August 25, 2015

UK newspaper claims US blocking crucial data about Iraq invasion

A British newspaper reports that the US is withholding documents that could help explain why Tony Blair decided to join the invasion of Iraq. Washington’s refusal to declassify the documents has become a major scandal in London.

RT’s Gayane Chichakyan asked the US State Department about the obstruction of the Chilcot Inquiry documents and received a surprising answer. Read more.


White House in Chilcot 'cover-up': America bans crucial files that could reveal secret of why Blair invaded Iraq - Daily Mail
Chilcot inquiry: Leading figures in British political Establishment accused of plotting to discredit investigation into Iraq war - Independent

- David Swanson: ‘US withholding Chilcot Inquiry docs as they may discourage future wars US is interested in’ (video) - RT

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