January 16, 2016

Saudi FM: US, UK assist S Arabia with airstrikes on Yemen

Saudi Arabia says British and American military officials are supervising the kingdom’s air raids on Yemen

Saudi Arabia’s Foreign Minister Adel al-Jubeir said the officials have access to lists of targets in Yemen. However, they do not have a say in choosing those targets for the strikes. Al-Jubeir confirmed his country is happy by the -safeguards that the supervision provides.

Earlier, Britain reiterated its troops are present in the kingdom and assisting Saudi military with the attacks. Amnesty International, European parliament and the United Nations have repeatedly voiced concerns about Saudi-led airstrikes on civilians in Yemen.

The Saudi attacks on Yemen have left over 74-hundred Yemenis dead since March 26 when Riyadh unleashed the war on its southern neighbor.


Saudi warplanes kill 30 in NW Yemen - PressTV

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