February 14, 2016

Syrian army tightens grip on Aleppo amid peace doubts

Government recaptures key towns from rebels, as doubts grow about a pause in fighting and humanitarian crisis worsens.

World leaders have admitted the likely success of a plan to cease "hostilities" in Syria within a week is roughly 50-50,  as Syrian government forces continued to make important advances to tighten their grip around Aleppo. Read more.

Al Jazeera

The Army restores security to more areas in Aleppo, Lattakia and Daraa - Sana
The army restores security to several hills in Aleppo northern countryside (video) - Sana

Assad vows to retake all of Syria 'without hesitation' - Al Jazeera
US calls Assad 'deluded' to think he'll win Syrian war - Al Jazeera

Latest Agreement in Syria Could Lead to Further Escalation (video) - TRNN
US, Britain, Saudi Arabia, Turkey and Qatar responsible for Geneva meeting failure- Al-Jaafari - Sana

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