis of what gentile Europeans called the "Jewish Question". What galled anti-Zionist Jews the most, however, was that Zionism also shared the "solution" to the Jewish Question that anti-Semites had always advocated, namely the expulsion of Jews from Europe. Read more.

Al Jazeera

- Zionism, anti-Semitism and colonialism - Al Jazeera
Palestijnen: de laatsten der semieten - De Wereld Morgen

PKK will be out by the end of June, says BDP

The withdrawal of the outlawed Kurdistan Workers’ Party (PKK) militants will be completed by the end of June, Peace and Democracy Party (BDP) co-chair Selahattin Demirtaş has said.

“If we take this schedule into consideration, in order to realize the democratic reforms Parliament may have to work instead of taking a long leave,”.. Read more.


Sieda: Turkey to be influential on all Kurds after settling Kurdish question - Today's Zaman

Iran Uneasy Over PKK Withdrawal - Rudaw
- Iraqi Sunni Leaders Expected to Meet with Kurdish President in Erbil Next Week - Rudaw

- Barzani asks for Ocalan’s release, unity among Syrian Kurds - KurdPress
- Syria Rebels Clash With Kurdish Forces, 11 Killed - IKJ

No relation with Armenia until occupation ends

Turkey's Economy Minister Zafer Caglayan said Turkey will not restore diplomatic ties with Yerevan unless Armenia withdraws from Nagorno Karabagh

Turkey's economy minister ruled out any normalization in ties with Armenia unless Yerevan pulled out from the occupied Nagorno Karabagh. Read more.


Damascus to attend Geneva conference: Syria FM

Damascus says it will take part in the forthcoming international conference in Geneva, describing the talks as a "good opportunity for finding a political solution" to end the unrest in Syria.

Syria Foreign Minister Walid Muallem told a news conference in the Iraqi capital, Baghdad, on Sunday.. Read more.


Foreign Minister: No Force in the World Can Make Decisions on the Syrians' Behalf - SANA

Russian Source: Lavrov to Discuss Crisis in Syria with CELAC - SANA
West trying to re-colonize, seize control of Syria (video) - PressTV

Syrian opposition likely to extend talks as it struggles for unity - Today's Zaman
- FM says Turkey exerting efforts for agreement on Syria at next int'l conference - Today's Zaman

Kılıçdaroğlu calls PM ‘terrorist leader for Syria'

Main opposition Republican People's Party (CHP) Chairman Kemal Kılıçdaroğlu has criticized the government's Syria policy and called Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdoğan a “terrorist leader for Syria” who trains terrorist groups in Turkey and then sends them to Syria.

The CHP leader delivered his remarks during a speech in the southern province of Antalya on Sunday. Read more.

Today's Zaman

CHP leader: PM Erdoğan helps train terrorists in Syria - Hürriyet
- Turkish premier visits border town hit by twin car bombings - AA

Shirin Ebadi: Assad Iran's puppet, war would end without Tehran's support - Today's Zaman