March 25, 2015

Saudi Arabia to build military base near Yemen

Saudi Arabia has decided to establish a military base near the Yemeni border due to recent development in Yemen.

Media reports said on Tuesday that the base will be constructed in the southern part of the country. Read more.


S Arabia engaged in military buildup near border with Yemeni - PressTV
Reports: Yemen's Houthis advance towards Aden - Al Jazeera

Hadi remains in Aden as rebels approach - Al Arabiya
Yemen rebels set $100K reward for President's arrest - air raids target palace (video) - RT

Iranian ship unloads 185 tons of weapons for Houthis at Saleef port - Al Arabiya
U.S. counterterrorism strategy in Yemen collapses amid chaos - Al Arabiya

With Yemen attack, IS aims to eclipse Qaeda - Saudi Gazette

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