March 31, 2016

Pentagon lays out plan for increased US military presence in Eastern Europe

The Pentagon plans to defend Eastern European allies with American troops, tanks and other armored vehicles in hopes of deterring Russian aggression.

Pentagon officials say this step is part of a proposal they announced last year to increase U.S. military deterrence in the region. Read more.


Pentagon Readies More Robust U.S. Military Presence in Eastern Europe - WSJ
US to increase military presence in eastern Europe - BBC

March 30, 2016

BRICS Under Attack: The Empire Strikes Back In Brazil

Despite all the fancy anti-corruption rhetoric, the assault on President Rousseff’s leftist government is the result of a coordinated campaign by business interests tied to Washington and Wall Street.

NEW YORK — (Analysis) The last decade has seen a remarkable coalescing of non-Western nations in both economic and political partnerships. These multilateral institutions have been championed as alternatives to Western organs of political and economic power such as NATO, the International Monetary Fund, and the World Bank. Read more.


Brazil’s President Rousseff Loses Biggest Political Ally PMDB - Rio Times
- Dilma main ally abandons government pushing her closer to impeachment - MercoPress

Falkland Islands lie in Argentinian waters, UN commission rules

Argentina welcomes decision to expand its maritime territory, despite unresolved dispute with Britain over islands

Argentina’s government is celebrating a decision by a UN commission to expand its maritime territory in the South Atlantic Ocean by 35% to include the disputed Falkland islands and beyond. Read more.


Falkland Islands in Argentinian waters, United Nations rules - Independent
UN announcement has no implications on sovereignty over the Falklands - MercoPress

UK shrugs off UN’s extension of Argentine coastal waters - Buenos Aires Herald
Commission's ruling on Falkland Islands dismissed by UK - Guardian

Brother Obama

Fidel Castro Ruz - We don’t need the empire to give us anything. Our efforts will be legal and peaceful, because our commitment is to peace and fraternity among all human beings who live on this planet.

The kings of Spain brought us the conquistadores and masters, whose footprints remained in the circular land grants assigned to those searching for gold in the sands of rivers, an abusive and shameful form of exploitation, traces of which can be noted from the air in many places around the country. Read more.


Brussels Attack: Another Chapter in NATO's Gladio Strategy?

Wayne Madsen - Europe has experienced another Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (ISIL) terrorist attack. This time terrorists set off bombs at Brussels International Airport in Zaventem, a stone’s throw away from NATO headquarters, and the Maelbeek Metro station, in the heart of the European Union’s Brussels office building complex.

The Brussels attack was linked to the November 13, 2015 attacks in Paris, which targeted the Bataclan concert hall and restaurants and cafés in the heart of the city, as well as the Stade de France football stadium. Read more.


Sibel Edmonds Shines A Light on the Brussels Attacks (video) - Corbett Report

UK’s Defense Secretary visits Saudi Arabia to discuss military cooperation

UK’s Defense Secretary Michael Fallon has paid a visit to Saudi Arabia to discuss military cooperation

Fallon has already held talks with Saudi Interior Minister Muhammad Bin Nayef Bin Abdulaziz. He arrived in Riyadh on his way to an arms fair in Qatar. The British government is one of the main arms suppliers of Saudi Arabia. This has put London under huge pressure.

The British parliament has already called for an arms embargo against the kingdom because of its war crimes in Yemen. Nearly 9400 Yemenis, most of them civilians, have been killed in the Saudi war during the past year.

Meanwhile, Saudi Arabia’s record as a human rights violator has raised eyebrows over UK’s close relation with the country.


Defence Secretary Michael Fallon pays low-key visit to Saudi Arabia to discuss military cooperation - Independent

German TV mocks turkish dictator: Erdowie, Erdowo, Erdogan

In Syria, CIA & Pentagon-Funded Militias Clash

A long history of bureaucratic disputes has contributed to a failed strategy in Syria, says former chief of Staff to Colin Powell Larry Wilkerson


In Syria, militias armed by the Pentagon fight those armed by the CIA - LA Times

Nazi-officier werkte als huurmoordenaar voor Israëlische geheime dienst

Otto Skorzeny, een Oostenrijkse officier van de Waffen-SS, zou in opdracht van de Israëlische geheime dienst gemoord hebben. Als agent van de Mossad zou hij in 1962 voor de verdwijning van de Duitse raketdeskundige Heinz Krug verantwoordelijk zijn geweest.

Dat schrijft de Israëlische krant Haaretz. Krug werkte mee aan een rakettenprogramma voor Egypte, toen nog een vijandig buurland van Israël. Lees meer.

De Morgen

- In the Service of the Jewish State - Haaretz
The Nazi Who Became a Mossad Hitman - Forward

Zionist-controlled media fueling Islamophobia: Scholar

The Zionist-controlled media in the United States have linked the false flag terrorist attacks in the country to Muslims in order to increase hatred of Muslims and fuel Islamophobia, an American scholar and radio host says.

 “The neoconservatives wanted to create a situation in which the people would hate Muslims due to these false flag terror events,” said Dr. Kevin Barrett, a founding member of the Muslim-Jewish-Christian Alliance. Read more + video.


US scholar to Iran TV: Zionists to blame for inciting media-based Islamophobia - JPost

Israeli court: Killing of Palestinian 'inconclusive'

Judge rules "reasonable doubt" after Israeli soldier caught on video shooting wounded Palestinian in the head.

An Israeli military court says evidence is "inconclusive" against one of its soldiers who was caught on camera shooting dead a wounded Palestinian. Read more.

Al Jazeera

Soldier accused in Hebron killing remanded in custody - Times of Israel
Defense minister tells IDF commanders to stand firm amid Hebron shooting firestorm - JPost

March 29, 2016

Dutch reveal Brussels pre-attack warning

Controversy continues to swirl around whether Belgium could have stopped last week's attacks in Brussels, which killed 32. A Dutch official says Belgium was notified that the El Bakraoui brothers were on watch lists.

Brussels airport will remain closed on Wednesday, eight days after suicide bombers killed dozens of travelers and badly damaged the airport's departure hall. Read more.


FBI warned Dutch about El Bakraoui brothers week before Brussels attacks - Reuters

Kamer wil opheldering over 'telefoontje' FBI (video) - NOS
Nederland vond noemen FBI bij Belgen niet nodig (video) - NOS

Rutte: Samenwerking met Turken kan beter - RTL
Oppositie noemt optreden Nederland 'onbegrijpelijk' en wil meer antwoorden - RTL

Van der Steur geeft fout toe - Telegraaf

March 28, 2016

Problem. Reaction. Solution. (Brussels Edition)

The dust has barely settled on the site of the Brussels bomb blasts and already the EUreaucrats are salivating about the prospect of a pan-European intelligence agency.

Join James for today's Thought for the Day as he explains the latest example of how the authoritarians take more control after every major terror event. Read more.

Corbett Report

Brussels Attack: Another Chapter in NATO's Gladio Strategy? - SCF
A European PATRIOT Act Will Not Keep People Safe - Ron Paul

What You Need To Know About The Government Manipulating You Through Social Media

In this video Luke Rudkowski goes over the latest news of the CIA expanding their troll program in order to manipulate people who are anti establishment. We go over the history of the troll program, its effects on society and the real truth behind the matter. More sources.

Check out Change Media University and learn how to be the media that you deserve.


CIA Agents To Troll Alternative Media Sites In Huge Propaganda Program (video) - Your News Wire

French journalist Florence Hartmann jailed by war crimes tribunal

Former Le Monde correspondent detained in the Hague during wait for verdict of Radovan Karadžić, for revealing Srebrenica massacre information in book

The journalist Florence Hartmann, a former correspondent for Le Monde, has been jailed at the war crimes tribunal in The Hague, the body established to try the criminals she devoted her life to exposing. Read more.


Hague Tribunal Urged to Free Florence Hartmann - Balkan Insight
Contempts of Court Proceedings - Florence Hartmann (pdf) - ICTY

Journaliste in isoleercel wegens publiceren documenten over Srebrenica - Krapuul
The Srebrenica Affair: The Blood of Realpolitik – new book by Florence Hartmann - Balkan Witness

Not in Europe: 5 deadly terror attacks which failed to grab world's attention like Brussels & Paris

The Paris and Brussels attacks have rightly caused outrage across the globe. However, while millions in the West took to social media to share their grief, there are numerous attacks across the world that go largely unreported in the mainstream media.

NIGERIA – Over 80 killed, children burned to death
On January 30, Boko Haram terrorists killed 86 people after they attacked a village in northeast Nigeria. Read more.


March 27, 2016

Syrian army retakes Palmyra from ISIS

Syrian government forces have retaken the ancient city of Palmyra from Islamic State. The army now aims to use the desert city as a "launchpad" to expand operations against the terrorist group.

Syrian President Bashar Assad said the victory proves the success of the army's strategy in combating terrorism. Read more + video.


Syrian army 'recaptures city of Palmyra from ISIL' - Al Jazeera
President al-Assad: Palmyra achievement proves army strategy more effective than US-led coalition efforts - Sana

'Raqqah, Deir al-Zawr next after Palmyra' (video) - PressTV
‘For ISIS to survive, it needs support from allies: Turkey, Qatar, Saudi Arabia and the US’ - RT

Russia to send robots, engineers to Syria to help demine Palmyra (video) - RT

Iraqi army retakes 10 villages around Mosul

The Iraqi army, backed by Popular Mobilization Units and Kurdish Peshmerga forces, has gained more ground in the fight against Daesh terrorists in the northern parts of the country.

Iraqi forces have retaken at least ten villages from the terrorists around Mosul, 400 kilometers north of Baghdad. They've also killed a number of terrorists. The advancement was made on the fourth day of a massive operation to liberate the northern Nineveh province, of which Mosul is the capital.

The Iraqi government is hoping to recapture Mosul this year. The city, which is the main hub of Daesh in Iraq, fell to the hands of the terrorists in 2014. Iraqi forces have recently dealt heavy blows to Daesh. They managed to liberate Ramadi, the capital of Anbar province, last month.

Saudi Arabia stages fresh airstrikes against Yemen

Just a day into the second year of Saudi Arabia's war on Yemen, the Kingdom has conducted fresh airstrikes against its neighboring Arab state.

Saudi warplanes have carried out a series of air raids in Sana’a and Taizz provinces. At least one civilian was killed in the fresh attacks. The bombardments come a day after a huge rally was held in the Sana’a.

The demonstrators marked the anniversary of Saudi attacks on Yemen and called for an end to the military aggression. The war has created a humanitarian catastrophe in Yemen.


Depeche Mode - Welcome To My World

March 26, 2016

David Stockman: We Are Nearing the End

Former White House Budget Director David Stockman contends, “We are nearing the end. I think the world economy is plunging into an unprecedented deflation recession period of shrinkage that will bring down all the markets around the world that have been vastly overvalued as a result of this massive money printing and liquidity flow into Wall Street and other financial markets.”

On gold, Stockman says, “I think it’s more of an insurance policy and an option on the ultimate failure of today’s form of central banking. When, finally, the Keynesians, who are running all the central banks, when they are totally repudiated, I think gold will soar in value.”

USA Watchdog

- David Stockman's Contra Corner
Stockman: The markets are in store for a ‘thundering reset’ (video) - CNBC

De hopeloze strijd tegen deflatie - Biflatie
Eric Mecking en Elmer Hogervorst over deflatie in aantocht (video) - deBitcoin

Gaat helikoptergeld onze economie redden? - FTM

March 25, 2016

Nederlandse pensioengerechtigden steunen Griekenland en Italië

Griekenland en Italië werden van de ondergang gered door ingrepen van de ECB die volgens columnist Pieter Lakeman een donkere keerzijde hebben.

Pieter Lakeman - Mario Draghi, sinds 2011 president van de ECB, kreeg aanvankelijk veel waardering. Onder zijn leiding nam de ECB vergaande maatregelen om de rente in de eurozone te verlagen. Op 10 maart van dit jaar kwamen de ECB en Draghi echter negatief in het nieuws nadat voor de zoveelste keer was besloten de rente in de eurozone te verlagen. Lees meer.


'We warned you!' Turkey & Belgium play blame game over terror suspects who avoided capture

In Brussels, a police operation is underway searching for suspects linked to Tuesday's attacks - with media reports saying at least two explosions have been heard. 

Earlier, seven people were arrested in connection to the deadly bombings. Police say two were filmed on security cameras at the airport and metro station.

Meanwhile, a Europe-wide blame game is unfolding over how the Brussels suicide bombers avoided capture - after it was revealed they were known to the authorities.


Turkey slams Belgian and Dutch officials over release of Brussels suicice bomber - Euronews

Turkey's Erdogan says Belgium should account for intelligence failures - Reuters
Belgium admits mishandling Turkish terror warnings - FT

Belgian ministers offer to quit over security lapses - Reuters
Belgian minister blames liaison officer in Turkey for security lapse - About Croatia

Float Like A Butterfly, Sting Like An IMSI Catcher

"Canadian police are spying on us through StingRay technology. It’s not a surprise for any of us who have been watching the watchers, but for years we’ve been called conspiracy theorists for even mentioning it.

But now the news is mainstream, not even the corporate-state media can deny what is obvious to anyone who switches off the TV and looks into what our governments are doing."

Press For Truth

Tracking our phones: How StingRay devices are being used by police - Globe and Mail
Police secrecy on Stingray cellphone surveillance device challenged - CBC

U.S. Marshals spent more than $10M on stingray equipment - SC Magazine
John McAfee Talks about 'StingRay' Technology that the FBI Could Easily use to bypass Encryption - Patently Apple

March 24, 2016

Hedges: "We Bomb Them, They Bomb Us"

Chris Hedges, ​journalist and senior fellow at The Nation Institute, discusses the Brussels Attacks


Brussels Attack: The True Implications of ISIS Links - NEO

Terreur – Hier is de rekening - Willy Van Damme
We moeten de woede ernstig nemen - De Wereld Morgen

Europa, een ongeoorloofde biografie: Europa, de dochter en haar klandestiene vader

Deel 1

“Europa, een ongeoorloofde biografie” is een reeks van vijf korte filmpjes over de politieke achtergronden van de Europese ‘integratie’. Het uitgangspunt is het boek Europe, une biographie non autorisée, van de hand van Bruno Poncelet en uitgegeven bij Aden (2014).

Het gebeurt niet vaak, maar auteur Poncelet speelt zelf de hoofdrol in de verfilming van zijn boek! De auteur-acteur is vormingswerker bij CEPAG, vormingsinstelling van de socialistische vakbond FGTB in franstalig België.

Met toestemming van Bruno Poncelet en CEPAG zorgt Ander Europa voor de Nederlandse ondertiteling.

Ander Europa

Europa, een ongeoorloofde biografie: Het huwelijk van Miss Europe en Mijnheer Pineut - Deel 2 (video) - Ander Europa
Europa, een ongeoorloofde biografie: The good, the bad and the ugly - Deel 3 (video) - Ander Europa

IDF soldier executes wounded Palestinian stabbing attacker

Shocking footage has emerged online apparently showing an Israeli soldier executing a wounded Palestinian lying on the ground.

The victim had reportedly been injured in retaliation for a stabbing attack before being cold-bloodedly shot in the head. Read more.


‘I did the right thing’: IDF soldier on fatal shooting of injured Palestinian stabber - RT
Military police arrest soldier who fired at a subdued Palestinian assailant (video) - JPost

IDF soldier greets ultra-nationalist after injured Palestinian attacker killed (video) - RT

Belgian Intelligence Had Precise Warning That Airport Targeted for Bombing

Attack in subway likely also known in advance by Belgian and Western agencies; attack plan was formulated at de-facto ISIS capital of Raqqa, in Syria.

The Belgian security services, as well as other Western intelligence agencies, had advance and precise intelligence warnings regarding the terrorist attacks in Belgium on Tuesday, Haaretz has learned. Read more.


'Terrorists entered a terminal with explosives, this is a colossal security failure' - JPost

The Brussels Attacks Open Thread - Corbett Report
What You Need To Know About The Brussels Attacks (video) - WAC

Turkey’s Erdogan Mentions Possible Brussels Bombing Just Days Before Attack - Sputnik

'Plan voor aanslagen Brussel was bekend bij veiligheidsdiensten' - NU
6 gemiste kansen om terroristische broers nog op tijd te stoppen - Nieuwsblad

Debat over aanslagen Brussel uitgesteld tot volgende week - NU
Geblunder in terreuronderzoek: dringende vragen voor de regering - De Wereld Morgen

What You Need To Know About The Brussels Attacks

In this video Luke Rudkowski covers the most important details surrounding the Belgium attacks and gives you a larger perspective on this important global event.

Fact check everything yourself as the sources for everything mentioned in this video and do not let emotions get the best of you, during the important time.


De huurlingen van Defensie, daar weten we te weinig van

Het recht om mensen neer te schieten vertrouwen we het liefst alleen de staat toe. Toch geeft de overheid het monopolie op geweld de laatste tien jaar steeds verder uit handen aan private bedrijven en huurlingen. Follow the Money zoekt uit wie de militaire taken van het leger overneemt, hoeveel geld zij daarmee verdienen en waarom het toezicht hierop tekort schiet.

In 2007 is Baghdad niet een stad waar je als westers diplomaat veilig over straat kunt. Ook Irakezen zelf lopen gevaar. Wegen en pleinen worden geteisterd door aanslagen. Sinds de Amerikanen Irak in 2003 zijn binnengevallen, hebben autobommen in de hoofdstad vele honderden mensen het leven gekost. Lees meer + video.


De opkomst van de nieuwe huurlingen (video) - Eenvandaag
Erik Prince in the Hot Seat - Intercept

Erik Prince in the Hot Seat

Blackwater’s Founder Is Under Investigation for Money Laundering, Ties to Chinese Intel, and Brokering Mercenary Services

ERIK PRINCE, founder of the now-defunct mercenary firm Blackwater and current chairman of Frontier Services Group, is under investigation by the U.S. Department of Justice and other federal agencies for attempting to broker military services to foreign governments and possible money laundering, according to multiple sources with knowledge of the case. Read more.


ISIS, oil & Turkey: RT films trove of jihadist docs detailing illegal trade with Ankara

An RT Documentary crew filming in northern Syria has seen Islamic State (IS, ISIS/ISIL) documents abandoned by retreating terrorists and found by the Kurds that, along with captured IS recruits, provide a stunning insight into the alleged Turkey-IS oil trade links. Read more.


A World War Has Begun. Break The Silence.

John Pilger - I have been filming in the Marshall Islands, which lie north of Australia, in the middle of the Pacific Ocean. Whenever I tell people where I have been, they ask, "Where is that?" If I offer a clue by referring to "Bikini", they say, "You mean the swimsuit."

Few seem aware that the bikini swimsuit was named to celebrate the nuclear explosions that destroyed Bikini island. Sixty-six nuclear devices were exploded by the United States in the Marshall Islands between 1946 and 1958 -- the equivalent of 1.6 Hiroshima bombs every day for twelve years. Read more.

John Pilger

March 23, 2016

Google planned to help Syrian rebels bring down Assad regime, leaked Hillary Clinton emails claim

One of Google's interactive tools was reportedly meant to encourage defections from the Assad government, emails leaked by WikiLeaks have alleged 

An interactive tool created by Google was designed to encourage Syrian rebels and help bring down the Assad regime, Hillary Clinton's leaked emails have reportedly revealed. Read more.


Revealed Clinton e-mails: State Dept-Google-Al Jazeera plot aimed at helping to overthrow Assad (video) - RT

Google this! Hillary Clinton and the Syrian regime-change conspiracy - RT
- Clinton Emails Reveal Google’s Role In Attempting To Oust Syria's Assad - Zero Hedge

- WikiLeaks Accuses Facebook of Censorship in Hillary Clinton Email Release - Truthdig
Wikileaks Drops Hillary Email Bomb That Could End Her Campaign but FB Censored It - AntiMedia

Brussels attacks: Video purporting to show Zaventem Airport explosion was shot in 2011

The first video is the CCTV purporting to show the Brussels Airport explosions and the second is of the 2011 bomb attack at Domodedovo Airport in Russia. More video.


The misleading videos which don't show the Brussels attacks (video) - BBC
Fake Video Used in News Coverage of Brussels Terror Attacks - Global Research

We moeten de woede ernstig nemen

Geschokt over de aanslagen in Brussel en Zaventem, blikt cultuurfilosoof Lieven De Cauter terug en probeert de wortels van de terreur bloot te leggen: onze Midden-Oosten-politiek en het apocalyptisch geloof van IS. Maar hij roept ook op om onze islamitische buren in ons hart te sluiten, want ook voor hen is dit een ramp.

Lieven De Cauter - De aanslagen in Brussel zijn, helaas, de kroniek van aangekondigd tegengeweld. In 2006 schreef ik (in een tekst over schurkenstaten) in verband met de Israëlische invasie in Libanon: ‘Een Belgische hoge ambtenaar van politie waarschuwt dat de oorlog in Libanon een aantal islamitische allochtonen alhier heeft geradicaliseerd en het gevaar op een aanslag in ons land is toegenomen. Lees meer.

De Wereld Morgen

Terreur–Hier is de rekening - Willy Van Damme

March 22, 2016

MH17: De valse beloften van Westerbeke

Nu de achtergronden van de ramp met vlucht MH17 steeds meer vragen oproepen, neemt bij hoofdspeurneus Fred Westerbeke het optimisme toe, zo bleek uit een brief aan de nabestaanden. Ondertussen leek zijn pad naar opheldering door een steeds donker wordende tunnel te lopen.

Hector Reban - De Onderzoeksraad voor Veiligheid (OVV) had zojuist haar rapport geopenbaard, terwijl voorzitter Joustra abusievelijk en onrechtmatig buiten zijn boekje was gegaan door ‘rebellengebied’ aan te wijzen als de locatie van waaruit het wapen zou zijn gelanceerd dat MH17 zou hebben neergehaald. Lees meer.


MH17, een tussenbalans: 'De waarheid dreigt te ontsporen' - RTL

Yemeni Jews flown to Israel in covert operation

Secret mission retrieves 19 of Yemen's last remaining Jews to Israel as about 50 people choose to stay behind.

Some of Yemen's last remaining Jews have been airlifted to Israel after a "covert operation" retrieved them from the war-torn country. Read more.

Al Jazeera

13 dead, 35 injured in suicide attack at Brussels airport

Thirteen people have been killed and 35 injured after two blasts rocked Brussels’ Zaventem Airport.

The terrorist link has been confirmed by the Belgian royal prosecutor. He has announced that the airport blast was a suicide attack, confirming the preliminary death toll of 13, as well as 35 injured. Read more + video.


Terrified Brussels airport visitors flee terminal building after twin blasts (video) - RT
Bomb blasts hit Brussels airport, metro station - 34 killed (video) - PressTV

Police release photo of man wanted in Brussels airport attack (video) - JPost
'Terrorists entered a terminal with explosives, this is a colossal security failure' - JPost

Attacks in Brussels: Political cause or religious fanaticism? (video) - RT

Cuba Meeting Between Obama and Castro Exposes Old Grievances

HAVANA — President Obama stood beside President Raúl Castro on Monday and declared a “new day” of openness between the United States and Cuba, but old grievances and disputes over human rights marred a groundbreaking meeting and underscored lingering impediments to a historic thaw.

The two presidents, meeting at the Revolutionary Palace for the first such official contact between their two governments in more than a half-century,.. Read more.

NY Times

Obama Reiterates Necessity to Lift US Blockade on Cuba - Prensa Latina

Raul Castro calls for end of blockade to normalize relations with the US - ACN
Castro Demands Obama Drop Blockade, Return 'Illegally Occupied' Guantánamo - Common Dreams

Evo Demands Obama to Lift Blockade, Return Guantanamo - Prensa Latina

Critics Aghast at 'Disgusting Speech' Clinton Just Gave to AIPAC

Democratic presidential candidate speech praises "everything that is bad about Israeli policy and U.S. imperialism"

Palestinian and human rights advocates were aghast over remarks made by Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton at the annual American Israel Public Affairs Committee (AIPAC) convention on Monday, saying the her speech represented "everything that is bad" with U.S. imperialism and policy in the Middle East. Read more.

Common Dreams

At AIPAC, Hillary Vows to Uphold Israel's Military Dominance (video) - TRNN

Bernie Sanders will not attend AIPAC conference (video) - CNN
He Skipped AIPAC, but Here's Bernie Sanders' Plan for Peace Between Israel and Palestine - Vice

Read Donald Trump’s Speech to AIPAC - TIME
AIPAC Is Destroying Israel, Not Safeguarding It - Haaretz

Activists stage anti-Israel rally outside White House (video) - PressTV
FTS at AIPAC: 'Movement for Palestinian Rights Alive and Full of Energy' (video) - teleSUR

Anti-AIPAC Protest Reveals Growing Solidarity with Palestine (video) - TRNN

March 21, 2016

Canadian Government Strengthens Sanctions Against Russians Due To "Aggression Toward Ukraine"

"The federal Liberal government has announced that they're strengthening sanctions against Russians due to Russia’s apparent aggression toward Ukraine.

The expanded and more restrictive sanctions, some of which target Russian individuals, came Friday as Russian President Vladimir Putin traveled to Crimea to mark the second anniversary of the uprising against Western-backed puppets. Read more.

Press For Truth

Canada expands sanctions over Russia’s stance on Ukraine - Toronto Star
Canada Enhances Economic Sanctions Against Russia - Foreign Ministry - Sputnik

New Tech Shows Why You Can't Trust Anything You See on the News

I'm not even sure what to write for a description. What else can you say? It's the Matrix.

The project is a joint effort in progress between Stanford, the Max Planck Institute for Informatics, and the University of Erlangen-Nuremberg. According to the project’s abstract, via Stanford University:.. Read more.

Truthstream Media

Face2Face: Real-time Face Capture and Reenactment of RGB Videos (video) - Stanford

Have you become a stranger in your own land?

Waking up can be hard to do, but once you are there it is easy to become a stranger in your own land 

Have you have “woken up” and learned about Gladio-style False-flag, inside-jobs, the engineered and staged terror attacks, real and virtual, which include mass-shootings in gun-free zones?

Have you learned that this staged terror, some fake and some real, is all part of a secret Establishment strategy to produce massive societal fear in order to motivate Americans to give up their basic Constitutional rights which they would never otherwise give up? Read more.

Veterans Today

Een vreemdeling in een wereld vol leugens en bedrog? - LLE

'Very grave': Situation in SE Turkey w/ Kurdish civilians resembles collective punishment - Amnesty

RT speaks to Amnesty International expert Andrew Gardner about claims of atrocities against Kurds.

RT’s petition on We urge UNHRC to investigate alleged mass killing of Kurds in Turkey:


Thousands of Palestinian children injured in conflict

Since fresh violence between Israelis and Palestinians erupted in October, more than 2,100 children have been wounded.

Kufr Qaddum, occupied West Bank - Eleven-year-old Khalid Ishtawy is among more than 2,100 Palestinian children injured during direct conflict in the occupied West Bank and East Jerusalem since the start of October, according to the United Nations. Read more.

Al Jazeera

BDS movement gaining momentum in Canada

Activists are increasingly advising consumers in Vancouver, British Columbia and Alberta NOT to buy products made by the Israelis. A Montreal-based group known as Canadians for Justice and Peace in the Middle East is distributing stickers to be affixed on Israeli products.

The B-D-S is a global movement aimed at banning Israeli entities that are involved in the violation of Palestinian rights. Members of the movement boycott Israeli products and companies as well as cultural and academic institutions.

Meanwhile, a far-right Jewish group in Canada has written to the federal minister of public safety urging him to stop the anti-Israel movement.


Boycott stickers cropping up on Israeli products in Canada - Times of Israel
Over 2000 Canadians ask to be condemmed for boycotting Israel - Canada Talks Israel-Palestine

Under Trudeau, Canada’s support for Israel still unwavering -
- By opposing nonviolent BDS, McGill and Canadian government put themselves on wrong side of history - Arab America

Arizona passes anti-BDS legislation - Arutz Sheva
Sweden denies Israeli claim that it opposes BDS - Electronic Intifada

Activists stage anti-Israel rally outside White House

In the U-S, Orthodox Jewish and pro-Palestinian activists stage a protest in front of the White House against the Israeli regime.

The protesters called for the immediate termination of the Israeli regime and the return of the occupied territories to Palestinians. There was another rally in Washington D-C. Activists gathered outside a building where the annual conference for the American Israel Public Affairs Committee, known as AIPAC, was being held.

The attendees of the conference had to stay in the building due to the massive rally outside. The demonstrators were outraged over America’s financial support for Israel. They also called for an end to Israeli aggression against the Palestinians.


FTS at AIPAC: 'Movement for Palestinian Rights Alive and Full of Energy' (video) - teleSUR
Anti-AIPAC Protest Reveals Growing Solidarity with Palestine (video) - TRNN

March 20, 2016

Fresku - Angst

Kamerdebat Burgerinitiatief Ons Geld

Geldcreatie besproken in de Tweede Kamer. Missie geslaagd?

Woensdag 16 maart was het dan eindelijk zover. De voorstellen van het Burgerinitiatief Ons Geld werden besproken in de Tweede Kamer. Het werd een enerverende middag.

Ons Geld woordvoerder George van Houts leidde de bespreking in met een vlammend betoog: "het bankensysteem is een kaartenhuis dat continu op instorten staat. De overheid houdt dit kaartenhuis overeind. Wij dragen daar als samenleving met z'n allen de lasten van, waaronder schulden, versobering en economische stagnatie. Lees meer.

Welvaart Voor Iedereen

Hoorzitting Over Geldstelsel Met 2e Kamer Vleugellam - DLM

March 19, 2016

Behind the Facade: America, The Bankrupt Hegemon

F. William Engdahl - Fantasy and fairy tales can go only so far when it comes to the true condition of anything or anyone. Sooner or later the truth must out. This is very much the case when looking at the true condition of the nation the Chinese call, The Hegemon, the not-anymore-so-United States of America.

The official Obama Administration economic statistics have declared to the world for more than six years that the world’s largest paper economy was in a marvelous recovery and that unemployment was a mere 5%. Read more.


March 18, 2016

Florida nuclear plant leaking radiation into Atlantic Ocean

Scientists in Florida say that a Miami nuclear power plant is leaking radiation into a bay along the Atlantic Coast, leading to criticism of the facility and America’s nuclear infrastructure.

RT America’s Marina Portnaya has more details on the report and what people hope will change in the near future.


Turkey Point Reactor Contaminating South Florida Drinking Water - ECO Mag

EU, Turkey strike deal on Syria migrants, visa

A deal between the European Union and Turkey to curb the huge flow of asylum seekers to Europe has been agreed upon by the parties, the EU president said on March 18.

Brussels and Ankara sealed a deal to return migrants arriving across the Aegean to Europe, EU Council President and summit chairman Donald Tusk confirmed. Read more.


EU agrees Turkey refugee deal - AA
Turkey set to take back illegal migrants from Greece as of March 20: Turkish official - Hürriyet

Cuba Doesn't Trust the US, Instead Goes to China for Investment

Will the U.S. have to compete with China for the emerging Cuban market?

The Unites States is not the only country vying for Cuba's attention and open markets. But the island nation distrusts Washington and instead has been strengthening ties with China, one of the U.S.' major competitors. Read more.


Argentina Congress Approves Vulture Funds Deal Amid Protests

Argentina’s lower house of Congress voted Wednesday to approve a settlement package for vulture funds, reportedly worth $4.65bn, after a marathon debate amid massive protests against the agreement, which now needs to pass through the Senate for final approval.


Senate committees resume holdouts bill debate - Buenos Aires Herald
Macri Announces Agreement with World Bank to Finance Works for the North-East - Télam

Not So Fast: Argentina Still Has Some Bond Holdouts - WSJ
Argentina reaches agreement with individual creditors in $155M settlement - Buenos Aires Herald

Can Macri Achieve Zero Poverty? - Argentina Independent

EU sanctions against Russia negative to both sides, create splits in Europe - Romano Prodi to RT

Russia and Europe must find a way to overcome their differences and return to the long-term goal of cooperation - the only viable strategic path for both, Romano Prodi, former Italian prime minister and ex-president of the European Commission, told RT. Read more.


Germany's Economy Minister aims to get Russia sanctions lifted - Reuters
Germany: Removing sanctions against Russia by summer must be ‘common goal’ – Ger FinMin Gabriel (video) - RT

US to declassify intelligence about Argentina's 'dirty war'

The United States said Thursday it will begin declassifying sensitive military and intelligence records linked to Argentina's "dirty war."

The announcement came days before President Barack Obama's visit to Argentina, which coincides with the 40th anniversary of a right-wing military coup that the US government condoned. Read more.


US to declassify dictatorship-era files - Buenos Aires Herald
Avruj: There's no doubt about US involvement in Argentina's coup - Buenos Aires Herald

Toll from Saudi raids on Yemen market hits 119: UN

A senior UN official says the death toll from recent Saudi airstrikes on a crowded market in the Yemeni province of Hajjah has risen to nearly 120.

Meritxell Relano, deputy representative for the UN Children's Fund (UNICEF) in Yemen, on Thursday put the number of people killed in the Tuesday's air attacks on the northern province at 119. Read more.


Saudi envoy confirms Houthis attended secret talks - Al Jazeera
- Saudi Arabia announces end to airstrikes in Yemen two days after latest fatal attack (video) - DW

US Responsible for War Crimes in Yemen - Human Rights Watch - Sputnik
US, UK Protect Saudi Arabia From Human Rights Inquiries Despite ‘Clear Evidence Of War Crimes’ - MintPress

How U.S. weapons will play a huge role in Saudi Arabia’s war in Yemen - Washington Post

British forces helping direct Saudi airstrikes in Yemen: UK minister - Middle East Eye
Britain is at war with Yemen. So why does nobody know about it? - Guardian


WI-FRIED؟ from Visualize Multimedia on Vimeo.

Could WiFi-enabled devices be harmful to our health?

You cannot see it or hear it but Wi-Fi blankets our homes, our schools and our cities. Australia's safety agency says there's no evidence of harm, but that's not the same as saying its safe.

A growing number of scientists are concerned that the widespread use of Wi-Fi and Wi-Fi-enabled devices could be slowly making us sick.

ABC Catalyst

Experts hit out at claims Wi-Fi devices cause cancer (video) -
Australische documentaire legt link tussen wifi en hersentumor - Welingelichte Kringen

March 17, 2016

Painkillers now kill more Americans than any illegal drug

It's a terrifying fact: More than 47,000 people in America died of drug overdoses in what's been widely called an epidemic.

But the biggest killer of this epidemic isn't cocaine, meth, or even heroin — it's totally legal opioid painkillers. Read more.


C.D.C. Painkiller Guidelines Aim to Reduce Addiction Risk - NY Times

Syria civil war: Kurds declare federal region in north

Democratic Union Party and allied groups approve document that declares "federal democratic system" in country's north.

The Syrian Kurdish Democratic Union Party (PYD) and several allied groups have voted to create an autonomous federation in the northern part of Syria. Read more.

Al Jazeera

Syrian Kurds declare new federation in bid for autonomy - Middle East Eye
Kurd turns on Kurd as Turkey backs new faction in Syria - Middle East Eye

#JusticeForKurds: RT urges intl probe into Turkey's alleged killing of Kurdish civilians

RT’s petition on We urge UNHRC to investigate alleged mass killing of Kurds in Turkey:

RT has launched a petition calling for a UNHRC-led investigation into claims of alleged mass killing of Kurdish civilians. It is said to have been committed by the Turkish military during Ankara's crackdown on Kurds in the country's southeast. Read more.


Russian forces could make Syria comeback 'if necessary'

Russian President Vladimir Putin says troops could relocate to wartorn country "within a few hours" if needed.

Russian President Vladimir Putin has vowed to continue supporting the Syrian government in its fight against armed groups - even as some of his forces withdraw from the country. Read more.

Al Jazeera

March 16, 2016

Saudi Arabia, UK under fire for role in Bahrain crackdown

It has been five years since Saudi forces - backed by western powers - essentially occupied Bahrain to help prop up a dictatorship

Activists, academics and campaigners gathered for a special press conference and a seminar in London to recall this dark period as well as look forward to new initiatives to maintain pressure on Bahrain and her allies.


Amnesty slams Saudi Arabia’s worsening human rights record

Amnesty International has called on the United Nations Human Rights Council (UNHRC) to hold Saudi Arabia accountable for its “gross human rights violations.”

In a Tuesday statement delivered during the 31st meeting of the council, the London-based rights group said Saudi Arabia cannot be a UNHRC member state since it has failed to... Read more.


Saudi Arabia 2015/2016 - Amnesty Int.
Saudi Arabia: Families fear their sons will be executed within 24 hours - Amnesty Int.

Dutch parliament votes to ban weapons exports to S Arabia

The Dutch parliament has voted to ban weapons exports to Saudi Arabia amid its ongoing human rights abuses in war-torn Yemen

The parliament passed the bill on Tuesday, calling on the government to stop selling arms to Saudi Arabia. The Netherlands is the first European country to hold such a vote since the EU adopted a resolution urging all member states to impose an arms embargo against the Saudi regime last month.

Currently, Britain and France are key European countries selling weapons to the House of Saud. Riyadh launched its devastating war on Yemen a year ago this month. Over 8500 Yemenis have been killed in the violence.


Dutch parliament votes to ban weapon exports to Saudi Arabia - Reuters

Netherlands mosque attacks and rising Islamophobia

Religious and ethnic minorities feel the consequences of growing intolerance as mosques and asylum centres are targeted. 

Rotterdam, the Netherlands - Charif Slimani, the imam of the Moroccan mosque in Roosendaal in the Netherlands, arrived early on the morning of November 14, 2015, to prepare his sermon for the Friday prayer. Read more.

Al Jazeera

March 14, 2016

Putin orders to begin withdrawal of Russian forces from Syria starting March 15

The Russian leader hopes the withdrawal of Russian troops will become a good motivation for launching negotiations between political forces in the country

MOSCOW, March 14. /TASS/. Russian President Vladimir Putin has issued an order to begin withdrawal of Russian forces from Syria starting from March 15. Read more.


Putin Orders Start of Withdrawal From Syria Beginning Tuesday - Sputnik
Putin orders start of Russian military withdrawal from Syria, says ‘objectives achieved’ - RT

Russia to begin withdrawing troops from Syria (video) - Al Jazeera
Presidents al-Assad, Putin agree to decrease number of Russian Air Forces in Syria - Sana

Putin announces Russia will pull most of its military from Syria - Washington Post
US cautious about Putin’s order for Syria withdrawal - PressTV

Turkish military rejects Russia's Syria safe zone claims - AA

Russia: 14 breaches of cessation of hostilities during past 24 hours - Sana
Meeting between delegation of Syrian government and de Mistura starts in UN HQ in Geneva - SANA

Forces deployed in Turkey’s southeast as army starts new wave of operations

The authorities have deployed 20,000 soldiers and police officers to two troubled districts in Turkey’s southeast, amid the launching of a new wave of operations against the outlawed Kurdistan Workers’ Party (PKK) in city centers.

The deployment came after the announcement of curfews that went into effect in the Nusaybin district of the southeastern province of Mardin... Read more.


Curfews declared in two southeastern Turkish towns before large operations - Hürriyet

March 13, 2016

NOS voor rechter gesleept wegens smaad Baybaşin

Hüseyin Baybaşin liet Robert Bas, NOS Justitieverslaggever, voor de rechter dagen. Advocaten Adele van der Plas en Matthijs Kaaks beschuldigen de NOS van onzorgvuldige en onjuiste verslaggeving. sprak met Kaaks en Bas buiten de rechtszaal over deze kwestie rond de tot levenslang veroordeelde Baybaşin.

WAC Rotterdam

#Baybasin en zijn toespraak voor de rechters - Baybasin Report

All America's Wars Begin with False Flags (and WWIII Will Too)

This D.C. think tank jerk off blatantly admitted all of America's wars have traditionally begun with false flag events, and they know they will need another one to get the war with Iran started that they've been working on for so long.

This video is a few years old now, but it's more relevant today with what's going on in the Middle East than ever. They don't teach you this in school, kids, but whatever happens over there, just realize how absolutely manufactured all of it is.

Truthstream Media

The West falls into abyss of liberal Satanism

The meeting between the head of the Russian Orthodox Church Patriarch Kirill and the head of the Roman Catholic Church received mixed reactions in the world. The meeting became a hope for some and a terrible omen signaling the collapse of religions for others. The truth, as usual, is somewhere in the middle.

Pravda.Ru sat down for an interview to discuss the significance of the meeting with Orthodox publicist Victor Saulkin, a member of the Imperial Orthodox Palestine Society. Read more.


Dutch health ministry backs call for tighter standards on BPA

Raft of stricter EU and national limit values needed, says institute

The Dutch health ministry has backed calls by government institute RIVM for The Hague to press for tighter EU exposure limits for bisphenol A (BPA), and for the immediate introduction of tougher national controls. Read more.

March 12, 2016

Clinton and Sanders Spar over Coups and Deportations

Scholar Meleiza Figueroa by evoking the history of US interventions in Latin America, Sanders offered a "teachable moment" for the American people


Hillary Clinton Cries Crocodile Tears for Latin American Immigrants - Truthdig

Het farma fortuin

Mevrouw Alsemgeest heeft uitgezaaide borstkanker en krijgt het medicijn pertuzumab. Het middel is bewezen effectief en geeft een gemiddelde levensverlenging van bijna 16 maanden, met behoud van kwaliteit van leven. Maar dit nieuwe medicijn is peperduur.

Zorginstituut Nederland (ZINL) wil pertuzumab schrappen uit het zorgverzekeringspakket omdat nieuwe kankermedicijnen de betaalbaarheid van de gezondheidszorg bedreigen.

Uit onderzoek blijkt dat Nederland, in vergelijking met andere landen in Europa, vaak de hoofdprijs betaalt voor nieuwe medicijnen. Lees meer + video.