September 20, 2015

John Kerry softens US demand that Assad must go

The US secretary of state says that Assad's downfall can happen at the end of a Syria peace process, not the beginning

John Kerry softened America’s demand yesterday that Syria’s dictator must step down, declaring that the timing of Bashar al-Assad’s departure was open to negotiation. Read more.


US, UK say Assad's departure needed but not urgent - AA
U.S. says Assad must go, timing down to negotiation - Reuters

Russia, Iran Could Persuade Syria's Assad to Negotiate: Kerry - NBC
John Kerry calls on Russia to bring 'Assad to the table' to solve Syria crisis - IBT

Moscow: It is impossible to defeat terrorism without cooperation with Syria - SANA

U.S. Begins Military Talks With Russia on Syria (video) - NY Times
- Kerry: Russian fighter jets in Syria raise serious questions - Washington Post

Russia to consider sending troops to Syria if requested (video) - RT

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