November 26, 2015

US-Turkish Military Operation in N Syria Would be de Facto an Invasion

The US and Turkey have announced an operation aimed at maintaining control over the last 98 kilometers of the Turkish-Syrian border, between Jarabulus and Afrin; this area overlaps with the primary corridor through which Islamists, including ISIL and al-Nusra receive weapons and fighters, Tony Cartalucci underscores.

In contrast to its vows to "defeat ISIL," the actions of the US-led anti-ISIL coalition demonstrate a desire to preserve the terrorist group, Bangkok-based geopolitical analyst Tony Cartalucci notes. Read more.


Why the West Won’t Hit ISIS Where it Hurts - NEO

U.S., Turkey working to finish shutting northern Syria border: Kerry - Reuters
US, Turkey launch operation to take entire border with Syria under control – Kerry - RT

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