February 6, 2016

Saudi Arabia offers to send ground troops to Syria to fight Isis

Thousands of special forces could be deployed, likely in coordination with Turkey, Saudi sources told the Guardian

Saudi Arabia has offered for the first time to send ground troops to Syria to fight Islamic State, its defence ministry said on Thursday. Read more.


Saudi Arabia Ready to Send Troops to Syria to Fight ISIS (video) - NBC
Tehran… Saudis won’t dare dispatch troops to Syria - SANA

Al-Moallem: Any intervention is an act of aggression, Syria will not comply with any precondition - SANA
- Syria Threatens Saudi Arabia, Bahrain: Foreign Troops on Our Soil Would Return 'In Coffins' - Haaretz

UAE says it is ready to send ground troops to Syria - Al Jazeera
Riyadh More ‘Interested in Helping Rebels Than Fighting Daesh’ in Syria - Sputnik

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