January 31, 2014

Minimum bank capital ratio set at 5.5 percent in European stress tests

The European Banking Authority (EBA) on Friday announced details of the stress tests to which 124 of the biggest banks in Europe – including 16 Spanish lenders – will be subjected to later this year.

The banks will have to show that their highest-quality capital ratio will not fall below 5.5 percent in a severe economic crisis. Read more.

El País

Spain: Coca Cola workers on strike against plant closures

Around 300 employees of Coca Cola's plant in Fuenlabrada, Madrid, started a strike action against the closure of four factories across the country, on Friday.

Workers have also planned demonstrations in three other towns with threatened factories, Alicante, Asturias and Mallorca , which they said will continue indefinitely. Unions have called on people through social networks to refrain from drinking Coke until the situation is settled.

The strike follows the announcement of Coca Cola's Spanish subsidiary that it will close all four plants. The move will affect 1,250 jobs, with more than 700 employees being laid off and 500 relocated.


Shell net profit almost halves in Q4, must sharpen up says CEO

The new chief executive of Anglo-Dutch oil giant Shell has pledged to sharpen up the company's performance following a disappointing final quarter in 2013.

Shell booked net profit of $2.9bn in the fourth quarter of 2013,.. Read more.


MSD cuts 440 research jobs in Oss

Pharmaceuticals company MSD is cutting a further 440 jobs at its factory in Oss, reducing the size of the research and development department to just 30 people by 2016.

The job losses are part of a worldwide reorganisation. Read more.


Januari verliesmaand voor AEX

AMSTERDAM - Het slot van de maand December lag op 401,79 en gezien de 387 van vanochtend gaat de maand januari dus met verlies sluiten. Daarmee komt een eind aan een serie van 4 achtereenvolgende winst maanden.

De laatste verlies maand was augustus afgelopen jaar met een slot op 362,92 en kijken we naar.. Lees meer.


Grafieken AEX-index - Beurs Gorilla

Greek doctors protest insurance policies

One might think these medical workers from charity clinics are angry at these state doctors but in fact they are in this protest together, against what they say is the continuing breakdown of Greece's national health system.

They all gather at the gates and the forecourt of Athens' biggest cancer specialist hospital,.. Read more.


Teachers protest in Athens over civil service cutbacks - Ekathimerini
Police to 'restrict' Imia rallies in Athens on Saturday - Ekathimerini

1,400 sue makers of Fukushima nuke reactors

Hundreds of people filed a group action lawsuit Jan. 30 against the manufacturers of the reactors at the crippled Fukushima No. 1 nuclear power plant to apportion blame for the accident that occurred there in March 2011.

In their quest for compensation at the Tokyo District Court, the 1,400 plaintiffs argued that the companies bear responsibility for the emotional distress they suffered after the reactor meltdowns. Read more.

Asahi Shimbun

Electric power industry steps up push for new nuclear reactors - Asahi Shimbun
Debris hinders decommissioning work at Fukushima nuclear plant - Asahi Shimbun

Sellafield nuclear site has elevated levels of radioactivity

Essential workers only are asked to come to work at plant as officials investigate

The Sellafield nuclear site is being operated with a reduced number of staff following the detection overnight of elevated levels of radioactivity. Read more.

The Guardian

Sellafield partly closed after 'above normal' radiation - BBC

Goldman Deal on Danish Energy Splits Copenhagen Coalition

Denmark’s government mustered enough votes to let Goldman Sachs Group Inc. (GS) buy a stake in state-owned Dong Energy A/S after resistance to the deal prompted one of the ruling coalition’s three parties to quit.

The government of Prime Minister Helle Thorning-Schmidt won majority lawmaker backing for the deal even after the Socialist People’s Party left the coalition today. Read more.


$1.5bn Goldman Sachs deal demolishes Danish ruling coalition - RT
What would Birgitte do? Socialists quit Denmark coalition over energy deal - The Guardian

As Gaza Tunnels Closed, Hamas Lost Cash, Israeli Official Says

TEL AVIV — Hamas, the Islamic militant group that controls Gaza, is in severe economic straits, having lost a major source of income in recent months because of an Egyptian clampdown on hundreds of smuggling tunnels, a high-ranking Israeli military official told reporters at army headquarters here on Thursday.

Dozens of tunnels running beneath Gaza’s border with Egypt are still operating,.. Read more.

NY Times

Saudi Arabia to give Egypt up to $4 billion more aid: Report - Ahram

Saudi Arabia to give Egypt up to $4 billion more aid: Report

Saudi Arabia is expected to give Egypt up to $4 billion in additional aid in the form of central bank deposits and petroleum products, Egyptian newspaper Al Ahram reported on Thursday.

Citing an unnamed ministerial source, the newspaper said the package would be worked out during a visit next week.. Read more.


Norway wealth fund bans investing in 2 Israeli firms

The world’s biggest sovereign wealth fund in Norway has put two Israeli firms on its blacklist over their contribution to the construction of illegal settlements in the occupied East al-Quds (Jerusalem).

Norway’s Finance Ministry announced the decision on Thursday and named the companies as Africa Israel Investments,.. Read more.


Norway's $810 bln fund excludes two Israeli firms - JPost
Ministers split on strategic plan over how to counter boycott threats - Haaretz

South African government woos voters living in Israel - Haaretz
Army report: More West Bank settlers in senior IDF positions - Haaretz

Weekly Report On Israeli Human Rights Violations in the Occupied Palestinian Territory

Israeli forces continued to open fire at border areas in the Gaza Strip. A Palestinian civilian was killed in an excessive use of force.

5 civilians were wounded in the northern Gaza Strip. Read more.


Syrian troops 'deliberately destroy homes'

Human Rights Watch report says destruction of rebel-held neighbourhoods serves no military purpose.

The Syrian government has been deliberately and systematically razing homes, buildings and entire rebel-held neighbourhoods to the ground with bulldozers and explosives, according to a rights group. Read more + video.

Al Jazeera

Syria: Thousands of Houses Unlawfully Razed - HRW

Shared moment of silence but little headway at Syria talks

(Reuters) - Opposing sides in Syria's civil war stood together in silence to honor victims of the three year conflict on Thursday, but week-old peace talks were still stuck on the question of how to proceed with just one day left before they head home.

The United States said on Thursday it was concerned that.. Read more.


UN-Arab League envoy says Friday is last day of negotiations (video) - PressTV
Thousands in Syria’s Yarmouk camp face starvation (video) - PressTV

Thousands in Syria’s Yarmouk camp face starvation

The catastrophe of al-Yarmuk refugee camp in Damascus is growing with each hour.

Militants occupying the camp since months blocked the delivery of food and medical aid causing the death of many civilians because of starvation. Read more + video.


US says Syria must comply on chemical weapons

Pace of removal has "languished and stalled," ambassador says, with only four percent of chemical arms handed over.

The United States has called on Syria to take immediate action to comply with a UN resolution to remove its chemical weapons materials, noting just four percent of Syria's declared chemical stock has been eliminated. Read more.

Al Jazeera

US 'concern' at Syria chemical weapons delay - BBC
Russia backs Syria on chemical weapons plan - Al Jazeera

Saudi Arabia is funding terrorist groups in Syria: Government

Syrian Deputy Foreign Minister Faisal Muqdad denounced once again that Saudi Arabia is funding terrorist groups in his country.


RBC zet mes in Caribische vestigingen

PARAMARIBO - De Royal Bank of Canada (RBC), die vestigingen heeft in 19 Caribische landen waaronder Suriname, heeft het mes gezet in haar Caribische operaties en is overgegaan tot de verkoop van haar vestiging op Jamaica.

Dit blijkt uit een communiqué dat woensdag de deur is uitgegaan. Lees meer.


SMOC’s Passionate Pursuit: Cleaner Air for Curaçao

In Willemstad, Dutch Colonial façades in cheerful hues of yellow, blue, pink, green worthy of UNESCO World Heritage are set against a background reminiscent of Tolkien’s Mordor. This unmistakable blot in the heart of Curaçao’s otherwise picturesque landscape is a huge oil refinery surrounded by a halo of awful-smelling sulfur dioxide-filled air and asbestos-filled asphalt lake.

A remnant of the once thriving Royal Dutch Shell Refinery – founded in 1915 – also happens to be.. Read more.

1000 Awesome Things About Curaçao

- Stichting SMOC

Asjes Receives Criticism In Amsterdam

AMSTERDAM, WILLEMSTAD – Premier Ivar Asjes has received strong criticism during his working visit to the Netherlands.

The Foundation Pro for from Amsterdam- South East, believes that Curacao should do much more with prevention and education. Read more.

Curaçao Chronicle

Asjes op bezoek bij Profor - Qraçao

Bouterse voelt zich thuis op Cuba

PARAMARIBO - De leiders van de Gemeenschap van Latijns-Amerika en het Caribisch gebied (Celac) zijn dinsdag de staatshoofdentop begonnen met het opvoeren van de politieke druk tegen de Verenigde Staten voor de meer dan vijftig jaren durende economische handelsblokkade tegen Cuba.

De top werd in Havana geopend door de Cubaanse president Raul Castro. Lees meer.


Staatsolie gaat zelf olie zoeken in zee - Waterkant.net
- Staatsolie in zee met Tullow Oil en Statoil - NoSpang

January 30, 2014

ELN peace talks with Colombia could take place in Ecuador

Ecuador’s Foreign Minister indicated Wednesday that his country could well be the setting for potential peace talks between the Colombian government and the Andean nation’s second biggest rebel group, the ELN.

“President Santos has been proposing for some time now the possibility of Ecuador accompanying Colombia in the peace talks,”.. Read more.

Colombia Reports

Colombia’s paramilitaries will walk out of prison guilt-free - Colombia Reports

Mexico integrates vigilantes to fight cartels

In Mexico, 20,000 vigilantes are joining forces with police and soldiers to combat a drugs cartel. The Knights Templar is being challenged after a government U-turn to welcome help from the self defence groups.

Al Jazeera's David Mercer has been seeing the new force in action in the western state of Michoacan.

Al Jazeera

Kidnappings and extortions are part of everyday life in Mexico (video) - teleSUR

Evo Morales proposes to erradicate neoliberalism in Latin America

The President of Bolivia, Evo Morales, proposed to erradicate neo-liberalism in Latin America and the Caribbean.


Without the US, there wouldn't be any coup in Lat. Am.: Evo Morales (video) - teleSUR

Capitalism increased our culture of selfishness: José Mujica (video) - teleSUR
Latin America: Reforming from within (video) - Al Jazeera

Khat tops coffee for Ethiopia farmers

Conflicts in South Sudan and Central African Republic are set to dominate the start of the African Union Summit in the Ethiopian capital, Addis Ababa. But the meeting will also be focusing on agriculture and food security.

It is an issue close to the hearts of Ethiopian farmers, who are turning to desperate solutions to solve their cash-flow problems. Al Jazeera's Mohamed Adow reports.

Al Jazeera

Philippine economic growth not felt by many

The Philippines government has announced an expected economic growth rate of 6.8 percent for 2014. President Benigno Aquino says foreign direct investments has more than doubled since he came to power four years ago.

But as Al Jazeera's Jamela Alindogan reports, millions of Filipinos say they are not benefiting from the economy's success.

Al Jazeera

Red Shirts fear Thailand's growing divisions (video) - Al Jazeera

Leaked official document records 330 drone strikes in Pakistan

The Bureau has published a leaked official document that records details of over 300 drone strikes, including their locations and an assessment of how many people died in each incident.

The document is the fullest official record of drone strikes in Pakistan to have yet been published. Read more.

The Nation

Over 300 US drone strikes in Pakistan since 2006 – leaked official data - RT
Leaked official document records 330 drone strikes in Pakistan - Bureau of Investigative Journalism

PM Nawaz forms panel for talks with Taliban; gives peace 'another chance' - PakTribune
Taliban term govt offer serious - PakTribune

Politicians, analyst express mixed views on PM's formed committee - SAMAA
No 'unilateral' decision on Waziristan operation: PM Nawaz - PakTribune

Why Bitcoin Terrifies Big Banks | Interview with Andreas Antonopoulos

Abby Martin speaks with Andreas Antonopoulos, founder of Root Eleven and co-host of let's Talk Bitcoin, discussing how Bitcoin works, and why it's so important to have a decentralized system of money.


New York announces plans for bitcoin ‘license’ amid high-profile arrest - RT
Banker Dimon ‘Doesn’t Understand’ Bitcoin, Group’s Lawyer Says - Bloomberg

- Russian Central Bank warns against using Bitcoin - RT
Russia's Central Bank bans Bitcoins - Voice of Russia

Meet The 'Bitcoin Millionaire' Arrested For Allegedly Helping Silk Road Launder $1 Million - Business Insider

Mind Control in American Politics

Having been immersed in the left/right facade their entire lives, many have begun to see the world and those around them through that prism. Either someone is on the same "side" as they are, or they are the enemy. There is no room for nuance, no subtle distinctions to be made, no room for alliance or cooperation on matters of great import.

Perhaps most devastatingly, there is now little room for any analysis of the powers behind the political throne, the oligarchical financial interests that could care less whether this or that President has a "D" or an "R" next to their name, whether a Prime Minister is "Labour" or "Conservative," whether an MEP identifies with the "left" or the "right."

Deprived of this understanding of the real nature of political power, the public is truly powerless to identify the real problem at the root of today's political crisis, let alone even begin to address it.

Corbett Report

The Neuro Revolution

The Neuro Revolution is a Book recommendation for victims of Neuroscience research. The video is based on the Book by the same name by author Zack Lynch.

The Book describes most aspects of the changes that societies will undergo in the years to come as a consequence of the new discoveries in Neuroscience. This short video only deal with the aspects that the victims of these technologies undergo on a daily basis.

Rise of the machines: Robots may replace a QUARTER of U.S. combat troops by 2030, claims general

A top U.S. general responsible for shaping the military of the future has revealed that robots could make up a quarter of the army within the next few decades.

General Robert Cone said the hi-tech machines will fight alongside soldiers on the battlefield by 2030 or 2040, in a bid to make the army 'a smaller, more lethal, deployable and agile force'. Read more.

Daily Mail

The U.S. Army is seriously considering replacing soldiers with robots - The Week

January 29, 2014

Philippine rebels say they will not surrender

The Philippine military claims at least 40 fighters have been killed since it began an offensive on Monday morning. It also claims that the Bangsamoro Islamic Freedom Fighters rebel group (BIFF) will soon cease to exist.

Al Jazeera's Jamela Alindogan traveled to Mindanao in the southern Philippines to meet the leader of the BIFF who says their struggle is far from over.

Al Jazeera

MNLF warns of wider war - Manila Times
We’ll crush you — PNoy - MST

- Mindanawons hold rallies in support of GPH-MILF peace process - Minda News
- MNLF, politicians urged to rally behind GPH-MILF peace pact - Minda News

Palace pleads to Congress to give peace deal a chance - MST

Crossbones Uncrossed: Dutch court unblocks Pirate Bay as ban 'ineffective'

People in the Netherlands will soon have access to The Pirate Bay, one of the world's most censored file-sharing websites, as a court in The Hague ruled that Dutch ISPs need to stop blocking the site after the ban proved ineffective against piracy.


Sail Free: Dutch court rules to stop blocking Pirate Bay as 'waste of effort' (video) - RT

JP Morgan IT executive plunges to death at bank's London HQ

(Reuters) - A JP Morgan tech executive fell to his death from the U.S. bank's 33-storey tower in London's Canary Wharf financial district on Tuesday in what British police said was a "non-suspicious" incident.

Police were called to the glass skyscraper at 8:02 GMT, where a 39-year-old man was pronounced dead at the scene after hitting a lower 9th-floor roof. Read more.


Ex-Deutsche Bank manager found dead in apparent suicide - Reuters
William Broeksmit Suicide? Ex-Deutsche Bank Executive Found Hanging at London Home - IBT

Bankier springt van 33 hoog JP Morgan gebouw in Londen - AD

GCHQ head Sir Iain Lobban stands down

Foreign Office claims 53-year-old spy chief's departure part of long-planned move and nothing to do with Edward Snowden revelations

The Foreign Office confirmed that the head of GCHQ, the British spy agency at the centre of the Edward Snowden leaks controversy, is to stand down. Read more.

The Guardian

GCHQ chief Sir Iain Lobban to stand down - BBC

U.S. Army to Test Blimps With Capacity to Surveil East Coast

David Rocah: Blimps that will be tested in Aberdeen, Maryland have the capability to monitor airspace from North Carolina to Boston, as military technology is increasingly used in domestic law enforcement


Our New NSA Chief Is Probably Vice Admiral Mike Rogers

The AP reported today that the next chief of everyone's favorite eavesdroppers, the NSA, will be Mike Rogers. 

No, not the Mike Rogers who chairs the House Intelligence Committee and thinks Edward Snowden is a Russian spy. Read more.

The Wire

Navy's Michael Rogers expected to be Obama's next NSA choice - CNN

'Surveillance minimization' needed to restore trust

Surveillance minimization -- where surveillance is the exception, not the rule -- could help rebuild public trust following revelations about the collection of personal data, according to a law academic from the University of East Anglia.

Dr Paul Bernal, whose research covers privacy, surveillance and human rights, says the role of government surveillance and of surveillance by commercial groups and others must be reconsidered. Read more.


Adam Freeland - We Want Your Soul


NSA surveillance: Angry Birds and other 'leaky apps' targeted by US and UK security agencies

Users of smartphone apps and mobile games such as Angry Birds are reportedly leaving their personal information open to secret harvesting by government spies.

The latest disclosure, from documents acquired by the former NSA contractor Edward Snowden,.. Read more.

The Independent

The NSA and the 9/11 Deception

As the public finally becomes outraged over the NSA's illegal spying, members of government and the corporate media wage an information war to misdirect that anger to issues of less importance.

To counteract this, a bold new citizen-led initiative to nullify the NSA is now gaining momentum around the United States. This is the GRTV Backgrounder on Global Research TV.

Corbett Report

Russia to support Ukraine, regardless of govt - Putin

Moscow is ready to support not the government of Ukraine, but the Ukrainian people, President Putin said, referring to Russia's loan to its neighboring state and its offer to reduce gas prices.

No matter which government comes to power in Ukraine, Russia will not reconsider its earlier signed agreements, he told a news conference in Brussels. Read more.


January 28, 2014

Philippines army clashes with rebels in the south

The Philippines military has launched an offensive against a separatist rebel group in the south of the country. The army says at least 37 Bangsamoro Islamic Fighters have been killed.

Al Jazeera's Jamela Alindogan reports from Maguindanao in the southern Philippines.

Al Jazeera

17 Muslim rebels killed in clashes - Manila Times
- Philippines launches offensive against rebels (video) - Al Jazeera

‘Bigger war’ looms - Manila Standard Today
MILF to have own police force; won’t lay down arms yet - Manila Times

Resuming peace negotiations with Aquino or next president - PRWC
Filipijnse regering is dankbaar voor noodhulp en bestelt een paar oorlogschepen (video) - CassandraClub

Thousands flee fighting in Iraq's Fallujah

The UN says violence in Fallujah and Ramadi has sparked the worst displacement of people since 2006-2008.

According to the UN, fighting in Iraq’s western Anbar province has forced more than 140,000 people out of their homes. The government is trying to drive out al-Qaeda-linked fighters who have taken over some parts of Fallujah city.

Al Jazeera's Omar Al Saleh reports.

Al Jazeera

Tuesday's Syrian peace talks canceled in Geneva

Tuesday afternoon's session of the Syrian peace talks in Geneva have been canceled.

UN-Arab League envoy Lakhdar Brahimi reportedly shelved the afternoon encounter after the morning session failed to yield any progress. Read more.


Syria peace talks struggle in Switzerland - Al Jazeera
Syria talks to continue despite deadlock over power transfer - Hürriyet

Syria opposition lacks platform in country: Analyst (video) - PressTV
Syria urges US to stop providing arms to militants (video) - PressTV

Syrian Kurds declares new autonomous administration in Kobani

Syrian Kurds on Monday declared a second autonomous administration in the northern part of war-torn Syria about a week after declaring autonomy in Cizîre, another Kurdish-populated area of northern Syria.

The declaration of democratic autonomy in the Kurdistan-majority regions in the north of Syria comes amid accelerated efforts to resolve the Syrian crisis. Read more.

Today's Zaman

Central bank raises inflation target, signals rate hike

The Central Bank of Turkey revised the inflation midpoint for 2014 up from its previous prediction of 5.3 percent to 6.6 percent as a result of developments in food prices and currency exchange rates as well as tax rate hikes,.. Read more.

Today's Zaman

Turkish lira's dive wrecks balance sheets, deters foreign investment - Reuters
- Fitch sees no need to change Turkey's rating - AA

Turkish PM Erdoğan slams media, investors, opposition

PM Erdoğan slams the local and international media, business groups, investors, opposition parties and the Gülen movement and calls them as ‘the losers’ lobby’ targetting his party

Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdoğan has slammed what he called “the losers’ lobby”.. Read more.


Economic agreements hot topic as Erdogan visits Iran: Experts - AA
Erdoğan to ask Tehran to cut price of natural gas - Today's Zaman

Cuba president Castro condemns 'foreign interference' in Latin America

President of Cuba Raúl Castro has warned against the "foreign interference" suffered by Latin America and the Caribbean region, at the opening of the Community of Latin American and Caribbean States (CELAC) summit in Havana.

Castro criticised the "long history of intervention in external affairs, military invasions and bloody coups d'etat,".. Read more.

Buenos AIres Herald

Raul Castro Demands Common Political Space for Peace in CELAC - Prensa Latina
- Americas leaders gather for summit in Cuba (video) - Al Jazeera

Cristina Fernandez has lunch with Fidel Castro and blasts banks' “speculative practices”

Argentine President Cristina Fernández used her personal Twitter account to blast figures in the banking and financial industries, which according to the head of state used speculative practices to send Argentina into default in 2001.

The president is in Cuba for the Celac (Community of Latin American and Caribbean States) summit,.. Read more.


CFK criticises banks, financial 'speculators' - Buenos Aires Herald

US dollar higher at 8.015 pesos - Buenos Aires Herald
Argentine market cautious reaction to new rules on foreign exchange and dollar savings - MercoPress

Editorial: Some Thoughts on Argentina’s Current ‘Crisis’ - Argentina Independent

Emerging Market Financial Crises Raise Concerns About Another Global Recession

Bill Black: A rise in inflation in emerging markets like Argentina is causing a state of panic amongst investors over the future health of the global economy


IMF's Lagarde alarmed at youth unemployment in Italy

Says worried about plight of under-25s in Europe

(ANSA) - New York, January 28 - Christine Lagarde, the managing director of the International Monetary Fund (IMF), said Tuesday that she was worried about high youth unemployment rates in Italy and other parts of Europe. Read more.


Weak wage rises add to alarm over Italian economy

(By Sandra Cordon) (ANSA) - Rome, January 28 - Alarm bells sounded Tuesday over the prospects for recovery by Italy's recession-ravaged economy after the national statistics agency said that salary increases last year rose by the smallest amount seen in over 30 years.

Hourly contract wages rose by just.. Read more.


Italian salary increases at lowest level since 1982 - ANSA
IMF's Lagarde alarmed at youth unemployment in Italy - ANSA

Italian consumer confidence rises - ANSA

Madrid abruptly cancels plans to outsource management at public hospitals

Regional health commissioner Javier Fernández-Lasquetty, the architect of the proposal, resigns

Madrid’s Popular Party (PP) regional government on Monday took a U-turn and canceled its planned outsourcing of management and services at six local hospitals – a move that thousands of health professionals had mobilized against. Read more.

El País

“We have demonstrated that the public model is the cheapest” - El País

Croatia forced into EU deficit procedures

EU finance ministers have decided to initiate a formal procedure dealing with Croatia's excessive public deficit and its debt ratio.

The new bloc member has to come up with a strategy to rein in fresh borrowing. Read more.


Jeroen Dijsselbloem to Greece: Review Taking Too Long

Eurogroup chief Jeroen Dijsselbloem wasn’t mincing any words, following Monday’s Eurogroup meeting.

“I’m sorry to say that the review is not yet concluded,.. Read more.

Greek Reporter

- Greek budget surplus for 2013 seen topping forecast, says ministry official - Ekathimerini

Woodkid - Run Boy Run


Yanukovych accepts resignation of PM Azarov, Cabinet

President of Ukraine Victor Yanukovych accepted the resignation of Prime Minister of Ukraine Mykola Azarov.

Ukrainian President Viktor Yanukovych has accepted the resignation of Prime Minister Mykola Azarov and his government. Read more.


Ukraine PM resigns for 'peaceful resolution to crisis' (video) - RT
Parliament scraps anti-protest laws - Kyiv Post

EU mission heads call on Ukraine 'to deliver on its promises' - Ukranian Journal
Polish Premier Tusk, EC President Barroso to discuss situation in Ukraine on Thursday - Interfax

- Ukraine to tap into another $2 billion of credit from Moscow package - Ukranian Journal
Russia to support Ukraine, regardless of govt - Putin (video) - RT

Putin to uphold loans to Ukraine despite turmoil - DW
A decisive day ahead for Ukrainian protesters - DW

'Prepared to Die': The Right Wing's Role in Ukrainian Protests - Spiegel

January 27, 2014

Capitalism in Long Term Stagnation and Decay - Gar Alperovitz on RAI

Mr. Alperovitz tells Paul Jay that if you concentrate wealth at the top, there's not enough purchasing power to make the rest of the system work - January 26, 2014 - 3/5


Cuba will not return to the Organization of American States

Cuba will not return to the Organization of American States (OAS) despite the forthcoming visit of its secretary general, José Miguel Insulza, to the island, said Cuban Foreign Minister Bruno Rodriguez on Friday.


Cuba to host Latin American summit; U.S. notably absent - Reuters
Cuba Will Not Return to the OAS - Havana Times

OAS head at Cuba summit in unusual encounter - AP
LatAm summit in Cuba focus on poverty, inequality - USA Today

Revolution via bitcoin!


- The News (video) - The Juice Media

Bitcoin v Banks: 'Annoyance with system brings on virtual cash boom'

The virtual cash Bitcoin continues to impress in the global financial arena. For the first time a university in the UK has decided to accept the digital currency for tuition fees. That's as the future of the cryptocurrency is being discussed at a conference in Miami.

RT's correspondent Perianne Boring has been listening to some of the forecasts.


January 26, 2014

UK anti-fascists rally against far-right Vona

Here in London, supporters of a far-right Hungarian politician have been labelled 'Nazi scum', as he arrived in the British capital for a rally.

Gabor Vona wants to garner support among Hungarian expatriates, but opponents say he should never have been allowed to enter the UK. Emma Hayward reports from London.

Al Jazeera

Hungarian far-right leader Gabor Vona vows to address rally in London - Guardian
Anti-fascists force far-right rally to be diverted from Holborn because they could not get out of the Tube - Standard

France: Thousands march on "Day of Anger" against Francois Hollande

Over 15,000 civilians marched through the streets of Paris on Sunday to protest against President Francois Hollande and the ruling Socialist Party. Demonstrators were protesting against a variety of Hollande's policies, including his decision to legalise gay marriage last year.

Around 50 organisations, most of which are right-wing, organised the march from Place de la Bastille to Les Invalides. Throughout the march anti-Hollande banners with the words "The French are angry!" were being held while some even performed Dieudonne M'bala M'bala's 'quenelle' resistance gesture as police stood guard.


Thousands take part in Paris ‘Day of Anger’ targeting President Hollande - France24

Thailand opposition leader shot dead

One of Thailand's most senior opposition leaders has been shot dead. Suthin Tharatin was attacked in his car just moments after giving a speech.

It follows another day of large protests with demonstrators blocking access to polling stations to stop early voting in upcoming elections. Al Jazeera's Scott Heidler reports from Bangkok, Thailand.

Al Jazeera

Protest leader shot dead, 10 hurt in melee with reds outside Bang Na polling station - The Nation
Protest Lead Shot Dead, 11 Injured Trying to Block Early Voting in Bangkok - Chiang Rai Times

Anger and violence rock voting in capital, South - The Nation
CMPO blames PDRC, EC for advance voting cancellation - Bangkok Post

Egyptian soldiers killed in Sinai as protest toll rises to 49

(Reuters) - Gunmen killed three Egyptian soldiers in an attack on a bus in the Sinai Peninsula on Sunday, the military said, prompting the army to threaten to eliminate the Muslim Brotherhood, which it blames for much of Egypt's political violence.

Al-Qaeda inspired Islamist militant groups based in Sinai have stepped up.. Read more.


‘No scuffle, no communication’ between Syria foes in Geneva - Lavrov

Though representatives of Syrian President Bashar Assad and opposition forces exchanged bitter and emotional open statements at the Geneva 2 talks, they have so far failed to actually communicate, Russian Foreign Minster Sergey Lavrov said on Saturday.

“There was no scuffle there. I haven’t noticed communication either,” Lavrov told.. Read more.


Saving Syria: First Geneva 2 meet of rebels & govt hailed significant (video) - RT

Thousands protest state secrecy law

Thousands protested outside the National Diet Building against national security legislation that could limit the free exchange of information, as the ordinary Diet session convened Jan. 24.

According to protest organizers, about 3,000 people surrounded.. Read more.

Asahi Shimbun

Japan, Taiwan agree on fishing rules in waters around Senkakus

TAIPEI--Japan and Taiwan agreed to new rules Jan. 24 for longline tuna fishing in waters near the disputed Senkaku Islands in the East China Sea.

A fisheries agreement reached in April 2013 had allowed Taiwanese fishing boats to operate in those waters. Read more.

Asahi Shimbun

Taiwan and Japan strike compromise in fisheries talks - Tapei Times
Taiwan protests Japan's launch of website claiming Diaoyutais - Focus Taiwan

Mindanao peace deal inked finally

The Philippine government and the Moro Islamic Liberation Front jointly signed the Annex on Normalization and Addendum on Bangsamoro Waters, the last of the annexes to the framework agreement on the Bangsamoro, Presidential Adviser on the Peace Process Teresita Quintos Deles said on Saturday.

Normalization, which includes disarmament, and Bangsamoro waters (territory) are.. Read more.


Govt, MILF sign final peace annex - Manila Times
- Last Annex signed; GPH, MILF move to next phase: implementation - Minda News

US Ambassador Goldberg: We are very supportive to Philippines-MILF peace talks - Zamboanga Today

6,000 families move out of North Waziristan

PESHAWAR: At least six thousand families have moved out of North Waziristan after the government forces began retaliating to the militant attacks on national security installations, a Khyber Pakhtunkhwa government official said Thursday.

"Between 5,000 to 6,000 families have left their homes in North Waziristan.. Read more.


Thousands flee North Waziristan after airstrikes - Dawn.com
Pakistan air force pounds North Waziristan, massacring scores of civilians - WSWS

Forces start operation in Mastung, Panjgur - PakTribune
Pak army unlikely to target ''U.S foe'' Haqqani Network in March Waziristan offensive - Siasat Daily

January 25, 2014

Who is Behind the Ukrainian Riots? - New World Next Week

Welcome to NewWorldNextWeek — the video series from Corbett Report and Media Monarchy that covers some of the most important developments in open source intelligence news.


De strijd in Oekraine

Om een tegenwicht te bieden aan de propagandistische teksten in de burgerlijke media dat de strijd in Oekraïne vooral een strijd voor democratie en de rechtsstaat zou zijn geef ik hier aan aantal bedenkingen om wat er in Kiev gebeurt in een ander perspectief te plaatsen... 

De strijd in Oekraïne
Sinds de onafhankelijkheid van Oekraïne is het land in een diepe strijd gewikkeld. Die strijd speelt zich niet alleen af in het binnenland, tussen nationalisten en internationalisten, maar ook tussen de diverse machtsblokken die de wereld beheersen en Oekraïne binnen hun invloedssfeer willen brengen. Lees meer.


Austria: Thousands of Anti-Fa protest against far-right ball

Thousands of protesters, many belonging to the left-wing group Anti-Fa, took to the streets in Vienna to protest the "Akademikerball", which is an annual social event attended by far right politicians at the Wiener Hofburg on Friday.

More than 2000 policemen were deployed in anticipation of mass protests near the Hofburg, while earlier that day officers built "danger zones" with barricades and implemented a ban on protesters wearing balaclavas.


Austria: As far-right waltzes, extreme left protests (video) - RT

Three suspected militants killed in U.S. drone strike in Yemen

(Reuters) - Three suspected al Qaeda militants were killed in Maarib province, east of the Yemeni capital Sanaa, in what local officials and tribal sources said was a strike by a U.S. drone late on Thursday.

They said the suspects were hit as they were travelling in a car in the Wadi Obaida area,.. Read more.


Drone strike in Marib - Yemen Post
Drone crashes in Al-Mahra governate - Yemen Times

President Hadi receives GCC diplomats - SABA

- Al-Dhale undere fire - Yemen Times
Let Democracy Resolve Disputes And Leave Guns Solution - National Yemen

January 24, 2014

Poland holds defence deal talks with US

Defence Minister Tomasz Siemoniak held talks with US delegates on Thursday on a far-reaching modernization programme for the Polish army including a belated missile defence shield.

Siemoniak told Vice Admiral Joseph Rixey, Director of the Defence Security Cooperation Agency (DSCA),.. Read more.

The News.pl

Poland launches new military structure - Dziennik Zwiazkowy

The hidden history of the CIA’s prison in Poland

On a cold day in early 2003, two senior CIA officers arrived at the U.S. Embassy in Warsaw to pick up a pair of large cardboard boxes. Inside were bundles of cash totaling $15 million that had been flown from Germany via diplomatic pouch.

The men put the boxes in a van and weaved through the Polish capital until coming to the headquarters of Polish intelligence. Read more.

Washington Post

Poles to investigate report of $15mn cash payment for secret CIA prison - RT
Poland to look into new allegations about secret CIA jail - Reuters

Kerry: If talks fail, Israel's future as a democratic Jewish state is at stake

Speaking at the World Economic Forum in Davos, Kerry says 'today's status quo cannot last forever.'

U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry said Friday that if Israeli-Palestinian negotiations fail, Israel's future as a democratic Jewish state is at stake. Read more.


Netanyahu: I will not uproot a single Israeli - Haaretz
At Davos, Kerry says US remains engaged in Mideast, is committed to peace process, Syria, Iran - JPost

Abbas: Palestine has gotten nothing out of peace talks - Ma'an

Abbas seeks $1-billion Gaza deal with Russia

MOSCOW (AFP) - Palestinian leader Mahmud Abbas sought on Thursday to secure a billion-dollar Gaza energy deal during talks with Russian leaders aimed at restoring warmer ties between the two Soviet-era allies.

Abbas and Russian Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev were due to sign an intergovernmental agreement that.. Read more.


Russia, PA sign 3 agreements - Ma'an

Israeli forces shoot dead Gaza protester, injure another

GAZA STRIP (Ma'an) -- Israeli forces shot dead one Palestinian and injured another on Friday during a protest east of Jabaliya in the northern Gaza Strip.

Spokesman for the Gaza Ministry of Health Ashraf al-Qidra, said that 20-year-old.. Read more.


Israeli forces raid Abu Dis campus, clash with students - Ma'an
Israeli airstrike kills 2 Palestinians in Gaza - Ma'an

Syrian peace talks on verge of collapse

Regime says it could leave Geneva after rebels demand it agrees to transitional government before direct talks begin.

Syrian peace talks are on the verge of collapse with the Syrian government threatening to leave Switzerland after the opposition refused to meet face-to-face until it agreed to the creation of a transitional government. Read more + video.

Al Jazeera

Mikdad: US, Turkey and Saudi Arabia want to blow up Geneva 2 conference - SANA
Syria's foreign minister threatens to walk out of peace talks - Guardian

Syria says will leave if no 'serious sessions' at Geneva before Saturday - Hürriyet
Syrian govt threatens to walk out of Geneva talks - Al Arabiya

Shaaban: we came to Geneva to stop terrorism, bloodshed in Syria - SANA
Sources : al-Moallem told Brahimi that the official delegation is serious, ready to work seriously - SANA

Syria government, opposition agree to 'meet in same room' - Haaretz
Syrian officials, opposition groups to meet on Saturday in Geneva, U.N. envoy says - Washington Post

Peace Accord? Syrian Rebel infighting intensifies amid diplomatic talks in Geneva (video) - RT

Yarmouk camp resident ‘can’t remember’ last time he ate

A starving elderly man appeared in a video this week expressing the agony of finding food in Syria’s besieged Yarmouk refugee camp.

The 27-second footage showing his severe malnutrition went viral on social media, .. Read more + video.

Al Arabiya

NGO: 63 dead from hunger, medical shortages in Yarmouk - Ma'an

Peace Accord? Syrian Rebel infighting intensifies amid diplomatic talks in Geneva

As diplomats push for talks at Geneva 2 - on the Syrian battlefield, radical Islamist fighters and al-Qaeda-linked rebels continue to turn against each other for control of major cities. RT's Maria Finoshina reports from the frontline in the northern city of Aleppo.


Conflict among rebel groups strengthens Syrian regime's hand - AA
Al-Qaeda leader Zawahiri seeks to end infighting among Syrian militants - Washington Post

Terrorists' dens and gatherings destroyed in several provinces - SANA
5 citizens martyred, others injured in terrorist car bomb in Hasaka - SANA

Egypt blasts: String of explosions rattle Cairo subway & police HQ

Three blasts hit Cairo on Friday, targeting police HQ, a metro station and a police station. They apparent string of militant attacks claimed at least five people and injured scores of others.


Cairo hit by three bomb blasts on Friday, killing 5 - Ahram
Egypt: Violent clashes erupt in Giza (video) - RT

Supporters of ousted president clash with security forces in Cairo - Aswat Masriya
Brotherhood supporters clash with police in Alexandria - Aswat Masriya

Exclusive: Pentagon report faults F-35 on software, reliability

(Reuters) - A new U.S. Defense Department report warns that ongoing software, maintenance and reliability problems with Lockheed Martin Corp's F-35 stealth fighter could delay the Marine Corps' plans to start using its F-35 jets by mid-2015.

The latest report by the Pentagon's chief weapons tester, Michael Gilmore, provides a detailed critique.. Read more.


'JSF kampt met grote technische problemen' - Volkskrant

More than 2,400 dead as Obama’s drone campaign marks five years

Five years ago, on January 23 2009, a CIA drone flattened a house in Pakistan’s tribal regions. It was the third day of Barack Obama’s presidency, and this was the new commander-in-chief’s first covert drone strike.

Initial reports said up to ten militants were killed, including foreign fighters and.. Read more.

Bureau of Investigative Journalism

Covert Drone War - Bureau of Investigative Journalism

Understanding the Imperialist System Changed My Life - Gar Alperovitz on RAI

On Reality Asserts Itself Mr. Alperovitz tells TRNN Senior Editor Paul Jay, that the Vietnam War made it clear there was no way to a more rational capitalism and there had to be fundamental change - Part 1/5


Arrest of Tazreen owner demanded

Leaders of six garment workers’ rights bodies at a human chain in the city on Thursday demanded immediate arrest of the owner of Tazreen Fashion Limited Delwar Hossain on charge of killing 112 workers of the factory in a fire.

Amirul Haque Amin, president of National Garment Workers’ Federation addressing the.. Read more.

New Age

- 40pc garment units fail to pay new wage - Daily Star

Ook Nederlandse bedrijfsleven profiteerde van Oost-Duitse dwangarbeid

HILVERSUM – Nederlandse bedrijven lieten in de jaren ’70 en ’80 in de voormalige dictatoriale DDR producten maken door (politieke) gevangenen. Dat blijkt uit onderzoek in de Stasi-archieven.

Grote bedrijven als Wehkamp, HEMA, Maxis, C&A, Philips en Shell bestelden producten en onderdelen die werden vervaardigd door.. Lees meer.


Nederlandse producten 'Made in DDR' (video) - EenVandaag
‘HEMA, Wehkamp en C&A deden aan dwangarbeid in DDR’ - NRC

January 23, 2014

'Foreign pressure on Ukraine will only make matters worse'

The center of Kiev has become something of a battlefield over the past few days. This is Independence Square, known as Maidan, which is the main hub of the protests - that's where the opposition camp is. But some of the most-fierce clashes on Wednesday broke out on this nearby street. Tires were set alight there - and you just heard RT's Peter Oliver reporting from the scene.

Two people were killed - both reportedly with bullet wounds. The authorities, however, say police on the streets do not have live ammunition. And there do appear to have been vigilantes with firearms among the protesters, as you can see in this picture.

Let's talk more on what's happening in Ukraine, with Daniel McAdams - head of the Ron Paul Institute for Peace and Prosperity.


Ukraine govt ready to resign, protests spread across country (video) - RT

Revolutie op Bestelling!

Voor alle mensen die het nog niet doorhebben. De revoluties van de afgelopen decennia zijn vrijwel allemaal op bestelling tot stand gekomen. Ja, je leest het goed. Revoluties worden jaren van tevoren gepland en in goed overleg met de machten achter de schermen uitgevoerd.

Hiervoor hebben ze een haast onuitputbare bron geld tot hun beschikking. Lees meer + video.


Pope Francis Ends the Debate Over Who Invented the Internet. It Was God.

Pope Francis — he of the selfie and “just calling to say hi” phone call — was already building up a reputation as one of the hippest men to occupy St. Peter’s throne (check him out here as TIME’s Person of the Year). But now we’re certain about his supreme hipness after he deemed the Internet “a gift from God.”

The pontiff offered this observation in a statement released.. Read more.


Pope Francis: Internet Is 'A Gift From God' - Business Insider
Internet 'gift from God' says pope - ANSA

Italy's public debt dropped in third quarter, says Eurostat

Down to 132.9% of GDP from 133.3% in second quarter

(ANSA) - Brussels, January 22 - Italy's huge public debt fell for the first time since 2011 in the third quarter of last year,.. Read more.


Loans at risk of default jumps 22%, says bank group - ANSA
IMF revises down 2014 growth forecasts for Italy - ANSA

Police find 51 bn euros in undeclared earnings in 2013 - ANSA

Problems on many fronts

The situation in Greece is looking very bleak indeed. On the one hand, the relationship between Athens and its international lenders is becoming increasingly tense, though the blame does not lie exclusively with the troika representatives, who have vastly differing opinions over how the Greek debt pile should be managed.

Under pressure, the government has decided to act.. Read more.


Syriza Succeeds in Greece by Challenging European Social Democrats' Approach to Reform

Panitch: Reforms can be easily thwarted by the power of business and the ideology of neoliberalism


Good and bad news for Portugal's credit rating

The credit-rating firm Standard & Poor have decided not to downgrade the rating of Portugal today after a review by the firm said it had identified signs of stabilisation in the country.

Standard and Poor said that they have found the government in Portugal to be committed to the austerity measures that it has imposed in the country however, the slightly contradictory report states that Portugal is still considered to have a negative outlook which may indicate that the firm could possibly downgrade the rating in the coming months.

Portugal News

Portugal comfortably meets 2013 deficit reduction goal - El País
Economic Indicators Positive For Portugal - Portugal News

Spain jobless rate rises again

Fresh data have shown Spain is emerging only haltingly from a long recession. The fourth-largest eurozone economy saw its jobless rate rising again at the end of 2013, but that won't stop its exit from a bailout package.

Spain's unemployment rate rose to 26.03 percent in the final quarter of 2013,.. Read more.


- Economy shed jobs for sixth year in a row in 2013 - El País
Spain's unemployment rise tempers green shoots of recovery - Guardian

- Olli Rehn: “It will take 10 years to fix the Spanish crisis” - El País

Mobile phone networks challenge government over text message trawling

EE, O2, Vodafone and Three demand answers on how spies can allegedly get around UK laws using NSA's Dishfire program

All four British mobile phone networks are to ask the government to explain how spy agencies have been able to tap into.. Read more.

The Guardian

Verizon Says U.S. Government Data Requests Top 320,000

Verizon Communications Inc. (VZ), publishing its first annual report on law-enforcement requests for customer information, said inquiries from U.S. federal, state and local authorities topped 320,000 last year.

Of the requests for customer data, more than 164,000 were subpoenas and almost 71,000 were court orders, New York-based Verizon said in the report. Read more.


Verizon says govt. data requests topped 320,000 in 2013 (video) - PressTV