June 3, 2015

Battle rages for Marinka, 25 Ukrainian soldiers reported wounded

Russian-backed militants launched a major attack on the town of Marinka west of Donetsk at dawn on Wednesday, in one of the most serious outbreaks of fighting in eastern Ukraine since a ceasefire was supposed to have come into effect there on February 15.

According to various reports, the Russian-backed militants are attempting to surround Ukrainian forces in Marinka. Read more.


At least five Ukrainians killed in Donbas over the weekend - Kyiv Post
Kremlin-separatist forces try to take Maryinka as fighting breaks out along front line - Kyiv Post

Donetsk republic spokesman says militia positions were shelled over 40 times in 24 hours - TASS
DPR defense spokesman says east Ukraine shelled by Kiev troops, not by militia forces - TASS

West Should Consider Arming Kiev With 'Defensive' Weapons – Ex NATO Chief - Sputnik

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