June 21, 2015

Spain: Podemos party in the crosshairs of US intelligence agencies

On the 7th floor of the US Embassy’s enormous building in Madrid is the CIA station. For more than half a century, active intelligence work has been carried out from this site, but its objective is not only to gather secret information on the domestic and foreign policies of Spain. A wide range of delicate issues aimed at guaranteeing the US’ strategic interests in the country are looked at on a daily basis. Thus the station focuses on preventive operations to ‘neutralise’ organisations and politicians that are potentially hostile to the US.

Spain is quite rightly considered to be one of the EU’s weakest links. A series of corruption scandals has undermined the credibility of Mariano Rajoy’s government (Sp. Presidente del Gobierno Mariano Rajoy). The antipopular austerity policy has sharply aggravated the situation in the country: there has been a rise in unemployment, especially among young people, the salaries of public sector workers have been cut, social expenditure has been reduced, and education and healthcare has deteriorated. Read more.


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