November 18, 2015

Police: Two dead in Paris siege, including woman who blows herself up

The French military has been deployed to a Paris suburb, following heavy gunfire and explosions near the national stadium of France.

Police have raided an apartment in Sun Denny, north of the French capital, targeting the suspected mastermind of Friday’s attacks Abdelhamid Abu Oud.

Two people, including a female attacker who blew herself up during the operation, were reportedly killed. Three people were also arrested and several police officers injured during the operation.

Transport to Sun Denny has been cancelled and schools have been closed. Residents have also been warned to stay indoors. Read more.


Police terror raid near Paris ends with at least two killed, seven arrested (video) - France24
Paris shootout: 2 dead, incl. female suicide bomber, 7 arrested as police, army hunt suspects (video) - RT

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