January 25, 2016

Libya parliament rejects UN-backed unity government

Tobruk-based parliament votes against unity government with rivals in Tripoli, and demands cabinet reshuffle.

Libya's internationally recognised parliament based in Tobruk has voted against the UN-backed unity government... Read more.

Al Jazeera

Libya's recognized parliament rejects U.N.-backed unity government - Reuters
National Unity Government built on cronyism and will fail says Presidency Council member Aswad - Libya Herald

HoR agrees Skhirat deal, subject to conditions, but rejects government list (paywall) - Libya Herald

US general speaks of “decisive action” against IS in Libya (paywall) - Libya Herald
US Chief Of Staff Calls For Decisive Military Action Against Islamic State In Libya As First Foreign Soldiers Arrive In The Country - WJ

UK, U.S., Russian troops land in Libya - World Bulletin
Morocco to Participate in US-led International Coalition Against ISIS In Libya - MWN

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