August 11, 2015

US-NATO Military Deployments, Economic Warfare, Goldman Sachs and the Next Financial Meltdown. Is There a Relationship?

By Prof Michel Chossudovsky | What is the relationship between war in a military theater and “economic warfare”? 

An act of war is invariably an economic undertaking which supports dominant corporate interests. The conduct of US-NATO military operations is carried out on behalf of powerful financial institutions.

US led wars in the Middle East under the humanitarian mantle of the “global war on terrorism” largely serve the interests of Wall Street, the Anglo-american oil conglomerates, the so-called ‘defense contractors”, the biotech conglomerates (Monsanto et al), Big Pharma and the corporate media. Read more.

Global Research

Banken geopolitieke strategen zijn sinds jaar-en-dag innig met elkaar verweven - Stop De Bankiers

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