April 6, 2016

64% of Dutch voters say no to ratifying EU-Ukraine deal – exit poll

The majority of Dutch people who went to the polls in the Netherlands on Wednesday to express their opinion on the proposed association agreement between the EU and Kiev have rejected it, an exit poll has shown.

Sixty-four percent voted against the Netherlands ratifying the treaty, which would strengthen economic and political ties between the 28-nation bloc and Kiev,.. Read more.


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Ukraine’s EU bid: Dutch PM says ‘ratification can’t go ahead’ following ‘no’ vote (video) - RT

- Dutch voter rejection of E.U.-Ukraine trade deal could be a harbinger - Washington Post

- Eindstand: referendum geldig, ruime zege voor tegen-kamp verdrag Oekraïne - NOS
- Rutte: verdrag niet zonder meer ratificeren bij geldig referendum (video) - NOS

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