November 4, 2014

E. Ukraine elections: Vote sparks harsh reaction from Kiev

Voters across eastern Ukraine have cast their ballots and chosen their leaders 

The self-proclaimed Donetsk and Lugansk republics have been striving for greater autonomy, refusing to recognize the current Kiev authorities. There has been a harsh reaction from the Ukrainian capital.


Poroshenko on pseudo-elections in DPR and LPR: This farce cannot be called elections - Interfax
President initiates cancellation of special status for Donbas, prepares new law - Ukrinform

Timothy Ash: Mood sours in Kyiv as Poroshenko calls emergency meeting - Kyiv Post

Prospects for Ukraine’s Division: Poland Tries it Out - SCF
Polish ex-minister quoted saying Putin offered to divide Ukraine with Poland - Reuters

- Oekraïne – De Partizanenroute - Herstel de Republiek

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