February 13, 2016

Turkey & Saudi Arabia ready to launch ground operation in Syria

Saudi Arabia is ready to send troops and fighter jets to a Turkish military base and for a possible incursion into Syria. 

That's been confirmed by Turkey's foreign minister. Read more.


Turkish FM: No decision made for anti-ISIL ground operation in Syria - Hürriyet
Turkey says ready to join anti-ISIL ground operation with Saudi Arabia in Syria - Today's Zaman

Saudi warplanes may come to Turkey within days - AA
Opposition leader warns of catastrophe in event of Syria incursion - Today's Zaman

Turkey responds to shelling from Syria - AA
Turkish military shells Assad forces, Kurdish militias in northern Syria - reports (video) - RT

Latest Agreement in Syria Could Lead to Further Escalation (video) - TRNN
US, Britain, Saudi Arabia, Turkey and Qatar responsible for Geneva meeting failure- Al-Jaafari - Sana

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