March 25, 2016

'We warned you!' Turkey & Belgium play blame game over terror suspects who avoided capture

In Brussels, a police operation is underway searching for suspects linked to Tuesday's attacks - with media reports saying at least two explosions have been heard. 

Earlier, seven people were arrested in connection to the deadly bombings. Police say two were filmed on security cameras at the airport and metro station.

Meanwhile, a Europe-wide blame game is unfolding over how the Brussels suicide bombers avoided capture - after it was revealed they were known to the authorities.


Turkey slams Belgian and Dutch officials over release of Brussels suicice bomber - Euronews

Turkey's Erdogan says Belgium should account for intelligence failures - Reuters
Belgium admits mishandling Turkish terror warnings - FT

Belgian ministers offer to quit over security lapses - Reuters
Belgian minister blames liaison officer in Turkey for security lapse - About Croatia

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