March 27, 2015

Tories Scrambling To Build Support For C-51

As opposition for the anti-terrorism Bill C-51 continues to grow across the country, Tories and other supporters of the bill are scrambling to re-brand the anti-terrorism legislation in a desperate plea to garner more support. The Tories recently sent out a letter to their supporters claiming that Bill C-51 was designed to “prevent the spread of radical jihad” within Canada. And one member of the party even went so far as to send out a survey to his riding that bullied citizens for support, offering a questionnaire insinuating that they must sympathize with terrorists if they didn't support C-51. The party is rapidly losing steam with their fear campaign, as more citizens become aware of the dishonest agenda that is being pushed against them.

Despite numerous security professionals coming out against this bill, various ex-Prime Ministers denouncing it, judges, legal professors, and ex-CSIS agents warning against it,.. Read more.

Press for Truth

Resistance Mounts to Stephen Harper's Secret Police Bill (video) - TRNN

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