January 31, 2016

Bill Gates & UK govt join forces, pledge $4bn to combat malaria

Bill Gates and George Osborne have unveiled a new plan to fight malaria.


Gates Foundation accused of 'dangerously skewing' aid priorities by promoting 'corporate globalisation' (video) - Independent

De Cholesterolmythe (Deel 2)

Voor Follow the Money bouwt onderzoeksjournalist en auteur Daan de Wit aan een dossier met een grote maatschappelijke en journalistieke relevantie. Een onderwerp waar veel belangen, geld en invloed mee zijn gemoeid: cholesterol. De visie op cholesterol bij hart- en vaatziekten vertoont gebreken. ‘Er móet nu iets veranderen om het aantal slachtoffers te verminderen en ook om de almaar stijgende zorgkosten te drukken.’ Vandaag deel 2: Onderzoek leert: Hoge cholesterolniveaus leiden niet tot meer hart- en vaatziekten.

De huidige visie op cholesterol is gebaseerd op gebrekkige en achterhaalde wetenschap. Lees meer.


- De Cholesterolmythe (Deel 1) - FTM
Niet hoog maar laag cholesterol blijkt slecht voor je hart - Kuifje in de Keuken

LIBOR Traders Get Off Scot Free in rate-rigging scandal

James Henry, former chief economist at McKinsey & Co., says the ruling demonstrates that there is no systemic or institutional accountability to prevent interest rate manipulation.


Libor trial: Cleared brokers 'were scapegoats' for scandal (video) - BBC
Serious Fraud Office back in the dock after Libor acquittals - Guardian

Vrijspraak voor vijftal in Libor-zaak - Elsevier
Londense rechter spreekt nog een Libor-verdachte vrij - FD

Geen Nederlandse vervolging Libor-fraudeurs - RTL

January 30, 2016

Gates Foundation accused of 'dangerously skewing' aid priorities by promoting 'corporate globalisation'

Controversial new report calls for Bill Gates' philanthropic Foundation to undergo an international investigation

They are among the richest people on earth, have won plaudits for their fight to eradicate some of the world’s deadliest and prolific killers, and donated billions to better educate and feed the poorest on the planet. Read more + video.


Gated Development - is the Gates Foundation always a force for good? - Global Justice

‘Jesus was a left-winger’ – Uruguay ex-president Mujica to RT

The Gracchus brothers of Rome, Indian Emperor Ashoka, and Jesus were all left-wingers, former Uruguayan president José Mujica told RT, as he shared a fascinating history lesson on the constant struggle between liberal and conservative ideas.

“The history of mankind is a pendulum constantly swinging the between the two opposites,” ... Read more.


'West can't live without enemies': Swedish general warns of 'upcoming war'

In a few years Sweden may be engaged in a war with a “qualified opponent” after two centuries of peace, a senior Swedish commander has told soldiers in an internal brochure.


'Hundreds' of masked men beat refugee children in Stockholm

They handed out leaflets threatening to give 'the North African street children who are roaming around' the 'punishment they deserve'

Hundreds of masked men marched through Stockholm's main train station on Friday evening, reportedly beating up refugees and anyone who didn't appear to be ethnically Swedish. Read more + video.


Swedish far-Right mob attacks migrants in central Stockholm in wake of social worker murder (video) - Telegraph
Pogrom in Stockholm: tientallen gemaskerde mannen vallen migranten aan - De Wereld Morgen

Bloc Party - Hunting For Witches

MH17: Werk burgerdetective omstreden

Auteur Frank Thunnissen uit Eindhoven is als werktuigbouwkundig ingenieur geïnteresseerd in de analytische aanpak van problemen en in het maken van onderscheid tussen vermoedens en feiten. Met anderen heeft hij zich verdiept in de MH17-ramp.

Wetenschapsjournaliste Marga van Zundert breekt een lans voor het gebruik van internet om misdaden te helpen oplossen (ED Opinie 16 januari). Lees meer.


Word ook een burgerdetective - ED
MH17 Crash Milked to Demonize Russia – Dutch Blogger - Sputnik

Kabinet akkoord: Nederland gaat IS bombarderen in Syrië

Nederlandse F16's gaan helpen bij het bombarderen van 'de aanvoerlijnen' van Islamitische Staat (IS) in Oost-Syrië. 

Die bombardementen moeten volgens minister Hennis van Defensie worden gezien als 'fase twee' in de strijd:.. Lees meer. 


Nederland gaat IS ook in Syrië bombarderen (video) - NOS

Nederlandse overheid gaat illegaal Syrië bombarderen - DSW
'IS in Syrië bombarderen slecht plan' (audio) - EO

World War III - The New Axis of Evil

The concept that humanity is teetering on the edge of third world war is no longer the domain of the lunatic fringe.

Those of you who have been paying attention know that in reality, the war is already underway. In this video we're going examine the profiles of the key players and the alliances they've formed, expose their motives, and present evidence of crimes that they've already committed. All of our sources will be linked below. Read more.

Stormclouds Gathering

Dutch plan seeks to ferry refugees back to Turkey

Refugees who arrive on Greek islands by boat would be returned to Turkey almost immediately under Labour Party proposal.

A plan presented by the Dutch Labour Party is proposing to ferry back refugees from the Greek islands to Turkey, in an attempt to control the influx of refugees into Europe. Read more.

Al Jazeera

January 28, 2016

1 dead, 8 arrested following shootout in Oregon standoff

At least eight of the militia members who have been occupying the Oregon wildlife refuge for nearly a month were taken into custody by federal authorities on Tuesday.

The arrests followed a brief highway shootout that left one militiaman dead. Tensions still remain high as occupiers remain at the center, continuing to hold out against state and local authorities.


Oregon Protesters Urged to Leave After Ammon Bundy Arrest - NY Times
FBI blockades Oregon wildlife refuge after arrests and urges remaining occupiers to leave (video) - Washington Post

Israel & Greece accuse Turkey of funding ISIS, smuggling oil

Israel’s defense minister has alleged that the Islamic State terror group has long been funded with “Turkish money.” 

"As you know, Daesh (Islamic State, previously ISIS/ISIL) enjoyed Turkish money for oil for a very, very long period of time. I hope that it will be ended," Moshe Yaalon told reporters in Athens on Tuesday after meeting his Greek counterpart, Panos Kammenos, Reuters reports.


Ya'alon: ISIS has 'enjoyed Turkish money for oil' for a long time - JPost

Growing Greek and Israeli friendship to pressure Turkey - Israel Herald
Israel and Greece send message to Turkey: Our friendship is not aimed against you - JPost

January 27, 2016

1000s of Parisians protest austerity measures

In France, thousands of public service workers walk off their jobs and flood the streets of Paris in protest over working conditions and austerity plans.

Police officers, hospital workers, teachers, taxi drivers, farmers and those working in the aviation industry were among people taking part in the demonstration dubbed Black Tuesday. The strike led to the cancellation of one in five flights from Paris.

Earlier on Tuesday riot police clashed with protesting farmers who blocked a street. Demonstrators are angry at labor reforms proposed by the French government in September.


China warns George Soros against going to 'war' on its currency

China has officially issued a warning to George Soros: Beware of going to "war on the renminbi."

The message comes in a piece published in China's People's Daily titled "Declaring war on China's currency? Ha ha." Read more.

Business Insider

China Warns Soros Against Starting A Currency War: "You Cannot Possibly Succeed, Ha, Ha" - ZeroHedge
Rekenmeester China weg na aanval op Soros - Telegraaf

January 26, 2016

Sink the Rich!

This week we examine the contradictory notion of “Anarcho-Capitalism” and dismantle this illogical concept by illustrating current examples of why free markets have nothing to do with freedom. On the music break, San Diego based MC Odessa Kane with “GPT”

We wrap things up with the bleak economic outlook for the coming year and our very clever solution to fix this capitalist clusterfuck. Read more.


62 people own same as half world - Oxfam
Richest 62 people as wealthy as half of world's population, says Oxfam (video) - Guardian

‘My emails, phone calls monitored’: US govt digital spying exposed in online series

Governments abusing technology to spy on activists is being documented in a new online series called ''Truth And Power''.


Truth and Power - Trailer (video) - Pivot
- Truth and Power - Trailer - About The Issue: Activist Surveillance (#BlackLivesMatter) (video) - Pivot

January 25, 2016

Libya parliament rejects UN-backed unity government

Tobruk-based parliament votes against unity government with rivals in Tripoli, and demands cabinet reshuffle.

Libya's internationally recognised parliament based in Tobruk has voted against the UN-backed unity government... Read more.

Al Jazeera

Libya's recognized parliament rejects U.N.-backed unity government - Reuters
National Unity Government built on cronyism and will fail says Presidency Council member Aswad - Libya Herald

HoR agrees Skhirat deal, subject to conditions, but rejects government list (paywall) - Libya Herald

US general speaks of “decisive action” against IS in Libya (paywall) - Libya Herald
US Chief Of Staff Calls For Decisive Military Action Against Islamic State In Libya As First Foreign Soldiers Arrive In The Country - WJ

UK, U.S., Russian troops land in Libya - World Bulletin
Morocco to Participate in US-led International Coalition Against ISIS In Libya - MWN

Israeli jets bomb targets in Gaza after rocket hits south

No injuries or damage reported in retaliatory strikes after rocket hits open area near border with Palestinian enclave

Israeli warplanes struck the Gaza Strip early Monday morning in response to a rocket fired at southern Israel on Sunday evening. Read more.

Times of Israel

Gaza rocket explodes in southern Israel - JPost

Anarchast Ep. 266 Max Igan: The Full Circle Project

Jeff interviews Australian freedom fighter Max Igan, topics include: Max's recent politically motivated assault in Australia, Israel's open war crimes in Palestine, Max was deliberately targeted for speaking out, paid pro Israeli propaganda agents, the anti-semitic smoke screen, the geopolitics of the region, planned destabilization in the middle east, false Jews are in charge of Israel,..

...mandatory vaccination in Australia, government itself is a threat to national security, the labeling of protesters as anti-government extremists, this year 2016 people need to stand up and speak to power, The Full Circle Project and support groups, the logical fallacies of the statist, using the system against itself, debt slavery, Kilary Clinton, Ayahuasca and Anarchapulco!


January 24, 2016

Grexit choice explored last year but Tsipras was not convinced

Before reaching an agreement with lenders last July, the SYRIZA-led government explored a number of options regarding alternative sources of funding and even actively examined the logistics of printing a new currency.

But no formal plan for leaving the euro was ever drawn up, as Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras, feared the political consequences for himself as well as the wider social upheaval that it would cause. Read more.


Either the social security system will change or it will collapse (paywall) - ANA-MPA

George Soros insists: Greece is still a problem

“Greece is still a problem, - it is one problem that has no solution", hedge fund billionaire George Soros insists, speaking to Bloomberg TV from the WEF in Davos.

Hedge fund billionaire George Soros, 85, hasn’t lost his ability to gain market attention with slightly stunning comments. Read more.


Greece's Young Anarchists

Part 2

Every year, between November 15 and 17, students, workers, and anarchists from all over Greece take over the Athens Polytechnic to commemorate the 1973 student uprising against the military junta that ruled the Mediterranean nation between the years 1967-1974.

The three-day celebration traditionally culminates in a mass protest that ends in Exarcheia,.. Read more.


No Trip Mechanoid Ape - Hiatus

2. Lower Self
3. Reptile Jam
4. True By Default

No Trip Mechanoid Ape is a psychedelic rock trio from Athens, Greece.

Did Gitmo "Suicides" Cover Up Murder? U.S. Sgt. Speaks Out on Deaths & Prison's Secret CIA Site

In a month marking its 13th anniversary, we look at one of the great mysteries of the U.S. military prison at Guantánamo Bay: What happened the night of June 9, 2006, when three prisoners died? The Pentagon said the three — Yasser Talal al-Zahrani, Salah Ahmed al-Salami and Mani Shaman al-Utaybi — all committed suicide. But were they actually tortured to death at a secret CIA black site at the base? 

In a broadcast exclusive, we are joined by Joseph Hickman, a Guantánamo staff sergeant and author of the new book, "Murder at Camp Delta: A Staff Sergeant’s Pursuit of the Truth About Guantánamo Bay."

We are also joined by Professor Mark Denbeaux, director of Seton Hall University School of Law’s Center for Policy and Research, which has just published the new report, "Guantánamo: America’s Battle Lab."

Democracy Now

Hidden Camp No: Frmr Gitmo guard claims suicides really CIA killings (video) - RT

'Military Solution': If peace process in Syria fails US 'ready' for intervention

Marcel Cartier - Bomb Threat

January 23, 2016

Pilot van ‘Mr. Robot’ gedurfd en gelaagd

Als je het eerste seizoen van de successerie Mr. Robot achter elkaar wilt bekijken, zul je iets illegaals moeten doen. Het kabelkanaal USA Network van NBCUniversal is internationaal niet zo toegankelijk als Netflix of HBO en ik heb nog geen dvd's gezien. Maar voor een serie over hackers is dat misschien niet zo raar.

De VPRO laat de afleveringen een week online staan, te beginnen met de woensdag uitgezonden, iets langere pilot, Hello Friend.mov (elke episode eindigt met een andere extensie). Lees meer.


- Mr. Robot - Torrent

The Real Reason Oil Is So Cheap And How Rockefeller and Rothschild Are Involved

In this video Luke Rudkowski breaks down the latest news and developments with the low price of oil, how it happened and most importantly why it happened.

We mention how elites like the Rockefeller and Rothschild family along with the fight for the U.S dollar holding world reserve currency status has affected the price of oil.


Amerikaanse miljardair sponsort 'ja'-campagne Oekraïne-referendum

Een in Rusland verboden non-profit-organisatie van miljardair George Soros is medefinancier van de Nederlandse campagne voor een 'ja' bij het Oekraïne-referendum in april. 

Stem voor Nederland krijgt voor die campagne 200.000 euro van de Open Society Foundations. Lees meer.


George Soros heeft vooral financiële belangen bij Oekraïne (olie en gas) - 925

George Soros heeft vooral financiële belangen bij Oekraïne (olie en gas)

Als de 'Open Society Foundation' vóór het associatieverdag is, dan bent u toch wel een slecht mens om te overwegen tegen te stemmen. Dit argument klinkt beter dan 'Amerikaanse miljardair, speculant en veroordeelde handelaar met voorkennis heeft oog op Oekraïens gasbedrijf laten vallen.'

Toch lijkt dat dichter bij de werkelijkheid te komen. De 85-jarige George Soros, volgens Forbes goed voor zo'n € 22 miljard, gaat twee ton doneren aan een organisatie van Jalta-baasje Joshua Livestro. Lees meer + video.


Amerikaanse miljardair sponsort 'ja'-campagne Oekraïne-referendum - NOS

January 22, 2016

Planet X: A new 9th planet for the solar system?

Observations of the orbits of six small objects have led researchers to propose a very large 9th planet--100s of astronomical units (AU) away from the sun.

Far enough away that this Neptune-sized planet takes ~15,000 years to complete one orbit. Read more.


U.N. Envoy Signals That Riyadh Is Obstructing Syria Peace Talks

Saudi Arabia is sidelining the diplomat charged with ending the brutal Syrian civil war — and complicating the push toward a deal.

In a barely veiled swipe at one of the Middle East’s leading powers, the United Nations’ special envoy for Syria accused Saudi Arabia of undermining his efforts to bring a broad slate of Syrian opposition groups to upcoming peace talks designed to end Syria’s brutal civil war. Read more.

Foreign Policy

The Saudi-Iran War Is America’s Fault - FP
This Map Explains the Saudi-Iran Proxy War - FP

Nearly four dozen Yemenis killed in fresh Saudi airstrikes

Almost four dozen civilians have lost their lives in multiple Saudi aerial attacks against a number of regions across Yemen as Riyadh pushes ahead with its military onslaught against its southern neighbor.

On Thursday, Saudi fighter jets launched a series of airstrikes... Read more.


Yemen being pounded by US, British, Israeli jets: Army - PressTV

Saudi jets bomb residential areas in Yemen’s Sana’a (video) - PressTV
MSF paramedic, civilian first responders killed in Saudi double-tap airstrike in Yemen (video) - RT

Yemen being pounded by US, British, Israeli jets: Army

Israel, the United States and the United Kingdom have been contributing to Saudi Arabia’s deadly war on Yemen by sending warplanes to bomb the impoverished nation, a Yemeni army official reveals.

Sharaf Luqman, a spokesman for the Yemeni army, said on Thursday that fighter jets belonging... Read more.


Who is Really Ruling Saudi Arabia?

Bilal Ahmed of Souciant.com says the rivalry results from the fact that the King's nephew Mohammad bin Nayef is currently the minister of interior and also the crown prince


Litvinenko 'probably murdered on personal orders of Putin'

Public inquiry concludes there is ‘strong probability’ two Russian ag ents were ordered by FSB to poison former spy 

The former Russian spy Alexander Litvinenko was probably murdered on the personal orders of Vladimir Putin, the UK public inquiry into his death has found. Read more + video.


President Putin 'probably' approved Litvinenko murder (video) - BBC
Putin 'probably' approved killing of ex-KGB spy Litvinenko - UK inquiry (video) - RT

'Probably' is not evidence, Litvinenko inquiry lacks any proof' (video) - RT
UK Litvinenko death inquiry ‘biased, very politicized’ – Russian ambassador to RT (video) - RT

Russia warns UK Litvinenko inquiry may 'poison' ties (video) - Al Jazeera

Satellieten kunnen BUK-inslag hebben geregistreerd

Dat de Onderzoeksraad voor de Veiligheid niet kan beschikken over radarbeelden van de MH17-ramp leidde tot veel vragen. Maar er waren meer ogen gericht op de ramplocatie. Spionagesatellieten kunnen net zo veel, zo niet meer, onthullen over de raketaanslag.

En die beelden zijn er. Ze zijn met de grootste geheimzinnigheid omgeven. Lees meer.


Deskundigen MH17: 'Vreemd dat radars uit stonden' - AD

- 'MH17-rapport is niet objectief' - Volkskrant
‘Biased, low quality, full of omissions’: Russia launches fresh attack on Dutch MH17 report - RT

January 21, 2016

Empire Files: Untouchable Big Oil Threatens All Life On Earth

All life on Earth is threatened by catastrophic climate change--the main culprit is so powerful that the U.S. government is setup to serve it, rather than regulate it. 

The oil industry is a powerhouse with control over land, resources, politics and more. In this episode of The Empire Files, Abby Martin uncovers big oil's strong-arm reach--its growth, its crimes, its power and its impunity.

Featuring interviews with two investigative journalists who have covered oil disasters on-the-ground--Antonia Juhasz, author of "Black Tide: The Devastating Impact of the Gulf Oil Spill", and Greg Palast, author of "Vulture's Picnic: In Pursuit of Petroleum Pig, Power Pirates, and High-Finance Carnivores."

Watch teleSUR's The Empire Files every Friday.


January 20, 2016

US reportedly rebuilds airbase in Syria without Damascus 'yes'

Russia may soon no longer be the only foreign force operating from a base inside Syria. According to some media reports, it's claimed US specialists are working to rebuild an abandoned airfield in the North-East of the country.


US 'takes control' of Rmeilan airfield in Syria - Al Jazeera
US Building Military Airbase in Northeastern Syria - Fars

Zo gewelddadig is extreemrechts in Europa

Zijn de jaren dertig terug? Het is een vraag die steeds luider weerklinkt. Maar ook een vraag die steevast fel debat uitlokt. Stellen dat de jaren dertig terug zijn is overdreven voor de één, en een understatement volgens de ander. Daarom is het nuttig om even de feiten zelf te belichten. Hoe gewelddadig is extreemrechts vandaag? En in welke mate is dat zorgwekkend? Om alvast een deel van het antwoord te geven: het is erger dan je kan vermoeden.

 In het Nederlandse Heesch vond maandagavond een betoging plaats tegen de komst van een vluchtelingencentrum. Lees meer.

De Wereld Morgen

Wilders gaat stap verder: sluit mannen op in azc’s - NRC

Oekraïense regering en Nederlandse pers verdedigen neonazi’s

Als het filmpje met de (vermeende?) leden van het Azov-bataljon echt nep was, dan was het een stunt van jewelste. Dan is iedereen er met beide poten ingetrapt.

Daags nadat bekend werd dat de CIA aan het onderzoeken is of onze eigen Facebook-revolutie van Geenpeil niet uit de koker van het Kremlin komt, gaat het mis met de officieuze nee-campagne in de mainstream media. Lees meer.

Israel is opposed to sanctions against the Kremlin

The state of Israel does not support sanctions against Russia. 

About this 19 January 2016, said Israel’s Ambassador to Ukraine , Eliav Belotserkovsky, reports LigaBusinessInform. "This is not a measure that can lead to resolution of the conflict. We have maintained good relations. We are one hundred percent supported the integrity of Ukraine,.. Read more.

Reporter UA

Israeli Foreign Ministry urges its citizens to obey Ukraine's laws in Crimea – ambassador (paywall) - Kyiv Post

Ukraine threatens sanctions on Israelis doing business in Crimea - JPost
The rise of an ultra-Orthodox Ukrainian Jew - Ynet

Putin calls European Jewish Congress Russia’s ally in fighting anti-Semitism - TASS

Ukraine's energy company refuses to pay $2.59 bln gas bill to Russia's Gazprom

Earlier on Tuesday, Gazprom drew a $2.549 bln bill to Naftogaz of Ukraine for the Russian gas Ukraine had not taken in the third quarter of 2015 under "take or pay" condition

KIEV, January 19. /TASS/. Naftogaz of Ukraine has refused to pay the bill of $2.59 billion it received from Russian gas giant Gazprom. Read more.


Economic Development Ministry to extend embargo on products from Russia - Ukrinform

Russia Starts Supplying Ukrainian City With Gas Amid Severe Frosts - Sputnik
Russia gives Ukraine discount on gas in Q1, price offered at about $212 per 1,000 cubic meters - Interfax

‘Biased, low quality, full of omissions’: Russia launches fresh attack on Dutch MH17 report

A senior Russian aviation official has presented new criticisms of the Dutch Safety Board’s (DSB) handling of the MH17 investigation and low quality of its “vague” final report on the crash in Ukrainian skies, which killed 298 people in July 2014.

“Russia would again like to draw attention to the bias of the DSB, the insufficient quality of the final report, and the omissions of important facts about the investigation by the Dutch side,”... Read more.


Dutch Daily Publishes Russian Regulator's Letter on Faults in MH17 Report - Sputnik
'MH17-rapport is niet objectief' - Volkskrant

January 19, 2016

The Pope Wants You to Pray for a One World Religion

This is the closest you are going to get to a commercial for the one world religion they want to enact

PS - here's the original Pope vid: https://youtu.be/Nq7us5Lf5IU

Funny they want to bring the world together to "have a discussion" but they've closed comments for the video.

*Note: In regard to the atomic bomb being the real start of the one world government, I said "catalyst". The plan for the UN started well before WWI, but the League of Nations fell apart. It was the atomic bomb which solidified the "necessity" for the UN and it is well documented that the war would have ended anyway without the need to drop it on Japan (Read Quigley's Tragedy and Hope for more on this). The bomb was planned out long before WWII and Rockefeller funded pretty much every single person involved in creating it, including the guy who rounded up all of the other refugee scientists that helped build it and who got Einstein to write the letter to FDR that started the Manhattan Project.

Truthstream Media

James Corbett Discusses Carbon Rations on X22 Report

James Corbett joins Dave of X22 Report to talk about the global warming narrative and its carbon ration end game

Topics discussed include the global average temperature construction, the carbon ration control grid, and the economics of technocracy. Read more.

Corbett Report

US slaps new sanctions on Iran - hours after 'historic thaw'

USA has slapped Iran with new sanctions - over a recent ballistic missile test. It comes just a few hours after the so called 'historic thaw', when international nuclear-related sanctions were scrapped.

The new measures target 11 officials and companies, linked to the missile programme.


Obama: US to continue to enforce sanctions agaisnt Iran (video) - PressTV
New US bans have no intl. legal ground: Zarif - PressTV

Leader: US remarks 'cause for suspicion' - PressTV
3 Freed Americans Leave Iran; U.S. Places New Sanctions (video) - NY Times

International sanctions against Iran lifted (video) - Washington Post

‘Too many migrants’: Anti-refugee rally in Dutch town turns violent

A mass anti-immigration rally in the Netherlands has erupted into violence after riot police moved in to disperse a 1,000-strong march against the opening of a refugee center in the town of Heesch.


WATCH: Dutch Freedom Party Leader Wants All Male Muslim Refugees Locked Up

In the wake of a series of New Year's Eve sexual assaults in Germany, right-wing Dutch politician Geert Wilders on Monday called for all Muslim male refugees to be locked up in asylum centers, saying women needed to be protected.

Speaking in a new video for his Freedom Party (PVV), Wilders condemned the attacks in Cologne, Germany,.. Read more + video.


Koning bezoekt onverwacht het azc in Ter Apel - NOS

Twins study finds no evidence that marijuana lowers IQ in teens

Roughly half of Americans use marijuana at some point in their lives, and many start as teenagers. Although some studies suggest the drug could harm the maturing adolescent brain, the true risk is controversial. 

Now, in the first study of its kind, scientists have analyzed long-term marijuana use in teens,.. Read more.


Teen Marijuana Use May Show No Effect On Brain Tissue, Unlike Alcohol, Study Finds - Huff Post
'Cannabis verlaagt IQ van tieners niet'  - NU

Neurons to Nirvana

A stylish, in depth look at the renaissance in psychedelic drug research in light of current scientific, medical and cultural knowledge. The film explores these socially taboo substances as adjuncts to psychotherapy, as crucial but neglected medicines, and as technologies of consciousness.

From Neurons to Nirvana: The Great Medicines features interviews with some of the world's foremost researchers, writers, and pioneers in the growing field of psychedelic psychotherapy.

These radical healers and dissenters are using everything from ancient concoctions to newly created designer molecules to the once demonized psychedelic drugs of the 1960s. They argue convincingly for the legal right to incorporate these substances into therapeutic practice.

AIVD waarschuwt voor Russische agenten in Nederland

Opheldering van minister Plasterk gevraagd

AMSTERDAM - Hoeveel geld steken Russische spionnen clandestien in Europese politieke- en protestbewegingen om onrust te zaaien binnen Europa? En worden ook Nederlandse maatschappelijke bewegingen gefinancierd met roebels? Lees meer.


Russia accused of clandestine funding of European parties as US conducts major review of Vladimir Putin's strategy - Telegraph
US Intelligence Chalks Up Declining Influence in Europe to 'Russian Spies' - Sputnik

January 18, 2016

‘Voor of Tegen de Kaste - Dat is de Vraag’

Ewald Engelen - We mogen stemmen over het handelsverdrag met Oekraïne. Heeft nee-stemmen dan zin? Niet als je tegen het verdrag bent, zegt Ewald Engelen. Dat gaat gewoon door, want de politiek wil het omdat ‘Nederland handelsland’ erom vraagt.

Ik heb me vorig jaar bewust afzijdig gehouden van de petitie tegen het associatieverdrag met Oekraïne. Lees meer.


Europese Unie heeft lak aan Geen Peil-referendum - Volkskrant

Europese Unie heeft lak aan Geen Peil-referendum

Thierry Baudet en Erik De Vlieger - Associatieverdrag: Zowel Oekraïne als de EU voeren het associatieverdrag al uit, terwijl het nog niet geratificeerd is.

Met verbijstering zien we hoe de Europese Unie het aankomende referendum negeert. Niet eerder ontstond zulke massale commotie over een voorgenomen uitdijing van de EU:.. Lees meer.


‘Voor of Tegen de Kaste - Dat is de Vraag’ - FTM

January 17, 2016

Market crash robs $2.3 trillion from investors

The stock market rout is starting to get really expensive — destroying $2.3 trillion from the market's top last year and $1.5 trillion in net wealth just this year.

The giant companies that predominantly populate the Standard & Poor's 500 have fallen... Read more.

USA Today

January 16, 2016

Iran's FM Zarif says sanctions on Iran will be lifted today

Iran’s Foreign Minister says the landmark nuclear deal with the P5+1 will come into effect after a final report by the IAEA on Tehran's compliance.

Upon arrival in the Austrian capital Vienna, Mohammad Javad Zarif told reporters that the International atomic Energy Agency will release its report later today. Zarif said then a joint statement will announce the implementation of the historic agreement.

This would pave the way for lifting Western sanctions imposed on Iran over its nuclear energy program. The top Iranian diplomat will meet with EU foreign policy chief Federica Mogherini and US Secretary of State John Kerry.


Iran FM: Sanctions on Tehran to be lifted on Saturday - Al Jazeera
Iran nuclear deal: Minister says sanctions 'to be lifted' - Reuters

Iran, U.S. announce prisoner deal; end of sanctions nears - Reuters

Video emerges showing IDF joking as they shoot Palestinian protesters

A video has emerged of Israeli soldiers allegedly sharing a joke about shooting a protester - prompting Palestinian activists to reportedly present the footage to the International criminal court.

What's also being pointed out by some is that Israeli forces often respond to stone-throwing protesters with live rounds.

Saudi FM: US, UK assist S Arabia with airstrikes on Yemen

Saudi Arabia says British and American military officials are supervising the kingdom’s air raids on Yemen

Saudi Arabia’s Foreign Minister Adel al-Jubeir said the officials have access to lists of targets in Yemen. However, they do not have a say in choosing those targets for the strikes. Al-Jubeir confirmed his country is happy by the -safeguards that the supervision provides.

Earlier, Britain reiterated its troops are present in the kingdom and assisting Saudi military with the attacks. Amnesty International, European parliament and the United Nations have repeatedly voiced concerns about Saudi-led airstrikes on civilians in Yemen.

The Saudi attacks on Yemen have left over 74-hundred Yemenis dead since March 26 when Riyadh unleashed the war on its southern neighbor.


Saudi warplanes kill 30 in NW Yemen - PressTV

Saudi warplanes kill 30 in NW Yemen

At least 30 people have been killed ​in a Saudi airstrike in northwestern Yemen, a day after six troops were killed at a military base of the kingdom near the border.

The fatalities came on Saturday during an air raid on residential buildings in the Dhahian district in the Sa’ada province. Read more.


UK, US military officials supervise Yemen strikes: Saudi FM (video) - PressTV

New US drone raid kills 11 in eastern Afghanistan

Afghan authorities say at least eleven people have lost their lives in a new US assassination drone strike in Afghanistan’s troubled eastern province of Nangarhar.

Attaullah Khogyani, a spokesman for the provincial governor, said the aerial attack took place... Read more.


10 Taliban killed, 15 wounded in Helmand clashes - Pajhwok
94 insurgents killed, 24 wounded in string of operations: MoD (paywall) - Pajhwok

January 15, 2016

Turkey detains 12 academics for petition against anti-Kurdish military campaign

Turkey has arrested 12 academics for signing a declaration denouncing Ankara’s military operations against Kurdish militants.

The move comes after more than 1,200 scholars were being investigated for criticizing the Turkish State. Read more.


14 academics detained, over 130 face criminal charges amid accusations by president of ‘terrorist propaganda’ - Hürriyet
Erdoğan continues to rail against academics, calls them ‘despicable,’ ‘cruel’ - Today's Zaman

Noam Chomsky slaat 'uitnodiging' Turks president Erdogan af - De Wereld Morgen

Researchers kill drug-resistant lung cancer with 50 times less chemo

Cancer drugs packaged in immune bubbles home in directly to tumors without getting sidetracked and destroyed; less chemo with better results

The cancer drug paclitaxel just got more effective. For the first time, researchers from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill have packaged... Read more.


Zionistisch Saudi-Arabië…??

Hoe zionisten het Koninkrijk Saoedi-Arabië hielpen ontstaan

Iedereen die het Brits imperialisme bestudeert kan de geheime alliantie tussen Saoedi-Arabië en de zionistische staat Israël zien. Niet veel mensen onderzoeken het Britse imperialisme. Er zijn op de Engelse universiteit nauwelijks of geen modules te vinden die de Engelse imperialistische politiek tot onderwerp hebben, laat staan een graad of masterdiploma. Lees meer.


The Jewish Roots Of The House Of Saud Family Tree (video) - Millenium Report
Saudi Royal Family is Jewish! King and Prince are all Jew! (video) - Shoah

What Happened to the Jews of Arabia? - Aish
- Medina, Islam's second holiest city, was originally a Jewish "settlement" - Eretz Yisroel

Goldman to pay a $5 billion settlement

Goldman Sachs' fourth-quarter earnings essentially just got wiped out.

The bank said on Thursday that it will pay a $5 billion settlement related to residential mortgage-backed securities it sold between 2005 and 2007. Read more.

Business Insider

Goldman Sachs settlement on mortgage-backed bonds to hit earnings - Reuters
Goldman Sachs ontslaat 10% obligatiehandelaren - Beurs.nl

Why cancer screening has never been shown to “save lives”—and what we can do about it

The claim that cancer screening saves lives is based on fewer deaths due to the target cancer. 

Vinay Prasad, assistant professor at Oregon Health and Science University, joins us to argue that reductions in overall mortality should be the benchmark and call for higher standards of evidence for cancer screening. Read more.


Full disclosure about cancer screening - BMJ
Breast cancer screening recommendations could endanger women - ScienceDaily

'Cancer Screening Has Never Saved Lives' - BMJ Study Concludes - GreenMedInfo

Big Pharma Shaking In Their Boots As 80% Of Cannabis Users Give Up Prescriptions Pills For Pot

A new survey conducted by the Centre for Addictions Research of BC helps explain why Big Pharma is so afraid of cannabis. The pharmaceutical and alcohol industries, both powerful influences in Washington, have long lobbied against cannabis legalization in order to protect their profits.

However, the tide has turned as decriminalization of medical and recreational cannabis sweeps the nation and the continent. Read more.

Natural Blaze

Substituting cannabis for prescription drugs, alcohol and other substances among medical cannabis patients: The impact of contextual factors - Wiley Online Library

January 14, 2016

Final MH17 crash report ‘unsubstantiated, inaccurate,’ new Russian probe says

Some of the key conclusions of the Dutch Safety Board’s final report on the Malaysia Airlines flight MH17 crash were ‘unsubstantiated and inaccurate,’ Russia’s aviation agency said in a letter to its counterpart in the Netherlands, citing new research.

Since the final report, released on October 13, 2015, did not reflect many important facts mentioned by the Russian side,.. Read more.


Dutch Safety Board Examining New Russian Findings on MH17 Crash - Sputnik
Russia sends Netherlands 'new important facts' on MH17 crash - TASS

6 questions for the Dutch Boeing crash report - RBTH

Radarbeelden MH17 anoniem opgestuurd - Telegraaf
Nabestaanden MH17: de beloofde onderste steen komt maar niet boven - NOS

January 13, 2016

UK govt accused of selling weapons to Saudis, admits helping choose targets in Yemen

The British government has admitted that its military is helping choose targets for the Saudi-led coalition's air strikes in Yemen.


Foreign secretary: UK helping Saudi-led Yemen campaign - Examiner Post
- UK Helping Saudi's Yemen Campaign - Sky News

Fifteen Yemeni civilians killed in Saudi-led air strike - residents - Reuters

Koch brothers’ father did business with the Nazis, book claims — just like Prescott Bush, Henry Ford & some U.S. corporations

A who's who of powerful American corporations and business leaders worked with the Third Reich

Fred Koch, the father of powerful right-wing American billionaires Charles and David Koch, did business with the Nazi regime, according to a new book by an award-winning investigative journalist. Read more.


Father of Koch Brothers Helped Build Nazi Oil Refinery, Book Says - NY Times
New book: Father of politically active Koch brothers built a refinery for the Nazis - Washington Post

Politiek imperium Amerikaanse familie Koch gebouwd met nazigeld, vader bouwde olieraffinaderij voor Hitler - NineForNews

In U.S. court, Israel faces civil suit by Americans injured in Gaza flotilla raid

Three Americans and a Belgian national are suing the government of Israel in U.S. federal court, seeking compensation for injuries suffered in a deadly 2010 confrontation between Israeli commandos and activists attempting to breach Israel’s naval blockade of the Gaza Strip.

The suit, filed late Monday, is the latest repercussion of the May 2010 raid,.. Read more.

Washington Post

Turkey destroys PKK camps in northern Iraq airstrikes

Turkish warplanes hit PKK terror group’s Avasin-Basyan, Gare and Zap camps in northern Iraq 

Turkish military destroyed PKK terrorist camps in northern Iraq late Tuesday, security sources said Wednesday. Read more.


Turkey seals border with Kurdish enclave in Syria surrounded by ISIS

The clampdown on Kurds isn't limited to south-east Turkey. Kurdish people, living in an enclave surrounded by ISIS across the border in Syria, are also being blockaded - as RT’s Murad Gazdiev's been finding out.


January 12, 2016

No Justice on Stolen Land

2015 wrapped up with a bang, with dozens of militant actions carried out by anarchists under the banner of “Black December.”

In Turkey, aspiring Fuhrer, Tayipp Erdogan, is attempting to wipe out the Kurds, but is faced with fierce resistance from the PKK and its allies.

On the music break, a Savage Fam drops an anti-colonial hip-hop classic with “War Mask”.

We follow up with news from Canada, as the country elects a new prime minister who’s cozying up to indigenous peeps, followed up by an exclusive interview with Ant-Loc of Savage Fam. Read more.


Pentagon: 2 US Navy boats held by Iran but will be returned

WASHINGTON (AP) — Iran was holding 10 U.S. Navy sailors and their two small Navy boats after the boats had mechanical problems and drifted into Iranian waters, but American officials have received assurances from Tehran that they will be returned safely and promptly.

Pentagon spokesman Peter Cook told The Associated Press that the riverine boats were moving between... Read more.


Two U.S. Navy boats in Iranian custody but crew will be returned ‘promptly’ - Washington Post
Two US Navy boats in Iran’s custody after entering the country’s waters, Pentagon claims - PressTV

Iran Has US Navy GPS Equipment, Will Prove 'American Ships Were Snooping' - Sputnik

The war on terror is a joke

Sinds het begin van the war on terror is het aantal doden door toedoen van terrorisme gestegen met 4.500 procent. Een schrikbarend cijfer. Hebben we dan helemaal geen vooruitgang geboekt of zit hier iets anders achter?

De aanslagen op 11 september 2001 gaven de directe aanleiding voor the war on terror die door de Bush administratie werd afgekondigd. Lees meer.

De Wereld Morgen

'Greater share of oil production' Hillary Clinton emails reveal motives of Libya intervention

Newly declassified emails belonging to Hillary Clinton reveal some new possible motives behind the intervention in Libya.


- Hillary Clinton's Email Documents - WSJ
Clinton Email Hints that Oil and Gold Were Behind Regime Change In Libya - Washington's Blog

Aid reaches starved Madaya and other besieged Syria towns

Aid organised by international and local organisations has arrived in the three besieged Syrian towns of Madaya, Kefraya and Foua.

The people of Madaya say they have been reduced to eating handfuls of salt, tree leaves, grass and cats and dogs. The World Food Programme says the aid CARRIED on the Madaya convoy will meet the needs of 40-thousand people. But only for one month.

Al Jazeera's Carloine Malone reports from the Bekaa Valley near the Syria lebanon border. Read more.

Al Jazeera

‘Govt aid was sold off by traders’: RT reports from besieged Madaya  (video) - RT

International aid arrives in militant-held town in Syria (video) - PressTV
Madaya Syria: Aid convoy reaches besieged town (video) - BBC

Saudi jets target government hospital in Yemen’s Bayda

Saudi jets targeted a government hospital in the northern province of Bayda

The attack comes just one day after Saudi warplanes bombarded a hospital run by Doctors Without Borders charity group in Sa’ada. At least five people were killed and several others injured in the Sunday attack. The organization strongly condemned the air raid, describing it as part of a QUOTE worrying pattern of attacks on medical facilities in Yemen.

It was not the first time Saudi jets target a hospital run by the MSF. In early December 20-15, Saudi warplanes bombed a clinic in the southern province of Ta’izz, killing at last three people. Over 74-hundred people, most of them civilians, have been killed in Saudi attacks since March.


Saudi-led air strike targets Yemen hospital: Saba news agency - Reuters
Saudi strikes destroy hospital in Baidha - Saba

Saudi-led airstrikes target citizens' houses in Jawf - Saba
One killed by Saudi airstrikes on Taiz - Saba

Saudi Intel. building in Qatif attacked by firebombs

Monday’s incident apparently came in reprisal for Riyadh’s execution of prominent Shia cleric Sheikh Nimr al-Nimr earlier this month. The Saudi Interior Ministry has also confirmed that there was an attempted arson attack on the building.

One of the assailants has reportedly been captured. Footage posted on social media shows several masked men throwing firebombs over the protective outer wall of a building compound. It wasn't initially clear who was behind the attack.

However, the video contains a footnote indicating that the attack was in revenge for the execution of Nimr. The killing of the cleric has drawn strong condemnation worldwide.


January 11, 2016

If They Would Feed Radioactive Oatmeal to Little Kids, What Wouldn't They Do?

''They also injected one of the kids with a large dose and it killed him shortly after (a death they attributed to his condition, and certainly not the radiation injection).

We live under a ruthless scientific dictatorship that would feed radiation-laced oatmeal to children without their knowledge or consent and tell their parents it is good for them. If they would do that, is there *anything* they wouldn't do? Read more.

Truthstream Media

The Plutonium Files: Radiation Experiments on US Citizens (video) - Democracy Now
Human Radiation Experiments - (video)

Bitcoin beat dollar in 2015

Bitcoin is the top performing currency of 2015. According to The Money Project, the decentralized digital currency beat the US$ by 35 percent.

Bloomberg View called the turnaround "comeback of the year" as bitcoin was also the top performing currency of 2013, but the worst currency of 2014, feeding into the virtual money's renowned volatility. Read more.


Bitcoin Won 2015. Apple ... Did Not - Bloomberg

2,1 biljoen verdampt in een week tijd

In de eerste vijf beursdagen van het jaar daalde de S&P met zo’n 6%, de slechtste eerste 5 dagen van een jaar ooit. Het was ook de slechtste beursweek voor de S&P sinds 2011.

Meer dan €2,1 biljoen verdampte afgelopen week uit aandelen. China’s vertragende economie en haar valuta depreciaties gaven investeerders over de hele wereld nachtmerries. Lees meer.


Global stock index has lost $2 TRILLION this year (video) - CNBC

Wikileaks cables: Hoe goud teruggebracht kon worden in het monetaire systeem

In 2013 hebben we op Marketupdate verschillende Wikileaks cables over goud gepubliceerd. Zoals u weet werden er door Wikileaks de laatste jaren heel veel vertrouwelijke documenten uitgelekt, die een inkijkje geven in de communicatie tussen ministeries van verschillende landen. Een aantal van deze cables bespreken tot in detail de ontwikkelingen op de goudmarkt en de rol van goud binnen het financiële systeem. Voor de leek zijn deze artikelen misschien lastig te doorgronden, omdat de context waarin deze stukken geschreven werden niet bij iedereen bekend is.

De volgende ‘cable’ uit 1974 werd in het voorjaar van 1974 vanuit Luxemburg verzonden naar België, Denemarken, Frankrijk, Duitsland, Italië, Nederland, de Europese Commissie en het Verenigd Koninkrijk. Lees meer.