November 8, 2015

Saudi jets bomb multiple locations across Yemen

Fresh Saudi airstrikes on the Yemeni province of Sana’a have left a woman dead and two children injured. The casualties were reported after Saudi fighter jets targeted a residential area in Sanhan district of Sana’a. Warplanes also hit two bridges in Bagim border district in the northern province of Sa’ada.

Meanwhile, Yemen’s Ansarullah fighters and allied army units have launched fresh retaliatory strikes against the aggressors. They've targeted a Saudi warship in waters off the southern province of Ta'izz. Also, a Saudi soldier has been killed and another wounded as Yemeni forces shelled their positions in a border village in Jizan region.

More than 71-hundred Yemenis have lost their lives since Riyadh started the military aggression in late March.


4 Yemenis killed in fresh Saudi airstrikes on Sa'ada province (video) - PressTV
Yemeni army retakes district in Dali' province from pro-Hadi forces (video) - PressTV

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