September 3, 2015

An image that touches us all

The Syrian boy Aylan Kurdi - drowned on the crossing to Europe. Can you show the image of a dead child lying on the beach? Do you have to? On the decision of DW Editor-in-chief Alexander Kudascheff. 

This picture is a terrible image. It shows us the terror of a futile, fatal escape from war-torn Syria. It is a snapshot of what is happening daily in the Mediterranean Sea. Read more.


'If these images don't change Europe, what will?' (video) - Al Jazeera
Worst refugee crisis since WWII: 'Little unity between EU leaders, lots of fingerpointing' (video) - RT

Assad & ISIS responsible for drowned Syrian boy, says Cameron - RT
Britain should not take more Middle East refugees, says David Cameron (video) - Guardian

'We will take thousands of people': Cameron vows to review asylum policy after claims his policy was 'shaming the country' - Daily Mail
Migration crisis: pressure mounts on Cameron over refugees - Guardian

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