June 23, 2014

Fighting continues in eastern Ukraine

Russian President Vladimir Putin has called on Ukraine to keep to its own ceasefire – but there are conflicting accounts of who is firing at whom. More video.


Kiev bombards Shchastye town in Lugansk - PressTV
Sporadic clashes reported in Slavyansk, Donetsk (video) - PressTV

Independence Supporters in Ukraine’s East Unwilling to Recognize Kiev’s Unilateral Ceasefire - RIA Novosti

Russia Supports Efforts Towards Nationwide Dialogue in Ukraine - Lavrov - RIA Novosti
EU may impose more sanctions on Russia, if it does not take effort for peace in Ukraine - ITAR-TASS

Over 40 Children Killed Amid Clashes in Battle-Stricken Eastern Ukraine - RIA Novosti
Reports about 40 children killed in Donetsk region during hostilities untrue - authorities - Interfax

Kiev puppet government commits crimes in Ukraine on orders from Washington (video) - Pravda

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