September 23, 2015

Conflict Flavors Obama’s Meeting With Chinese Leader

WASHINGTON — For the past two years, the critical question confronting the Obama administration about Xi Jinping, the Chinese president who defied American predictions by challenging the United States’ superpower status early and directly, has been how forcefully to respond.

When Mr. Xi, barely a year in office, declared an exclusive “air defense identification zone” over a vast stretch of territory, the Obama administration immediately sent B-52s right through the space,.. Read more.

NY Times

Chinese President Xi Jinping delivers speech on China-U.S. relations (video) - Xinhua
Xi calls on China, U.S. to enhance local-level cooperation - Xinhua

Xi offers ways to build new model of major-country relationship with U.S. - Xinhua
Xi Jinping Pledges to Work With U.S. to Stop Cybercrimes (video) - NY Times

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