June 10, 2015

Yemeni fighters liberate Khanjar barracks in Jawf province

The Yemeni fighters managed to liberate Khanjar barracks from the terrorists in the province of Jawf.

They have stepped up their fight against al-Qaeda in recent months, securing large areas from the terrorists across the country. This comes despite Saudi Arabia’s deadly war on Yemen. Read more.


Houthis killed, injured in Yemen clashes - Al Arabiya
At Least 43 Killed In Yemen Clashes As Parties Prepare For Talks - National Yemen

7 people dead in Saudi airstrikes on Razih district in Sa’ada province (video) - PressTV
Saudi warplanes targeted a market in Amran province (video) - PressTV

Aggression kills six people in Taiz, Ibb provinces - SABA
4 civilians killed by Saudi attacks against Sa’ada - SABA

One million Teminis displaced and 2,288 people killed since the beginning of the Saudi-led campaig - Yemen Times

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