July 13, 2015

Conflict between Right Sector and government escalates

Representatives of the Right Sector said on July 12 that it was withdrawing some of its fighters from the war zone as the tense standoff between the nationalist group and the authorities escalated.

Observers have linked the conflict to cigarette smuggling in Zakarpattya Oblast, while the Right Sector describes the standoff as part of the government’s crackdown on volunteer units. Read more + video.

Kyiv Post

Right Sector members rally in front of Presidential Administration in Kyiv - Kyiv Post
'Right Sector' rally in Kyiv after shootout in West Ukraine (video) - UT

Show of power: Right Sector nationalists ready to send ‘19 battalions’ to Kiev (video) - RT

Armed 'Right Sector' standoff in western Ukraine (video) - UT

Storming of Right Sector delayed as Yarosh arrives in Uzhgorod - Unian
Right Sector: Yarosh in talks with SBU chief, Avakov not engaged - Unian

Mutual accusations by police and Right Sector of opening live fire - Unian
Operative footage of Mukacheve shootout published by MP (video) - Unian

Four civilians, three policemen injured in shootout in Mukacheve – Ukrainian interior minister - Interfax
Shootout in western Ukraine kills at least two people; risk of wider conflict exists - Kyiv Post

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