December 23, 2015

$100 Billion in Tax Revenue Lost Every Year Due to Loopholes for Multinationals

On 60 minutes, Apple CEO Tim Cook says accusations of tax avoidance schemes are ‘total political crap’, but economist James Henry says it’s unfair for corporations to simply wash their hands of having to share the costs of government.


Obama Seeks $100 Billion in New Taxes on Multinationals - Bloomberg
Report: Offshore tax havens cost U.S. $100B - CBS

Tax dodging by big firms ‘robs poor countries of billions of dollars a year’ - Guardian
Multinational companies cheat Africa out of billions of dollars - OXFAM

5 Ways to Make the Taxation of Multinationals Fairer - UN
- UNCTAD: multinational tax avoidance costs developing countries $100 billion+ - UNCTAD

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