March 27, 2016

Syrian army retakes Palmyra from ISIS

Syrian government forces have retaken the ancient city of Palmyra from Islamic State. The army now aims to use the desert city as a "launchpad" to expand operations against the terrorist group.

Syrian President Bashar Assad said the victory proves the success of the army's strategy in combating terrorism. Read more + video.


Syrian army 'recaptures city of Palmyra from ISIL' - Al Jazeera
President al-Assad: Palmyra achievement proves army strategy more effective than US-led coalition efforts - Sana

'Raqqah, Deir al-Zawr next after Palmyra' (video) - PressTV
‘For ISIS to survive, it needs support from allies: Turkey, Qatar, Saudi Arabia and the US’ - RT

Russia to send robots, engineers to Syria to help demine Palmyra (video) - RT

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