March 25, 2016

Float Like A Butterfly, Sting Like An IMSI Catcher

"Canadian police are spying on us through StingRay technology. It’s not a surprise for any of us who have been watching the watchers, but for years we’ve been called conspiracy theorists for even mentioning it.

But now the news is mainstream, not even the corporate-state media can deny what is obvious to anyone who switches off the TV and looks into what our governments are doing."

Press For Truth

Tracking our phones: How StingRay devices are being used by police - Globe and Mail
Police secrecy on Stingray cellphone surveillance device challenged - CBC

U.S. Marshals spent more than $10M on stingray equipment - SC Magazine
John McAfee Talks about 'StingRay' Technology that the FBI Could Easily use to bypass Encryption - Patently Apple

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