November 1, 2015

UK starts construction of new Royal Navy base in Bahrain

The UK has started construction of a new Royal Navy base in the Persian Gulf kingdom of Bahrain. British Foreign Secretary Philip Hammond addressed a ceremonial event at Salman Port in the capital Manama.

He said the base ensures Britain’s sustained presence near the Suez Canal. The 15-million-pound base is mainly funded by the Bahraini government. It is set to accommodate Britain’s new aircraft carriers and destroyers. Bahrain is also home of the Fifth Fleet of the U-S Navy.

Rights activists slam Washington and London for sacrificing human rights in Bahrain in return for trade and military deals with the ruling Al Khalifah regime there.

Saeed Shehabi from the Bahrain Freedom Movement says the British government has sacrificed human rights for economic and military interests in the region.


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