February 29, 2016

How the West Lies About NATO's Expansion

Late last year NATO granted a formal membership invitation to Montenegro. How did the New York Times respond to this development? “Russia’s Fury Over Montenegro and NATO.” But what do the people of Montenegro think?

Joining us today to give us the missing part of the story is Dr. Filip Kovacevic, chairman of the Movement for the Neutrality of Montenegro and a senior analyst for Newsbud.com. Read more.

Corbett Report

‘Mercenaries Unleashed’: Report Highlights Threats Posed By Booming Private Security Industry

‘For too long this murky world of guns for hire has been allowed to grow unchecked. In letting the industry regulate itself, the government has failed,’ the executive director of War On Want tells MintPress.

LONDON — In a new report, a British anti-poverty charity puts Britain at the center of a growing global mercenary industry worth around $560 million to companies in the United Kingdom alone. Read more.


Over $26B in Arms Sold to Saudi Arabia

European countries have been selling weapons worth billions of dollars to Saudi Arabia. Countries include, the United Kingdom, France and Germany among others.

These weapons have been used by the Saudi-led coalition against Yemen. Since Saudi Arabia's involvement, which began in March 2015, over 6,000 people have died.


February 28, 2016

Handelsverdrag met Oekraïne: Slecht idee!?

In Nederland mag de burger zich binnenkort uitspreken voor of tegen de ondertekening van een Europees vrijhandelsverdrag met Oekraïne. “Vrije handel, wie kan daar tegen zijn!?”, zou je denken. Alleen liggen de zaken iets ingewikkelder…

De EU wil een vrijhandelsakkoord sluiten met Oekraïne, u weet wel dat land waar eigenlijk al 2 jaar een soort van burgeroorlog aan de gang is... Lees meer.


SP: Corruptie is doodnormaal in Oekraïne - Wij Willen Het Weten

Kiev forces fire mortar shells at northern suburb of Donetsk overnight

Kiev forces also used grenade launchers and small arms

MOSCOW, February 27. /TASS/. Ukraine’s forces shelled from mortars the territory of the airport and Volvo Center in the northern suburb of Donetsk overnight,.. Read more.


February 27, 2016

Russia halts air strikes as Syria truce takes hold

Temporary ceasefire, which excludes ISIL and al-Nusra Front, holding, with some gunfire but no major attacks reported.

Russia has halted air strikes in Syria in accordance with a ceasefire brokered by the country and the US. Read more.

Al Jazeera

Syria ceasefire: Truce comes into effect, ‘cautious’ optimism over deal (video) - RT
Russia stops all Syria airstrikes on areas & armed groups included in ceasefire - General Staff - RT

Al-Jaafari: Syrian government ready to help apply cessation of fighting actions - Sana
Ten civilians killed, scores injured in several terrorist attacks in Hama, Deir Ezzor, Aleppo - Sana

Shelling, airstrikes reported in Northern Syria (video) - PressTV
Turkish Shelling of Syrian Territory Confirmed by Several Sources - Sputnik

Trident rally is Britain's biggest anti-nuclear march in a generation

Thousands of protesters including Jeremy Corbyn and other party leaders gather in London for CND march and rally 

Thousands of protesters have assembled in central London for Britain’s biggest anti-nuclear weapons rally in a generation. Read more.


Huge anti nuclear weapons protest in London (video) - PressTV
Trident whistleblower William McNeilly breaks silence ahead of London demo (video) - RT

Britten betogen massaal tegen kernwapens - Ravage
Grootste Britse betoging tegen kernwapens in jaren - De Wereld Morgen

U.S. test-fires ICBMs to stress its power to Russia, North Korea - Reuters
Obama’s Russian Rationale for $1 Trillion Nuke Plan Signals New Arms Race - Intercept

Pentagon says it needs more than $200 billion to modernize U.S. nuclear weapons - Ottawa Citizen

February 26, 2016

Argos TV - Medialogica: Kennis van Zaken

Bij oorlogen, aanslagen en terreurdreiging verschijnen er vele deskundigen in nieuws- en actualiteitenprogramma's. Ze pleiten met regelmaat voor investeren in defensie of militair ingrijpen.

Maar waarom melden journalisten niet dat sommige deskundigen verbonden zijn aan beveiligingsbedrijven en de wapenindustrie? Meer video.

Argos TV

Schauble rejects coordinated stimulus at G20, with China under pressure

Finance ministers and central bankers from the G20 are at odds over the medicine needed to boost the worlds' ailing economies. Germany rejects a stimulus, but others say it should be part of mix that includes reforms.

Germany's Finance Minister Wolfgang Schäuble rejects the idea of a coordinated fiscal stimulus package,.. Read more.


'Schulden mogelijk basis volgende economische crisis'  - NU
Het grote gezwel: de schuldencarrousel - Biflatie

2008 op herhaling? - FTM
Een dergelijke injectie kan de economie nooit overleven - Biflatie

Ireland votes in parliamentary election amid anti-austerity mood

Ireland has begun voting in a parliamentary election that could see the incumbent pro-austerity coalition out of power. But can opposition parties capitalize on unemployment and growing anger against austerity taxes?

Polls suggest that Prime Minister Enda Kenny's coalition government may struggle to form a government for a second term. Read more.


February 25, 2016

Making Sense of the Syria "Ceasefire" with Pepe Escobar

Stop the presses, everyone! The US and Russia have announced a ceasefire in Syria!…again. But this time it’s going to work. Except for that whole sticky question about who the ceasefire applies to and under what conditions. Confused?

Today Pepe Escobar of Newsbud.com joins us to untangle the confusing mess of the Syria ceasefire and tell us what it really means.

Corbett Report

Glyfosaat: omstreden gif

Nederland is recordhouder in het gebruik van landbouwgif. Maar er zijn groeiende zorgen over de gevolgen hiervan voor mens, dier en milieu. Onder wetenschappers is ophef ontstaan over het veel gebruikte onkruidmiddel glyfosaat. Ook in Nederland wordt het in grote hoeveelheden over de akkers en tuinen gesproeid, onder meer onder de naam Roundup van producent Monsanto, die tot 2000 het patent had op het middel.

Volgens de Europese instanties BFR en EFSA is het gebruik van het middel volkomen veilig. Maar afgelopen jaar komt de Wereldgezondheidsorganisatie WHO met een alarmerend rapport. Glyfosaat is waarschijnlijk kankerverwekkend. Lees meer + video.


Glyfosaat in Duits bier - Zembla
Kijktip: ruzie over het gif dat Roundup heet - FTM

‘Secret war’: France reportedly engaged in military ops against ISIS in Libya

France is using its special forces and commandos to wage covert military operations against Islamic State (IS, formerly ISIL/ISIS) in Libya, the country's media say.


French special forces waging 'secret war' in Libya: report - Reuters
Kerry: Libya may become ‘failed state’ if conflict continues (video) - RT

US Bombs ISIS in Libya, Allies Support ISIS in Libya

Pan-African News Wire Editor Abayomi Azikiwe says the U.S. is acting like the chief policeman of the region after it participated in the destruction of the Libyan state in 2011


Italy gives green light to US drone use in anti-IS operations in Libya - Libya Herald
U.S. Bombing in Libya Reveals Limits of Strategy Against ISIS - NY Times

Further fighting in Benghazi today - Libya Herald

Baas WHO: 'Zikavirus blijft voorlopig groot raadsel'

Wetenschappers hebben voorlopig nog geen idee wat ze aanmoeten met het zikavirus. Hoe het virus schedelmisvormingen kan veroorzaken, blijft een groot raadsel.

Om het verband aan te tonen, is veel meer onderzoek nodig,.. Lees meer.


Zika crisis to 'get worse before it gets better', warns WHO chief - Telegraph
CDC admits gaps in Zika data, warns of sexual transmission (video) - RT

Was Zika outbreak caused by release of genetically modified mosquitoes in Brazil? - Mirror
Zika Outbreak Epicenter in Same Area Where GM Mosquitoes Were Released in 2015 - AntiMedia

February 24, 2016

US calls on Turkey to stop shelling PYD, citing Syria cease-fire

Turkey has been urged to stop shelling Syrian Kurdish militants over the border as part of the cessation of hostilities that is being pushed by the US and Russia to end the bloody civil war in Syria, which has taken over 250,000 lives since an uprising six years ago led to an all-out civil war in the neighboring country.

Pentagon Press Secretary Peter Cook said on Tuesday that the US has “had conversations with Turkey... Read more.

Today's Zaman

Ministry: Turkey continues shelling Syria's border areas from its territory - RBTH
Erdoğan says Kurdish YPG should be excluded from Syria cease-fire - Today's Zaman

‘Terror belt’: Turkish PM accuses Russia, Syria, Kurds of illegal actions on its borders

The Turkish Prime Minister claims a belt of terror is being created - along his country's border with Syria. But he doesn't only mean Islamic State.


Turkey to not allow terror zone near border with Syria - Turkish Weekly
Ministry: Turkey continues shelling Syria's border areas from its territory - RBTH

Syrians at mercy of greedy smugglers after Turkey’s border closure - Saudi Gazette

Bellingcat: Russische legertop betrokken bij neerhalen MH17

De Russische legertop, met aan het hoofd president Poetin, nam het besluit om de verdachte Buk-raketinstallatie naar het front in Oekraïne te sturen. En daarmee zijn zij verantwoordelijk voor het neerhalen van vlucht MH17 in juli 2014. Dat stelt het internationale onderzoekscollectief Bellingcat in een vandaag gepubliceerd rapport.

Begin dit jaar berichtte de NOS al over dit onderzoek. Lees meer.


'Russische legertop betrokken bij neerhalen MH17' - NU
- Rapport Bellingcat: Russische daders MH17 met naam en toenaam - RTL

Bellingcat: 'Deze Russen zijn betrokken bij MH17' - GeenStijl
Nederlandse medewerker Bellingcat: MH17-ramp greep mij enorm aan - NOS

Bellingcat deels ontmaskerd, Der Spiegel schrijft mea culpa - TPO
- Het machtige ‘open society’ netwerk achter de eenvoudige blogger Bellingcat #MH17 - Joost Niemoller

MH17: Bellingcat’s ‘missing link’ - Ravage
New Cold War - Bellingcat? (MH17) - Bas Feijen

Anti-Russian hysteria in the Netherlands goes full steam as Dutch referendum on Ukraine approaches

Dutch Minister of Foreign affairs Bert Koenders says that the Dutch government will listen if Dutch citizens vote yes

Russia Insider

Italy gives green light to US drone use in anti-IS operations in Libya

Italy will allow US drones to fly to Libya from Italian airbases on a case by case basis as part of the fight against the so-called Islamic State (IS), Italian prime minister Matteo Renzi has said. Permission for the flights was reportedly given last month.

“We are in complete harmony with our international allies”, he said in a radio interview. Read more.

Libya Herald

Italy OKd 'armed U.S. drones take-off' - ANSA
Italy to allow US drones to fly out of Sicily air base for attacks on Isis - Guardian

Italy Quietly Agrees to Armed U.S. Drone Missions Over Libya - WSJ
U.S. approves Italy's request to arm its drones - ANSA

Benghazi’s Sabri and Suq Al-Hout reported taken

It is being reported that the army has finally overrun terrorist positions near Benghazi’s port. If correct, the capture of Sabri and nearby Suq Al-Hout, which have defied repeated army attacks over the last year, means that the militants have been cleared out completely of the downtown area.

In the last 48 hours Buatni, Hawari and Leithi have all been taken by the army, leaving IS and Ansar Al-Sharia forces in control of three south-western areas, Gwarsha. Garayunis and Gamhouda. Read more.

Libya Herald

IS beaten back in new assault in Derna - Libya Herald
Fida oilfield attacked, IS blamed - Libya Herald

Domino Effect? Czech Republic Could Exit EU After UK

The Czech Republic could follow UK’s lead and exit the European Union if Britain votes to drop out of the 28-nation bloc in five months, Czech Prime Minister Bohuslav Sobotka warned on Tuesday.

PRAGUE (Sputnik) — A referendum on the United Kingdom’s membership in the EU is scheduled for June 23 of this year. Read more.


- UK exit would lead to debate on Czechs leaving EU, says Sobotka - Radio Prague

February 23, 2016

Mythes over de 'gematigde' oppositie in Syrië

Turkije en de VS hebben veel tegengestelde belangen in Syrië, maar ook een raakvlak: zowel president Obama als president Erdogan willen Syrisch president Assad weg. Met dat doel steunen zij de zogenaamd 'gematigde' oppositie in Syrië. Volgens Peter Edel is met die omschrijving heel wat mis.

Peter Edel | Het begin van de eenentwintigste eeuw bracht heel wat veranderingen voor Turkije, politiek, sociaal en economisch. De VS steunden de in 2002 aan de macht gekomen Partij voor Gerechtigheid en ontwikkeling (AKP) van huidig president Erdogan. De Amerikanen verwelkomden zijn combinatie van gematigd islamisme, democratisering en neoliberalisme. Lees meer.

De Wereld Morgen

Syria accepts US-Russia brokered ceasefire deal

The Syrian government has accepted the terms of a ceasefire deal announced by the US and Russia, a Foreign Ministry source said, as cited by Sana news agency. 

But Damascus wants the fight against terrorists such as Islamic State to continue nonetheless. Read more.


MFA.. Syria accepts cessation of fighting actions on the basis of excluding ISIS and Nusra - Sana

Turkish FM calls on Washington to make up its mind on YPG

Days after expressing his pleasure over seeing his U.S. counterpart agree with Turkey over the “unreliability” of the Syrian Kurdish People’s Protection Units (YPG), the military wing of Syria’s Democratic Union Party (PYD), Turkish Foreign Minister Mevlüt Çavuşoğlu has once more accused Washington of making conflicting statements about the YPG and PYD, urging U.S. officials to eliminate their internal differences and make up their minds over the issue.

“The U.S. is our ally. Different views between their own institutions or different views of persons within the same institutions are not binding for us. Read more.


PYD is 'PKK's Syrian affiliate', US document reveals - AA
Only thing we expect from our US ally is to support Turkey with no ‘ifs or buts’ – Turkish PM (video) - RT

DNA matching proves gov’t falsely identified Ankara suicide bomber

As 14 of the 21 suspects detained as part of the investigation into last week's deadly car-bomb attack in Ankara were arrested on Monday, a Turkish news portal has said the DNA analysis reveals that the government has falsely announced the suicide bomber.

The attacker is not Salih Neccar as was claimed by the government but rather Abdulbaki Sömer, as was announced by the Kurdistan Freedom Falcons (TAK), the Cumhuriyet daily's news portal said on Monday. Read more.

Today's Zaman

- Ankara bombing is PYD-PKK linked: Deputy PM - Hürriyet
14 suspects arrested over Ankara bombing - Hürriyet

'PKK planned, YPG gave assailants for Ankara bomb attack' - AA

Daily: Turkish border officers cooperate with ISIL

Wiretapped telephone calls between a leading figure from the Islamic State in Iraq and the Levant (ISIL) and several members of the Turkish military reveal cooperation between ISIL and the Turkish military in letting smugglers cross the Turkey-Syria border, a report by a Turkish daily has alleged.

Documents prepared by a prosecutor's office contain a large number of transcripts of “friendly” telephone communications between military officers and... Read more.

Today's Zaman

Ceasefire Agreement: Syrian proposal to begin at midnight on Feb. 27th

The US and Russia have adopted “Terms for a Cessation of Hostilities in Syria” and propose that a ceasefire start on February 27 at 00:00 (Damascus time), according to an official joint statement. Read more.


Putin: Syrian truce is real chance to end bloodshed (Full Statement) - RT
Putin says ceasefire in Syria presents real chance to stop bloodshed - TASS

US and Russia agree on Syria cessation of hostilities - Al Jazeera
Kremlin Published Joint US-Russia Statement on Cessation of Hostilities in Syria - Sputnik

U.S., Russia agree on Syria ceasefire plan - Al Arabiya
US, Russia agree Syria truce plan, rebels see flaws - Today's Zaman

Assad calls for parliament elections in April - Al Arabiya
President al-Assad issues decree No. 63 which sets April 13th, 2016 as a date for electing members of the People’s Assembly - Sana

February 22, 2016

Mr President, Sir, Are You About to Blow Up the Middle East?

By F. William Engdahl | I have a very uneasy feeling that the US President is about to set off a chain of events that will literally blow up the Middle East. Earlier I’ve detailed the very careful steps, seductions and actions of key players of the Obama Administration, from the President himself to Secretary of State John Kerry to CIA director, John Owen Brennan, to Joint Chiefs of Staff Chairman, General Joseph “Fightin’ Joe” Francis Dunford, Jr., Washington dirty tricks specialist and now UN Under-Secretary-General for Political Affairs Jeffrey D. Feltman, and numerous others not in the spotlight. 

Their reactions to the provocative actions of Turkish Sultan-in-waiting, now mere Turkish President, Recep Tayyip Erdoğan, as well as to Saudi Arabian King-in-waiting, Defense Minister Prince Mohammed Salman, in the months since the surprise Russian entry into the Syria war on the side of legitimately-elected President Bashar al-Assad, are clearly not result of a bumbling Washington policy disorder. Washington has set a huge, deadly trap for the delusional Saudi monarchy’s Prince Salman and his bosom buddy, Erdoğan. Now it looks like they are about to spring their trap. Read more.


Washington’s Machiavellian Game in Syria - NEO

Rousseff is managing to survive despite ongoing dispute with Congress

President Dilma Rousseff's main coalition partner, the fractious Brazilian Democratic Movement Party (PDMB), re-elected a key ally of hers as its leader in the lower house of Congress last week, enhancing her chances of blocking impeachment.

Leonardo Picciani was confirmed as PMDB house whip in a 37-30 vote, defeating a rival backed by Rousseff's arch-enemy Speaker Eduardo Cunha,.. Read more.


Unemployment in Brazil reaches 9% in Sept-Nov rolling quarter - MercoPress

Brazil heading for a record crop of 100 million tons of soybeans - MercoPress
Brazil Registers Record Volume Through Ports in 2015 - Rio Times

Shell suggests Petrobras should cede some drilling rights to foreign firms - MercoPress

Shell suggests Petrobras should cede some drilling rights to foreign firms

Brazil’s government-owned oil giant Petrobras should cede some of its drilling rights to foreign firms, Royal Dutch Shell Oil CEO Ben van Beurden was quoted saying in Estado de Sao Paulo newspaper.

 The Shell Oil man is arguing for greater private investment in Brazil’s precious off-shore oil fields in the Atlantic Ocean,.. Read more.


After Year of Protest, Corruption Probe Begins in Honduras

International investigators have begun looking into allegations of massive state corruption, including the embezzlement of US$350 million.

After a year of continuous and massive demonstrations in Honduras, the government finally accepted the creation of an international mission to investigate several high-profile corruption cases, with that investigation beginning on Monday. Read more.


How Secretary of State Clinton Enabled the Coup in Honduras - Common Dreams

Argentina moves to drop US appeal over local bond payments

The national government on Monday moved to drop its appeal of a US judge's ruling that blocked Citigroup Inc last year from processing interest payments to holders of $2.3 billion in bonds issued under the country's local laws.

A federal appeals court in New York had been set to hear the case on Wednesday. Read more.

Buenos Aires Herald

Griesa Informed he is Willing to Lift Restrictions on Argentina, Provided Legal Obstacles for Paying to Holdouts are Cancelled in Buenos Aires - Télam
Peña Said Griesa’s Resolution “is a Good Step” but also Recommended “Caution” - Télam

London Underground trains splashed with anti-Israel ads for Israel Apartheid Week

Advertisements on London's tube target security firm for close business ties to Israel as well as the BBC for "biased" reporting in favor of Jewish state.

Advertisements attacking Israel were splashed across London's underground tube network on Monday as the annual "Israel Apartheid Week" began. Read more.


'Apartheid is Great Britain' Authorities remove pro-Palestine posters from London tube (video) - RT
- GRAYZONE PROJECT: Israel Announces $26 Million Cyberattack on Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions Movement and Muslims in the West - Alternet

Israeli women monitor soldiers guarding West Bank checkpoints

Checkpoints in the West Bank have become the focus of the deadly cycle of violence between Palestinians and Israeli soldiers.

And with little sign of hostility coming to an end, group of elderly female peace activists have decided to take matters into their own hands.


The Occupation of the American Mind: Israel's Public Relations War in the United States

While recent polls have shown global public opinion turning sharply against Israeli policy, public support for Israel in the U.S. has held firm. The Occupation of the American Mind, narrated by Roger Waters and featuring leading experts on the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, takes an unflinching look at the information wars Israel and its supporters have been waging in the U.S. for decades.

From PR offensives designed to manage perceptions of the occupation in the 1980s, to government-run social media campaigns today, the film provides an eye-opening analysis of Israel’s ongoing efforts to win the hearts and minds of the American people.

Syria war: Blasts kill 129 in Damascus and Homs

Devastating attacks hit Damascus and Homs after US says "provisional agreement" reached with Russia on ceasefire.

A series of suicide bombs near a Shia shrine in Damascus and in Homs have killed at least 129 people on a day the United States and Russia claimed progress in securing a ceasefire to end the Syrian conflict. Read more.

Al Jazeera

Death toll from the three terrorist bombings in al-Sayyida Zeinab rises to 83 (video) - SANA

February 21, 2016

Hoe werkt klassieke homeopathie?

Klassieke Homeopathie werkt wel degelijk, maar hoe? De Duitse tv-zender BR (Bayerisches Fernsehen) zocht het uit en sprak met diverse onderzoekers en (ervarings)deskundigen over de werking van homeopathie bij zowel mensen als dieren. 

Ook bestudeerden ze de onderzoeken naar de werking van homeopathie en concludeerden dat er wel degelijk bewijs is dat klassieke homeopathie werkt.

Stichting Hahnemann Homeopathie

Homeopathie werkt bij 0 van 68 onderzochte ziektes - Welingelichte Kringen

NTvG Podium: Yvo Smulders over epidemiologisch bewijs in de geneeskunde

Prof.dr. Yvo Smulders is hoogleraar Interne Geneeskunde bij het VU medisch centrum met als aandachtsgebied Vasculaire Geneeskunde. Daarnaast is hij redacteur van de rubriek 'In het kort' van het NTvG.

Smulders was een van de opstellers van de herziene multidisciplinaire richtlijn Cardiovasculair risicomanagement uit 2011. Met een scherp oog voor de juiste verhoudingen kijkt hij ook buiten zijn vakgebied naar het functioneren van de wetenschap.

Tijdens het NTvG Podium van 11 januari 2012 pleit hij voor een realistische kijk op bewijsvoering in de geneeskunde. Epidemiologisch bewijs is namelijk lang niet altijd zo 'hard' als beleidsmakers wel eens willen doen voorkomen.


De medicijnmaffia (video) - Brandpunt
'Dodelijke medicijnen en georganiseerde misdaad' - Gøtzche's ontnuchterende ontmaskering van Big Pharma - FTM

Het machtige lobbynetwerk van de farma-industrie in Brussel - FTM

High-dose vitamin C injections shown to annihilate cancer

Groundbreaking new research on the cancer-fighting potential of vitamin C has made the pages of the peer-reviewed journal Science Translational Medicine. A team of researchers from the University of Kansas reportedly tested the effects of vitamin C given in high doses intravenously on a group of human subjects and found that it effectively eradicates cancer cells while leaving healthy cells intact.

Building upon earlier research pioneered in the 1970s by the late Linus Pauling, a chemist from Oregon State University... Read more.


Another option for cancer patients - KU Medical Center
Benefits of high-dose vitamin C for ovarian cancer patients - ScienceDaily

How Vitamin C Stops Cancer - ScienceDaily
Researchers are cautious about cancer patients taking vitamin C supplements - ScienceDaily

Lecture on vitamin C by Suzanne Humphries (video)
Vitamin C Basics" by Suzanne Humphries, MD. Internist and Nephrologist (video) - Suzanne Humphries

Liposomal Encapsulated Vitamin C - DIY Vitamin C Mega-Dosing (video)
Hoe en waarom van het dieet - Dr. Moerman

How To Become A Billionaire (and what to do with it): Bill Gates

So you want to be a billionaire? Easy. Just come from a well-connected, eugenics-obsessed elitist insider family and steal, swindle and scam your way to the top. Getting rid of your billions in a way that benefits you and helps to depopulate the earth, however…now that’s the hard part.

Join us today as we study the master of billionaire-fueled, eugenics-driven philanthropy of our times: Bill Gates.

Corbett Report

What You Need To Know About The Richest Man In America (video) - WAC

February 20, 2016

Mexican woman with Zika gives birth to healthy child

MEXICO CITY (AFP) - A woman with a confirmed case of the Zika virus in the southern state of Chiapas gave birth to a "clinically healthy" baby boy, Mexico's health ministry said.

The woman, from the town of Pijijiapan, delivered the six pound (2.8 kilo) boy in a hospital in the city of Tuxtla Gutierrez on Friday. Read more.


Zika is Not Brazil’s True Problem - Rio Times

Is Zika Virus Or The Tdap Vaccine Causing Birth Defects In Brazil? - YourNewsWire
Veroorzaakt Zika-virus of Tdap-vaccinatie microcefalie? - InfoNU

Brazil Dismisses New Causes Linked to Microcephaly - Rio Times
Argentine and Brazilian doctors suspect mosquito insecticide as cause of microcephaly - Ecologist

No, GM Mosquitoes Didn’t Start The Zika Outbreak. - Discover
Was Zika outbreak caused by release of genetically modified mosquitoes in Brazil? - Mirror

Zika Fear Falters as False Flag Fraud Fizzles (video) - Corbett Report
Jon Rappoport Dissects the Zika Hype (video) - Corbett Report

After Billions of Pounds of Glyphosate Sprayed on Crops, FDA to Finally Test Food for It

(ANTIMEDIA) The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) announced this week it will begin testing produce and other foods for glyphosate, the key ingredient in Monsanto’s RoundUp herbicide. The new policy comes amid growing public concern about the use of harmful pesticides in crops, as well as sharp criticism from the agency’s Government Accountability Office in 2014.

“The agency is now considering assignments for Fiscal Year 2016 to measure glyphosate in soybeans, corn, milk, and eggs, among other potential foods,” FDA spokeswoman Laura Sucher told Civil Eats, a popular food blog. Read more.


FDA to Start Testing for Glyphosate in Food - Civil Eats
Interactive Map Shows Where Monsanto’s Roundup Is Sprayed in New York City - WAC

Cartoon Explains Microwave Mind Control and Targeted Individuals to Kids

Revelation of the method and predictive programming always show up together in a nifty little package, don't they?

Truthstream Media

How Secretary of State Clinton Enabled the Coup in Honduras

The rule of law in Honduras has still not recovered from the coup that the Democratic candidate for president enabled

On June 28, 2009, when Hillary Clinton was Secretary of State, democratically elected Honduran President Manuel Zelaya was overthrown by a military coup. Read more.

Common Dreams

Stop Obama!

Russia's campaign against Obama (video) - CNN

PKK splinter group claims responsibility for Ankara bombing, says it’s revenge for Cizre

The Kurdistan Freedom Hawks (TAK), a Kurdish militant group, has claimed responsibility for the Ankara bombing that killed 28 people this week, according to its website.

It said the attack was in retaliation for Ankara’s military operation in Turkey's southeast. Read more.


Shocking aftermath from Kurdish Cizre where scores allegedly torched to death (video) - RT

February 19, 2016

Dutch investigators say no sat images of MH17 crash exist, enquiry could last years

The chief Dutch prosecutor investigating the downing of flight MH17, in Ukraine in July 2014, has reportedly told victims’ families that experts hope to gather evidence on the type of missile and spot it was fired from “by the second half of the year.”

The international judiciary team working on the MH17 crash case is currently investigating remains of the missile that shot down the passenger plane,.. Read more.


OM: In zomer bewijs over raket MH17 - RTL
Dit is de brief die de MH17-nabestaanden kregen over voortgang onderzoek - TPO

February 18, 2016

Euro over Dollar: Brazil waivers US currency in trade with Iran

The US dollar is losing ground as the leading currency used for international trade with Brazil now saying it's planning to use the Euro instead, in its dealings with Iran.


Brazil could waive U.S. dollar to bolster Iran trade - minister - Reuters
Brazil to Ditch Dollar for Iran Trade - Kayhan

Iran plans to launch currency derivatives market (video) - PressTV
Washington Again Underestimated the Iranian Mind - NEO

Brazilië wil euro gebruiken voor handel met Iran - MU

Iran plans to launch currency derivatives market

Iran plans to launch a currency derivatives market in the near future. The move is part of wider efforts by Tehran to attract foreign investors during the post-sanctions era.

Saman Kojouri reports.


Washington Again Underestimated the Iranian Mind - NEO

February 17, 2016

Hoaxmap: Debunking false rumours about refugee 'crimes'

Interactive platform counters fake accusations and reports about supposed crimes committed by refugees in Europe.

Back in the summer of 2015, at the height of the ongoing refugee crisis, Karolin Schwarz started noticing a disturbing pattern. Read more.

Al Jazeera

The Empire Files: Black Radical Tradition with Cornel West, Mumia Abu-Jamal

During Black History Month, as the U.S. pays homage to African Americans who have changed the course of history, the establishment shows us a revised version that omits a critical piece: the Black radical political tradition. 

Featuring interviews with Cornel West and others, and with speeches from legends like Mumia Abu-jamal and Angela Davis, Abby Martin provides a snapshot from the 'Black Radical Tradition In Our Time' conference held in Philadelphia.

This conference brought together around 1000 organizers, leaders and activists from around the country, with the goal of “challenging white supremacy and capitalism in anticipating the next stage of the Black liberation movement.”


A Simple Question: Is US behind the creation of ISIL?

The US was instrumental in the creation of ISIL. America’s Persian Gulf allies helped them, as the vice-president, Joe Biden, has already acknowledged.

The US has also exploited the existence of ISIL against other forces in the region as part of a wider drive to maintain Western control. During US Secretary of State John Kerry’s visit to Italy, he and the Italian foreign minister held a press conference and vowed to crush ISIL terrorists. The US and its allies have long been claiming to use airstrikes against ISIL rather than against the Syrian government and, in this conference, the rhetoric was no different.

The conference was disrupted when a journalist shouted at Kerry, “It’s you who created Daesh!” ISIL terrorists were initially trained by the CIA to destabilize the Syrian government. ISIL now controls much of Iraq and Syria, using horrific violence such as public beheadings and crucifixions against Shias, Sunnis, Kurds, and Christians.


Making NATO 'nervous': Corbyn opposes UK nuke renewal program

The UK's Labour party leader, Jeremy Corbyn, is causing quote, 'a great deal of nervousness' among NATO officials, that's according to a former head of the alliance.

Lord Robertson says concerns have been raised by Britain's allies over Corbyn's vocal opposition to Britain renewing it's nuclear weapons program - which NATO relies on for defense.


What is Trident? Debate over the nation's nuclear deterrent - Express

February 16, 2016

Verkoop glyfosaat vijf keer hoger dan aangenomen

Greenpeace openbaart geheime verkoopcijfers pesticiden

Greenpeace heeft de hand weten te leggen op vertrouwelijke verkoopcijfers van pesticiden in Nederland. De milieuorganisatie publiceert deze cijfers vandaag op de website www.greenpeace.nl/pesticidesleak. Lees meer.


'Verkoop schadelijke pesticiden in Nederland veel hoger dan aangenomen' - NU
Pesticide sales figures don’t reflect use on farms: Greenpeace - Dutch News

Kankersterfte in Nederland één na hoogste in Europa

Nederland behoort tot de landen met de meeste kankersterftes binnen Europa. Bijna één op de drie Nederlanders overlijdt aan de ziekte. Alleen in Slovenië sterven relatief meer personen aan kanker.

Dat blijkt uit cijfers van het Europese statistiekenbureau Eurostat waarover nu.nl publiceert. Lees meer.


Still 1 in 4 deaths caused by cancer in the EU (pdf) - Eurostat

Controversial study linking sucralose and cancer is published

A study linking the consumption of sucralose and cancer in mice, led by Italian researcher Morando Soffritti, has been published.

The findings of the study were first presented at a cancer conference in London in 2012, where they caused a widespread backlash as industry dismissed the cancer link. Read more.

Food Navigator

Oud onderzoek naar link zoetstoffen en kanker gepubliceerd - Foodlog

Steps Toward Settling Puerto Rico’s Debt

How much of Puerto Rico’s overall debt is because of the Puerto Rico Electric Power Authority? 

Puerto Rico’s total debt, most of it in the form of municipal bonds, has a face value of about $72 billion. Of that amount, about $9 billion was issued by the power authority. Read more.

NY Times

At Puerto Rico’s Power Company, a Recipe for Toxic Air, and Debt - NY Times

How Hedge Funds Deepen Puerto Rico’s Debt Crisis - American Prospect
As Puerto Rico Faces Dec. 1 Payment, “Vulture Fund” Refuses To Negotiate - ValueWalk

Hedge Fund Vultures to the Rescue in Puerto Rico (video) - Bloomberg
Hedge funds tell Puerto Rico: lay off teachers and close schools to pay us back - Guardian

February 15, 2016

Russia presents Ebola vaccine at WHO meeting in Geneva

Russia has presented its vaccine against the deadly Ebola virus to the UN Office in Geneva


- ‘Almost 100% effective’: Russian Ebola vaccine presented to WHO - RT

Zika is Not Brazil’s True Problem

The focus of Brazilian research should be microcephaly, not Zika 

RIO DE JANEIRO, BRAZIL – The Curmudgeon has wasted far too much time reading contradictory pieces about the Zika virus and its alleged connection to a serious brain defect called microcephaly. The Center for Disease Control (CDC) issued an advisory on January 6th saying there was no reason for pregnant women not to travel to places with Zika, but on January 16th, it said “don’t go!” Read more.

Rio Times

D-Day for Combating Zika Virus Mosquitos in Brazil - Rio Times
Zika Virus Linked to Microcephaly in Two Brazilian Newborns - Rio Times

Millions Still Live Without Basic Sanitation Services in Brazil - Rio Times

Why Brazil has a big appetite for risky pesticides - Reuters
- Brazil: Pesticide boom (audio) - DW

Brazilian state suspends larvicide used to combat Zika virus

The Brazilian state of Rio Grande do Sul suspended the use of the larvicide Pyriproxyfen, used to treat water to combat the spread of the mosquito carrying the Zika virus, the regional government said Sunday.

In a communique, the state government said that "the suspension was communicated to the 19 Regional Health Coordinating Authorities,.. Read more.

Fox Latino

Portal repercussions official position on the issue of larvicide Abrasco (translated | original) - Abrasco

- Pyriproxyfen General Fact Sheet - NPIC
- Argentine and Brazilian doctors suspect mosquito insecticide as cause of microcephaly - Ecologist

Brazil Dismisses New Causes Linked to Microcephaly - Rio Times
Millions Still Live Without Basic Sanitation Services in Brazil - Rio Times

Why Brazil has a big appetite for risky pesticides - Reuters
Brazil: Pesticide boom (audio) - DW

'Niet zika, maar insecticiden oorzaak misvormde baby's' - AD
Het ene zika-complot is nog dwazer dan het andere - Volkskrant

Bahraini forces attack protesters

Five years since a popular uprising against Bahrain's autocratic rulers roared into life, people still hold protests to make their voices heard and to remember victims of the regime's brutal crackdown.

Nevertheless, certain countries have sided with the Bahraini regime, despite years of suppression, torture and oppression in the Persian Gulf state.


New Report of U.S.-Made Cluster Bomb Use by Saudis in Yemen

Human Rights Watch released a report Sunday providing new indications that Saudi Arabia has fired American-made cluster munitions, banned by international treaty, in civilian areas of Yemen, and said their use may also violate United States law.

The report included photographs from Yemen purporting to show unexploded but potentially lethal remnants of American cluster weapons,.. Read more.

NY Times

Yemen: Cluster Munitions Wounding Civilians - HRW
Saudi Arabia employs EU-made weapons against Yemenis: Iran - PressTV

Saudi FM: US, UK assist S Arabia with airstrikes on Yemen (video) - PressTV
British and US military 'in command room' for Saudi strikes on Yemen - Guardian

1941: Nederlandse Eurofielen van het eerste uur

Hieronder spreekt commissaris-generaal Hans Fischböck op 25 juli 1941 in het Scheveningse Kurhaus – onder het motto “Europa één” – het sociaal-economisch genootschap toe over de sociaal-economische opbouw van Nederland binnen een verenigd Europa.

Van links naar rechts: Rost van Tonningen (NSB), Van Maasdijk (NSB), Fischböck (NSDAP), Van Loon (NSB), Snijder (NSB) en Goedewaagen (NSB). Lees meer.

Gerard de Boer

Turkey attacks Kurds on Syrian territory for 3rd day, says won’t let Azaz fall to YPG forces

Turkish Prime Minister Ahmed Davutoglu said on Monday Ankara will not allow the town of Azaz in northern Syria to fall to the Kurdish YPG forces and promised the 'harshest reaction,' if the group attempts to re-take the city. Read more.


Syria hospitals and school hit in air strikes - Al Jazeera
Nearly 50 people killed in strikes on hospitals and schools in Syria (video) - Washington Post

Kurdish-backed forces take parts of town, edge closer to Turkish border: Monitor - Hürriyet

Turkish PM vows not to allow the fall of Azaz in Syria - AA
Turkey continues to shell PYD, threatens ‘harshest’ reaction, criticizes Russia, US - Today's Zaman

Foreign Ministry: Turkish shelling is direct support to terrorist organizations - Sana
Syria condemns Turkish shelling of Aleppo in letter to UN (video) - PressTV

Turkey shocked by US stance on YPG comparison (video) - PressTV
Ankara 'shocked' by U.S. comments putting Kurdish YPG and Turkey in same basket: foreign ministry spokesman - Reuters

Argentine and Brazilian doctors suspect mosquito insecticide as cause of microcephaly

With the proposed connection between the Zika virus and Brazil's outbreak of microcephaly in new born babies looking increasingly tenuous, Latin American doctors are proposing another possible cause: Pyriproxyfen, a pesticide used in Brazil since 2014 to arrest the development of mosquito larvae in drinking water tanks. Might the 'cure' in fact be the poison?

The World Health Organization view that the microcephaly outbreak in Brazil's impoverished northeast is caused by the Zika virus has, so far, received few challenges. Read more.


REPORT from Physicians in the Crop-Sprayed Town regarding Dengue-Zika, microcephaly, and massive spraying with chemical poisons - Reduas
Technical note on microcephaly and vector related diseases Aedes aegypti: the dangers of approaches with larvicides and chemical sprays - fogging (translated | original) - Abrasco

Zika Or Insecticide Pyriproxyfen Behind Microcephaly Cases? - Activist Post
- Jon Rappoport Dissects the Zika Hype (video) - Corbett Report

Artsen geloven dat niet muggen maar insecticiden verantwoordelijk zijn voor misvormde 'zika'-baby's - NewsMonkey

February 14, 2016

What is Autonomy?

Welcome to the very first “A is for Anarchy” a monthly video series that breaks down anarchist concepts, theories and thoughts. On this episode we look at the concept of “Autonomy”

The music track is “Ink in Diaspora” by Sandhill and Stefan Christoff. Read more.


Paris State of Emergency

A look back on the first months of the state of emergency in Paris: activists in custody, protests shut down, warrantless house arrests, and the COP21 strangled by anti-terrorist measures.

Retour sur les premiers mois d’état d’urgence à Paris: des militants en garde à vue, des manifs interdites, des perquisitions anticonstitutionnelles et la COP21 étouffée par des mesures anti-terroristes.


Obama to Russia: stop bombing Syrian rebels

U.S. President Barack Obama urged Russia on Sunday to stop bombing “moderate” rebels in Syria in support of its ally Bashar al-Assad, a campaign seen in the West as a major obstacle to latest efforts to end the war.

Major powers agreed on Friday to a limited cessation of hostilities in Syria but the deal does not take effect until... Read more.

Al Arabiya

Putin, Obama discuss on the phone Syrian settlement, situation in Ukraine - TASS
Russia to continue strikes against IS even if Syrian ceasefire deal is reached — diplomat - Sputnik

US Allies Are Now Fighting CIA-Backed Rebels in Syria - Anti-Media

Qatar ready to send troops to Syria

Foreign minister indicates Gulf state willing to send land forces under anti-Daesh coalition

Qatar became the latest Gulf state to signal its willingness to intervene in Syria with ground troops. Read more.


20 nations join major military maneuver in Saudi - Al Arabiya
US Allies Are Now Fighting CIA-Backed Rebels in Syria - Anti-Media

Saudi Arabia confirms sent aircraft to Turkey to fight against ISIL

Saudi Arabia confirmed late on Saturday it sent aircraft to NATO-member Turkey's İncirlik air base for the fight against Islamic State in Iraq and the Levant (ISIL) militants, although Turkish sources reportedly denied arrival of any Saudi aircraft.

Brig. Gen. Ahmed al-Assiri, adviser in the office of Saudi Arabia's minister of defense, told pan-Arab Al Arabiya television that the kingdom was... Read more.

Today's Zaman

Saudi warplanes arrive in Turkey's Incirlik base - AA
Deploying Saudi troops up to U.S. coalition: FM - Al Arabiya

Turkey shelling in Syria kills 29 PYD terrorists

According to Turkish military sources, several positions of PYD's military wing, YPG, have also been destroyed in Azaz district

KILIS, Turkey - Turkish shelling has killed at least 29 terrorists belonging to the PYD, the Syrian branch of the terrorist PKK organization,.. Read more.


Turkey strikes PYD, mulls ground offensive, alarming US-Russia - Today's Zaman

Biden urges Turkey to cease artillery strikes in Syria - Today's Zaman
Turkey vows not to be in ‘defensive position’ over Syria - Hürriyet

PYD should withdraw, Turkish PM tells US as shelling continues - Hürriyet
Syria's Kurds 'won't retreat' despite Turkish shelling - Al Jazeera

Turkish troops shell airport and village held by Kurds inside Syria

The Turkish army has shelled Kurdish targets near the city of Azaz in northwest Syria, including an air base recently retaken from Islamist rebels, with a massive attack.

It also hit Syrian forces across the border, according to media reports. Read more.


Davutoglu confirms Turkish retaliation to shelling - AA
Damascus confirms its army targeted by Turkish shelling, complains to UN (video) - RT

Biden urges Turkey to cease artillery strikes in Syria - Today's Zaman

CHP ‘against all decisions to plunge Turkey into war’ - Hürriyet
Opposition backs retaliation but rejects intervention in Syria - Today's Zaman

Scientists: air pollution led to more than 5.5 million premature deaths in 2013

More than half of the deaths were in India and China, and researchers compared air pollution problem to the conditions under centuries of industrial revolution

Air pollution caused more than 5.5 million people to die prematurely in 2013, according to research presented on Friday,.. Read more.