October 30, 2013

Denial File: NSA claims EU Intel agencies willingly shared data

In the U.S., political opinion towards the spying practices that caused a storm of global criticism looks to be shifting. Both Republicans and Democrats have called for reform of the NSA - with lawmakers proposing a ban on the agency collecting data in bulk.

The intelligence community is however strongly opposed. Testifying before the House Intelligence Committee, NSA director General Keith Alexander forcefully warned against limiting the surveillance program. This view was echoed by the U.S. Intelligence Chief, who said reforms would lead to greater risks. This is all happening against the backdrop of a growing diplomatic row - with America's EU allies demanding answers over allegations their citizens and leaders were spied on.

Our European correspondent Tesa Arcilla brings the details. NSA claims that EU intelligence agencies willingly shared data are backed by the latest leaks published in Spain. El Mundo - the paper that earlier revealed more than sixty million calls were tracked by the NSA within a month - now says this was done in collaboration with Spanish intelligence services.


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