August 14, 2015

Reality And Dreams

Fidel Castro Ruz | Writing is a way to be useful if you believe that our long-suffering humanity must be better, and more fully educated, given the incredible ignorance in which we are all enveloped, with the exception of researchers who in the sciences seek satisfactory answers. This is a word which implies in a few letters its immense content.

All of us in our youth heard talk at some point about Einstein, in particular after the explosion of the atomic bombs which pulverized Hiroshima and Nagasaki, putting an end to the cruel war between the United States and Japan. Read more.

Cuba Debate

On His Birthday, Fidel Castro Wants US to Repay Cuba the Millions it Owes - Sputnik
Cubans Celebrate Fidel Castro''s 89th Birthday - Prensa Latina

Caribbean activists demand lifting blockade of Cuba - Granma

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