March 23, 2015

Media: armed volunteer battalions heading for Kiev

There is no information about the purpose of this move, but the Ukrainian Vesti newspaper says it might be linked with the situation around Dnipropetrovsk Region governor Igor Kolomoisky

KIEV, March 23. /TASS/. Armed volunteer battalions are pulling in to Kiev, the Vesti newspaper reported on Monday. Read more.


Poroshenko warns rival over ‘pocket army’ - FT
Ukraine’s interior minister gives armed people seizing oil company 24 hours to disarm - TASS

Poroshenko: No puppet armies possible, territorial defense must be subordinate to armed forces - Interfax
Interior Minister gave security companies 24 hours to disarm: "There will be no armed security groups of businessmen wandering city streets with fire arms" -

Four lawmakers quit Poroshenko’s faction in Ukraine's parliament — media - TASS

Ukraine's Oligarchs Are at War (Again) - Bloomberg
Ukrainian oligarch under fire after night raid on state oil firm - Reuters

Poroshenko reprimands Kolomoisky for breaking professional conduct rules - TASS
Two “MUST SEE” videos about the *reality* of the war in the Ukraine (video) - The Saker

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