March 1, 2016

‘Turkish military actions on Syrian border could lead to truce disruption’ – Russian MoD

Turkey’s “provocative” military buildup on the border and shelling of the Syrian territory could thwart the truce and disrupt the peace process in the Arab Republic, said the head of the Russian ceasefire monitoring center Lt. Gen. Sergey Kuralenko.


Russia wants Syrian border with Turkey closed: Lavrov - Hürriyet
Nearly 850 militants in Syria lay down arms after talks — Russian Defense Ministry - TASS

US-Russia task force monitoring Syria truce violations - AA
Russia: 15 breaches of cessation of hostilities by terrorist organizations in Syria in past 24 hours - Sana

RT crews among group of reporters fired on by rebels in Syria  (video) - RT
- Journalists from China, Canada, Bulgaria and Russia wounded in shelling in Syria - TASS

Turkmen continue to suffer in Syria, Iraq, Kirkuk MP says - AA

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