July 31, 2013

Google yet to explain YouTube block: Press TV

Almost a week after Google disabled Press TV’s YouTube account, the internet giant has yet to explain why it blocked the alternative TV channel’s access to the video sharing site.

“We have contacted Google several times since last Thursday,.. Read more.

Canada increases criminalization of media workers

Freedom of expression and freedom of the press are the core components of any democracy. But in Canada there have been numerous examples in recent history of those rights being abrogated.

The Canadian constitution upholds freedom of the press. Read more.


WikiLeaks on Manning verdict: Glad journalism not treason, no term will stop whistleblowers

A US military judge has found Army private Bradley Manning "not guilty" of aiding the enemy. However, he was found guilty of 19 remaining charges, meaning that he still faces the possibility of up to 136 years behind bars.

RT talks to Wikileaks spokesperson Kristinn Hrafnsson on the verdict and its outcome.

Ashton pressured Morsi to accept coup: Brotherhood figure

Senior Muslim Brotherhood figure Mohamed El-Beltagy says EU policy Catherine Ashton tried to persuade Morsi to accept his ouster during a Tuesday meeting

Ousted president Mohamed Morsi has declined an EU-brokered attempt to.. Read more.


- Mohamed Morsi is well: EU's Ashton - Ahram
- Mursi supporters march against 'police brutality' after violence rocks Cairo - Aswat Masriya

- Egypt receives 6 fuel shipments from UAE - Ahram
- Egypt deplores South Africa's claim of Mursi's legitimacy - Aswat Masriya

Kerry: Second round of peace talks in two weeks; all core issues on table

Secretary of State holds press conference after start of talks in Washington; Obama holds joint White House meeting with Israeli, Palestinian negotiating teams.

U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry convened a press conference.. Read more.


- US: Israel, PLO agree to 9 months of talks - Ma'an
- Kerry appoints former pro-Israel lobbyist to oversee peace talks - IMEMC

Senior US officials: Palestinian referral of Israel to ICC unlikely while talks last - JPost
- PFLP rejects return to negotiations - Ma'an

Ramallah protests on Saturday against return to negotiations - IMEMC
Peace Talks Resume Between Israel and the Palestinians, But Little Hope of Imminent Breakthrough (video) - TRNN

Het Israel-Palestina overleg: optreden voor de publieke tribune - De Wereld Morgen

July 30, 2013

Het Israel-Palestina overleg: optreden voor de publieke tribune

Het optimisme in de media over de komende vredesgesprekken tussen Israël en de Palestijnen is misplaatst. Ook deze gesprekken worden een maat voor niets. Een analyse van Paul Lookman.

Geen bouwstop
“Geen voorwaarden vooraf, geen bouwstop op de Westelijke Jordaanoever en.. Lees meer.

De Wereld Morgen

Peace Talks Resume Between Israel and the Palestinians, But Little Hope of Imminent Breakthrough (video) - TRNN

Study: US has $70.1 trillion in off-balance sheet debt

A new study assesses the U.S. government’s off-balance-sheet liabilities at six times the size of the official debt, or $70.1 trillion.

The working paper, released Monday morning by the National Bureau of Economic Research,.. Read more.

Washington Examiner

July 29, 2013

Global Youth Unemployment Remains at Crisis Levels

James Heintz: 75 million youth in the global labor market are unemployed and few governments are taking common sense steps to address the problem


80 Percent Of U.S. Adults Face Near-Poverty, Unemployment: Survey

WASHINGTON — Four out of 5 U.S. adults struggle with joblessness, near-poverty or reliance on welfare for at least parts of their lives, a sign of deteriorating economic security and an elusive American dream.

Survey data exclusive to The Associated Press points to an increasingly globalized U.S. economy,.. Read more.

Huff Post

Michael Sarris: 'Abandoned' by Europe

The former Cypriot finance minister claims the IMF and EU bullied him into accepting an unprecedented bailout proposal.

Four months after Cyprus was bailed out by the European Union (EU) the country is back in the news. Read more.

'Starvation & poverty result from Greek bailouts'

After having forced through further austerity measures Greece is set to receive its next bailout instalment. The bailout comes at the expense of thousands of public sector jobs. A rescue loan of 4 billion euros will come from the eurozone and European central banks.

The IMF is also expected stump up a further 1.8 billion. To get the loans, Athens will have to fire 4000 civil servants by the end of the year. Greece has been relying on rescue funds for over three years now, but as financial expert Patrick Young explains, it's done little to cure the country's financial woes.


July 28, 2013

Bahrain approves bill banning protests in capital, Manana

Bahrain parliament has reportedly approved a bill banning all protests in the capital, Manama, as the Al Khalifa regime continues its crackdown on anti-government demonstrations.

The move, which coincides with a special parliament session to discuss growing violence and anti-government protests in Bahrain,.. Read more.


- HM the King Hails Recommendations of the National Assembly - BNA
- Systematic Attacks on Places of Worship, more than 190 protests in 5 days and 95 unlawful home raids - Shafaqna

Iranian-Kurds Remind Rohani of his Promise to Recognize Kurdish Rights


- Iranian Kurdish united front hopes for growth under new President - Kurd Net

Turkish mission attack may be al-Qaeda's message to Turkey

A bombing attack on the Turkish mission in Mogadishu by al-Qaeda-linked al-Shabaab is believed by experts to be a response to Turkey as Ankara breaks the ice with Syria's Democratic Union Party (PYD), which has been in fierce fights with al-Qaeda-linked radical groups over control of towns in northern Syria. Read more.

Today's Zaman

- Ankara condemns Turkish Embassy bombing in Somalia - Today's Zaman

PYD's Muslim: Ankara agreed to conditional autonomy

Turkey has told the leader of Syria's Democratic Union Party (PYD) -- an offshoot of the terrorist Kurdistan Workers' Party (PKK) -- who paid a surprise visit to Ankara at the end of last week, not to go ahead with a fait accompli autonomy, but recognized the Kurds' right to autonomy as long as such a move gets the nod from the Syrian National Council (SNC) fighting the Syrian regime. Read more.

Today's Zaman

- Salih Muslim content of his visit to Turkey - Kurdpress
Syrian Kurdish leader says Turkey vows aid - Kurd Net

Syrian Kurds Protest in Front of Turkish Consulate in Erbil (video) - Rudaw
- Turkey will not intervene in Syria: deputy PM - Kurdpress

Should the US and Turkey Supports International Terrorism to Disturb Kurds in Syria? - Kurd Net

Syrian Kurds Protest in Front of Turkish Consulate in Erbil


Jailed Kurdish leader Abdullah Ocalan seeks retrial in Turkey

ISTANBUL,— Jailed Turkish Kurd leader Abdullah Ocalan has demanded his retrial under legal reforms that took effect in April, one of his lawyers said Saturday.

"These reforms pave the way for a new trial for all those convicted who could not be retried under the old law," Rezan Sarica told AFP. Read more.

Kurd Net

Police seal off Gezi Park ahead of alternative iftar event

Police forces once again blocked entry to Istanbul's Gezi Park on July 28, hours before an alternative iftar event planned by the Anti-Capitalist Muslims, a small religious group that has supported the Gezi protests from the beginning.

Peace and Democracy Party's (BDP) Istanbul deputies.. Read more.


IMF Wants Pay Cuts, Fewer Worker Rights

One of Greece’s Troika of lenders the International Monetary Fund, on July 29 will decide whether to to release its current commitment of 1.8 billion euros ($2.39 billion) and reportedly wants more pay cuts and curtailing of worker rights as a way to make Greece more competitive with countries that pay even less.

The IMF is reviewing what it calls labor market flexibility,.. Read more.

Greek Reporter

The time for the troika is over, says EU Commission VP Viviane Reding

“European citizens do not trust the troika, and they are right” says Viviane Reding, the Vice-President of the European Commission.

In an interview with Kathimerini, the Luxembourg politician directs strong-worded criticism at the current decision-making process in the eurozone countries that have been bailed out. Read more.


The Truthseeker: America's Next Colonies

Leaked new army manual: US troops are wearing "enemy uniform although Geneva Conventions prohibit this". It comes as anti-Assad groups admit a "third force" sparked the war, while unexplained snipers triggered the coup in Egypt; Christof Lehmann tells The Truthseeker how the UN is the "instrument for warfare" preparing the ground for America's next colonies; shocking torture footage of the West's Arab dictators; and why the Saudis did 9/11.

Seek truth from facts with Big Oil & Their Bankers In The Persian Gulf: Four Horsemen, Eight Families and Their Global Intelligence, Narcotics and Terror Network author Dean Henderson, Dr. Kevin Barrett, author of Questioning the War on Terror, nsnbc investigative reporter Christof Lehmann, Eric Draitser of Boiling Frogs Post, and Saudi intelligence chief Prince Bandar.


Google disables Press TV Youtube account

Google has prevented Press TV from accessing its Youtube page since Thursday, causing a large number of viewers and subscribers to contact the channel to find out what has happened.

"We have not been able to upload any new videos.. Read more.


US sanctions violate Iranians' right to life: Analyst

The illegal US sanctions against Iran over the country’s nuclear energy program deprive the Iranian people of their basic “right to life,” a political analyst tells Press TV.

“These sanctions are cruel and these sanctions violate the Iranian people’s right to life. Read more + video.


Bulgaria's 'class war'

The long-running protests in Bulgaria are not a plot led by middle-class Soros-oids – they are about social alternatives

On Tuesday the Bulgarian capital, Sofia, witnessed a night of violence. After 40 days of protest the National Assembly was besieged amid demands that the government resign, and police stormed the peaceful crowd. Read more.

The Guardian

A Bulgarian Spring? Entrenched Protests Challenge Eastern Europe’s Status Quo - TIME

- Bulgaria PM refuses to quit, says protests hamper reforms - Reuters
Controversy over embattled Bulgarian Parliament voting itself a vacation - The Sofia Globe

- 20% of Bulgarian Households Live below Poverty Line - Novinite
Bulgaria: Patience is running out (video) - DW

Time is up: corruption and its economic consequences - DW
- Bulgarians: Citizens with a cause - EUobserver

Report: Hezbollah wired $100,000 to suspected terrorists ahead of Burgas bombing

Funds went toward organizing blast that killed five Israelis and a Bulgarian in 2012, as well as reconnaissance missions conducted in other countries, according to local paper.

Hezbollah's military wing wired almost $100,000 to two men wanted over a bus bombing.. Read more.


Sayyed Nasrallah: EU Decision Means Involvement in any Israeli Attack (video) - Al Manar

- Lebanon: European Schizophrenia After Hezbollah Blacklisting - Al Akhbar
- Gemayel Says EU Decision on Hizbullah 'Ambiguous,' to Affect Country Negatively - Naharnet

Netanyahu: Will free 104 Palestinians in peace talks

JERUSALEM (AFP) -- Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said on Saturday that Israel will free 104 Palestinian prisoners to coincide with the resumption of long-stalled peace talks brokered by the United States.

"I agreed to free 104 Palestinians in stages,.. Read more.


US Jewish leaders urge Netanyahu to resume peace talks - JPost
Report: Israel increases number of prisoners to be freed before talks start to 104 - JPost

Palestinian Official: “Talks Cannot Start Before Release Of Long Term Detainees” - IMEMC

Weekly Report On Israeli Human Rights Violations in the Occupied Palestinian Territory

A Palestinian boy was wounded in al-Bireh in the West Bank during an Israeli incursion.

Israeli forces have continued to use excessive force against peaceful protesters in the West Bank. Sarit Michaeli, B'Tselem spokesperson, was wounded during al-Nabi Saleh protest, northwest of Ramallah. Read more.


Egypt army launches counter-extremist operation in Sinai

The Egyptian army has started a large-scale anti-terrorist operation in the Sinai peninsula bordering Israel.

Heavy weapons are being deployed to the area, where extremist attacks on the military have been increasingly frequent. Read more.


Egypt army launches operation 'Desert Storm' to root out Sinai terrorists - JPost

At least 80 killed in Egypt's fresh unrest: Health Ministry

Health Ministry and Brotherhood officials provide tally of deaths during Saturday violence in Cairo, numbers of injured differ widely

The death toll from Friday and Saturday's clashes in Egypt has risen to 80, according to a Health Ministry official Khaled El-Khatib. Read more.


Police fire tear gas on Tunis protesters following Brahmi funeral

Arab WorldThousands have taken to the streets in Tunisia's capital to participate in the funeral march for slain opposition politician Mohammed Brahmi. Police fired tear gas on crowds gathering outside parliament.

Mourners came out in the thousands in Tunis.. Read more.


- Demonstrator Killed in Gafsa - Tunisia Live
- Mohamed Brahmi Funeral (video) - Tunisia Live

- Alleged Brahmi Killer: Tracing Ties Between Aboubaker el-Hakim, Ansar al-Sharia, and Al-Qaeda - Tunisia Live

July 27, 2013

As protesters attack Muslim Brotherhood offices in Libya, 1,000 prisoners escape from jail

Arab World | Libyan protesters have stormed the headquarters of a Muslim Brotherhood-affiliated political party and another Islamist-allied party. Amid the chaos, 1,000 detainees escaped from a Benghazi jail.

Saturday's clashes in Libya came after the.. Read more.


- Musmari killing sparks protests against Muslim Brotherhood - Libya Herald
- Leading Activist and Vocal Critic of Muslim Brotherhood Assassinated in Libya - Tripoli Post

- Two more assassinations in Benghazi - Libya Herald
- Benghazi Congresswoman resigns in wake of assassinations - Libya Herald

- Libya Government in Crisis, Unable to Bring Security to Its Citizens - Tripoli Post

'1984 is now!': Germans protest Berlin's NSA spying role on Snowden Day

Privacy rights activists have demonstrated across Germany against U.S. worldwide surveilance - and Berlin's role in it.

The revelations by Edward Snowden, have ignited public anger among Germans who say that their government let them down - as RT's Peter Oliver reports.


Germans demonstrate against NSA spying as Berlin appoints cyber commissioner - DW

Quarks&Co: Medikamente - von Wirkungen und Nebenwirkungen

Das Kostbarste, was wir haben, ist unsere Gesundheit. Und dafür sind in Deutschland genau 61.503 Arzneimittel zugelassen. Doch machen die wirklich immer gesund?

Quarks&Co entlarvt überflüssige Arzneimittel, erklärt, warum manche Medikamente gerade für ältere Menschen gefährlich sind, und stellt Arzneimittel vor, die Millionen Menschen das Leben gerettet haben. Schau video.


Russia won’t extradite Snowden to US – Kremlin

Moscow says security agency FSB is in talks with the FBI over Snowden. But the whistleblower will not be extradited to the US, a Kremlin spokesman said, adding he's sure the fugitive NSA contractor will stop harming Washington if granted asylum in Russia.

“Russia has never extradited anyone, and will not extradite,” said Vladimir Putin’s spokesman Dmitry Peskov. Read more.


- U.S. Assures Russia Snowden Will Not Face Death Penalty - NY Times
- US threatens nations aiding Snowden, Latin America welcomes whistleblower (video) - RT

US prosecutor labels Manning a traitor

This Thursday, the lead prosecutor in the case against soldier Bradley Manning has accused the soldier of being a traitor who aided enemies by handing information over to Wikileaks.


Bradley Manning judge begins final deliberations - BBC

July 26, 2013

JPMorgan to quit physical commodity trade amid scrutiny

(Reuters) - JP Morgan Chase & Co is exiting physical commodities trading, the bank said in a surprise statement on Friday, as Wall Street's role in the trading of raw materials comes under intense political and regulatory pressure.

Wall Street's biggest bank said an "internal review" had concluded it should.. Read more.


Mexico: MORENA launches campaign against oil privatisation

In Mexico, a survey conducted by the Congress revealed that the citizens are against private investment in energy

Meanwhile, the National Regeneration Movement (MORENA) launched a campaign against the privatisation of hydrocarbons.


Cuba marks 60 yrs post-revolution, anti-US mood on rise

It has been 60 years since the Cuban Revolution which eventually toppled a US-backed dictatorship. It marked a turning point, not only for the island, but all of Latin America, where anti-Washington sentiments have grown ever since.

Gayane Chichyakyan looks at exactly what has been alienating the people on the United States' doorstep.


Raul Castro: New Changes in Latin America Go at Firm Pace - ACN

Obama administration officials: No coup in Egypt

The Obama administration told lawmakers Thursday that it will not declare Egypt's government overthrow a coup

The Obama administration told lawmakers Thursday that it will not declare Egypt's government overthrow a coup,.. Read more.

Over 100,000 killed in Syria conflict: UN boss

United Nations Secretary General Ban Ki-moon says more than 100,000 people have been killed in Syria since the outbreak of foreign-sponsored militancy some 28 months ago.

Ban made the remark at a joint press conference.. Read more.


700 killed in sectarian violence in Iraq so far in July

Seven people have been killed and 22 injured in bomb attacks in Iraq. Two mosques in the south of Kirkuk were targeted in separate roadside bombings - worshippers had gathered for extended evening prayers.

Kirkuk is about 250 kilometres north of the capital Baghdad, has grown rich due to nearby oil fields. It's ethnically mixed, with Kurdish and Shi-ite populations.


UAE embassy attacked with RPG

The embassy compound of the United Arab Emirates was attacked with a rocket-propelled grenade in the early hours of this morning.

The missile hit a building in the compound.. Read more.

Libya Herald

- Fourth bomb attack on Benghazi police station – three injured - Libya Herald
- Mortar attack misses Corinthia, hits OAP flat - Libya Herald

Protesters on Bourguiba

Protesters march on Bourguiba chanting "Today, today, the NCA is falling" following assassination of Mohamed Brahmin.

Tunisia Live

Who’s Who: Mohamed Brahmi - Tunisia Live
Assassination of Mohamed Brahmi Heightens Calls for Ouster of Government - Tunisia Live

Spring Reloaded: Thousands protest after Tunisian opposition leader assassinated (video) - RT

Unemployment falls back below six million in the second quarter

With Spain still locked in the grip of its longest recession since the restoration of democracy, the country was waiting anxiously for some signs of light at the end of the tunnel.

It arrived on Thursday in the shape of the National Statistics Institute’s (INE) Active Population Survey (EPA) for the second quarter,.. Read more.

El Païs

Many thousands of Bulgarians at anti-government peaceful protest on first night after clashes

The 41st consecutive night of protests by several thousands of Bulgarians demanding the government’s resignation passed peacefully, in a largely calm and positive –albeit noisy – spirit, in contrast to the clashes that marred the previous night and further deepened the country’s political crisis.

The events of the evening of July 24 were of a form familiar from most days of the protests,.. Read more.

The Sofia Globe

- Bulgaria's Parliament Approves Controversial Budget Update - Novinite

Pope Francis warns Latam leaders against legalizing narcotics: attack roots of the problem

Pope Francis on Wednesday warned Latin America against legalizing narcotics and urged courage in the face of deadly drug violence as he met addicts in a Brazilian hospital.

“The scourge of drug trafficking, which favours violence and sows the seeds of suffering and death,.. Read more.


- Santos proposes redesign of ‘War on Drugs’ in editorial - Colombia Reports
- OAS agenda includes legalizing marijuana - Ecuador Times

Four new ways to deal with the problem of drugs in the Americas - The Guardian
Drug Decriminalization does not guarantee optimal results - Ecuador Times

Diabolic - Modern Day Slavery

July 25, 2013

National Reparations Committee wants consensus, awareness, progress

“We’re going to bring this dead info about reparations for slavery and about the genocide of our country’s first inhabitants to life,” said Armand Zunder yesterday about the tasks of Suriname’s National Reparations Committee.

He said the Committee will write the correct version of history and keep it alive by running a professional reparations office with a permanent exhibition for people to see what their ancestors endured in colonial times. Read more.


Cariben willen geld van Nederland om Atlantische slavenhandel - Volkskrant

Dr. Marilyn Moses MP (PAIS) Supports Fluoride In Drinking Water

WILLEMSTAD – The member of Parliament for PAIS, Dr. Marilyn Moses indicated that she is in favor of fluoride in water.

Because she’s a General Practitioner, her opinion weighs heavily in the discussion on fluoride in drinking water. Read more.

Curaçao Chronicle

- Scoop-Constancia Requests Clarification On Fluoride Dosage - Curaçao Chronicle

Curaçao Politicians Knew Murder Plan Helmin Wiels

WILLEMSTAD – Some Curaçao politicians would have been informed about the plan to murder the leader of the biggest party in Curaçao, Helmin Wiels.

Politicians and criminals maintained close links with each other according to an investigation by the Public Prosecutor (OM). Read more.

Curaçao Chronicle

- Schotte Blames Wiels’ Death On His Wish For Independence - Curaçao Chronicle

Culture - Too Long in Slavery

Oil And Gas Curacao – Fantasies, Myths And Facts Explained By Dr. John V. Wright

As a retired geologist with over 30 years experience in resource exploration both in hydrocarbons and minerals and resident on the island, I have taken some interest in the debate in Parliament on whether there is oil or gas present on Curacao or within its territorial waters.

Unfortunately, claims such as appeared during the last election that “Curacao sits on a mountain of oil” are.. Read more.

Curaçao Chronicle

- Hodge Viewed Documents Indicating Oil And Gas Sites - Curaçao Chronicle
- PAR Wants Proof Of Discovery Natural Gas - Curaçao Chronicle

- PAR wil bewijs van ontdekking gas - Versgeperst

Latam and Caribbean poised to grow 3% this year; poor performance from Brazil and Mexico

Latinamerica and the Caribbean are poised to grow 3% this year, according to the July Economic Survey of Latin America and the Caribbean, which is down from the previous April estimate of 3.5%. 

Slower growth in the region’s two largest economies Brazil and Mexico, and more modest activity in Chile, Panama and Peru have pulled the average down. Read more.


IMF will not support Argentina in Vulture Fund case

The International Monetary Fund no longer plans to ask the US Supreme Court to review Argentina's case in its decade-old legal battle with holdout creditors due to a lack of support from the US government, the world financial institution has confirmed.

IMF Managing Director Christine Lagarde had.. Read more.

Buenos Aires Herald

- IMF backs off plan to file with top U.S. court in Argentina case - Reuters

Foreigners own 6% of Argentine rural land

It amounts to 15.8 million hectares, the government reveals in new report

A total of 5.93 percent of rural land in Argentina is foreign-owned, President Cristina Fernández de Kirchner said yesterday. Read more.

Buenos Aires Herald

Ecuador: Indigenous Populations Reject New Oil Legislations

Indigenous groups expressed anxiety as the Ecuadorian government extended the bidding deadline for petroleum extraction on land in the Amazonian region.

The Confederation of Indigenous Nationalities of the Ecuadorian Amazon,.. Read more.

Strikes halt US coal giant Drummond in northern Colombia

Indefinite strikes brought coal mining operations of Alabama-based multinational Drummond Co. to a halt on Tuesday in the north of Colombia, further putting pressure on the country’s economy already facing strikes in other major sectors.

After negotiations failed between the.. Read more.

Colombia Reports

- Canadian mining company leaves Colombia after employee kidnapping - Colombia Reports

FARC-EP and Colombian Government Restarts Peace Talks

Havana, Jul 24 (Prensa Latina) The delegations of the Colombian government and the Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia-People''s Army (FARC-EP will begin a new cycle of talks on 28 July in this capital.

Both sides announced in a joint statement,.. Read more.

Prensa Latina

Colombia’s conflict cost 220,000 lives since 1958

Colombia’s armed conflict cost the lives of some 220,000 Colombians since 1958, an extensive report on the violence released Wednesday said.

The report was the result of an investigation of the.. Read more.

Colombia Reports

- Juan Manuel Santos: The war has dehumanized us (video) - teleSUR

Colombia to deploy drones in fight against rebels and narcos

Colombia’s air force has announced that it will implement the use of drones in the armed forces’ fight against rebel groups and drug traffickers, local media reported Wednesday.

While drones have acquired an international notoriety,.. Read more.

Colombia Reports

July 24, 2013

Philippine Authorities Violently Crackdown on 'People's State of the Nation March'

Growing movement decries Philippine President's failure to address the widespread poverty, corruption and human rights abuses during his State of the Nation Address (SONA) 


French jobless claims in June reach record high

The number of jobless people in mainland France reached a new record in June, labour ministry data showed on Wednesday.

The new figures come as another blow to President François Hollande's vow to bring down unemployment by the end of 2013. Read more.


Basta 'La Casta': No End in Sight to Italy's Economic Decline

The Italian economy may be the third largest in the euro zone, but it is also plagued by inefficiency and continues to shrink.

The country's political leadership has proven unable to implement badly needed reforms and the future looks grim. Read more.


Greeks protest against new austerity measure

Greek workers have taken to the streets in the capital, Athens, to protest against the government’s new austerity measure that mandates them to work on Sundays, Press TV reports.

Some 17 trade unions took part in the demonstration to express opposition to the government’s decision,.. Read more + video.


Police break Bulgarian anti-government protesters’ blockade of Parliament

Hundreds of police in riot gear and body armour broke the blockade and barricades around Parliament and Alexander Nevsky cathedral between 3am and 4am on July 24 2013, with more people reported injured in the clashes.

After the failed attempt at 10pm the previous night to evacuate besieged MPs in a bus,.. Read more.

The Sofia Globe

40th day of the protests: Fighting, blood and blockade (video) - Standart
- Parliamentary siege: Over 100 MPs, ministers trapped by Bulgaria anti-govt protesters (video) - RT

- At Least 17 Injured in Bulgarian Parliament Riot - Novinite
- Bulgarian Foreign Minister Thanks Police after Protest Crackdown - Novinite

At least nine die in Cairo violence, two killed in Sinai

(Reuters) - Nine people were killed in Cairo on Tuesday in clashes between opponents and Islamist supporters of Egypt's deposed President Mohamed Mursi, state-run media reported, keeping the most populous Arab nation in turmoil.

The violence broke out before dawn near a Brotherhood protest at Cairo University,.. Read more.


- Cairo calm after overnight clashes leave 12 dead, 86 injured - Ahram
EU emphasises 5 steps for Egypt to attain democracy - Ahram

- EU calls for release of Egypt's Mursi, speedy elections - Aswat Masriya
Morsi's son: US fails to defend democracy despite talk in media (video) - RT

EU 'Hypocritical' in Declaring Hezbollah a Terrorist Organization

Shir Hever: Europe Union declares Hezbollah a terrorist organization but does not give similar designation to Israel


- Miqati: Govt. Rejects EU Decision on Hizbullah, Will Seek to Reverse It - Naharnet
Aoun to EU: Your Accusations against Resistance are False, Your Wars in Syria Have Impacted Lebanon - Naharnet

Nasrallah: IDF, not Hezbollah, should have been blacklisted by EU - JPost
- Hezbollah Slams Aggressive EU Decision: Written by US Hands with Israeli Iink - Al Manar

July 23, 2013

CHP leader: Turkey back 105 years in media freedom

The leader of the Republican People's Party (CHP) has lashed out at the government for its attitude towards the media, maintaining that a large portion of the media is under the control of the government.

“In terms of media freedom, we have gone back to the level we were at 105 years ago,”.. Read more.

Today's Zaman

- 64 journalists under arrest, Turkish main opposition announces - Hürriyet

Kurds, militants clash in northern Syria near Turkey border

Clashes have broken out between Kurdish militants linked to the Democratic Union Party and al-Qaeda-linked groups in northern Syria near the border with Turkey.

Kurdish fighters, who are opposed to foreign interference in Syria,.. Read more.


Russia: Al-Qaeda-linked extremists hold 200 Kurdish civilians hostage as ‘live shield’ in Syria - RT
- Syria Kurds overrun Kurdish villages, expel Arab-Islamic jihadists from Western Kurdistan - Kurd Net

- US says is worried about Syria Kurds autonomy - KurdPress
Analysis: Kurdish pain or gain? Turkey faces dilemma via Syrian war, PKK talks - Hürriyet

Scores reported killed in Syria army ambush

Activists say government troops kill 49 rebels fighters in Adra, a strategic suburb of Damascus.

Syrian government forces have ambushed rebel fighters in a strategic suburb of the capital Damascus, killing at least 49 people, activists said. Read more.


Syrian rebels to start receiving US weapons amid anxiety from Congress

CIA could begin shipping arms in the coming weeks after clearance from House and Senate intelligence committees

The CIA could begin shipping arms to Syria in the coming weeks,.. Read more.

The Guardian

- Joint Chiefs head outlines risks of Syria options - LA Times
- US ready to arm Syrian opposition on 5 options - AA

Bees 'Betray' Their Flowers When Pollinator Species Decline

July 22, 2013 — Remove even one bumblebee species from an ecosystem and the impact is swift and clear: Their floral "sweethearts" produce significantly fewer seeds, a new study finds.

The study, to be published by the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences,.. Read more.


European grassland butterflies in decline

AFP - More than half of Europe's main species of grassland butterflies are in sharp decline as a result of habitat loss, the European Environment Agency (EAA) warned on Tuesday.

"Butterfly populations have declined by almost 50 percent,.. Read more.


Leaked Pakistani report confirms high civilian death toll in CIA drone strikes

A secret document obtained by the Bureau reveals for the first time the Pakistan government’s internal assessment of dozens of drone strikes, and shows scores of civilian casualties.

The United States has consistently claimed only a tiny number of non-combatants have been killed in drone attacks in Pakistan.. Read more.


Drowning in Drugs: Heroin cheaper than food in Pakistan

Over one billion dollars' worth of heroin each year - that is the deadly fallout Pakistan gets from the blooming narcotics industry that provides the main cash crop in devastated Afghanistan. Locals say heroin is cheaper than food.

It's thought Pakistan has more than four million drug addicts, but less than 80 dedicated drug rehab clinics. As RT's Lucy Kafanov reports from Karachi, those heroin addicts don't even bother hiding their habit. For many this is a deadly path.

OAS chief Inzulza in Uruguay to present report on drug problem in the Americas

The Organization of American States Secretary General José Miguel Insulza begins Monday a two day visit to Uruguay for the formal presentation of the “Report on the Drug Problem in the Americas” which has the support of several Latinamerican countries and former leaders of the region who have proposed a completely new approach to the drugs challenge.

Insulza will be meeting President José Mujica, and will personally present the OAS report,.. Read more.


Colombian Farmers: Fighting for Survival

It has been over a month since the peasant farmers demonstrations began in Catatumbo, Colombia. At first, the farmers were asking the government to stop destroying their coca crops and to find instead sustainable production projects.

Now, it has become a wide social movement fighting the deep-rooted precariousness of a region whose inhabitants feel abandoned by the state. Read more.

The Argentina Independent

Santos promises humanitarian aid for troubled northeastern Colombia

Colombian President Juan Manuel Santos on Sunday said the government will be launching a humanitarian offensive to help those affected by protests in the northeast of the country.

The president was speaking at the end of a security council meeting in the Arauca department,.. Read more.

Colombia Reports

Colombia orders strong offensive after guerrillas ambush and kill 19 soldiers

Colombia’s president has ordered the military to mount a strong offensive against the country’s biggest rebel movement, FARC, after guerrillas killed 19 soldiers this weekend in two regions.

President Juan Manuel Santos said Sunday the army will go after the rebels even though the government has been in peace talks with the Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia since last year. Read more.


- 19 soldiers die in Colombia following confrontation with guerrillas (video) - teleSUR

With “Zero Tolerance to Gringo Aggression,” Maduro Cuts Off Venezuela-U.S. Talks

Caracas, July 21st 2013 (Venezuelanalysis.com) – The conversations that were started a month and a half ago between Venezuela and the United States have definitively ended, Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro announced yesterday at an event of the Strategic Regions of Integral Defense (REDI) in Cojedes state.

“My policy is zero tolerance to gringo aggression against Venezuela. Read more.


- Mercosur chair not interested in restoring normal relations with US - MercoPress

G20 ministers and bankers pledged to put growth before austerity

The Group of 20 nations pledged to put growth before austerity, seeking to revive a global economy that “remains too weak” and adjusting stimulus policies with care so that recovery is not derailed by volatile financial markets.

Finance ministers and central bankers signed off on a communiqué that acknowledged the benefits of expansive policies in the United States and Japan but highlighted the recession in the euro zone and a slowdown in emerging markets. Read more.

July 22, 2013

Chris Hedges: The Liberal Elite has Betrayed the People They Claim to Defend

On Reality Asserts Itself with Paul Jay, Chris Hedges says The Democratic Party used to watch out for the interests of labor and even for the poor. But that all changed under Bill Clinton.

Although Clinton, like Obama, continues to speak in that feel-your- pain language of traditional liberalism, they've completely betrayed the very people that they purport to represent and defend. Pt. 5 of 7


Eurozone Debt Burden Hits All-Time High Even After Austerity

LONDON — Europe's debt dynamics keep getting worse in spite of years of cost-cutting and tax hikes designed to return public finances to health.

Official figures showed Monday that the debt burden of the 17 European Union countries that use the euro.. Read more.

Huff Post

Eurozone debt rising despite austerity - DW

Bulgarians Stage Fresh Evening Rally against Embattled Govt

Thousands of Bulgarians have once again taken to the streets of the capital Sofia to demand the government’s resignation over its ties with oligarchy.

As in the previous 38 straight days, the rally has been peaceful. Read more.


- Sofia Mayor Vows Not to Ban Anti-Govt Protests - Novinite
Bulgaria’s anti-government protesters launch information service - The Sofia Globe

- New protest against budgetary update - Standart
Bulgaria 2nd in EU by Low Govt Debt to GDP - Novinite

Staatsschuld loopt verder op

De Nederlandse staatsschuld is in het eerste kwartaal gestegen tot 72 procent van het bruto binnenlands product (bbp).

Dat maakte Europees statistiekbureau Eurostat maandag bekend. Lees meer.


- 'Euro-banken nog niet crisis-proof' - NU

'ABN Amro-pakketten onderbrengen bij pensioenfondsen ook een optie'

Als het verlies op de verkoop van ABN Amro te groot dreigt te worden, kunnen bepaalde pakketten van de bank ook onderhands worden ondergebracht bij pensioenfondsen.

Met die suggestie komt Harald Benink, hoogleraar Banking en Finance aan de Tilburg University. Lees meer + audio.


Huizenprijzen tien procent lager

In een jaar tijd zijn de huizenprijzen bijna 10 procent gedaald. In juni lag de prijs van bestaande koopwoningen gemiddeld 9,6 procent lager dan in dezelfde periode een jaar geleden.

De daling is bovendien scherper dan in mei. Lees meer.


- Huizenprijzen dalen nog amper (video) - NOS

Doctors attribute birth defects and cancer in Iraqi children to use of depleted uranium by US forces

Cancer is more common than flu in the Iraqi city of Najaf, about 160 km south of Baghdad, one local doctor told RT.

After the start of the war rates of leukemia and birth defects “rose dramatically” due to use of depleted uranium by the US military. Read more.


TEPCO admits radioactive water leaked to sea

Tokyo Electric Power Co. has said its crippled Fukushima nuclear plant is likely to have leaked contaminated water into sea, acknowledging for the first time a problem long suspected by experts.

Experts have suspected a continuous leak since the Fukushima No. 1 plant was ravaged by the March 2011 earthquake and tsunami. Read more.

The Asahi Shimbun

July 21, 2013

Israeli parliament approved the deportation of 40,000 Bedouin from their land

In order to Judify the Naqab, the south of Israel, Israel initiates a unilateral plan to confiscate Bedouin land. Most of the Israeli public remains indifferent.


Filip I: nog geen koning en al een bos te rijk? - De Wereld Morgen
Kritiek op rol Willem-Alexander bij project in Israël - NRC

'Prolific Partner': German Intelligence Used NSA Spy Program

Angela Merkel and her ministers claim they first learned about the US government's comprehensive spying programs from press reports.

But SPIEGEL has learned that German intelligence services themselves use one of the NSA's most valuable tools. Read more.


Magazine reveals German government using NSA spying data - DW
- Germany intelligence cooperated with NSA as Merkel denied knowledge – report -RT

Revealed: Germany 'prolific partner' of NSA, Merkel denies knowledge (video) - RT

Cryptoparties boom following NSA scandal

How do you go about securing your personal email content? Cryptoparties will teach you. They have been booming in Germany ever since the NSA scandal broke.

Can the event really be called a party? Read more.


Greece may have to leave eurozone, European economist says

A European economist, Ben May, says the recession-hit Greece may be forced to leave the eurozone if the country’s international creditors cannot reduce Athens’ debts.

"If Eurozone creditors behave unwilling in decreasing Greece's debt burden, it might lead to the country's collapse and quit from Euro zone,”.. Read more.


- Greek market needs 20 bln euros, study for investment fund says - Ekathimerini
- Merkel Piles On: No Greek Relief - Greek Reporter

- Austerity Axe: More Greek jobs to be cut for intl lenders' sake (video) - RT

Austerity Axe: More Greek jobs to be cut for intl lenders' sake

The Greek government is pressing ahead with austerity - having approved more public-sector job cuts, struggling to please its international lenders. That's despite a massive general strike - and thousands-strong rallies, bringing public services to a standstill earlier this week.

To secure its next bailout tranche, Athens will have to redeploy - or axe - 25 thousand civil servants. RT's Egor Piskunov has been on the streets of Athens, talking to the protesters.

'Justice for Trayvon' rallies hit 100 US cities

Protests are underway across the US - a week after a Florida court acquitted George Zimmerman, who shot dead an unarmed black teenager.

Organisers expect more than a hundred cities to take part in the rallies. RT's Gayane Chichakayan was among the crowds in Washington. Read more.


- "Justice for Trayvon" Rallies in 100 Cities Across USA (video) - TRNN
Rallies for US federal civil rights charges in Trayvon Martin case - DW

Yasiin Bey, Dead Prez & Mikeflo - Made You Die

Rutte maakt verhouding met Antillen zakelijker

Premier Mark Rutte heeft tijdens zijn bezoek aan de Antillen de nieuwe, zakelijke verhoudingen binnen het koninkrijk duidelijk gemaakt.

Nederland maakt geen cent meer naar de eilanden over, maar wil richting de Latijns-Amerikaanse markt 'samen heel veel geld verdienen.'' Lees meer.


- Rutte: eilanden mogen weg (audio) - NOS
- Gifwolk raffinaderij mag niet met MinPres in beeld (audio) - GeenStijl

- Huggins: ‘Police Investigation Into Wiels’ Assassination Thwarted’ - Curaçao Chronicle

Falkland Islands brought into the IMF-siding-with-Argentina controversy

The IMF decision to side with Argentina in its dispute with the US hedge funds has triggered strong criticism in the UK and the issue was brought up in Parliament, according to a piece in the Daily and Sunday Express under the heading: “The British cash cow: Fury as UK money helps Argentina fight £66bn debt”.

Fury because it has emerged that at the end of the day UK taxpayers money is being used to help Argentina default on its debt.. Read more.


The British cash cow: Fury as UK money helps Argentina fight £66bn debt - Express
- Argentina bonds soar after IMF backing - Buenos Aires Herald

- Argentine defaulted bond holders demand ‘strict neutrality’ from the IMF - MercoPress

Helen Thomas, trailblazing reporter, dead at 92

Helen Thomas, whose career covering the White House dated back to the Kennedy administration, died on Saturday at the age of 92, the Gridiron Club announced in an email to members on Saturday.

Thomas was the first woman to join the White House Correspondents' Association,.. Read more.


- Helen Thomas: The best of the briefing room (video) - Politico

July 20, 2013

Japan dropped plan for eavesdropping network, still relies on U.S.

Japan attempted to bolster its intelligence-gathering capabilities in 2005 but had to abandon the plan due to shortages in personnel and analytical skills as well as a lack of legal backing for such work.

According to several sources in the Japanese and U.S. governments,.. Read more.

The Asahi Shimbun

Thyroid cancer risk for 2,000 Fukushima workers: TEPCO

TOKYO — Around 2,000 people who have worked at Japan’s wrecked Fukushima nuclear plant face a heightened risk of thyroid cancer, its operator said Friday.

Tokyo Electric Power (TEPCO) said 1,973 people.. Read more.

Japan Today

Portugal political crisis rages again as talks break off

(Reuters) - Portugal's main political parties broke off talks on Friday on a "national salvation" pact to ensure an EU/IMF bailout stays on track, leaving it to the president to decide how to proceed.

Political turmoil has already forced Lisbon to request a delay in the eighth review of the bailout by its creditors,.. Read more.


Portuguese bankers among the top ten earners in Europe

Eleven Portuguese bankers declared earnings in excess of one million euros for the year ending in 2011, the European Banking Authority (EBA) said this week.

Out of the 27 European Union member states, Portuguese bankers are the tenth best earners, EBA said. Read more.

The Portugal News

- Close to half the population at the risk of poverty - The Portugal News

Mansour Contacts 28 EU Foreign Ministers Asking Not to Blacklist Hizbullah

Caretaker Foreign Minister Adnan Mansour sent on Friday letters to 28 of his European counterparts asking them to “act according to President Michel Suleiman's guidance” regarding placing Hizbullah on the list of "terrorist organizations."

"Mansour hoped in the letters that the European Union's ministers would not blacklist Hizbullah,”.. Read more.


Dividing Hezbollah: Canada, Israel and US vs the EU - JPost

Nasrallah Says Entire Lebanon Facing 'New Security Situation', Urges Dialogue on Defense Strategy

Hizbullah chief Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah on Friday said that all Lebanese regions are going through a “new security situation,” noting that Hizbullah is willing to engage in national dialogue over a national defense strategy “without any preconditions.”

“There's no doubt that we're going through a new security situation,”.. Read more.