July 26, 2015

Saudi Arabia's fresh attacks target Yemen's capital

Saudi Arabia keeps pounding Yemen, worsening the grave humanitarian situation in the poor Arab nation.

In the latest attacks, Saudi warplanes have bombed the Hamdan district in the capital Sana’a. There's no word on possible casualties, yet. Earlier, Saudi jets targeted several districts in Amran, Lahij, and Jawf provinces.

Meanwhile, the Yemeni army and their allied Ansarullah fighters have launched retaliatory attacks against a military post in Saudi Arabia’s Jizan province. They've also attacked Saudi-backed forces in Ta’izz province.

Riyadh has announced a five-day truce which is to take effect from Sunday midnight. The kingdom, however, hasn't complied with the terms of the previous ceasefires. Saudi Arabia’s onslaught on Yemen has claimed nearly 49-hundred lives since it started in March.


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