June 24, 2014

Attacks threaten Ukraine's peace negotiations

Fighting has not slowed as the Ukrainian army has encircled the breakaway provinces.

Starovarvarivka, Ukraine - The Ukrainian artillery started its thumping rhythm again, pounding civilian and rebel targets.. Read more + photos.

Al Jazeera

Independence Supporters Say Ukrainian Forces Continue Fighting – Donetsk - RIA Novosti

Militia down chopper near Slavyansk, 9 feared dead – military spokesman - RT
Eleven Ukrainian servicemen killed as gunmen down helicopter, attack checkpoint near Sloviansk - Kyiv Post

Militants may attack Kharkiv and Odesa - Hrytsenko - Ukrinform
Two more Ukrainian servicemen killed despite truce, three wounded on June 24 - Kyiv Post

Putin: Seven days of truce in Ukraine enough if substantial talks start - ITAR-TASS
- Putin asks Upper House to repeal decision allowing use of military force in Ukraine (video) - RT

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