August 11, 2015

Great Nations Eat: China for America

Ending hunger in our lifetimes is possible. It will take public awareness and political outreach to build the necessary national will. It will take nonprofits, corporations and government, all working together with ordinary citizens.

Great Nations Eat is the start of an inclusive, unstoppable movement that awakens America to the terrible cost of hunger, and inspires us to commit to a solution.

Great Nations Eat is a growing partnership of nonprofits, filmmakers, media companies and others, led by MediaVest, Share Our Strength and the filmmakers behind "A Place at the Table." Read more.

Great Nations Eat

Slovenia for America (video) - Great Nations Eat
Germany for America (video) - Great Nations Eat

One In Five (video) - Great Nations Eat
Meet Jeane and Jahnique (video) - Great Nations Eat

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