October 21, 2015

Canada’s PM-Designate to Obama: I’m Withdrawing Canadian Forces from Iraq and Syria

Canada has a new government following the country’s federal election on Monday. The Liberal Party won in a landslide and dethroned Conservatives, who held the majority in the Parliament for nine years. Canada’s current prime minister, Stephen Harper, was also ousted by Liberal Party candidate, Justin Trudeau, amid the Parliamentary takeover.

The Liberal Party has vowed to end the prohibition of cannabis, but also ran on a much more dovish foreign policy platform. Read more.

Anti Media

- Justin Trudeau says he told Obama he will pull out of air war against ISIL. And Obama’s OK with it - National Post

Canada withdrawing fighter jets from Iraq, Syria, Trudeau tells Obama - AFP
Justin Trudeau: I'll end ISIS combat mission, restore relations with Iran - CBC

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