March 31, 2015

Dear Maagdenhuis, can we please get our shit together?

I confess, from the first time I was awkwardly hoisted in through the back window of the occupied Bungehuis, I was already in love. Since the cleaners’ strike and occupation of the Vrije Universiteit (VU) in Amsterdam in 2011, I had started to see the university in a whole new light: as a site of impressive struggle.

I was hopelessly enamored. Today, the Maagdenhuis is occupied, and the standard historical comparisons to the legendary occupation of the same building by students in 1969 abound. Read more.


U.S. approval moves Shell a step closer to Arctic drilling

(Reuters) - The U.S. Interior Department on Tuesday upheld a 2008 lease sale in the Chukchi Sea off Alaska, moving Royal Dutch Shell(RDSa.L) a step closer to returning to oil and gas exploration in the Arctic since it suffered mishaps in the region in 2012.

"The Arctic is an important component of the Administration's national energy strategy,.. Read more.


Activists oppose Obama’s plans to approve new drilling in Arctic (video) - teleSUR

Iraqi forces totally Liberate Tikrit from ISIL terrorists

Iraqi Prime Minister Haidar al-Ababdi says the army backed by volunteer forces has totally liberated the city of Tikrit from the ISIL takfiri terrorists.

The Iraqi forces managed to push out the ISIL from Tikrit after weeks of operations. The Iraqi troops’ advance was slowed by numerous booby traps and other explosive devices planted by the terrorists.

The Iraqi army says its troops and the popular forces inflicted heavy casualties on the ISIL. The terrorist group captured Tikrit in June. Read more.


Americans ‘sick’ of neoconservative Zionists: Analyst

The American people are “sick” of the constant lies of Zionist neoconservatives who are controlling US foreign policy and the news media , a former US Senate candidate says. 

“John Bolton and people like John Bolton in the neoconservative pro-Zionist element in the US government are provable liars,” said Mark Dankof, who is also a broadcaster and pastor in San Antonio, Texas. Read more + audio.


Pesticides in fruit and vegetables linked to semen quality

The first study to investigate the relationship between eating fruit and vegetables containing pesticide residues and the quality of men's semen has shown a link with lower sperm counts and percentages of normally-formed sperm.

The study, which is published online today (Tuesday) in Human Reproduction shows that men who ate the highest amount of fruit and vegetables with high levels of pesticide residue had a.. Read more.


AncientBiotics - a medieval remedy for modern day superbugs?

A one thousand year old Anglo-Saxon remedy for eye infections which originates from a manuscript in the British Library has been found to kill the modern-day superbug MRSA in an unusual research collaboration at The University of Nottingham.

Dr Christina Lee, an Anglo-Saxon expert from the School of English has enlisted the help of microbiologists from University’s Centre for Biomolecular Sciences to recreate a 10th century potion for eye infections from Bald’s Leechbook... Read more + video.

University of Nottingham

Middeleeuws brouwsel van knoflook en wijn doodt agressieve ziekenhuisbacterie MRSA (video) - Nine for News

Living off the grid in Canada's far North

Could you live without your TV, smart phone or what about running water? Some people in Canada's Yukon Territory have shunned modern living to go back to basics.

Al Jazeera

John Ivison: Weak showing in new poll has some Liberals wondering if Trudeau has lost his lustre

The Liberal sense of manifest destiny has taken a hit with a new poll that suggests the party has less than 30% support — a drop of nearly 10 points in six months.

Since Justin Trudeau became Liberal leader, there has been an unflinching belief among party supporters that the mission to redeem Canada and remake the country would, inevitably, have a happy ending. Read more + video.

National Post

Justin Trudeau: Canada’s “Hope and Change” Deception (video) - Corbett Report

Canadian parliament approves military mission in Syria

Canada’s parliament has approved to expand the country’s current military mission in Iraq to target Takfiri ISIL terrorists in neighboring Syria.

The motion, ratified by 142 to 129 votes on Monday night, also extended the Iraq mission - which was due to expire on April 7 this year - until March 30, 2016. Read more.


Canadian Parliament backs air strikes on Islamic State in Syria - Reuters
ISIS mission: Canadian airstrikes on Syria could come within days - CBC

Three scenarios Canada may face in Syria against Islamic State (video) - Globe and Mail

Many dead in 'air strike on north Yemen refugee camp'

At least 40 dead amid conflicting reports on whether camp in Hajjah was housing displaced people or Houthi fighters.

At least 40 people have been killed in an attack on a camp for internally displaced people in north Yemen, as a Saudi-led coalition continued to strike Houthi targets around the country for a fifth day. Read more.

Al Jazeera

- Dozens dead in latest Yemen airstrikes - DW
Protesters in several countries censure Saudi invasion of Yemen - PressTV

Greece, EU/IMF lenders end round of technical talks without deal

Talks between officials from Greece and its EU/IMF lenders in Brussels have ended without a deal on the country's reform plans and may continue next week, three Greek government officials said on Tuesday.

A fourth source close to the talks said the halt in negotiations was not a... Read more.


Uncertainty in Brussels Over Greece-Creditors Negotiations - Greek Reporter
European Council President Tusk confident of Greek deal by end-April - TOC

These are the measures proposed by Athens to the institutions - TOC
Merkel says Greek reforms must "add up" - TOC

Tsipras continues to cultivate ties with Russia amid European consternation

The Greek Prime Minister told Russian news outlets that he felt that continued imposition of sanctions on the country was a 'road that leads nowhere'.

Alexis Tsipras spoke of an upgrade in Greek – Russian relations in his first interview with the Russian news agency ITAR – TASS in the run up to his state visit to the country on April 8th. Read more.


Greece PM says sanctions against Russia ‘a road to nowhere’ - TASS

Netherlands causes Greece to miss out on €1.7m in tax

The Netherlands' tax regime is enabling a Canadian gold mining company to pay less tax in Greece, a report entitled "Fool's Gold" by a Dutch foundation concluded.

The Centre for Research on Multinational Corporations found that Greece has missed out on at least €1.7 million in tax revenues,.. Read more.


Griekse bedrijven ontduiken belasting massaal via Nederland (audio) - Radio 1

Two ex-US agents charged with bitcoin theft

The US Justice Department reported Monday it had charged two former federal agents with wire fraud, money laundering and other offenses. 

The two men appeared to have stolen large amounts of the Bitcoin digital currency during a probe into underground marketplace Silk Road. Read more.


March 30, 2015

Soros says ready to invest $1 billion in Ukraine if West helps

(Reuters) - Billionaire financier George Soros is ready to invest $1 billion in Ukraine, if Western countries help private investment there. He also put the odds of Greece leaving the euro at a third, in an interview with Austrian newspaper Der Standard. 

Soros has previously urged the West to step up aid to Ukraine,.. Read more.


'Separatisten stelden BUK-raketsysteem op in rampgebied MH17'

Separatisten in Oost-Oekraïne hebben voorafgaand aan de ramp met vlucht MH17 BUK-raketten in het gebied opgesteld. Dat blijkt volgens het Openbaar Ministerie uit een afgetapt gesprek tussen separatisten.

Ook zou uit taps blijken dat separatisten de installatie na afloop van de ramp... Lees meer.


Justitie zoekt getuigen van neerhalen MH17 door Buk-raket (video) - NOS
Bewijzen MH17: een mislukte valse vlag operatie door VS en Oekraïne (video) - Earth Matters

Dutch prosecutors seek witnesses of missile that likely downed MH17 - DW

Downed Airliner: Fake Audio Tape Shows US-Backed Hit to Frame Russia - SCF
Audio “Proof” of Ukrainian Rebel Responsibility for Malaysian Flight Downing is Fake (video) - AntiWar

MH17 crash: leaked tape proven FAKE by audio analysis (video) - Sounds Russia
Shooting Down MH 17 - BUK 312 Story False Says Ukraine Crew Member - Peoples Voice

'Reuters lied' MH17 witness says reporter falsified testimony


Lugansk Region resident, whom Reuters cites as saying he saw evidence of a surface-to-air missile launched from rebel-held territory on the day MH17 was downed, told RT the news agency gave a false report of his interview.

For its March report on the Malaysian Airlines flight MH17 tragedy Reuters talked to Pyotr Fedotov, a 58-year-old resident of the village Chervonniy Zhovten in the Lugansk Region of eastern Ukraine. Read more.


Exclusive: From 'Red October' village, new evidence on downing of Malaysian plane over Ukraine - Reuters

How To Lock and Unlock Airbus A320 Cockpit Door - Description and Procedures

Iraqi forces regain more ground in fighting ISIL

Iraqi forces continue to advance and retake areas in the center of Tikrit from ISIL militants.

Press TV team crossed the Shishin Valley and got hundred and fifty meters from the Tikrit hospital where ISIL snipers are located. Now we are a hundred and fifty meters away from Tikrit hospital. Read more.


Iraqi troops continue operations to recapture Tikrit (video) - PressTV

Fighting grips Aden as Houthis continue to push south

Clashes continue in Yemen's coastal city, as bombing by Saudi-led coalition targets Houthis' air-defence capabilities.

Fierce fighting has been reported in Yemen's coastal city of Aden as Houthi rebels continued their push south despite a fifth night of Saudi-led airstrikes against the group's positions. Read more.

Al Jazeera

Saudi-led warplanes hit Mocha port in Taizz, air defense camp in Ma'rib (video) - PressTV

No End in Sight for America’s Longest War

As President Obama slows US troop withdrawal from Afghanistan, former State Department official Matthew Hoh says this will only intensify the violence and perpetuate the war.


Tens of thousands march against austerity in Brussels

Rainy weather in Brussels did not stop tens of thousands of people from protesting against austerity measures introduced by the new Belgian government. Attendance estimates from police and organizers differed sixfold.

The rally saw somewhere between 17,000 and 20,000 people on Sunday, RTFB broadcaster reported, citing police estimates. Meanwhile, march organizers claimed that up to 120,000 people participated. Read more + video.


Thousands protest against austerity in Brussels - PressTV

March 29, 2015

Tim Swanson: "Bitcoiners are their own worst enemies"

Tim Swanson, well-known author of books such as Great Chain of Numbers and The Anatomy of a Money-like Informational Commodity is this week's guest. He also does business development for digital asset exchange Melotic and is adviser to Hyperledger.

Andreas Wauters will also join to talk about Gent Bitcoin City. Co-host as always is Jop Hartog.


Solutions: The Peer-to-Peer Economy

If the root of our economic problem is the tendency toward centralized, globalist bureaucracies (like the EU and the WTO and the IMF and the World Bank) why does anyone believe the solution will be centralized, globalist bureaucracies (like the BRICS Bank and the EEU and the AIIB)?

Today we look at a truly paradigm-shattering civilization-wide change taking place right now that has the potential to undermine the status quo: the peer-to-peer economy.

Corbett Report

How Hillary Clinton Is Responsible For Civil War In Ukraine and The Possible War With Russia

In this video Luke Rudkowski does deep researching into Hillary Clinton's connection with her foundation CGI and the current pro western backed Ukrainian government.

We get in the field accounts, videos and aerial footage of how Ukraine is now violating the cease fire after it was announced it will get lethal aid by the U.S. More sources.


March 28, 2015

Soros: Europe's ignorance of Ukraine terrible mistake

KYIV, March 27 /Ukrinform/. American billionaire and philanthropist George Soros believes that the EU ignores the financial condition of Ukraine. He urged Brussels to allocate additional funding to Kyiv.

He said this in an interview with BBC. Read more.


Soros and an SOS for Ukraine (audio) - BBC

EU leaders Juncker and Mogherini set to meet with Poroshenko and Yatsenyuk in Kyiv (video) - Ukraine Today
World in Ukraine: Belgian ambassador bullish on Ukraine despite war, recession - Kyiv Post

Ukraines's $3bn debt to Russia puts multibillion dollar IMF package at risk - RT
Pension fund is bankrupt lacking 80 billion hryvnia for pensions – Social Policy Minister Rozenko -

Ukrainian Nationalist Batallion Ready to Battle Pro-Russian Rebels

URZUF, Ukraine — The far-right Azov battalion, whose symbol resembles a black swastika on a yellow background, is preparing to defend the port city of Mariupol in southeastern Ukraine against a widely expected attack by pro-Russian separatists.

The 1,000 strong ultra-nationalist militia has a reputation as a fierce pro-government fighting force in the almost year-old conflict with the Russia-backed rebels in east Ukraine, and is disdainful of peace efforts. Read more.

Moscow Times

Gennadiy Korban: ‘We will continue the fight for Ukraine with its patriots’ - Kyiv Post
Right Sector negotiates joining Ukrainian Army as independent division under Yarosh command - Kyiv Post

National Guard, U.S. military exercises in Lviv region mean integration in the world's biggest defense structure – Poroshenko - Interfax
Kiev violates "regime of silence" 27 times over past day — DPR Defense Ministry - TASS

Poroshenko signs law on army size increase - Ukrinform

Confused? Shiites in Iraq armed by US, Shiites in Yemen bombed with US help

The US has been providing intelligence for the Saudi operation in Yemen. And Washington has drawn controversy over how it splits friends from foes when it comes to the Middle East.


'Saudi-led coalition helping ISIS by bombing Houthis in Yemen' (video) - RT

Brandhaard Yemen “Dit kan verschrikkelijk uit de hand lopen,”

Bij hun overhaaste vertrek lieten de Amerikanen voor een half miljard aan militair materieel achter. Daarnaast legden de ‘rebellen‘ die de macht overnamen beslag op een groot aantal documenten die betrekking hadden op de wijze waarop de Amerikanen hun ‘War on Terror‘ invullen.

Opnieuw een ‘canard‘ als uitkomst van militaire interventie door ‘het westen‘. Met niet slechts gezichtsverlies, maar tevens een netto-resultaat dat eerder moet worden getypeerd als een bijdrage aan de steeds verder toenemende chaos en dreiging in de wereld, dan dat men zorgt voor stabiliteit en veiligheid. Lees meer.

Stop de Bankiers

Iran omsingelt erfrivaal Saudi-Arabië in Jemen - De Redactie

Leave Facebook if you don't want to be spied on, warns EU

European Commission admits Safe Harbour framework cannot ensure privacy of EU citizens’ data when sent to the US by American internet firms

The European Commission has warned EU citizens that they should close their Facebook accounts if they want to keep information private... Read more.


Clinton Foundation's biggest donor was Ukrainian oligarch

The Clintons are embroiled in a new controversy over their non-profit, amid revelations that the biggest donation to their organization came from Ukrainian billionaire Victor Pinchuk.

RT's Alexey Yaroshevsky has more.


Ukraine oligarch ‘top cash contributor’ to Clinton Foundation prior to Kiev crisis - RT
Revealed: Tony Blair and the oligarch bankrolling his charity - Telegraph

Trade Dispute Centers on Ukrainian Executive With Ties to Clintons - NY Times
How Hillary Clinton Is Responsible For Civil War In Ukraine and The Possible War With Russia (video) - WAC

March 27, 2015

Bush Administration Official Defends Iraq War at Conference

Participants at the George W. Bush Conference at Hofstra University respond to Elliott Abrams' comment that the Iraq war was not illegal under international law


Bush on troop withdrawals from Iraq (video) - NBC
Jeb Bush prepared to be third Bush to use military in Iraq - Boston Globe

Yes, Bush lied about Iraq: Why are we still arguing about this? - Salon
9/11 not an "Intelligence Failure" (video) - TRNN

The Revolution Will Not Be YouTubed

As GooTube goes on an AdSense purge of alt media we take a moment to remember that the entire "free and open" internet as we know it is just a flick of a switch away from total censorship.

From censorship "bibles" and manipulated news feeds to bury brigades and disappearing front pages, viral truth content is already under attack. Are you prepared? Read more.

Corbett Report

'Belastingdienst censureert mijn YouTube-filmpje over belastingparadijs' - OneWorld

Leaked Documents Reveal False Flags Used By The Canadian Communications Security Establishment

Leaked documents have revealed that the Communications Security Establishment has been "creating unrest by using false-flags"

This could include using ‘honeypot’ or ‘watering hole’ techniques as well as disrupting online traffic by such techniques as deleting emails, freezing internet connections, blocking websites and redirecting wire money transfers.

Press For Truth

Communication Security Establishment's cyberwarfare toolbox revealed - CBC
‘Create unrest’: Canada’s CSE agency includes ‘false flag’ operations as part of newly-revealed cyberwarfare scope - The Stack

Tories Scrambling To Build Support For C-51

As opposition for the anti-terrorism Bill C-51 continues to grow across the country, Tories and other supporters of the bill are scrambling to re-brand the anti-terrorism legislation in a desperate plea to garner more support. The Tories recently sent out a letter to their supporters claiming that Bill C-51 was designed to “prevent the spread of radical jihad” within Canada. And one member of the party even went so far as to send out a survey to his riding that bullied citizens for support, offering a questionnaire insinuating that they must sympathize with terrorists if they didn't support C-51. The party is rapidly losing steam with their fear campaign, as more citizens become aware of the dishonest agenda that is being pushed against them.

Despite numerous security professionals coming out against this bill, various ex-Prime Ministers denouncing it, judges, legal professors, and ex-CSIS agents warning against it,.. Read more.

Press for Truth

Resistance Mounts to Stephen Harper's Secret Police Bill (video) - TRNN

Resistance Mounts to Stephen Harper's Secret Police Bill

Public support plummeting for Bill C-51 after National Day of Action and widespread criticism by public figures in Canada


Waving the "False Flag"

You are who you aren't | As it remains unclear who might have actually sponsored the recent terrorist attacks in Paris, if indeed anyone did, a great deal of speculation about motives and resources is perhaps inevitable. If one goes by the traditional “cui bono” standard, who benefits, there are perhaps two possible beneficiaries. One would be a terrorist sponsoring group which would be able to claim credit for a dramatic success against a major western government that is regarded as an enemy because it has been participating in wars against Islamic states.

Terrorist organizations routinely make such claims after an attack because it establishes their bona fides and serves as a magnet for volunteers and donations from supporters. Very often the claims are suspect, particularly as many terrorist actions are now decentralized franchise operations that are carried out without direction or support by so-called “loners.” Read more.

The Unz Review

Molly's Minute: An Eye For An Eye Will Make The Whole World Blind

I have come to understand just how well government propaganda works, Influenced by advertising, and government regulated education, governed by empathetic and educated people trusting government rules and regulations to be sound and ethical.

We say we want freedom, yet we accept laws that directly go against the very principals which would facilitate a free society. People have an innate desire to live, yet we allow governments to train soldiers to kill humans for resources, we allow police to kill humans for our so called safety and we allow women to kill unborn humans in the name of pro-choice. No human can feel free or safe in a society who deems aggression as acceptable.

Killing is wrong...and making a calculated decision to kill is wrong...and any society that had even half of the compassion and wisdom we claim to have, would know this. Sadly we will never know freedom as long as we can still justify killing each other!

Press for Truth

Canada fury: Week of austerity protests brings tens of thousands onto Quebec streets

Tens of thousands take to the streets across the Canadian province of Quebec to protest new regional budget cuts.


Quebec City protesters shot directly with tear gas - CBC
Quebec City protest against Liberals' budget declared illegal - CBC

Quebec police unleash violence on anti-austerity protesters (photo) - Canadian Progressive

Justin Trudeau: Canada's "Hope and Change" Deception

Dan Dicks of joins us today to discuss the current leader of the Liberal Party of Canada and potential future Prime Minister, Justin Trudeau.

Riding on the coattails of his father and the support of a Canadian public sick of the long-running Harper government, Trudeau looks set to become Canada's answer to Obama's Hopenosis. But in a forthcoming documentary, Press For Truth prepares to blow the lid off of The Trudeau Deception.

Corbett Report

Bank deposits lost another 7.6 billion euros last month

Lenders saw their customers’ deposits shrink further last month, Bank of Greece data showed on Thursday, while the flight appears to be continuing this month. On the bright side, the European Central Bank gave the local credit sector a fresh liquidity cushion on Wednesday.

February drained Greek bank accounts of another 7.6 billion euros,.. Read more.


Greece fails to receive fast cash from eurozone - PressTV
Draghi reiterates that ECB cannot buy Greek bonds - Reuters

- ECB tells Greek banks not to buy government T-bills - TOC
Cash-Strapped Greece Has to Pay €5.2 Billion in 19 Days - Greek Reporter

Cash concerns keep Athens bourse action tight - eKathhimerini
Time to get moving - eKathimerini

Life in the embattled city of Benghazi

Benghazi, the birthplace of Libya's revolution, has borne the brunt of the ongoing conflict in the country. Life for civilians remains difficult, as Marine Olivesi reports from a rare trip to the embattled city.

Like every Friday afternoon after prayer, dozens of people gather at a Benghazi square, holding flags and banners. Read more.


Displacement in Obari reaches 85 percent; situation in the town “catastrophic” - Libya Herald

Operation Sunrise pulls back from Ben Jawad after joint offensive with PFG against IS agreed: report (paywall) - Libya Herald
LNA “shoots down” Libya Dawn MiG 23 (paywall) - Libya Herald

Al-Jaafari: Serry’s report ignored Israel’s occupation of Syrian Golan

New York, SANA- Syria’s permanent envoy to the UN Bashar al-Jaafari “was shocked” over a report submitted by UN Special Coordinator for the Middle East Robert Serry when he ignored to mention the status in the occupied Syrian Golan and the remaining occupied parts in South Lebanon by the Israeli occupation.

“No meaning for Serry’s ignoring the main part of his authority as a UN coordinator through offering justifications for the Israeli continued occupation of the Arab lands,.. Read more.


United Nations Documents on UNDOF - UN
SG on UNDOF confirms that Israel supports the armed terrorist groups in the Syrian Golan - UN

Abdullahian: Syria’s victory over terrorism is very imminent

Moscow, SANA-Iranian Assistant Foreign Minister for the Arab and African affairs Hussein Amir Abdullahian affirmed that Syria’s victory over terrorism is very imminent, saying that resistance, showed by the Syrian people under the leadership of President Bashar al-Assad, played the important role in clarifying reasons behind spread of terrorism in region.

“Iran will continue its support to Syria,” Abdullahian told SANA correspondent in Moscow,.. Read more.


Anti-ISIS mission in Syria built on shaky legal ground, critics say - CBC
Harper rebuffs legal concerns over bombing Syria (video) - Ottowa Citizen

How the U.S. dropped these gory propaganda leaflets over Syria - Washington Post
Assad: ‘US, UK, France want to weaken Russia by turning Ukraine & Syria into puppet states’ - RT

Exceptional chance for Iran nuclear issue: Rouhani

Iran’s President Hassan Rouhani says an "exceptional opportunity" has emerged for the resolution of Tehran's nuclear issue.

Rouhani made the remarks on Thursday in a phone conversation with British Prime Minister David Cameron as Iran, the United States and the European Union ended a second round of nuclear talks on Tehran’s nuclear program in the Swiss city of Lausanne. Read more.


Final make-or-break moment for Iran nuclear talks - Washington Post
Iran and US nuclear talks enter final phase - Al Jazeera

US proposes to let Iran operate fortified nuclear site - reports - RT

Iran's Zarif opposes 2-stage nuclear deal: Source - PressTV
N. Chief: Only Win-Win Solution Can Resolve Iran-West Standoff - Tehran Times

- 5 things you need to know about the Iran talks - CNN
U.S. engagement in Mideast conflicts may complicate Iran nuclear talks - LA Times

U.S. Airstrikes on ISIS in Tikrit Prompt Boycott by Shiite Fighters

AL RASHID AIR BASE, Iraq — By Day 2 of the American airstrike campaign against militants holed up in Tikrit, the mission appeared beleaguered on several fronts on Thursday:

Thousands of Shiite militiamen boycotted the fight in protest, others threatened to attack any Americans they found, and Iraqi officials said nine of their fighters had been accidentally killed in an airstrike. Read more.

NY Times

‘No legal ground at all’ - @SamiRamadani1 on Gulf coalition airstrikes against Houthi rebels

Saudi Arabia and its allies have launched airstrikes in Yemen against rebel Shiite Houthi forces gaining more ground. The mainly Gulf coalition, which also includes the US, is trying to help embattled President Abed Rabbo Mansour Hadi.

Middle East current affairs analyst Sami Ramadani joins RT Read more.


March 26, 2015

Gulf states join Saudi Arabia in rooting out Yemen rebels

Saudi Arabia and its allies have launched airstrikes in Yemen against rebel Shiite Houthi forces gaining more ground.

The mainly Gulf coalition, which also includes the US, is trying to help embattled President Abed Rabbo Mansour Hadi.


President Hadi leaves Yemen amid air strikes on Houthis (video) - Al Jazeera
Iran, Russia demand immediate halt to Saudi-led intervention in Yemen (video) - RT

Iraq rejects Saudi military campaign in Yemen - PressTV
Hezbollah Calls on Saudi Arabia to Immediately Halt Its Aggression on Yemen - Al Manar

Egypt poised to join Saudi assault on Yemen rebels (video) - Washington Psot
S Arabia targets Yemen to save Wahhabism: Pundit (video) - PressTV

Libya, Syria, Yemen: Sectarian conflict threatens entire Middle East (audio) - RT

US losing information war to Russia - report

Former US broadcasting officials, diplomats and politicians are calling for a complete overhaul of government-funded news operations, arguing that Washington’s rivals are winning the information war. Read more + audio.


U.S. losing 'information war' to Russia, other rivals: study - Reuters

Iran-backed rebels loot Yemen files about U.S. spy operations

Secret files held by Yemeni security forces that contain details of American intelligence operations in the country have been looted by Iran-backed militia leaders, exposing names of confidential informants and plans for U.S.-backed counter-terrorism strikes, U.S. officials say.

U.S. intelligence officials believe additional files were handed directly to Iranian advisors by Yemeni officials.. Read more.

LA Times

Drone Wars Yemen: Analysis - New America
Analysis: What next for Yemen as death toll from confirmed US drone strikes hits 424, including 8 children - Bureau of Investigative Journalism

A Close-Up of Unfolding Unrest in Yemen

I arrived in Yemen days after a group of Houthi rebels took control of the capital in January. They forced the president and cabinet to resign, and many of them, in mismatched army uniforms, tried to bolster their tenuous authority, rallying their supporters and setting up checkpoints around the capital, Sana.

Some of the fighting between the Houthis and the government’s frayed security forces,.. Read more.

NY Times

Inside a Yemeni Khat Session (video) - NY Times
In Yemen, Where Are the Women? (video) - NY Times

Saudi warplanes bomb Houthi positions in Yemen

Warplanes of the Royal Saudi Air Force bombed the positions of Yemen’s Houthi militia, destroying an airbase in Sanaa and most of the militia’s air defenses, Al Arabiya News Channel reported early on Thursday, citing Saudi sources.

King Salman bin Abdulaziz ordered the airstrikes on the Iran-backed Houthi militia on Thursday at 12 a.m. Riyadh time,.. Read more.

Al Arabiya

Saudi and Arab allies bomb Houthi positions in Yemen - Al Jazeera
Saudi Arabia bombs Yemen, launches coalition op against Houthi rebels (video) - RT

Saudis announce onset of military intervention in Yemen (live updates) - PressTV
At least 13 civilians killed in Saudi war on Yemen (video) - PressTV

Saudi Arabia launches air attacks in Yemen (video) - Washington Post
Saudi Arabia Begins Air Assault in Yemen - NY Times

King Salman orders airstrikes against Houthis - Al Arabiya
Saudi deploys 100 fighter jets, 150,000 soldiers for anti-Houthi campaign - Al Arabiya

Arab League to discuss military action in Yemen - Al Arabiya
Morocco expresses ‘complete solidarity’ with Saudi Arabia on Houthis - Al Arabiya

A Close-Up of Unfolding Unrest in Yemen (video) - NY Times

Turkey shells Syria after missile damages military base

Turkey has pounded a Syrian artillery unit near the border in reprisal for cross-border fire that injured five Turkish civilians and damaged a military base, the Turkish military announced on March 25.

According to a written statement issued by the Turkish General Staff, a rocket or missile fired by the Syrian army during its engagement with rebels crossed the border... Read more.


- Turkey shells Syrian artillery units near border: Turkish military - PressTV
Turkish artillery retaliate to stray Syrian rocket at border - Today's Zaman

- Rocket from Syria clashes explodes inside Turkey, injuring five - army - Reuters

March 25, 2015

University protests around the world: a fight against commercialisation

Academics and students in Canada, the Netherlands and the UK explain why they are taking a stand against their institutions

Students at University of the Arts, London, took over their university’s reception area last Thursday to protest against proposed cuts to some of its course programmes. This makes UAL one of the latest institutions around the world to be hit by occupations and strikes by staff and students. Read more.


Red Squares Everywhere - De Nieuwe Universiteit

Tear gas, rubber bullets as police disperse Canadian students’ anti-austerity rally

Canadian police used tear gas and reportedly fired rubber bullets and sound bombs at hundreds of students protesting austerity measures at an anti-capitalist rally in Montreal. Thousands took to the streets on Tuesday to protest sweeping education cuts.

Police declared the march illegal from the beginning,.. Read more + video.


Montreal students protest for second night, police disperse crowds (video) - CTV
Violence breaks out at Quebec student strikes - Winnipeg Sun

University protests around the world: a fight against commercialisation - Guardian

Anthrax-style false flag hoax on Canada’s parliament?

Just as the Canadian regime attempts to railroad bill C-51, the dreaded ‘anti-terror law’ which will effectively institute a Soviet-style police state in the country, a number of letters containing a white powder were mailed to government offices in Ottawa.

IPolitics reports that one of the letters which didn’t contain any powder read “Shooting in Parliament.” Read more.

Non-Aligned Media

White Powder Sent To Canadian Senators, But It's Not Toxic - Huff Post
Parliament Hill on high security alert after mysterious white powder sent to three senators (video) - NP

Bill C-51 Reveals Harper's Inner Bully - The Tyee
Topless woman removed from House of Commons after protesting anti-terror bill (video)- NP

Demonstrators across Canada protest Bill C-51 (video) - CTV
That’s the power of protest. Or at least, it is for now - Globe and Mail

Lecture on vitamin C by Suzanne Humphries

Suzanne Humphries is a specialist in internal medicine and kidney disease from the US, The lecture is about the role of vitamin C (ascorbic acid) for a variety of functions in the body and that there is research in health care often forgotten, denied and doubted.

The Vitamin C is important for children and during pregnancy, in diseases of the cardiovascular, skeletal and skin and in cancer. But should you take extra vitamin C? How much and in what quantity and shape? Are there dangers and problems with this? Can you get kidney stones from vitamin C?

We all need vitamin C and it is most famous for its importance in the immune system. It is important as part of the prevention and treatment of a variety of diseases. A common perception is that a rich foods contain enough vitamin C, but is it really? How much do we need? In what form should it be used? Is it good to take in higher doses in different diseases? Can it be combined with conventional medicine? It may be important to you and your health?

Dr. Humphries has a historical perspective on vitamin C and its importance in various diseases, but also describes its role in health in general.

Vitamin C - Ascorbate - Liposomal Vitamin C and Antioxidant Therapy - Dr. Thomas E. Levy (video) - Lecture

Liposomal Encapsulated Vitamin C - DIY Vitamin C Mega-Dosing (video) - YT
How to Make Liposomal Vitamin C At Home (video) - YT

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Liposomal Encapsulated Vitamin C - DIY Vitamin C Mega-Dosing

Ukraine's Poroshenko Fires Oligarch Kolomoisky From Key Regional Post

KIEV — Ukraine's president has fired billionaire Ihor Kolomoisky as governor of a key region in the east, the presidential website said Wednesday, after armed men that lawmakers said were linked to the oligarch raided a state-owned oil firm.

Kolomoisky has been at the centre of a political storm since the masked men briefly entered the offices of UkrTransNafta... Read more.

Moscow Times

Poroshenko accepts Kolomoisky resignation - Kyiv Post
Poroshenko assumes responsibility for Dnipropetrovsk region after Kolomoiskiy’s resignation - UNIAN

Fired Ukrainian governor taped threatening to ‘take over’ power plant - RT

Fight between Kolomoisky and state turns ugly - Kyiv Post
Kolomoyskyi and his whole team resign and will submit annual report at a rally on Saturday -

Iraqi forces prepare for final Tikrit battle

Iraqi forces, backed by volunteers, are bracing for the final phase of the liberation of the strategic city of Tikrit, the capital of Salahuddin province. But, the battle needs a thorough study and planning to minimize civilian casualties.

Reporting from the Iraqi capital Baghdad, Rahshan Saglam says field commanders know that the ISIL terrorists will use civilians as human shield.


Tikrit is the battleground for Iraq's past and future - Al Jazeera

In beeld: Tikrit, een belegerde stad (foto's) - NOS
Waarom niemand erin slaagt Tikrit te heroveren op IS - De Morgen

Saudi Arabia to build military base near Yemen

Saudi Arabia has decided to establish a military base near the Yemeni border due to recent development in Yemen.

Media reports said on Tuesday that the base will be constructed in the southern part of the country. Read more.


S Arabia engaged in military buildup near border with Yemeni - PressTV
Reports: Yemen's Houthis advance towards Aden - Al Jazeera

Hadi remains in Aden as rebels approach - Al Arabiya
Yemen rebels set $100K reward for President's arrest - air raids target palace (video) - RT

Iranian ship unloads 185 tons of weapons for Houthis at Saleef port - Al Arabiya
U.S. counterterrorism strategy in Yemen collapses amid chaos - Al Arabiya

With Yemen attack, IS aims to eclipse Qaeda - Saudi Gazette

March 24, 2015

Western ISIS adventurism, Israel behind Hamas - new Assange revelations

Julian Assange has given an interview to an Argentinian paper from his Ecuadorian embassy asylum where he spent more than 1,000 days. He spoke about why US meddling in Ukraine led to civil war, how the West helped ISIS and Israel supported Hamas.

US has long wanted to bring Ukraine to West The United States has spent “a lot of time trying to bring Ukraine to the West," the WikiLeaks founder said in an interview to Pagina/12, Argentinian newspaper on Monday. Read more.


Israel Supported Hamas to Divide Palestine's Resistance - Assange - Sputnik
Julian Assange: Israël steunde Hamas - Spits

How Israel Helped to Spawn Hamas - WSJ
How Israel Helped Create Hamas -

Israel funding Hamas, Olmert admits - Israel Today

Greece-EU deal possible this week, says Schulz

Greece and the European Union could reach a deal as early as this week to allow the release of badly needed aid funds for Athens, European Parliament President Martin Schulz said Tuesday.

"In my opinion, by the end of the week we will reach a new understanding.. Read more.


German foreign minister hails 'improved tone' in Greek ties - eKathimerini

Greece to run out of cash by April 20 without fresh aid-source - Reuters
EFSF to discuss 1.2 billion euro refund to Greece - TOC

Nazi Extortion: Study Sheds New Light on Forced Greek Loans

Is Germany liable to Athens for loans the Nazis forced the Greek central bank to provide during World War II? A new study in Greece could increase the pressure on Berlin to pay up.

Loukas Zisis, the deputy mayor of Distomo, a village nestled in the hills about a two hour drive from Athens, says he thinks about the Germans every day. Read more.


Tsipras to visit Germany's Holocaust memorial - TOC
Jewish leaders in Greece want Germany to pay more in reparations – with 7 decades of interest - eKathimerini

'The Fourth Reich': What Some Europeans See When They Look at Germany

Following World War II, a German return to dominance in Europe seemed an impossibility. But the euro crisis has transformed the country into a reluctant hegemon and comparisons with the Nazis have become rampant. Are they fair?

By SPIEGEL Staff May 30, 1941 was the day when Manolis Glezos made a fool of Adolf Hitler. Read more.


India's top court rules in favour of free speech

Section 66A of country's Information and Technology Act, which was used by politicians to hound critics, struck down.

India's top court has struck down a law that gave authorities powers to jail people for offensive online posts, a verdict praise as a victory for free speech in the world's largest growth market for the internet. Read more.

Al Jazeera

Falklands resurges in controversy over Russian annexation of Crimea

Russia has more claim to Crimea than Britain has to the Falkland Islands, a senior Russian lawmaker insisted Sunday as London again denounced Moscow's “illegal annexation” of the peninsula.

“Attention London: Crimea has far more reason to be in Russia than the Falklands have to be part of Great Britain,”.. Read more.


UK to 'Beef Up' Malvinas Troop Numbers

The U.K.'s defense minister says the military presence on the Malvinas needs to “modernize.”

The United Kingdom will increase its military presence on the disputed Malvinas Islands, according to reports Tuesday. Read more.


Britain to boost Falklands Islands defences - BBC
Britain to bolster Falklands defences due to 'increased threat' - Guardian

Falklands resurges in controversy over Russian annexation of Crimea - MercoPress

Soros and Kochs team up in Latin American staged protests

By Wayne Madsen - In what could have major ramifications around the world, paid Brazilian protest provocateurs for George Soros have been discovered teaming up with operatives on the payroll of American billionaire brothers Charles and David Koch.

After the plan by the CIA and Soros to unseat President Dilma Rousseff, thus drive a knife into the emerging BRICS alliance of Brazil, Russia, China, India, and South Africa, through the aerial assassination last year of presidential candidate Eduardo Campos, Langley has opted for an eastern European-style themed revolution in Brazil. Read more.

Intrepid Report

Akala - Murder Runs The Globe


US House urges Obama to send lethal weapons to Ukraine

The US House has passed a resolution calling on President Barack Obama to send lethal weapons to Ukraine, despite the fragile truce in the eastern part of the country. Read more.


Ukraine Crisis: US House Urges Obama To Send Weapons - IBT
House passes resolution urging Obama to send arms to Ukraine - AP

IMF: Ukraine Must Now Steal $1.5B+ from Russia to Buy Arms - Washington's Blog
Ukraine makes fresh plea for more money - DW

March 23, 2015

Spain’s ruling party used secret accounts for 18 years, High Court judge finds

Spain’s High Court has ended an inquiry into the slush funds of the country's ruling Popular Party (PP), which it allegedly used for at least 18 years.

The judge has ruled that there is enough evidence to launch a case against the party’s two treasurers. Read more.


Judge ends inquiry into PP’s secret ledgers and moves to try ex-treasurers - El País

Spanish anti-austerity party Podemos wins 15 seats in Andalusia

Regional parliamentary election weakens Spain’s two-party system in Podemos’s first test since ally Syriza won Greek elections

Podemos, the Spanish anti-austerity party, will be a prominent force in Andalusia’s regional parliament after it won 15 seats in the party’s first election since its ally Syriza triumphed in Greece. Read more.


The Socialists deliver the first blow - El País
Socialists win in Andalusia but party still falls short of majority - El País

Crimea... What really happened?

Ukraine Crisis. What really happened in Crimea? Letters from Lady Crimea... The Saker reports.

Vineyard Saker

Crimea For Dummies (video) - RT
Crimeans Keep Saying No to Ukraine - Consortium News

Fighting continues in tense war zone

Attacks over the last 24 hours show that Russian forces and their separatist allies continue to violate the Feb. 15 cease-fire agreement signed in Minsk between the Ukrainian and Russian governments, a Ukrainian military spokesman said.

Kyiv Post

Lysenko: Six Ukrainian soldiers wounded in Donbas conflict zone in last day - UNIAN
Terrorists retreat after battle near Opytne -

The week in numbers - UNIAN
SBU carries out special operation in Donbas conflict zone: 16 officers detained - UNIAN

Over 6,000 deaths confirmed in Ukraine conflict since mid-April — UN - TASS

Clinton's Charity Ties With Oligarchs Behind Ukrainian Coup Revealed

The Clinton Foundation contributed to the February coup in Ukraine, having longstanding ties to Ukrainian oligarchs who pushed the country to European integration.

A sinister atmosphere surrounds the Clinton Foundation's role in Ukrainian military coup of February 2014, experts point out. Read more.


Media: armed volunteer battalions heading for Kiev

There is no information about the purpose of this move, but the Ukrainian Vesti newspaper says it might be linked with the situation around Dnipropetrovsk Region governor Igor Kolomoisky

KIEV, March 23. /TASS/. Armed volunteer battalions are pulling in to Kiev, the Vesti newspaper reported on Monday. Read more.


Poroshenko warns rival over ‘pocket army’ - FT
Ukraine’s interior minister gives armed people seizing oil company 24 hours to disarm - TASS

Poroshenko: No puppet armies possible, territorial defense must be subordinate to armed forces - Interfax
Interior Minister gave security companies 24 hours to disarm: "There will be no armed security groups of businessmen wandering city streets with fire arms" -

Four lawmakers quit Poroshenko’s faction in Ukraine's parliament — media - TASS

Ukraine's Oligarchs Are at War (Again) - Bloomberg
Ukrainian oligarch under fire after night raid on state oil firm - Reuters

Poroshenko reprimands Kolomoisky for breaking professional conduct rules - TASS
Two “MUST SEE” videos about the *reality* of the war in the Ukraine (video) - The Saker

Shell oil drilling in Arctic set to get US government permission

Controversial decision expected from US interior secretary likely to spark protests from campaigners against Anglo-Dutch exploration in seas off Alaska

The US government is expected this week to give the go-ahead to a controversial plan by Shell to restart drilling for oil in the Arctic. Read more.


The Rise of Podemos

Part 2/3 | Part 3/3

Professor Vincent Navarro maps the conditions that led to the rise of Podemos in Spain


Greek PM Tsipras to face Merkel in Berlin

Alexis Tsipras is headed to Berlin in his first official visit as prime minister. Both he and Chancellor Angela Merkel have insisted the visit is about repairing damaged ties, not debt negotations.

The leaders of Greece and Germany meet Monday,.. Read more.


Tsipras heads to Berlin as Greece prepares for decisive week - eKathimerini
Merkel wants to hear from Tsipras in person about reforms, spokesman says - eKathimerini

Tsipras warns Merkel of 'impossible' debt obligations - TOC
Spain says no cash for Greece until reforms implemented - TOC

ECB's Coeure says expects changes to Greek aid program - eKathimerini
Noyer suggests ECB can allow more emergency liquidity for Greece - eKathimerini

Tsipras to face scepticism, criticism on first Berlin visit - TOC