March 26, 2015

Gulf states join Saudi Arabia in rooting out Yemen rebels

Saudi Arabia and its allies have launched airstrikes in Yemen against rebel Shiite Houthi forces gaining more ground.

The mainly Gulf coalition, which also includes the US, is trying to help embattled President Abed Rabbo Mansour Hadi.


President Hadi leaves Yemen amid air strikes on Houthis (video) - Al Jazeera
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Iraq rejects Saudi military campaign in Yemen - PressTV
Hezbollah Calls on Saudi Arabia to Immediately Halt Its Aggression on Yemen - Al Manar

Egypt poised to join Saudi assault on Yemen rebels (video) - Washington Psot
S Arabia targets Yemen to save Wahhabism: Pundit (video) - PressTV

Libya, Syria, Yemen: Sectarian conflict threatens entire Middle East (audio) - RT

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