September 30, 2014

China to start direct yuan-euro trade

SHANGHAI, Sept. 29 (Xinhua) -- China will allow direct trading between the yuan and the euro from Tuesday, according to a central bank statement on Monday.

The People's Bank of China (PBOC) website on Monday said that direct yuan-euro trade would reduce exchange costs and it will actively support direct trading. Read more.


Banking and Finance Group Supports Occupy Central

Although Hong Kong's tycoons have largely been opposed to Occupy Central, one finance group is openly supporting civil disobedience.

The WSJ's Deborah Kan speaks to Edward Chin, founder of a group called Banking and Finance Professionals in Support of Occupy Central.


Wall Street Roiled by Hong Kong Protests (video) - WSJ
和平佔中 - 金鐘 / Occupy Central, Hong Kong 28/9/2014 (video) - YT

和平佔中 - 金鐘 / Occupy Central, Hong Kong 28/9/2014

The Roots of Hong Kong’s ‘Umbrella Revolution’

Abby Martin discusses the pro-democracy movement in Hong Kong, highlighting the long history of tension between mainland China and the autonomous region and how China is responding to mass protests in the streets.


Hong Kong pro-democracy activists threaten to step up protests - Guardian
Hong Kong protesters stockpile supplies, fear fresh police advance - Reuters

Neither side backing down as Hong Kong protests continue - DW
和平佔中 - 金鐘 / Occupy Central, Hong Kong 28/9/2014 (video) - YT

Protest Hongkong voor democratie breidt zich uit - NRC

Russia Launches Genocide Case Against Ukraine Authorities

Russia's Investigative Committee announced Monday that it was launching a criminal case against the Ukrainian leadership for the genocide of the Russian-speaking population of eastern Ukraine.

In a statement published on its website, the Investigative Committee accused Ukraine of having ordered the "complete elimination" of Russian-speakers during the conflict. Read more.

Moscow Times

Russia opens criminal case on Kiev for 'genocide' in east - Reuters
Russian Investigative Committee claims Ukrainian prosecutors inadequate - Pravda

12 Killed in Worst Ukraine Shelling in Week - Moscow Times
Ukraine happy to live by rules of fascism (video) - Pravda

Ukraine happy to live by rules of fascism

Mass graves of civilians were found near Donetsk. Presumably, the people were killed by Ukrainian troops at the time, when the troops were stationed in the area.

The victims, including women, were shot in the head and then buried in several pits. A team of OSCE international observers demanded Kiev should investigate the horrifying crimes.


In de Oekraïne zijn er geen nazis

De Oekraïnese miljoenenstad Charkov op een zondagmiddag. Protestgroepen roepen nationalistische spreuken, blauw-gele vlaggen wapperen, hier-en-daar verschijnen zwart-rode vaandels of de gele vlag met de zogenaamde “wolfsangel”.

Een politie-kordon sluit zich om de groep protesterenden, eerder ter bescherming van de demonstratie in plaats van om de orde te bewaren, en kijkt toe. Mannen met bivakmuts en in legerkleding beklimmen het überdimensionaal grote Lenin-standbeeld op het “vrijheidsplein”. Lees meer + video.


Things you don't know about the air you're breathing today

I made this video to grow awareness for the dangers of ultrafine particle air-pollution from traffic and industry. Especially the exhaust from unleaded fuel. Because of my sensitivity of ultrafine particles and polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons (PAHs) i have noticed many things healthy people don't feel but still effects everybody living near roads, pesticide spraying and industrial chimneys.

The purpose of this video to show the health and environmental damage done by this kind of air-pollution and to get ultrafine particles and polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons (better) regulated by all governments worldwide.

I also like to come in contact with people that hold more information about filtering these ultrafine particles and PAH's, so we can protect ourselves better against these life threatening chemicals.

Anybody who can help me further please leave comments on my blog: Schaf De Rente Af

'Global threat worse than ISIS': Netanyahu lashes out at Iran

Bigger than the Islamic State threat – Iran and its nuclear program yet again haunted Benjamin Netanyahu’s address at the UN General Assembly.


'UN human rights council is oxymoron' – Netanyahu full speech to UNGA 2014 (video) - RT

PM tells UN: Israel’s fight is the world’s fight - JPost
At UN, Netanyahu asks Arab states for new peace plan - Haaretz

PLO official says Netanyahu speech full of 'hate language and slander' - JPost

Al-Moallem: Syria supports any international effort to combat terrorism as long as it preserves civilians’ lives and sovereignty

New York, SANA – Deputy Prime Minister, Foreign and Expatriates Minister Walid al-Moallem, delivered a speech on Monday at the 69th session of the United Nations General Assembly, in which he affirmed that Syria supports any international effort to combat terrorism as long as it fully preserves civilians’ lives and national sovereignty and is carried out according to international accords.

Following is the full text of the speech.. Read more.


Syria satisfied with U.S.-led campaign against Islamic State, Syria FM says - Haaretz

September 29, 2014

HRW calls for probe into killing of civilians in US airstrikes in Syria

Human Rights Watch (HRW) has called for an investigation into the killing of seven civilians by US airstrikes in northwestern Syria as part of an alleged military campaign against ISIL Takfiris.

"The reported killing of at least seven civilians in strikes in which there may have been no legitimate military target.. Read more.


Five children killed by US strikes in Syria: HRW - Al Akhbar

CDA: ook ingrijpen in Syrië

CDA-leider Buma zet zich af tegen het kabinetsbeleid dat Nederland wel meedoet aan de strijd tegen islamitische terreurgroepen in Irak, maar niet in Syrië.

Buma wil dat de F-16's die boven Irak in actie komen, dat ook boven Syrië doen. Lees meer.


US stirring chaos in Syria to 'expand Israel’s territorial claims'

The United States is creating the foundation for “carnage and chaos” in the Middle East to expand “Israel’s territorial claims” and encircle Iran, says an antiwar activist in Maine.

US President Barack Obama's plan for training and arming thousands of so-called “moderate” anti-government insurgents in Syria is “to create more chaos in that part of the world… to expand Israel’s territorial claims,” said Bruce Gagnon, the coordinator of Global Network Against Weapons & Nuclear Power in Space. Read more.


Israeli minister says Bedouin birthrate a problem

Agriculture minister, son of former prime minister, Yair Shamir who leads committee in charge of Bedouin issue make controversial remarks, saying in 2035 they will be half a million.

Agriculture Minister Yair Shamir (Yisrael Beiteinu) said that Israel must work to lower the birth rate of its Bedouin citizens and "take care of" the issue of polygamy prevalent in the community. Read more.


Minister: Israel looking at ways to lower Bedouin birthrate - Haaretz
12,000 Palestinian Bedouins threatened with eviction orders - PressTV

Arabs in Israel decry racial discrimination - Al Jazeera


Documentary by Stéphane Horel, France, 2014 | French title: Endoc(t)rinement

A countdown has begun in Brussels. Europe is considering a ban on endocrine disruptors, ubiquitous chemicals that hijack children’s hormonal systems and impair their health. But the potential regulation is a threat for a vast array of economic interests. The future generations mandate an astute baby to lead a behind the scenes investigation of European democracy where industry, scientists and NGOs fight for influence.

The result of an 18-month investigation, Endocrination exposes the indulgence and sensitivity of the European institutions towards corporate influence. Attack of independent researchers, instrumentalisation of science, conflicts of interest: the film also lifts the veil on the various strategies used by the chemical and pesticides lobbies, borrowed from the tobacco industry’s tool-box, to short-circuit the forthcoming regulation.

Stéphane Horel

Break the System

Voor de acties van Break the System roepen we iedereen massaal op te staan voor onze rechten

Meer informatie kijk op Break The System

September 28, 2014

Alarmerende berichten uit de denktank van Poetin

ESSAY Amerika maakt van Oekraïne een vazalstaat, analyseert de Russische denktank Izborsk. Poetins critici zijn agenten van de VS. Maar de sancties zijn voor Rusland een zegen. Dit essay, geschreven door een groep experts onder Sergej Glazjevs leiding, komt uit het recente rapport 'Het moment van de waarheid: Rusland en de sancties van het Westen', van de Izborsk-club.

Wat zich nu in Oekraïne afspeelt laat zien dat de 'overdracht' van het landsbestuur door de superrijke oligarchen louter een technische kwestie is. De oligarchie kan zich niet onttrekken aan het wereldwijde financiële systeem dat de VS en hun bondgenoten in handen hebben. Lees meer.


‘It is the first time an int’l institution will investigate vulture funds’

Foreign Minister Héctor Timerman praised the resolution passed at the United Nations Human Rights Council condemning US hedge funds that took Argentina to court. The official pointed out that it is the first time the so called vulture funds will be subjected to an investigation by an international institution.

“Our contribution to future generations is that this will not happen again,”.. Read more.

Buenos Aires Herald

UN Condemnation to US Blockade Against Cuba Grows

United Nations, Sep 27 (Prensa Latina) El Salvador, Namibia, Trinidad and Tobago, Dominica and Guyana joined their voices in favor of lifting the US blockade imposed to Cuba during the debate of the UN General Assembly, in its fourth day of session today.

As in previous sessions, interventions concluded yesterday and into the night with about 40 leaders on the dais,.. Read more.

Prensa Latina

Germany's dire record on protecting whistleblowers

Germany has some of the least effective protection for whistleblowers in the G20, new research has revealed. Despite good intentions in the coalition contract, the Merkel government remains apathetic.

Brigitte Heinisch made legal history. Or at least she should have done. Read more.


'Bought Journalism': German bestseller reveals CIA pay Western media for spin & bias

The media is a key tool in the battle for hearts and minds. But a new bestseller by a German author reveals some details on journalism that would be considered too outlandish, even in a spy novel.

RT's Peter Oliver reports.


Dr Udo Ulfkotte, journalist and author, on RT (video) - RT

September 27, 2014

Oorlog: Likoed-vice-voorzitter Knesset: ‘Hitler was een genie’

De Likud-partij van Netan Netanyahu is een club gure politici, waarvan menig politieke partij, zoals tijdens de oprichting van Wilders’ partij bleek, nog lieverdjes zijn. De regerende Likud-partij heeft een aantal van figuren, waarvan de officiële woordvoerders van de partij nauwelijks raad mee weten. Moshe Feiglin is één van deze mensen en het nieuws over hem bereikt zelden de nieuwsmedia in de rest van de wereld.

Feiglin is wat je noemt een ultra-rechtse politicus, een man uit de hoek van de PVV, als we het naar Nederlandse maatstaven afmeten. En waarom het tóch belangrijk is, deze feiten te weten, is dat veel van de Israëli in de hoek van de Zionistische beweging, absolute extremisten zijn. Lees meer.


Yossi Sarid / Feiglin, his cronies are fascists by any definition - Haaretz

Hitler of The Andes

The film follows the story of the FBI's 11-year investigation into the rumors that Hitler had survived the war and had escaped to Argentina.

An adventure encompassing an alleged escape from the ruins of Berlin by Aeroplane to Norway; followed by a U-Boat journey to South America and a retirement in the decaying splendor of the Eden Hotel, in the foothills of the Andes.

Revealed: Hitler in Argentina (video) - Trailer
‘Hitler Fled to Argentina’: Full interview with Gerrard Williamson (video) - 21th Century Wire

FBI: The Vault - Adolf Hitler Argentina - FBI
The secret behind the death of Hitler (video) - BBC

E.Ukraine locals desperate to find relatives killed during months of war

As the ceasefire in Ukraine enters its fourth week, locals are looking for loved ones lost during the military operation. 

For some, even simply saying their last goodbyes is proving a daunting task, as RT's Maria Finoshina reports.


No one has monopoly on truth - Lavrov at UNGA 2014

Full Speech

The US-led Western block rejects the principle of the equality of sovereign states secured by the UN Charter while advocating democracy in the international arena, said Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov addressing the UNGA. Read more.


Russian FM issues blistering attack on US, NATO - Washington Post
Russia's Sergei Lavrov: the US cannot change the cold war in its 'genetic code' - Guardian

Lavrov haalt hard uit naar Westen (video) - NOS

Freedom but no info: How news is stifled in US

The fight for freedom of information has never been harder in America, so says the head of the Associated Press's bureau in Washington. She's written an article listing the main obstacles facing those trying to report without bias.

RT's Gayane Chichakyan takes a closer look at the reporters' struggle.


8 ways the Obama administration is blocking information - AP
Journalists criticize White House for 'secrecy' - AP

ISIS War Is Peace: Obama Vs. Orwell

This is what our Nobel Peace Prize Winning President said in front of the UN General Assembly on September 24, 2014 — the same day U.S. military weapons hit some 168 targets including a dozen oil refineries in Syria...
“We must declare war on war, so the outcome will be peace upon peace.”
It's as if Obama is trying to reconcile his peace prize with his legacy of war by arguing that the U.S. is not at a traditional war (because the U.S. is always at war) but just as we go to yet another war, we're actually at a war against war in the name of peace.

So...war is peace. Ever read a book called *1984* by George Orwell?

Obama's UN full speech

Related article by Melissa Melton: Doublethink: Media Reports No Military Action Against ISIS While Reporting Airstrikes Against ISIS

Truthstream Media

Who is Really Behind ISIS?

As bombs start dropping in Syria and Iraq, the world is once again being asked to cower in fear of a shadowy terror group that most people hadn't heard of just a few months ago. But even the most cursory examination of ISIS's past, its connections, and the actors populating it reveal a very different story than the one we are being asked to believe in.

Fake terrorists. Foreign backers. False flags. Meet the new boogeyman, same as the old boogeyman. Read more.

Corbett Report

Pentagon ready to train up to 15,000 Syrian rebels

Pentagon officials provided an update on Friday concerning the campaign being waged against militants from the so-called Islamic State and said the operation remains a ways from being over.

In a press conference from the United States military’s headquarters near Washington, DC on Friday, Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel and Joint Chiefs of Staff Chairman Gen. Martin Dempsey said.. Read more.


Syrische oppositie heeft 12.000 man nodig voor inname Oost-Syrië - NU

'No Al-Qaeda, Islamist fundamentalism in Iraq before Blair & Bush invasion' - Galloway to MPs

British MP George Galloway has been met with praise and criticism for his speech given in Parliament today, where he set out his case against military intervention in Iraq. Read more.


3 Nations Offer Limited Support to Attack on ISIS

LONDON — Britain, Belgium and Denmark lined up Friday behind the United States in its fight against the Islamic State group, agreeing to military operations in Iraq — but drawing a line for now against direct intervention in Syria.

Even the half-step of support, however, offered a boost to President Obama’s effort to cast the fight.. Read more.

NY Times

Catalan premier Mas signs decree calling November independence referendum

The Catalan regional premier, Artur Mas, has signed a decree calling a referendum on independence for the northeastern Spanish region.

As he was widely expected to do, the Convergence and Union (CiU) politician put pen to paper shortly after 10.30am in the Palau de la Generalitat,.. Read more.

El País

“Referendum is unconstitutional and will not take place,” says deputy PM - El País

Bitcoin: het establishment versus de vrijheidsstrijder

Bitcoin is cryptocurrency, een digitale munt met als grootste kenmerk zijn technisch vernuft en de wijze waarop deze verstuurd wordt. Bij verhandeling is er op geen enkele manier een derde partij betrokken. Dit is uniek.

De transacties gebeuren via een open-source software en in open-source community. Geen centrale planners, toezichthouders die vat kunnen hebben op zijn waarde, het voordeel volgens de IT-er. Lees meer.

September 26, 2014

Food affected by Fukushima disaster harms animals, even at low-levels of radiation, study shows

Butterflies eating food collected from cities around the Fukushima nuclear meltdown site showed higher rates of death and disease, according to a study published in the open access journal BMC Evolutionary Biology.

Researchers fed groups of pale blue grass butterflies (Zizeeria maha) leaves from six different areas at varying distance from the disaster site, and then investigated the effects on the next generation. Read more.


Mahmoud Abbas calls on UN to back deadline for Israeli withdrawal

Palestinian president accuses Israel of genocide in Gaza conflict and declares US-brokered peace process dead

The Palestinian president, Mahmoud Abbas, has called on the United Nations security council to support a resolution setting a clear deadline for Israel’s withdrawal.. Read more.


Abbas denounces 'genocidal' Israel, urges UN to back timetable for Palestinian statehood - JPost

Abbas at UN: Israel committed genocide in Gaza - Ynet
Abbas at UNGA: Israel perpetrated genocide in Gaza, we won't forget or forgive - Haaretz

Liberman calls Abbas 'diplomatic terrorist busy with slandering Israel' - JPost
Can the UN help Abbas end Israeli occupation? (video) - Al Jazeera

Neemt Israël Abbas nog wel serieus na genocide-uitspraak? - Elsevier

I Refused to be Treated like an Animal - Eddie Conway on Reality Asserts Itself

Mr. Conway says after 44 years in prison, he considered people to be of value and to be respected, and refused to be dehumanized himself


Eddie Conway on Reality Asserts Itself - Full Interview (video) - TRNN

Protesters clash with police at rally in Ferguson

September 26, 2014 9:46 AM EDT - Several protesters were arrested after clashing with police at a rally Thursday night in Ferguson, Mo., where Michael Brown was shot to death by a police officer last month. (Reuters)

Washington Post

Police Chief’s Apology Met With Scorn in Ferguson (video) - NY Times
Politiechef Ferguson zegt sorry (video) - NOS

Ferguson: Chronicle of an Insurrection

An in depth look at the events that unfolded in Ferguson, Missouri following the police murder of Michael Brown, a black teenager.

Also features an exclusive interview with former Black Panther, Ashanti Alston, about the state of black “America”, abolishing penile power and taking care of your peeps in the muthafuckin resistance.

More analysis on the Ferguson insurrection here.

Nzela Feat Mo'Kalamity - Songs Of Rebels

The Rebel Theologian

Leonard Boff - The Rebel Theologian. This biographical documentary explores the life and teachings of Leonardo Boff and his Christian, political and humanist beliefs.

Boff is considered one of the leading proponents of Latin American liberation theology and its renewal. Liberation theology is a current of progressive thinking within Catholicism that views Jesus Christ as a defender of the poor and seeks a greater social commitment on the part of the Church.


Peter Schiff: Biggest crisis ever looms

This year has seen plenty of political turmoil - the waves of instability seem to do little to the world’s economy. Will that remain so for long? And if not - is there an another crisis looming, like the one that left thousands if not millions helpless and in poverty in 2008? And, finally, what does tomorrow hold for dollar?

We ask these questions to leading financial analyst and CEO of Euro Pacific Capital Peter Schiff.


Corbett Report: Graeme MacQueen Reveals The Anthrax Deception

In his new book “The 2001 Anthrax Deception,” Dr. Graeme MacQueen, co-editor of the Journal of 9/11 Studies, lays out the case for a domestic conspiracy in the 2001 anthrax attacks in the US.

In this conversation, James and Graeme discuss the context in which these attacks happened, the way they were portrayed by the government and the mainstream media, their ultimate effect, and the voluminous evidence that disproves the FBI’s assertion that the attacks were the work of Dr. Bruce Ivins. More audio.

Corbett Report

- American Anthrax (video) - Media Roots

September 25, 2014

Accused: The US manufactured Ebola

The Liberian Daily Observer, which is the largest newspaper in Liberia, just published an article on their front page with the headline, “Ebola, AIDS Manufactured By Western Pharmaceuticals, US DoD?”

The article basically accuses the US of manufacturing this Ebola outbreak in what they call an American Military-Medical-Industry scheme to use Africa as a testing ground for bioweapons. The Resident discusses.


Ebola, AIDS Manufactured By Western Pharmaceuticals, US DoD? - Liberian Observer
The Ebola Virus Pandemic: “A Weapon of Mass Destruction”? - Global Research

Why Do the U.S. Centers for Disease Control (CDC) Own a Patent on Ebola “Invention?” - Global Research

Ebola, AIDS Manufactured By Western Pharmaceuticals, US DoD?

By: Dr. Cyril Broderick, Professor of Plant Pathology

Dear World Citizens:

I have read a number of articles from your Internet outreach as well as articles from other sources about the casualties in Liberia and other West African countries about the human devastation caused by the Ebola virus. About a week ago, I read an article published in the Internet news summary publication of the Friends of Liberia that said that there was an agreement that the initiation of the Ebola outbreak in West Africa was due to the contact of a two-year old child with bats that had flown in from the Congo. Read more.

Liberian Observer

The Ebola Virus Pandemic: “A Weapon of Mass Destruction”? - Global Research
Why Do the U.S. Centers for Disease Control (CDC) Own a Patent on Ebola “Invention?” - Global Research

The Vaccine Song

Truthstream Media

The Georgia Guidestones Have Officially Been Updated with the Year 2014

The elite's cryptic monument to depopulation and world government just became more mysterious (and creepier) – somebody has officially updated it with an engraved cube marking the year 2014 inserted into the English/Spanish slab of the 'new 10 commandments' for the 'Age of Reason' desired by its creators.

Truthstream Media

Why Do We Lust for War

The outbreak of a new conflict becomes its own reality television show.

September 24, 2014  |  “Every war is ironic because every war is worse than expected,” wrote Paul Fussell in The Great War and Modern Memory. “ No one old enough to remember Dick Cheney’s “we will be greeted as liberators” needs to be reminded of this truism, but as the odds for a region-wide war rise, and as the war on terror now enters its Syria phase, either we somehow forget the horrors of miscalculations past, or even more worryingly, we long for the perverse theater of war because it’s “the force that gives us meaning.” Read more.


'Certain states helped create Islamist extremism' – Iran’s Rouhani to UN Gen Assembly: Full Speech

The rise of violent extremism around the world is the fault of “certain states” and “intelligence agencies” that have helped to create it and are failing to withstand it, Iranian President Hassan Rouhani said in an address to the UN General Assembly. Read more.


Terrorism, extremism threatening entire world: Rouhani (video) - PressTV

Russia lashes out at Western capitals for financing ISIL in Mideast (video) - PressTV
'UN’s like very sick patient who nobody has the heart to euthanize' (video) - RT

What Role Is Turkey Playing in the War against ISIS?

Lecturer Baris Kaaragaac says Turkey is trying to manage its response to the Islamic State in such a way to prevent the Kurds from consolidating political or military power


Survey: 4 out 5 in Turkey consider ISIL a terrorist organization - Today's Zaman
Pitched battles between ISIL and Syrian Kurds cause alarm along Turkish border - Hürriyet

US Bombs Syria without Congressional Approval

After the House passes a rule banning calls for a debate or vote on war authorization, critics say Obama and congressional leadership are curbing dissent within own their ranks


'We'll bomb where we want': US security doctrine doesn't need intl approval (video) - RT
No legal standing for US strikes in Syria: Rouhani (video) - PressTV

Enter the Khorosan

Noem het toeval. Vrijwel gelijktijdig met het vastlopen van de „proxy-oorlog“ van de NATO/IMF/EU/US tegen Rusland in het oosten van de Oekraïne, lanceert vredesnobelprijsdrager Barack Obama zijn volgende, naar internationaal recht compleet illegale, oorlog in het Midden Oosten.

Samen met een soort „coalition of the un-willing“ bestaande uit de illustere arabische staten Saudi Arabië, Qatar, de emiraten, Bahrain en Jordanië, geheel toevallig die landen die in de Syrische „burgeroorlog“ de meest extremistische groeperingen van wapens en geld voorzien, trekt Amerika ten strijde tegen de onwaarschijnlijk plotseling opgedoken Islamic State. Lees meer.


September 24, 2014

Nederlandse F-16's naar Irak

Nederland gaat militair meedoen aan de internationale strijd tegen Islamitische Staat. Het kabinet gaat zes F-16's inzetten die beschikbaar zijn voor luchtaanvallen op IS in Irak. De missie zal zes tot twaalf maanden duren.

Morgen vertrekken de eerste militairen en volgens minister Hennis van Defensie kan het team over een week al operationeel zijn. Lees meer + video.


Dutch to send fighter jets to strike at IS in Iraq - AP

ISIS is CIA false flag op, pretext for war inside Syria & Iraq'

US military has confirmed that the US-led coalition have launched five airstrikes on the Islamic State militants.

Geopolitical expert William Engdahl joins RT to discuss this issue.


Chris Hedges on Willful Blindness, Climate Corporatism & the Underground Revolt

Abby Martin speaks with journalist and author, Chris Hedges, going over where the recent mass climate change demonstrations in New York fall short, as well as why he believes revolt is the only solution to restoring a functioning American democracy.


Don’t drink the (warm) water, study says

Americans can take a warning from a University of Florida study of bottled water in China ─ don’t drink the liquid if you’ve left it somewhere warm for a long time.

Plastic water bottles are made from polyethylene terephthalate. When heated, the material releases the chemicals antimony and bisphenol A, commonly called BPA. Read more.


Physicists teleport quantum state of photon to crystal over 25 kilometers

Physicists at the University of Geneva (UNIGE) have succeeded in teleporting the quantum state of a photon to a crystal over 25 kilometres of optical fibre.

The experiment, carried out in the laboratory of Professor Nicolas Gisin, constitutes a first, and simply pulverises the previous record of 6 kilometres achieved ten years ago by the same UNIGE team. Read more.


Russia calls for intl probe into Ukraine burials with signs of execution

Russia is calling for an international investigation into the discovery of burial sites with signs of execution at locations where the Ukraine National Guard forces were stationed two days earlier.

The head of Russia’s presidential human rights council, Mikhail Fedotov, has called on the authorities to do everything to “ensure an independent international probe” and “let international human rights activists and journalists” gain access to the site in Eastern Ukraine’s embattled Donetsk region. Read more + video.


OSCE reports discovery of three mass graves near Donetsk, E. Ukraine (video) - RT

Alarming: Putin Could Soon Bring The U.S. Economy To Its Knees With One Simple Action

The de-dollarization of the world economy continues to proceed as countries around the world sign swap agreements to trade in their own currencies and remove the US dollar from transactions with their non-U.S. trading partners.

It is no secret that Russian President Vladimir Putin would love to further this process and damage the United States economically as much as possible by minimizing the use of the dollar globally, and undermining its status as a global reserve currency. Read more.

Western Journalism

Poetin leert les veel sneller dan Obama: een economie op z`n knieën krijgen doe je door vrienden te maken -

PayPal Announces First Partnerships in Bitcoin Space

PayPal has announced partnerships with three major payment processors in the bitcoin space – BitPay, Coinbase and GoCoin.

Though the online e-commerce pioneer stopped short of integrating bitcoin into its digital wallet or payment processing services directly, the move marks PayPal’s first formal offering to the bitcoin community. Read more.


PayPal Enables Bitcoin Transactions For Merchants Selling Digital Goods - CrunchTech
PayPal Takes Baby Step Toward Bitcoin, Partners With Cryptocurrency Processors - Forbes

Bitcoin Price Spikes Amid Positive PayPal News - CoinDesk

Bitcoin Bruiser: Feds Shut Down Butterfly Labs As PayPal Realizes It Shouldn't Work With Companies Like That

There have long been online complaints about Butterfly Labs, a Missouri-based maker of Bitcoin mining equipment that started operations in 2010. People complained in Bitcoin forums that the company charged them in advance for high-speed encryption machines that arrived months late, damaged, or not at all.

Some angry customers sued, as documented by Ars Technica in an article that contained disturbing information about Butterfly Labs’ cocoon. Read more.


- Feds say Bitcoin miner maker Butterfly Labs ran “systematic deception” - Ars Technica

Press TV correspondent shows ISIL militants in Israeli occupied Golan Heights


Syria accuses Israel of supporting the ISIL

Syria has once again accused Israel of supporting the ISIL Takfiri terrorists.

A Syrian military official confirmed that Israel has shot down a Syrian fighter jet based on Tel Aviv's policy of supporting the ISIL terrorists. Earlier, Israel said that it shot down a Syrian fighter jet as it attempted to fly over the ceasefire line into the Israeli-occupied Golan Heights.

According to the Israeli army radio, the Syrian aircraft, which was apparently a Sukhoi jet, was downed by a surface-to-air Patriot missile. It said the plane's wreckage landed on the Syrian-controlled side of the Golan Heights.


Press TV correspondent shows ISIL militants in Israeli occupied Golan Heights (video) - PressTV

US using ISIL to benefit arms industry

The US is exploiting the threat from the ISIL terrorist group to maintain control of Iraq’s oil resources and benefit the arms industry, an anti-war activist in Maine says.

“It seems obvious to me that the United States is using ISIS or ISIL as a way to continue to stay involved in the Middle East,”.. Read more.


50 US-led strikes carried out in Syria

The US and its allies have carried out at least 50 airstrikes against the Takfiri militants operating inside Syria, the so-called Syrian Observatory for Human Rights (SOHR) says.

According to the UK-based group, the air raids were launched in northern and eastern Syria late on Monday, targeting militants from the ISIL and the al-Qaeda affiliated Al-Nusra Front, the DPA reported. Read more.


US, allies hit ‘militant’ targets in Syria, kill 11 civilians (video) - PressTV
US v ISIS combat cam video: Airstrikes against Islamic State in Syria (video) - RT

Ukraine: War in east can't be won militarily

Ukraine’s President Petro Poroshenko has admitted that Kiev can’t win the war in the east militarily. Poroshenko made the remark following his government’s fresh peace deal with the militias on Saturday.

Fighters of the two breakaway Donetsk and Luhansk regions gained the upper hand over the Ukrainian forces in recent days. The militias say nearly four-thousand people have been killed since the unrest broke out in April.


Poroshenko returns from USA empty-handed (video) - Pravda
East Ukraine death toll over 3,500: UN (video) - PressTV

Interview with woman freed from UA captivity

Russia calls for intl probe into Ukraine burials with signs of execution (video) - RT

September 23, 2014

A third of Argentina's population 'vulnerable' to falling back into poverty, says World Bank

Approximately 33% of Argentina's population (or those living with between 4 and 10 dollars per day) are vulnerable to falling into poverty if faced with adverse economic conditions, the World Bank said in its 2015-2018 Country Partnership Strategy (CPS) report for Argentina.

The multilateral organization estimates there is a poverty rate of about 11% in Argentina,.. Read more.


“Just you wait; I'm coming” president Maduro tells US main newspapers

Venezuelan leader Nicolas Maduro has said he will travel to New York this week for his debut appearance as president at the United Nations General Assembly despite “racist” editorials against him in major US newspapers.

Venezuela is poised to gain a temporary seat on the UN Security Council in 2015-16 thanks to unanimous backing around Latin America and the Caribbean. The United States is unhappy with that but is not seeking to scupper it, diplomatic sources say. Read more.


F-16s not a strategy': Blair, US generals call for boots on ground to battle ISIS

Washington has so far ruled out sending in troops to Syria and Iraq. But some top U.S. officials say there's no way to beat Islamic State without putting American boots on the ground.

RT's Gayane Chichakyan reports.


IAF shoots down Syrian fighter jet over Golan Heights

Ya'alon says jet "approached Israeli territory in the Golan Heights in a threatening manner, and even crossed the border"; Syria describes the incident as an Israeli "act of aggression."

The IDF shot down a Syrian warplane that invaded Israeli airspace over the Golan Heights on Tuesday. Read more.


IDF shoots down Syrian fighter plane infiltrating Israeli territory (video) - Haaretz
Syria accuses Israel of supporting the ISIL (video) - PressTV

Syria: Israel still defies international community, making use of support offered by some UN member states

Geneva, SANA- Syria’s permanent envoy to the UN in Geneva, ambassador Hussam al-Din Ala said that the UN has persisted to call on Israel to end its occupation of the Syrian Golan and the Palestinian lands since 1967, including Jerusalem, stop its settlement polices and its aggressive practices against civilians under occupation, but Israel still defies the international community, dealing recklessly with the UN resolutions.

“Israel makes use of the support offered by a number of UN members states,.. Read more.


8 civilians, incl. 3 kids, killed in US-led strikes on Syria - monitor

8 civilians, incl. 3 kids, killed in US-led strikes on Syria - monitor

Washington carries a series of airstrikes on the city of Raqqa in the early hours of Tuesday. Read more.


US and allies strike ISIL targets in Syria (video) - Al Jazeera
Foreign Ministry : Minister al-Moallem received letter from US counterpart informing him that the US will target ISIS positions in Syria - SANA

First footage: US-led airstrikes batter ISIS base in Syria (video) - RT
U.S., Iran seek common ground against militants, but doubts persist - Reuters

Why I quit: Cannabis Protest

Alaska Cannabis Club

Alaska reporter who quit on TV explains her crusade to legalize marijuana - NY Daily

Flood Wall Street ends with mass arrests after day-long protest

Police have pepper sprayed Flood Wall Street protesters taking part in a massive rally against climate change - already into its second day in the heart of NYC’s 's financial district.

A total of 102 people were arrested for disobeying police.


More than 100 arrested at Wall St. climate protest Wall street (photos) - Politico

Heirs to Rockefeller oil fortune divest from fossil fuels over climate change

Heirs to Standard Oil fortune join campaign that will withdraw a total of $50bn from fossil fuels, including from tar sands funds

The heirs to the fabled Rockefeller oil fortune withdrew their funds from fossil fuel investments on Monday, lending a symbolic boost to a $50bn divestment campaign ahead of a United Nations summit on climate change. Read more.


Rockefeller Fund Built on Oil to Abandon Fossil Fuels (video) - Bloomberg
Erfgenamen oliemagnaat Rockefeller stappen uit fossiele brandstoffen - Z24

The Yes Men Fix The World

THE YES MEN FIX THE WORLD is a screwball true story about two gonzo political activists who, posing as top executives of giant corporations, lie their way into big business conferences and pull off the world's most outrageous pranks.

This peer-to-peer special edition features never before seen footage of the Yes Men imitating the U.S. Chamber of Commerce and has been released under a free-to-share license.

September 22, 2014

Govts create terrorist groups to mask massive fraud


Ukraine army and rebels pull back from east

Both sides begin to withdraw from frontline buffer zone, says Ukraine's military, following earlier truce.

Ukranian officials have said that government troops and pro-Russian rebels are withdrawing forces and artillery from frontline positions in eastern Ukraine following a peace agreement between the two sides. Read more + video.

Al Jazeera

Compliance with Minsk agreement critical for peace in Donbass — Poroshenko, Merkel - ITAR-TASS
Lack of trust between Ukraine’s conflicting sides delay implementation of Minsk accords - ITAR-TASS

Ukrainian Donbas Volunteer Battalion to Be Trained by US Instructors: Commander - RIA Novosti

Poroshenko returns from USA empty-handed

Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko's trip to Washington was actually a waste of time. His meeting with US counterpart Barack Obama did not go as expected.

During the NATO summit in Wales, the head of the White House took the side of Kiev in talking about a possibility of adopting a special status for Ukraine as an ally outside the North Atlantic Alliance. However, this has not been confirmed, despite the active position of the Ukrainian diaspora in the United States.


Moscow warns ‘circles in Washington’ over hindering peace process in Ukraine - RT

Children's Limbo: Over 300 schools destroyed in E.Ukraine

The Ukrainian army and anti-Kiev forces are withdrawing their equipment to create a 30-kilometer buffer zone. The move is the latest phase of the peace process in East Ukraine - where there's still sporadic fighting.

Roman Kosarev reports.


Juice Rap News | The Singularity - feat. Ray Kurzweil & Alex Jones

Today we travel into the pure world of sci-fi to investigate the much vaunted, mysterious potential future event known as 'The Singularity'. What will a machine consciousness mean for humanity? What are the ethical, political, military and philosophical implications of strong A.I.? And what would an AI sound like when spitting rhymes over a dope beat?

All this and more shall be revealed in Rap News 28: The Singularity - featuring a special appearance from famed technocrat, futurist and inventor, Ray Kurzweil, in full TED talk mode; everyone's favourite warmonger, General Baxter; and we welcome back the dauntless info warrior Alex Jones, who last made an appearance in RN6. Join Robert Foster on this epic Sci-Fi quest into the future/past of humanity. 

Written & created by Giordano Nanni & Hugo Farrant in a suburban backyard home studio in Melbourne, Australia, on Wurundjeri Land.

Juice Media

Yemen rivals sign peace agreement

Houthi leaders and Yemen president agree UN-brokered deal as rebels take over government buildings in Sanaa.

A UN-brokered peace deal between Houthi rebels and Yemen's government has been signed while the Houthis have taken control of government buildings and a state radio and TV station in the capital, Sanaa. Read more.

Al Jazeera

Yemen’s Prime Minister Resigns Amid Chaos and Another Cease-Fire - NY Times
‘Friends of Yemen’ to hold crucial meeting - Arab News

Saudi Arabia sends warplanes to Yemen to counter revolutionaries - PressTV

September 21, 2014

Philadelphia Decriminalizes Marijuana

Defense attorney Patrick Nightingale says decriminalization is only a step towards addressing the real problem of disproportionate arrests in African-American and minority communities


Philadelphia decriminalizes marijuana (video) - MSNBC
Commonwealth should follow Philly's lead on pot -

Philadelphia Is About To Be America's Largest City To Decriminalize Marijuana - Huff Post

West hypocritical, can’t make up mind on who it supports in Syria

Establishing conclusive evidence of human rights abuses can be a tall order in times of war, and next to impossible in complex environments such as Syria and Ukraine. How do human rights groups ensure their reporting on conflicts is fair and balanced? And can the issue of human rights be used as a weapon of geopolitical manipulation?

Oksana is joined by Salil Shetty, the Secretary-General of Amnesty International, to explore these issues. Full Interview.


Isis Bombshell Exposed

ISIS is acronym for the Official Israeli Mossad Intelligence: Israeli Secret Intelligence Service

The jews zionists are yet behind another terrorism plot to sell to the american public for their greater israel agenda of genocide, using jewish pro-zionist actors to pawn off as muslim terrorist leaders.

Critical Note: The commentator speaks consequently about 'the jews' in this video. This is a misconception!!! Please change the word 'Jews' into 'Zionists'. The religious Jews are not the real problem, the political and capitalist Zionists are indeed.

Zionism is also not especially related to the Ashkenazim jews because there are some millions of Ashkenazim and other jews who rejects zionism. From the 13.7 million religious jews worldwide and besides the unkown number of the non-organized anti-zionist jews, an estimated 1.5-2 million jews are organized in several anti-zionist organisations like Neturei Karta, IJAN and more.


2/11 - Het spel van de wolf - Trailer

Na de moord op Van Gogh moeten zo snel mogelijk alle sporen die naar onoplettendheid van de AIVD leiden worden uitgewist. Maar dan blijkt er veel meer aan de hand.

Vanaf 2 oktober 2014 in de filmtheaters.

06/05 Sixth of May (video) - Trailer
Offers (video) - Film

UK OK Bitcoin: Brit merchants go for cryptocurrency despite doubts

Governments across the world have been quick to denounce the boom of the virtual currency bitcoin, citing fears that criminals are embracing the independent cash system. But despite that, the number of things one can buy in UK using the currency is rising.

RT's Marina Kosareva reports.


De primaire oorzaak van kanker, celademhaling

Er zijn miljarden euro´s naar kankeronderzoek gegaan. Voornamelijk naar de secundaire oorzaken. De primaire oorzaak van kanker wordt vergeten. Sinds 1925 is deze primaire oorzaak van alle kankers in duizenden experimenten aangetoond: een verstoorde celademhaling waardoor glycolyse ontstaat. Daarbij is de hoge inname van koolhydraten en het tekort aan onbewerkte basisvetten direct de aanleiding voor dit zuurstoftekort.

Dit blijkt tevens de oorzaak van vele chronische en dodelijke ziekten te zijn. Het is vaak in oncologische vakbladen geschreven. Ondanks dit feit zijn maar heel weinig medici, laat staan gewone mensen, op de hoogte. Onlangs werd wederom een bevestigend onderzoek gepubliceerd. Lees meer.


September 20, 2014

“GlaxoSmithKline” dumpt levend polio virus in Belgische wateren

GSK1“Werknemers van de farmareus GlaxoSmithKline (GSK) hebben deze maand meer dan 45 liter geconcentreerd levend poliovirus gedumpt in het water nabij een Belgische zuiveringsinstallatie”

Dit staat in een persbericht van de Belgische Federale Overheids Dienst (FOD). Lees meer.

Gewoon Nieuws

Water besmet met polio belandt in rivier - HLN
45 liters live polio virus solution accidentally released into local water in Belgium by GlaxoSmithKline - CSglobe

Yemen's Houthi rebels advance into Sanaa

Fierce battles between army and rebels continue for third day in the capital, forcing hundreds to flee their homes.

Yemen's government troops have been battling Houthi rebels for a third day in the capital Sanaa after the collapse of ceasefire talks, officials and residents say. Read more + video.

Al Jazeera

Clashes between army, Houthi protesters kill 5 in Sana’a (video) - PressTV

Assange: Google has revolving doors with State Dept

Going Underground's Afshin Rattansi talks with Jullian Assange in an exclusive interview. 

They discuss imperial foreign policies, Google, impact of WikiLeaks and more.


Help Obama Kickstart World War III

The Second City Network

Tuur Demeester: “Ieder mislukt fiat experiment is wind in zeilen voor bitcoin”

In De Week van Bitcoin 44 bespreekt Tuur de zwaar ingezakte prijs deze week, met ook aandacht voor alt coins, goud, Oekraïne en Schotland. Hij zegt: “Ieder mislukt fiat experiment is wind in zeilen voor bitcoin”.

Aaron vat de zaak Bitcoinisgeld samen en geeft een update van waar we staan. Amresh Bajnath tenslotte gaat in op zijn nieuwe en eerste Nederlandse beurs


Downward Pressures Persist as Bitcoin’s Price Declines to Near $400

The price of bitcoin on the CoinDesk USD Bitcoin Price Index (BPI) declined today from a near-open high of $455.24 to a low of $405.72 at 19:35 UTC, before eventually recovering to a press-time value of $421.42.

Prices were similarly affected on the CoinDesk CNY Bitcoin Price Index,.. Read more.


France conducts first airstrikes on IS militant group in Iraq

French fighter jets bombed a military logistics warehouse seized by the Islamic State group in northeast Iraq on Friday in the first French airstrikes against the jihadist militants.

Flying out of the United Arab Emirates, two French Rafale fighter jets fired four laser-guided bombs.. Read more.


Netherlands May Send F-16 Fighters, Weapons to Iraq to Combat IS: Reports - RIA Novosti
Kabinet aarzelt over inzet F-16's tegen IS in Syrië - Volkskrant

Fmr. IDF Soldier Calls on Americans to Stand Up to Israel War Crimes | Interview with Eran Efrati

Abby Martin speaks with Eran Efrati, a former IDF soldier who recounts his experience being ostracized for attempting to expose crimes he witnessed as a soldier.

September 19, 2014

Madrid ready to act if Catalonia takes final step toward referendum

The Spanish government plans to hold an extraordinary Cabinet meeting this weekend if Catalan authorities finally pass legislation on Friday sanctioning the celebration of a referendum on self-rule.

Although Catalan nationalists have stated for months that the vote will be held on November 9,.. Read more.

El País

Madrid relieved at Scottish unionist win - El País
Spain's Catalonia seeks self-rule referendum (video) - Al Jazeera

Spain, Italy, Belgium: Battle lines drawn for independence after Scottish vote - RT

Russia critical of MH17 inquiry, wants bigger U.N. role

(Reuters) - Russia on Friday criticized an international investigation into the downing of a Malaysia Airlines plane in Ukraine, saying it can be transparent only with more U.N. involvement, even though the world body found the inquiry met international standards.

The U.N. Security Council met, at the request of Russia, to discuss a preliminary Dutch Safety Board report.. Read more.


UN Official: Full Access to Malaysia Airlines MH17 Crash Site Still Problematic - RIA Novosti

Kritiek Rusland op onderzoek MH17 (video) - NOS
Nederland op hakblok bij VN Veiligheidsraad door flut rapport MH17 - Joost Niemoller

Nederland op hakblok bij VN Veiligheidsraad door flut rapport MH17

Rusland heeft om een spoedoverleg van de Veiligheidsraad gevraagd. Onderwerp: Het Nederlandse rapport van de Onderzoeksraad voor Veiligheid. De bijeenkomst vindt morgenochtend plaats. 

Dat is nogal wat. Rusland is een groot land. Spoedvergaderingen van de Veiligheidsraad zijn meestal groot internationaal nieuws. En nu is Nederland dus het onderwerp. Ons land. Zoiets komt zelden voor en je zou dus denken, dat is groot nieuws in Nederland. Maar dat is het helemaal niet. Het is nauwelijks nieuws. Lees meer.

Joost Niemoller

Kritiek Rusland op onderzoek MH17 (video) - NOS

Russia critical of MH17 inquiry, wants bigger U.N. role - Reuters
UN Official: Full Access to Malaysia Airlines MH17 Crash Site Still Problematic - RIA Novosti

Haags raadslid Khoulani vergelijkt Israël met IS: 'twee handen op één buik'

DEN HAAG - Abdoe Khoulani heeft Israël vergeleken met IS tijdens de Haagse gemeenteraad van donderdagavond.

Toen ChristenUnie-SGP-raadslid Pieter Grinwis hem vroeg een eerdere uitspraak over Israël terug te nemen zei Khoulani: 'Never nooit niet, Israël en ISIS zijn twee handen op één buik.' Lees meer.

Omroep West

Prominent Syrian opposition leader urges rebel cooperation with Israel - Haaretz

- Israel Is Tending to Wounded Syrian Rebels - Foreign Policy
Israel may be operating in Syria - Global Post

Strong Senate vote for Obama on Syria rebel aid

WASHINGTON (AP) — In the heat of an election campaign, Congress cleared the way for the U.S. military to train and equip Syrian rebels for a war against Islamic State militants Thursday night, reluctant ratification of a new strategy that President Barack Obama outlined scarcely a week ago.

The 78-22 Senate vote sent Obama legislation that also provides funding for the government.. Read more.


It's No go: a record 84.5% turnout sees Scotland reject independence by 55%-45%

Scottish voters have rejected the option of independence by the clear margin of 55% to 45%.

A record 84.5% of the electorate made their way to polling stations to make their voices heard. The previous highest turnout in any UK election was 83.9% in the 1950 general election. Turnout at the last Holyrood election in 2011 just scraped above 50%. Read more.

Herald Scotland

Scottish independence: Scotland votes No - Scotsman
'The dream shall never die': Salmond resigns after Scotland rejects independence (video) - RT

No Thanks: Scotland votes to stay in United Kingdom in referendum (video) - STV
Spain, Italy, Belgium: Battle lines drawn for independence after Scottish vote - RT

China Fines GlaxoSmithKline Nearly $500 Million in Bribery Case

HONG KONG — China, a country that has enticed most of the world’s big multinationals to invest billions of dollars over the past decade with the prospect of selling to 1.4 billion increasingly affluent people, sent its strongest signal yet on Friday of a tougher legal climate for companies.

A southern Chinese court imposed a fine of nearly $500 million on the giant British pharmaceutical company GlaxoSmithKline for bribery. Read more.

NY Times

GSK China hit with record fine, says sorry - Xinhua
- “GlaxoSmithKline” dumpt levend polio virus in Belgische wateren - Gewoon Nieuws

September 18, 2014

Dozens of children feared dead after being injected with 'tainted’ measles vaccine in Syria

World Health Organisation programme is suspended after reports that up to 36 children have died after receiving the vaccination

As many as 36 children were reported to have died excruciating deaths last night after receiving tainted measles vaccines under a UN-sponsored programme in the rebel-held north of Syria. Read more.


Bad Vaccine Kills Dozens of Children Inside Syria - NY Times

Putin 'privately threatened to invade Poland, Romania and the Baltic states'

German newspaper Suddeutsche Zeitung reports that Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko told European Commission that Putin made the threat in a recent conversation

President Vladimir Putin privately threatened to invade Poland, Romania and the Baltic states, according to a record of a conversation with his Ukrainian counterpart. Read more.


Russia's Putin 'Threatens to Send Army' to Riga, Warsaw, Bucharest - Novinite

'NATO expansion to Georgia was a real mistake' - ex German Amb to NATO

The reunification of Germany and the collapse of the Soviet Union ushered in a new paradigm in Europe, one which ultimately sowed the seeds of the current crisis in Ukraine. Why did Europe fail to integrate Russia into a common framework and how can the two sides overcome their differences and re-establish a cooperative relationship?

Oksana is joined by Joachim Bitterlich, a former German Ambassador to NATO, to discuss these issues. Full interview.


European Parliament calls on EU to cut Russia off SWIFT bank message system

The European Parliament discussed at its plenary session on Thursday the Ukraine crisis and the relations between the European Union and Russia

MOSCOW/STRASBOURG, September 18. /ITAR-TASS/. European Parliament deputies called on the European Union on Thursday to consider cutting Russia off the SWIFT inter-bank financial message system. Read more.


European Parliament Calls For Cancellation of South Stream Agreements - RIA Novosti
Russian lawmaker says European Parliament’s resolution ‘provocative’ - ITAR-TASS

Russia will not leave Canada's unacceptable measures without response - Pravda

All Wars Are Bankers' Wars

Written and spoken by Michael Rivero. Video by Zane Henry. Read more.

What Really Happened